سونيتات شكسبير الكاملة

سونيتات شكسبير الكاملة

T S Eliot once wrote that Shakespeare gives the greatest width of human passion and it is this passion that has traditionally made The Sonnets appealing to literati and laymen alike Surrounded by my

  • Title: سونيتات شكسبير الكاملة
  • Author: William Shakespeare بدر توفيق
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  • T.S Eliot once wrote that, Shakespeare gives the greatest width of human passion, and it is this passion that has traditionally made The Sonnets appealing to literati and laymen alike Surrounded by mystery, these poems of devotion and jealousy, of a young courtier and a Dark Lady, have been the subject of endless speculation They are highly mystical and at the same tiT.S Eliot once wrote that, Shakespeare gives the greatest width of human passion, and it is this passion that has traditionally made The Sonnets appealing to literati and laymen alike Surrounded by mystery, these poems of devotion and jealousy, of a young courtier and a Dark Lady, have been the subject of endless speculation They are highly mystical and at the same time highly honest as W H Auden wrote, what is astonishing about the sonnets, especially when one remembers the age in which they were written, is the impression they make of naked autobiographical confession Because they are witty, passionate, personal, and often ever bawdy, The Sonnets stand as one of the greatest poetic tributes ever written to a beloved.

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    Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII (abridged)You're hot.But not as hot as this poem.Shakespeare's Sonnet CXVI (abridged)I'll love you even when you are sixty fourOr my name's not Heather Mills.Shakespeare's Sonnet XCIV (abridged)Stay cool man. Peace.Like, flower power, y'know?

    Book ReviewWilliam Shakespeare wrote hundreds of sonnets over three decades, mostly from the 1580s through 1610. I'm assuming most everyone has read a few of his sonnets, given they are usually required reading in high school. There is something to love in every single one of them. There is something to be confused at in every single of them. No one can deny his talent. Whether you enjoy rhymes or prefer just the beauty of the words, the lines definitely create images in your mind of what he's w [...]

    Less notorious than his plays, Shakespeare’s sonnets assimilate a secret map with hidden clues that lead to precious treasures. The intimate, even confessional tone of the 154 rhymes urges the eager reader to believe that the poetic voice is The Bard himself, who playfully volunteers the key to unlock the mysteries of his heart.And yet… Do the sonnets tell a coherent story? If they do, is this story real or fictional? The fact that Thomas Thorpe, a poet, editor and admirer of Shakespeare, an [...]

    For we which now behold these present days,Have eyes to wonder, but lack tongues to praise.This Pow’rful Rhyme EternalTennyson is famously to have declared Shakespeare 'greater in his sonnets than in his plays'. While the reader who might not soar as easily along the paths described by these Sonnets would find the comparison absurd to a degree, he/she would also have to admit that they understand the sentiment behind Tennyson’s blasphemy. Some of the sonnets are so well-crafted and consists [...]

    Shakespeare has almost become synonymous to drama, we all know the fact. However, the lyrical quality that he was born with (even his life was lyrical, wasn't it?) bestowed immense poetry to his plays and perhaps, those plays led to the sonnets we are singing even today. Is there any sonnet sequence in the world which is as popular as Shakespeare's is? I don't think so. Academic people may debate upon the authenticity and ramifications of the sonnets' interpretation, but the people who love lite [...]

    Sonnets, William ShakespeareShakespeare's sonnets is the title of a collection of 154 sonnets by William Shakespeare, which covers themes such as the passage of time, love, beauty and mortality. The first 126 sonnets are addressed to a young man; the last 28 to a woman.Sonnet 1 Sonnet 1 is one of 154 sonnets written by the English playwright and poet William Shakespeare. It is a procreation sonnet within the Fair Youth sequence.From fairest creatures we desire increase,That thereby beauty's rose [...]

    Shakespeare's poems addressed the bilateral of life and deathAlso addressed the birth through his poems too, he use an eloquent and beautiful images , It was a good book :)شكسبير كان بيناقش هنا الموت و الحياة الموت و الولادة بكلاسيكية و بحس شاعرى رائع شفت صور كتير اوى رائعة وتشبيهات بليغه وجميلة و حبيت فعلا :) دا رابط للقراءة بس ما تعتمدوش على ترجمته [...]

    بلا جدال السونيتة المفضلة----------------Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewestNow is the time that face should form another;Whose fresh repair if now thou not renewest,Thou dost beguile the world, unbless some mother.For where is she so fair whose uneared wombDisdains the tillage of thy husbandry?Or who is he so fond will be the tombOf his self-love, to stop posterity? Thou art thy mother's glass and she in theeCalls back the lovely April of her prime;So thou thr [...]

    SHAKESPEARE WANTS YOU TO BREED!!!!The first 17 or so sonnets in the series left me taken aback. It's right there in the first line of Sonnet #1: 1. From fairest creatures we desire increaseThat thereby beauty's Rose might never dieBut as the riper should be time deceaseHis tender heir might bear his memory There's this obsession with propagating the species. This concern about breeding dominates the first 17 sonnets in the series, something I had not been aware of before. 2. How much more praise [...]

    I didn't expect to enjoy Shakespeare's Sonnets quite so much. The only word I can think of to describe the experience is: lovely. So far it seems, I'm more into classical poetry than I am into modern one.

    Πολλά σονέτα του Σαίξπηρ είχα διαβάσει το Λύκειο(είχαμε μια εξαιρετική καθηγήτρια η οποία μας έδινε δικά της βιβλία να διαβάσουμε) Τότε μου άρεσαν υπερβολικά πολύ, μπορώ να πω πως τα είχα λατρέψει. Τώρα που τα διάβασα ξανά έχω να πω πως it's not my cup of tea. Σε καμία περίπτωση δεν υπ [...]

    Εν μέρει την ώρα να περάσω, εν μέρει και για να δω πώς η νεοελληνική γλώσσα (και η Λένια Ζαφειροπούλου) αντέχει να αποδώσει τη φαινομενικά εύκολη αλλά γεμάτη συνδηλώσεις και ρητορικότητα ποίηση του Σαίξπηρ, πήρα στα χέρια μου τη συλλογή αυτή. Επιτέλους (μετά από αρκετές ανθο [...]

    I really haven't read Shakespeare's sonnets in any consistent way since high school (where I read less than twenty and memorized two). It was fascinating to read all 154 from first to last as a whole connected work. One really gets a sense that English is a tool which almost all of us use, many often play with, but only Shakespeare fully owned. The Bard could bend a word, fit infinity in a couplet, and drop the whole universe on a period.

    4/5 StarsShakespeare has some wonderful poems, he really does. They're even better than his plays, in my opinion. However, quite unfortunately, some of them are really difficult to understand. So even though I appreciate his expertly/tightly written poems, I didn't appreciate how I had trouble understanding about 30% of them.Asides from the trouble understanding some of them, these are imaginative and lovely poems that everyone should read at least once. So don't let his boring/strange (sorry Sh [...]

    Over my years of teaching, I have memorized a couple dozen of these sonnets, on my morning walks. Some I learned in a two-mile walk,like the one on his own writing, "Why is my verse so barren of new pride?"(76). Others I have had to re-memorize every time I teach it,like "Some glory in their birth, some in their skill," (91). Their imbedded mnemonics vary greatly. When I have required Shakespeare classesto memorize a couple, students would often pick very difficult ones, not knowing they varied [...]

    Sonnet: 116"let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments; love is not loveWhich alters when it alteration finds,Or bends with the remover to remove:O, no, it is an ever-fixèd mark,That looks on tempests and is never shaken;It is the star to every wand'ring bark,Whose worth's unknown, although his heighth be taken."

    Çok fazla geldi bir süreden sonra sürekli aşk ve sevgi sözleri okumak. Ama tabi klasik sözler değil bunlar o yüzden okunuyor bir solukta.

    I’ve been wondering for a while how to approach this review. I had thought that it might be interesting to do a close reading of a single sonnet and leave it at that. What I’ve decided is to write a quick review on this edition of The Sonnets, mostly chatting about the stuff this book gives to help a reader read them, and then, over the next weeks and months, add ‘comments’ which will be reviews of some of my ‘favourite’ sonnets. I’m quite looking forward to doing this – so we’ [...]

    As I have been writing sonnets lately, I decided to re-read the works of the genius, the master, of the sonnet form. I was intrigued to understand how Shakespeare suffered in writing his sonnets as a young man not yet established as a dramatist. He was writing under the patronage of a young, handsome, English gent named Southampton, who presented these sonnets to women whom he pursued ardently. The sonnets when read sequentially reveal changes in the young poet's life as he evolves. He competed [...]

    Shall I compare thee to a Summers day?Thou art more louely and more temperate:Rough windes do shake the darling buds of Maie,And Sommers lease hath all too short a date:Sometime too hot the eye of heauen shines,And often is his gold complexion dimm’d,And euery faire from faire some-time declines,By chance, or natures changing course vntrim’d:But thy eternall Sommer shall not fade,Nor loose possession of that faire thou ow’st,Nor shall death brag thou wandr’st in his shade,When in eternal [...]

    الثلاث نجمات للترجمة التي قام بها الشاعر والباحث والمترجم توفيق علي منصور، وهذه أول مرة أقرأ له أي شىء، أما السونيتات نفسها فتحتاج إلى وقت أطول لقراءة تفسيرات عنها وللقراءة عنها من مصادر إنجليزيةوقد وجدت بعد بحث سريع موقعين للسونيتات إستعنت بهما في فهم بعض السونيتات، الأول [...]

    BeautifulI loved this. Read and listened to these poems. I'm glad they are on my Kindle so I can go back to them anytime, both the favorites I've highlighted, and also to those I didn't completely understand.

    ¿Qué lector de poesía no ha pensado alguna vez en los Sonetos de William Shakespeare —esos monólogos de melancolía, celos o traición—, como la máxima expresión del amor? El misterio que rodea la dedicatoria al enigmático “Mr H.W.”, o los versos a la extraña “Dark Lady”, no ha hecho más que aumentar el halo arcano que envuelve a los sonetos más famosos de la Literatura Universal.Publicados en 1609, se han realizado innumerables traducciones al castellano. Navona ediciones [...]

    Truthfully I don't think any other poetry will move me as much as these Sonnets. They cover various topics, as it were, and all are just filled with such raw emotion.

    I think the sonnets need to be understood as a sequence. Even if they start unpromisingly and end with a whimper. Perhaps this is part of his subversion of the sonnet tradition? Katherine Duncan-Jones in her edition for Arden, and Joseph Pequigney in Such Is My Love: A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets (my two sources of expertise on the sonnets – chosen because they are unafraid of the homosexuality), both believe we have Shakespeare’s order in the published quarto – and, to go with that, th [...]

    Yıldızlamakla yıldızlamamak arasında kalmak! Üzerinde hiç düşünmeye gereksinim duyulmadan söylenilmiş bir şarkı misali,coşkunluk hali. Sevgili Shakespeare,senden sonra kimseler çok da bir şeyler yazamadı zaten(!?)

    Prečítala som 154 sonetov. (view spoiler)[154 vymrdaných. sonetov. doslova a do písmena. Nevera, sodomia, zrada, sexuálne zneužívanie, manipulovanie s psychikou ľudí o polovicu života mladších, nabádanie k rozmnožovaniu, (hide spoiler)] Stručný obsah /deja/:Veľa kriku pre nič. Ak dovolíte, idem teraz na strechu nášho paneláku a dve hodiny sa tam plánujem samej seba pýtať (pozerajúc na trávnaté ihrisko 12 poschodí pod mojimi nohami):"Byť či nebyť?"

    Two passions dwell in poet's heart Two desperate obsessions are reflected through his artThose are two characters from Shakespeare's poetry triangle:The dark skinned lady and the man of fair skinHis charm is gentle and she's a striking beauty queenThree lives, three loves in chains of jealousy are fatally entangled Did two conspire secretly behind the poet's backBetraying him two times, which caused his soul to wreck ?

    I'm not sure how many times I've read my way through this book, but I never tire of it.Some of these sonnets are so beautifulng and thought provoking, much loved favourites which I read often.Others I like and enjoy, but which don't have the same effect on me.a few I've yet to fully understand

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