Prisoner of the Inquisition

Prisoner of the Inquisition

Prisoner of the Inquisition Zarita only daughter of the town magistrate lives a life of wealth and privilege Indulged by her parents she is free to spend her days as she pleases enjoying herself in the company of an eligible

  • Title: Prisoner of the Inquisition
  • Author: Theresa Breslin
  • ISBN: 9780552560740
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zarita, only daughter of the town magistrate, lives a life of wealth and privilege Indulged by her parents, she is free to spend her days as she pleases, enjoying herself in the company of an eligible young nobleman, horse riding, or leisurely studying the arts.Saulo, son of a family reduced by circumstances to begging, witnesses his father wrongfully arrested and dealt wZarita, only daughter of the town magistrate, lives a life of wealth and privilege Indulged by her parents, she is free to spend her days as she pleases, enjoying herself in the company of an eligible young nobleman, horse riding, or leisurely studying the arts.Saulo, son of a family reduced by circumstances to begging, witnesses his father wrongfully arrested and dealt with in the most horrifying way Hauled off to be a slave at sea and pursued by pirates he encounters the ambitious mariner explorer, Christopher Columbus Throughout his hardships Saulo is determined to survive for he has sworn vengeance on the magistrate and his family.As Zarita s life also undergoes harsh changes the formidable and frightening Inquisition arrives in the area, bringing menacing shadows of suspicion with acts of cruel brutality and ultimately, amid the intrigues of the court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in the splendid Moorish city of Grenada, betrayal and revenge .

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    I really enjoyed this one. I reccomend it to anyone that is a fan of the genre, it was a good book. I like how the narration was told from two totally different people, from totally different backrounds. A good read, I read it in a couple of days.

    ~review written for the Guardian 2010 Young Critics award~The Prisoner Of The Inquisition is a powerful historical fiction novel. It tells the remarkable adventures of Zarita and Saulo, switching between their narratives as the chapters change.Within the first few pages the action begins. Zarita has made a strong claim that she was assaulted. When she discovers the consequences, she regrets it all. Meanwhile, the Holy Inquisition is arriving any day—and it seems like Zarita’s family have som [...]

    Prisoner of the Inquisition confirms my suspicions that Theresa Breslin is a superb writer of historical young adult fiction. She weaves a tale that has you hanging on the characters’ every word, every pause for thought. Breslin has a gift to make you feel like you lived in times gone past. It is quite remarkable. Thankfully, I live in the twenty-first century and not in fifteenth century Spain though because the atrocities that Breslin describes are unbearably dark.Zarita is young naive girl [...]

    Esperava mais, muito mais.Romance histórico, século XV, Inquisição espanhola – todos os condimentos para ser um bom livro, mas fica muito aquém das expectativas.Gostei da forma como nos são contadas as histórias das 2 personagens principais.Da inquisição espanhola temos pouco e bastante superficial. Há algumas reviravoltas na metade final do livro que acabam por torná-lo uma “história de amor” bastante açucarada.

    I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! i was gripped by the amazing plot and the life of zarita ans saulo!!!! it was so sad which made the book very realistic as it was set in the time of the Spanish inquisition. I love historical fiction and this book had just the right balance or fact and fiction. i am defo going to read more from this author!!!! The ending did not disappoint and i was blown away it was so unpredictable but also very sad :(

    This historical novel, set mostly in Spain in the 15th century, follows the journey of two very different characters, whose lives are strangely connected. Zarita is a very spoilt girl who unwittingly causes the execution of Saulo's father. Saulo himself is sent away on a ship, and as he grows up he plots his revenge against Zarita's family. The story is told from both points of view, Zarita tells of the horrors of the Inquisition and Saulo's of his life at sea.With this, the idea of the two diff [...]

    Prisoner of the inquisition is a decent book. I really enjoy how the story progress, and the problems that comes about. However, I do find that the two character's histories are quite superficial. In that matter, I don't feel any emotional connection with the characters, and maybe that's why the ending does not amuse me that much. Moreover as I read through, I find some words or terms that is used in the 1490 in Spain. So I think, it will help if the author provide the definition on the bottom o [...]

    Surprisingly, I really loved this book, and have read it twice. The first time, I read it within an afternoon, and got a shock to see it was dark outside by the time I finished reading. The story is well formed, and once I started reading and got into it, I became absorbed into the old 1940's Spain setting. I'm not one for religious type novels, but this book captured the passion of Spanish life, the hardships during the inquisition, and twists towards the ending.

    almost five stars. enjoyed the fast pace and development of the characters. wish it was made longer.

    This is a dual narrative book that tells the story from two completely different perspectives. Firstly there is Zarita, a young woman from a privileged background, and secondly Saulo, from a desperately poor family. The perspectives only really come together at the end, during the dramatic conclusion. I won’t spoil it by giving details, but suffice to say that the two are forced to view things from the other’s perspective, and come to a mutual understanding.The whole story is set against the [...]

    The Blurb;The flames began to rise around herZarita, only daughter of the town magistrate, lives a life of wealth and privilege.Saulo, son of a beggar, witnesses his father wrongfully arrested and brutally dealt with. Hauled off to be a slave at sea, he swears vengeance on the magistrate and his family.The cruel agents of the inquisition arrive in Zarita’s town bringing suspicion, terror and death. Then, amid the intrigues of the royal court, Zarita and Saulo meet once more, to face final acts [...]

    I don't usually order books from England before they are even available in the U.S but when I read about Prisoner of the Inquisition in an article about England's prestigious Carnegie Award I couldn't help myself. Prisoner was short-listed for this year's Carnegie and won the Carnegie Shadowing Award (books chosen by young people who shadow the official judges and is written by a well-known author of historical fiction in her native Great Britain, Theresa Breslin.One of my favorite historical fi [...]

    Here's a book that completely took me by surprise. I've said for years that historical fiction just isn't my sort of thing and then Prisoner of the Inquisition by Theresa Breslin comes along and I'm absolutely blown over by how much I adored this story, these characters and the absolutely fascinating historical setting. I really need to rethink my stance on historical fiction from now on. Also? I need to pick up more books by Theresa Breslin because I have been won over by her style of writing.P [...]

    Ah, Prisoner of Inquisition, you say? Well, funny, how like many other books I'm not gonna trash or start arguing on this one, since the book wasn't bad at all. It was actually good. But why the 3 stars?I like historical books. They give me an adventure set in the past, where'd I'd like to discover a lot of stuff. And so, when it comes to the drama and romance, I enjoy it.Oh, look, I found a nice picture[image error]Hey, nice cover ya got thereNot the same girl though xDAnyways, I understood the [...]

    Set in 1490 Prisoner of the Inquisition tells the story of Zarita, the daughter of a rich magistrate and Saulo, the son of a beggar. Set in a time where anyone who opposes the Catholic Church (and even some who don't) will be tried for heresy and could end up burnt at the stake author Theresa Breslin has done a fantastic job of capturing the fear and confusion of the people who live in Zarita's home town. This is a story full of betrayal, hate and revenge but also of love and survival and I was [...]

    Guest Review by BethThis novel took some time for me to get into but once I did, it was worth every minute. The characters felt real and believable. They were so beautifully written that even characters who initially seemed detestable (Zarita) turned out differently.It’s not the kind of book or period I’d usually choose to read about so it was really interesting to be transported to a land and a time I knew nothing about. Its story switches between the narrative perspectives of Zarita and Sa [...]

    I love the author (The Nostradamus Prophecy was absolutely divine) so I picked up the book, however I was cautious about the title and story line. The Spanish Inquisition is a period I am not entirely familiar with so was afraid I might be lost among the history.However, I found it was a pleasant read, quite short and managed to break my bad-book-streak. The Times had liked it and plenty of other reviewers as well so I was optimistic. It's wasn't bad but then again lacked a bit of a spark for me [...]

    Complete review available: Prisoner of the InquisitionNo one suspects the Spanish Inquisition! Only in this book, you definitely do (I mean, the title's a bit of a give away!)Prisoner of the Inquisition was an enjoyable read, and extremely informative on a) who the Spanish Inquisition were, b) what the Spanish Inquisition did and c) how the Spanish Inquisition worked. And rather than just focus on the Inquisition, Breslin crafted a beautiful tale (told from two protagonists' perspectives) on how [...]

    This YA historical novel makes clear that when the Inquisition rules, everyone is a prisoner. The two alternating narrators are teenagers: Zarita, well-off daughter of a magistrate, indirectly causes the death of a beggar by her thoughtless revulsion at his approach, and Saulo, the beggar’s son, vows revenge, a vow that keeps him going when he is sold to serve in a galley. That means he’s at sea surviving while Zarita experiences the death of her newborn brother and mother and her father’s [...]

    Before I began this book I picked it up with sigh, for my friend had read and thoroughly hated it. It's not a good way to start a book. In contrast, I actually loved it.This book is written in two parts, two perspectives. The first being a young, rich girl - unused to being touched by beggars. And so the book beginsAnd I have to say I could find nothing wrong with it. As the two characters entwined the narrations did clash tempararilly, but the plot worked well and the ending fitted perfectly in [...]

    I tried to read this book with an open mind. But then I started reading it.The first thing that put me off was the fact that it was set in the 1490's. Now, I'm usually alright with books set in different times, but that date was so foreign I could bearly say it. (I kept wanting to say 1940's.) This was forgivable, however, because the story wouldn't have worked in any other time period.But this does bring us to the actual story, which was erm bearable. For the first 215 pages I was trying to loo [...]

    I really liked this book. It was well written and an interesting read. The characters are likable and easy to relate to. Zarita's guilt, Saoul's anger. And then there's the Inquisition. I liked the idea of a group of religeous fanatics as villains. A lot of people think that Saoul's chapters are boring but I found them just as much interesting as Zarita's. The way he describes the sea made me want to hop onto the nearest ferrie.However the romance and the ending weren't quite satisfactory. It ta [...]

    I absolutely loved reading this book! Admittedly while reading it I didn't really enjoy the chapters on Saulo but by the end I did enjoy it! I think it was the authors attempts to make a unisex book, which I think she succeeded in doing! I really like reading books that are fiction but have an element of truth in them and you can learn something from. As I know very little about the spanish inquistion it was so good to read something about it. Although it was an horrendous time and there are par [...]

    I borrowed this book from my school library and after reading it over a couple of weeks I have to say it's pretty good. It was written in an unusual style in my opinion, not often coming across a duo narrative. I thought that Saulo was a very likeable character from the beginning. I'd probably have enjoyed more of Saulo's side of the story, although I did enjoy Zarita's part as well. Often I tried to rush through one chapter to see who was next. Perhaps if the book were divided into two parts; o [...]

    This was a very compelling YA novel. Told from the POV of two very different characters, Saulo and Zarita, it weaves an interesting narrative. I liked that the characters were each on a journey of discovery - about themselves as well as the world at large. Their lives intersect only at the beginning and the end of the story. Saulo has nothing and yet builds himself a life through his own hard work. Zarita, on the other hand, has a life of luxury which is taken from her bit by bit but her journey [...]

    This is a very engrossing look at Spain at the time of the Inquisition and when Christopher Columbus was petitioning King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to sponsor his journeys into the unknown Ocean Sea. The stories of the two main characters meet, part, then come back together. The tale alternates between these two until their stories come together in the closing chapters. The pair are: Zarita, daughter of a wealthy magistrate, and Saulo, son of a poor beggar. One reviewer pronounced it "Unputdo [...]

    i loved this book. the whole story line with lorena is great, i had a feeling she was behind it all! i couldnt believe that saluo feel in love with zarita,i didnt think that would happen. its was a shame about the house although they are rich so they could fix the house. and i wassurprised at the bit were they find lorena,ALIVE,although you would think that the fire would have killed her but nope she was still alive, but not for long. but even though she was dead her last horrid thing was to sti [...]

    I only read this book because it was recommended to me. I don't normally like historical novels, but i am so glad i gave it a read because it was an excellent book. It just goes to show that you should read different genre's of books because you may miss out on some amazing stories just because you stick to one type of book. If i hadn't given this a chance i would have missed out on an amazing book.Check this book out from the teenage section of your LRC.

    Set in the time of the early 15th century in Spain, where Christianity was spread like wildfire, and anyone who wasn't a Christian, was deemed a heretic.Haunting, mystifying, and extremely riveting! Prisoner of the Inquisition by Theresa Breslin is a book to be arrested, for it's awesome-ness! I managed to read it in 4 hours, and It felt like it was only an hour! Time sure flies, when one's having fun

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