Trans-Sister Radio

Trans-Sister Radio

Trans Sister Radio Bestselling author Chris Bohjalian whose previous audio MIDWIVES was one of Oprah s picks spins a uniquely contemporary love story in his latest audio TRANS SISTER RADIO Divorced sixth grade teache

  • Title: Trans-Sister Radio
  • Author: Chris Bohjalian Judith Ivey
  • ISBN: 9780375417313
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Audio
  • Bestselling author Chris Bohjalian, whose previous audio MIDWIVES was one of Oprah s picks, spins a uniquely contemporary love story in his latest audio, TRANS SISTER RADIO Divorced sixth grade teacher Alison Banks has a smart young daughter, Carly, and a wonderful relationship with Dana, a sensitive, caring man But Alison s world is thrown abruptly into turmoil when DanBestselling author Chris Bohjalian, whose previous audio MIDWIVES was one of Oprah s picks, spins a uniquely contemporary love story in his latest audio, TRANS SISTER RADIO Divorced sixth grade teacher Alison Banks has a smart young daughter, Carly, and a wonderful relationship with Dana, a sensitive, caring man But Alison s world is thrown abruptly into turmoil when Dana reveals to her that he is going to have a sex change operation Alison s initial shock gives way to tolerance as she realizes she is still deeply in love with Dana, in spite of the devastating news Told in alternating chapters by Carly, Dana, Alison, and Will, Alison s ex husband, TRANS SISTER RADIO depicts the situation from every angle, allowing the listener to experience everything firsthand.Bohjalian explores all the complicated issues surrounding his topic but never descends into anything too preachy The treatment of gender issues is light and intelligent, and never prevents the audio from being an incredibly entertaining, unusual story Award winning actress Judith Ivey, who narrates TRANS SISTER RADIO, creates three dimensional characters with her nimble voice, from Dana s appropriately androgynous southern drawl to Carly s intelligent, open tones Poignant, funny, and sometimes bittersweet, this audiobook is well worth the listen.

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    If you're looking for an introduction to transgender issues, this may be a great book for you. I wasn't. It seems apparent to me that the author thought the idea of a trans character was so intriguing that he would research the phenomenon and write a convincing book about the world of the transitioning MTF. I guess this is what authors do, and I can't fault his research -- as far as I know nothing he said in the book was inaccurate. It was, however, bland, predictable, and ultimately implausible [...]

    Correction'Thanks, *Iris*. lol, The Guest Room", by Chris Bohjalian - will be released early Jan. 2016.I've already heard wonderful early 'buzz-greatness' from other early readers. I'm waiting for my pre-ordered copy to arrive early Jan. In the meantime, I just finished "Trans-Sister Radio", which was first published in 2001I 'love' the title and it's a gorgeous book cover. The story is intimate realistic, and beautifully written. The topic is 'transsexuality'. The novel shows how people on the [...]

    Read this long ago but saw it on Bookbub today so decided to add it. It is one of my all-time favs and definitely my favorite of Chris Bohjalian's books.

    I think what a lot of people forget is that when this book came out only sleazy talk show hosts we're talking about transgender and even then, it was only for shock factor. I found it refreshing to hear about the process happens and I have met the author and spoke at length about this extensive research to prepare. If you are active in the GLBT community, you might feel like you have heard this before, but not back in 2001 when it was published you didn't--a lot of acceptance has been acheived i [...]

    Bohjalian tried, he really really did. Over all, this was a decent book. For anyone seeking a better, safe understanding of gender and concerns of transgender individuals with a fairly interesting story line and likeable characters, it is a good choice. However, for those with an understanding of what trans* individuals face, it has several points of annoyance and often reeks of textbook cloaked in fiction. A couple of examples that made me twitch any time I read their print:1. the word "transge [...]

    This difficult, sensitive topic was handled skillfully by this author. The main character, Dana had always felt that his gender assignment was in error. At the age of 35, he has set out to have this corrected. During the process of attempting to treat this, but prior to genital transformation, he meets Allison and they fall in love. All of the dilemmas that they and family members encounter are the result of their relationship and decisions they have made. I will not introduce spoilers here, but [...]

    From my "position paper" on the book for class:Throughout Trans-sister Radio, representation is a key issue: community members refuse to let Dana represent herself and refuse to acknowledge her identity as a woman; Allison is denied the opportunity to represent herself to parents (instead, the principal does the work of representing Allison in rather negative ways); the radio becomes a way for Dana and Allison to represent themselves; the four major characters are able to represent themselves to [...]

    An account of a transsexual who has his/her gender reassigned, and the effect this has on her relationships and the community in which she lives. I suppose Bohjalian really believed he was doing a service to transsexuals by writing a sympathetic account of their experience, and maybe he would have been if it had been a better book. In fact, it's both plodding and prurient -- an amazing achievement! It's about genitals, not about the people who have, or change, those genitals. Bohjalian doesn't b [...]

    This is our current selection for book club and I just finished it over the weekend. I very much enjoyed reading it as it was a quick and easy read about a subject that up until now, I had never thought of. I knew it existed and that eventually in my life I would run into someone who is a transsexual, but truthfully, I had never given their struggle or their relationships a thought. I found the characters interesting and I came to care for them. The explanation of the surgery and recovery was th [...]

    Chris Bohjalian is one of my favorite authors. His books are smart and interesting and I have attended several author events with him. He is generous with his readers and has called into my book club twice to discuss his work. This book was on my TBR pile for a long while and I picked it up for Banned Books week. This is such an interesting story of Dana Stevens who believes he was born in the wrong body and is well on the way to transitioning to a woman. He becomes involved with Allison Banks a [...]

    I loved this book. Not only did it handle transgender and transexual issues well, it was a captivating story filled with emotion and Alison Banks, a grade-school teacher in a Vermont town, meets and falls in love with a charming and amazing man, Dana. A few months into their romance Dana confesses to Alison that she actually identifies as (gay) female, has begun hormones, will soon be dressing and living as a woman, and will be having sexual reassignment surgery several months later, that Januar [...]

    I enjoyed that each character (Allison, Dana, Carly & Will) each had chapters to tell the story from their eyes & heart & soul!This goes to show how some people can be so predjudce just becuase you are a Transexual, Gay or Bi-Sexual. Thinking that you can catch it or teach it. God Forbid they just accept it as normal, for that person and let it be each indiviuals personal choice!Chris Bohjalian you touched my heart & soul when you wrote:"Or walk with me a few generations into the [...]

    I loved this book. At least I liked it a lot. I might be slightly biased, however, because a very close friend of mine revealed to me a few years ago that she was beginning her transition process. Although still a great read now, this novel would have been extremely beneficial in the first few months as I stood by her side, trying to learn everything I could about her decision. I did, however, take issue with a few key points. All in all, still a great read today for someone to really explore th [...]

    From my blogIf you want debate, choose this for your book club. I thought this was a fascinating, thought provoking but at times uncomfortable book to read. And to know this is reality for some makes it a wow moment, I feel a little shell shocked but I also feel more educated.One of the debates is when should personal life be a factor for professional life. Allison has fell in love with a transsexual while she is a school teacher. Chris B was fantastic in the genuine characterization he used in [...]

    I absolutely loved this book. It is authentic, deep and complicated. The latter is appropriate because the central character is male to female transsexual. Many are uncomfortable with the idea of transsexuals and see it as a choice made by the individual - a choice that is misguided and wrong; a choice that is even offensive. In this book Mr Bohjalian attacks the subject with no identifiable prejudice. He allows the character to stand for herself. He allows her to explain for herself. It is rich [...]

    3.5 stars, but I'm going to round up because Bohjalian really got me thinking with this book, which I listened to on audio.The story centers around Dana, a transsexual trapped in a man's body before undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Dana falls in love with Allison before the surgery. Allison, a Vermont school teacher, stands by Dana despite the fallout. Told in radio-transcript format, we also hear from the perspective of Allison's daughter Carli and her ex-husband Will.While it took me a [...]

    Astonishingly beautiful.In brief, Allison falls in love with Dana the man. Dana reveals what he has known since childhood - She is a woman in a man's body. And she will soon undergo surgery to correct nature's mistake.This book could have been a hot mess. Instead, the author tells a compassionate and tender story that asks some important questions about identity. What defines us? Does the soul have gender? What is gender?An honest book you will interact with on many levels. Highly recommend.

    I like Bohjalian's writing. This one is set in Vermont, with a side trip to Trinidad, CO. The subject matter is a male to female gender change and a family that is affected by it. I learned more than I wanted to know about the operation but it is interesting and I have more empathy for people who make that decision. Chris came to our book group and talked about his research for the book, which added new insights.

    I get the feeling that Bohjalian had the title in mind before writing this book. It's so perfect! A smooth read and a really interesting take on the meaning of gender in our modern world. Another great book on transexuals is The Danish Girl by the great David Ebershoff, which was published the same year as Trans-Sister Radio and is being made into a movie.

    I’ve found so much to discuss from this book and so let me start with a general review so that I can make the remainder a huge spoiler alert.This is the third Chris Bohjalian Book I’ve read and while I’ve enjoyed the other two, this one is my favourite. He’s taken a subject that is sensitive and controversial and wrote with frankness, plenty of well thought out perspective from many angles, and brought it to life for a reader (most likely thousands of readers) that has not known a single [...]

    Chris Bohjalian never ceases to amaze me. As I think Book Club Heather pointed out at a meeting when we were discussing the (horribly dumb) The Night Strangers, his books are allsodifferent. In a way, I want some consistency with my authors; I want to know that for the most part, I can expect what I am going to get. But in another way, I like that I am surprised each time I read one of his books. This book had a fairly deep subject matter, but I appreciated that it was actually the lightest book [...]

    Trans-Sister Radio was my favorite book I've read in a long time. It's beautifully written and the story is eye-opening, emotional, upsetting, and happy all at once. I really loved the plot, even though I called the ending about 100 pages before it occurred. Trans-Sister Radio is written in two formats: some chapters are written as transcripts of a radio show and are used to introduce the prose chapters told by multiple characters. The general story is this: a 40-something schoolteacher divorcee [...]

    UGH! I read this book for book club and read it as fast as I could because I hated it! Seriously, if the next book club meeting wasn't being held at my house I would have found an excuse for why I couldn't read it and attend the discussion.Did not care at all about the characters because you didn't ever really get to "know" any of them. The book was written as if being told from different perspectives, yet every perspective sounded like the same (man) person was talking. There wasn't anything al [...]

    This is the first book I've read by Chris Bohjalian, and for some reason I thought it was newly published, only to discover that it was published in 2000. The author treats the topic of MtF sexual reassignment with sensitivity and his writing flows. One character is a college professor, one is an elementary school teacher, and one is a local NPR executive, in small-town Vermont.What probably lost an entire star from my rating was the absolute implausibility of the ending. I simply did not think [...]

    Imagine a woman falling in love with a man; the woman is told a few months into the relationship that the man is a woman on the inside. This is the story of Allison and Dana. When Dana tells Allison he is in love with her and then shares that he is a transsexual and is in the process of having a sex change Allison must deal with her own personal emotions and the uproar of her community. Allison’s ex husband, Will, secretly wishes the relationship between Allison and Dana will work and when it [...]

    I'd give this book a 3.75 because a bit of it was tedious. I love this author. When I started this novel and was about halfway through I thought it was the least favorite of Bohjalian's books that I read. Thinking about that, the first and last third of the novel was better than the middle. What I loved about it is that he took an unusual topic (like Jodi Picoult does but this is not a comparison) and really made it his own. Some people will not like the descriptive language though I believe it [...]

    This is a very interesting and fascinating book about a transsexual and the lives that she affects. I found myself wanting to read this book then not wanting to read it because of the subject matter. Bohjalian really knows how to get your attention and then keep it. There are 4 main characters and each chapter tells their point of view. The description of the surgical procedure was amazing although it made me a little queasy!

    Great story! BAD book. Written in a competent but not inspiring sort of way, with one-dimensional characters who sort of spent the whole book in a mental state that can best be described as bemused, even when serious shit is going down.

    I enjoyed it for the most part, but I didn't really like the ending which I thought was both predictable and a bit of a cop out. Bohjalian is very readable though and keeps you turning pages long after it's time to turn the lights out at night!

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