Just Because

Just Because

Just Because Amusing and often touching this story encompasses the issue of disability in a charming celebration of sibling friendship to which all children can relate My big sister Clemmie is my best friend She

  • Title: Just Because
  • Author: Rebecca Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780745962351
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amusing and often touching, this story encompasses the issue of disability in a charming celebration of sibling friendship to which all children can relate My big sister Clemmie is my best friend She can t walk, talk, move around much, cook macaroni, pilot a plane, juggle or do algebra I don t know why she doesn t do these things Just because A younger brother describAmusing and often touching, this story encompasses the issue of disability in a charming celebration of sibling friendship to which all children can relate My big sister Clemmie is my best friend She can t walk, talk, move around much, cook macaroni, pilot a plane, juggle or do algebra I don t know why she doesn t do these things Just because A younger brother describes all the fun he has with the big sister he loves so much just because, in this heartwarming picture book about being perfectly loved, no matter what He is enthusiastic about just how loving and special she is, and delights in telling us about all the fun things they do together Only as his tale unfolds does the reader begin to realize that his sister has special needs and by then the reader just accepts, as he does, all the wonderful things about her Teachers and librarians will appreciate this book for its sincere and convincing treatment of children with special needs, while parents will use this book to encourage sibling friendship and to read with children who are beginning to ask why a particular child they know is different.

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    I wanted to follow the theme in this book and say that I loved this book JUST BECAUSE, but that would be a disservice to Rebecca Elliott and the poignant story that she is telling.Ms Elliott dedicates her book to Clemmie and Toby her little muses, and the characters are also named Clemmie and Toby, so I the reader will jump to the conclusion that this is a story of her disabled daughter and her compassionate son.Clemmie, the older sister, is in a motorized chair and cannot walk or talk or move a [...]

    This refreshing and heartwarming story relates well to the response from children that sometimes, things are the way they are 'just because'. This book sensitively covers the themes of disability and sibling relations and encourages kindness in both of these. The illustrations mirror this positivity in their brightness and colour. I particularly like that despite age and disability these children appear happy and the focus is on them as individual children with unique characters and preferences. [...]

    A little brother describes his disabled older sister. He doesn't know why she is the way she is - just because. Cute illustrations and cute concept. Does not dwell on the disability, just emphasizes the good things that make his sister special.

    In a world where we use the word normal, it is all too often at the expense of how another person feels. I loved this book because it had such care for talking about children with disabilities. We don't know that this child has a disability and we fall in love with her. Regardless of what her life encompasses or what challenges she might come across, she is a child that is deserving of love and the readers give her just that. I think that this story brings up a great topic of conversation for ch [...]

    Audience: boys and girls, grades K-3th grade, best in a full inclusion school Appeal: adventurous, tells a great story while tells a good message, lots of colorful images, sibling connections, prior knowledge Application: This book deals a lot with disabilities and connection between siblings. It allows students a different view point to a circumstance that they may be in or that they may experience. Also if read in a full inclusion school, this could answer a lot of questions for students Award [...]

    Toby loves his sister Clemmie, just because. He does not have the words to describe why he loves her so he says 'Just Because,' which is enough reason to love anyone.Just Because is a heart-warming story of a little brother having fun with his big sister. It is made clear from the start Clemmie cannot walk or talk but the book moves on to describe all her likes, dislikes and the adventures they have together through Toby's eyes. The book is a wonderful illustration of a brother accepting everyth [...]

    Reflection: Text to Self -- This story reminds me of my own experience with my brother. When he was younger he suffered from a speech impediment that simply made it hard for people to understand what he was saying -- there was no other physical or mental impairment, simply he could not get his mouth to form the words he was thinking as well as others. As a result there were times when my brother and I spent almost all our time together, we were each others best friendjust because.Exposure: This [...]

    In this book, Toby tells you all about his best friend in the world who he shares everything with - his big sister Clemmie. Toby tells you everything that he loves about Clemmie, including the things that she likes, such as the pet bug that she and Toby share, and dislikes, such as when Toby draws pictures of pigeons. He also talks about how they go on adventures together - last week they went to the moon! They went to the moon on Clemmie's special chair - her wheelchair.This is a wonderful stor [...]

    This book has lovely artwork and it's a beautifully sweet story of a boy with an older sister who is clearly disabled in some significant ways, though he loves her anyway. I think I wanted to like this more than I did, it's so rare to find good works with disabled kids that don't become pendantic and plodding. The issue for me with this text is that every line of text ends with the same "just because" comment, even when it doesn't really make sense or when it isn't necessary. I feel like the aut [...]

    In JUST BECAUSE, Elliott explores the simple love of a young boy for his older, wheelchair bound sister. From the very first page, the reader learns that big sister Clemmie cannot "walk, talk, or move around much." And yet here little brother loves her for the way she makes silly faces, or has crazy hair, or even the way she prefers his pictures of dragonflies over that of pigeons. There are not too many books that feature significantly disabled characters. JUST BECAUSE celebrates the normalcy o [...]

    I thought this was cute.Just Because.The illustrations were enjoyable to look at.Just Because.I like the whole "Just Because" idea because I remember when I was kid hearing that answer a lot!Just Because.

    In this book a young brother describes to the readers all of the fun him and his sister have playing and doing various activities. However, later in the book do readers realize that she has a disability. The book’s illustrations stand out to the readers in the fact that the author and illustrator use cartoon art. Further, one can see that this cartoon art consists of exaggerated caricatures. For example, the faces of the children. The overarching theme of this book is that despite his sister†[...]

    I have the board book version so I can use it for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners as well. The illustrations are bright cheery and colorful and go long with the storyline. It's about a little boy who loves his sister and talks about all the fun things he likes to play with her. His sister is seen in a wheelchair and in the illustrations she is doing lot of fun things along with her brother. The line just because it's repeated on every page and it gets kind of tiresome. It doe [...]

    This book shows a brother and sister duo. Toby and Clemmie are best friends. They do just about everything together. But Clemmie cannot walk, talk, or really do anything. But that does not stop Toby from creating adventures for him and his sister. This book is absolutely amazing. It has a great message for students that even though a classmate may not be able to communicate with us they are still seeing the outside world. They are still hearing the word that we speak and still feeling the same f [...]

    In "Just Because," a younger brother adores his older sister, Clemmie. He tells the readers what him and his sister do just because. They do so many fun things, and Clemmie can't walk, talk, or move around much. This little girl has multiple disabilities, and her brother thinks she is just the best. This is a cute story about siblings having fun together even though one has many disabilities. This book is awesome for children to learn why some kids are "different" than others. This also really s [...]

    This book deals a lot with disabilities and connection between siblings. It allows students a different view point to a circumstance that they may be in or that they may experience. Also if read in a full inclusion school, this could answer a lot of questions for students. In most of the schools i have worked in, specials are all inclusive so this ma inspire children to relate closer and make more of an attempt to make a friend with disabilities.

    The book is about a young boy who has an older sister that is disabled. She cannot walk or talk but he still loves her, they have a special bond. The brother, Toby, tells us about all of the fun and adventures that he and his sister, Clemmie, even though she cannot walk or talk they have fun together. Clemmie is Toby’s best friend and he loves her just because. The book was also very well illustrated. I would recommend this book to teach children about other children disabilities.

    This is a touching story of a boy, Toby and his older sister, Clemmie. Toby thinks his sister is great. She has a wheelchair and cannot walk or talk much, and Toby loves her. His reason for her wheelchair and why she doesn't do some things is "Just because." We really don't need an explanation. The illustrations are heartwarming when you see Toby enjoying things that he and Clemmie can do together.

    This was a very heartwarming story. In this story we follow a young boy who has nothing but love for his older sister. His older sister does not talk, or move and we learn that she has multiple disabilities despite all of this the young boy still looks up to his big sister and he tells us that he loves her "just because". The illustrations are very good in this story.

    Heart-warming story about a little boy and his older sister with a disability. The brother tells of all the things his sister can't do just because. He loves his sister and readers are never specifically aware of what exactly Clemmie's disability is, which is important to the simplicity of this book.

    One of the few books that includes a child in a wheelchair! The compassion and care that Toby shows for his sister is beautiful. It shows inclusion at its best and how children see the world differently to adults.

    This extremely colorful and loving book is about the love one has for his sibling that can't do everything that everyone can. He focuses on what his sister can do and does not pay attention to her disability. They are best friends and it is an extremely enjoyable story.

    Mały chłopczyk bardzo kocha swoją starszą siostrę - lubi rysowanie, wygłupy, łaskotki, biedronki i ma niesamowity fotel na kółkach do latania na Księżyc; doskonale bawi się z przebieranki, śmieją się razem i zasypiają. Jest najlepszą siostrą na świecie.

    This is such an inspirational and heartfelt book. I loved the relationship between the two siblings.

    This book is about a brother and sister named Toby and Clemmie. Clemmie is severely disabled and is confined to a wheelchair. Toby knows that Clemmie will never walk or talk but he knows she is special and beautiful, like a princess. Clemmie doesn't like certain things but she is accepting of Toby and they have a very close bond. Clemmie even comforts Toby during storms when he is scared.I gave this book four stars because it shows how close siblings can be. It also shows how little disabilities [...]

    Audience: The audience for this book is primary elementary school. I feel that preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders would benefit best from this book. The illustrations in this book are amazing and I believe these grade levels will get a lot from the images. The length of the story is fitting for pre-k, kindergarteners, and first graders.Appeal: The fun, bright, colorful illustrations will appeal to younger children. I think children will enjoy hearing about all the fun things the ch [...]

    The Plot:The story from Toby’s point of view on his sister Clemmie and almost an argument for why she is the best sister in the world despite being profoundly disabled. The book begins with Toby acknowledging some of the things that his older sister cannot do like; walking, talking etc. He then sheds light on her other qualities like not being mean like other siblings and how he celebrates her grand hair and all the fun times they share together. The book rightly so portrays both characters as [...]

    Introduction:This book is about sibling affection between little brother Toby and big sister Clemmie. Toby is very fond of his big sister and goes on different adventures with her. Clemmie can't talk, walk or move around much, but Toby still loves to be with her. Just because.Text-to-Self:I can very much relate to this book on the topic of sibling affection. I am the youngest of three, meaning I have two older sisters. I remember throughout my childhood that we did different things together and [...]

    Multicultural Picture Book: Just Because by Rebecca Elliott2012 Dolly Gray AwardWhen we think of multicultural, children with disabilities isn't usually the first thing we think of but that doesn't make it any less important. It is absolutely vital to teach your students that even if someone learns or behaves in a different way that we are all beautiful on the inside and out. This is the story of a boy named Toby whose best friend is his sister. It is a fantastic book about sibling affection and [...]

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