Raine AS A LOVER HIS SKILLS ARE LEGENDARY The middle brother Raine both sensual and stoic Scarred by once taking a wife who could not accept his carnal needs he wants no part in another marriage But dut

  • Title: Raine
  • Author: Elizabeth Amber
  • ISBN: 9780758261496
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • AS A LOVER, HIS SKILLS ARE LEGENDARY The middle brother, Raine, both sensual and stoic Scarred by once taking a wife who could not accept his carnal needs, he wants no part in another marriage But duty commands that he fulfill his promise to wed King Feydon s second daughter, Jordan BUT IN MATTERS OF THE HEART, HE HAS MUCH TO LEARN The loyal satyr begins a searcAS A LOVER, HIS SKILLS ARE LEGENDARY The middle brother, Raine, both sensual and stoic Scarred by once taking a wife who could not accept his carnal needs, he wants no part in another marriage But duty commands that he fulfill his promise to wed King Feydon s second daughter, Jordan BUT IN MATTERS OF THE HEART, HE HAS MUCH TO LEARN The loyal satyr begins a search that leads him to Tuscany to romantic Venice, where his beautiful bride awaits, unaware of what passionate delights fate has planned for her Raine is careful not to reveal his powerful satyr sexuality, for fear of driving yet another woman away But unbeknown to him, Jordan is no ordinary woman and was born with an insatiable appetite for love And as Raine s heart begins to melt for her, how long will he be able to to hide his true nature when Jordan seems to want him so fiercely

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    And I thought the first book was odd! Add a hermaphrodite into the mix, and this book tops the first. It definitely makes for a unique type of story that you won't come across often.Now that Nicholas has found and married his FaerieBlend wife, it is Raine's turn. He's not so anxious to me married.n. His first try imploded when his human wife could not handle his extreme sensuality and he vowed never to marry again. Or to sire children that would have to face the life he has as a half-Human, half [...]

    There’s a reason this book has a red cover – it SIZZLES HOT enough to burn my fingers. In my review of Amber’s first book NICHOLAS I remarked that I hoped she would let her imagination loose. She definitely DID NOT DISAPPOINT.Be warned if your tastes in erotica don’t run to the abnormal skip this book. On the other hand if you enjoy reading about double phallused satyrs and their hermaphrodite FaerieBlend brides, then you’re in for a real erotic treat.I’m definitely NOT going to say [...]

    What do I say about this one?? This is the most erotic, weirdest book I have ever read. Okay that being said it was a good story don't get me wrong but Whoa!!! Yes I agree the cover needs to be red but really flaming, scarlet red. It actually took me 4 days to read this and I am still wondering about what the other 2 would be like. If you are not into heavily, descriptive erotic novels, do not buy this book. But if you are, you will enjoy it

    The heroine is a hermaphrodite that can climax with sperm. Or some other ejaculate. Not that I care because that was just disturbing.And I do not scare easily.And sheyou knowher husband in the end.The eeew factor was1000% there.

    Wow! Talk about an unusual book! I am actually surprised that I enjoyed this one so much, but I recommend reading it if you read Nicholas (the first book) already. Its way better than the first one! Raine is the middle brother of the 3 Satyr brothers. The are part human, part creature from ElseWorld (an alternative world to Earth). They hear from they kind of the Fey, whom they have an alliance with, that he has fathered 3 daughters by Earth woman. These 3 daughters need the protection and the m [...]

    18/1 - Well! I can safely say, without even thinking about it, that I've never read the 'heroine is a hermaphrodite' trope. Add that to the 'hero is a sex beast who grows a second penis on the full moon' trope and you've got a very interesting romance.I spent the first few chapters feeling a driving need to punch someone. Specifically the inhumane asses who thought it was perfectly okay (perhaps even normal) to be invited to a private (as private as a theatre with around 200 spectators in the au [...]

    This is the perfect book to show that nothing, and I mean NOTHING is scared. A story better suited for Literotica if anything.Raine is the second story in her Lord of Satyrs series. This is an erotic historical paranormal romance from the Kensington Aphrodisia line that likes to push the envelope. And when it comes to erotic, especially paranormal, lines are crossed. But there are some things you just don't touch and Raine crosses so many lines that I couldn't decide to laugh or gasp in horror a [...]

    Actual Rating: 3.5Warning: Contains SpoilersThis book was better than the first. Definitely. As much as I did like the introduction to the Lords of Satyr series, Nicholas and Jane were such a bore, that when I read about Raine and Jordan I was pleasantly thrilled. I knew Raine would fall the deepest, and Jordan was fun, sassy, and humorous. That she had both male and female genitals came as a shock to me. I really wasn't expecting that little development, I had to reread the paragraph just to ma [...]

    I read this as a reviewer and loved it. It's book 2 in this trilogy about half-satyr (in myth, satyrs were followers of the wine god Bacchus) brothers who own a vineyard in Tuscany and receive a letter that sends them in search of fairy brides. Nicholas went to Rome, but Raine finds his VERY UNUSUAL bride in Venice.Very sexy, explicitly erotic, great historical and winemaking details included. Good detail and an interesting, dramatic story.

    Content note: many different kinds of nonconsensual sexual activities.This is a novel about two people who really, really suck at communicating with each other and never actually learn better, but it's okay because it's also an erotic novel, so they can just have lots of sex instead!I read Raine at Oreotalpa's request (she won a charity auction in which I was offering to review a romance novel). When she emailed me my assignment, she included a list of caveats, saying she'd totally understand if [...]

    Have you ever started read an unconventional romance novel that you genuinely like only to have it ruined by a graphic depiction of a brutal rape and murder? This happened before the two romantic leads have even had a chance to kiss. Talk about a mood killer. The best way I can describe the issues I had with this book without spoilers* are by describing them as the deplorable treatment of a leading female (not by the leading male) and the overwrought theme of “this is as good as it gets.” It [...]

    A good friend of mine recommended this book, knowing that I'm always looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to stories. She also knows I've lost a lot of interest in the paranormal romance genre because few authors have done anything new. When she mentioned the premise of this novel, I decided to give it a shot. Raine is the second book of Elizabeth Amber's Lords of Satyr series. Normally I don't mind series books when written by authors I know and trust, but I don't particularl [...]

    One-word review: Wat. Extended review: Admittedly, I read this for the trainwreck value. I read the excerpts on Amber's website and went, "Wait, they're half-satyrs who grow another penis when the moon is full and there's another world called 'ElseWorld' and they have to find wives that are 'FaerieBlend'? WAT." I thought it sounded incredibly bizarre, but for some reason, I needed to read it. Good things: The heroine, Jordan, was a very fleshed-out character. Her struggle to find her gender iden [...]

    May contain a few spoilers! I devoured this entire book in one day!I think it was (for me) Jordan who made such a massive difference between this book and the previous one, Nicholas. Within the first few pages you get unexpectantly sucker punched with the fact that Jordan is a hermaphrodite. I know you didn't expect that either, right? LOLBut surprisingly what made me immediately fall in love with Jordan was the quick spark of humour we get to see"I've been sitting here so long I'm as stiff as a [...]

    Raine is the second book of the trilogy of The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber and one I had been anxiously awaiting. This book was definitely worth the wait! Each story focuses on one of the three brothers, the last Lords of the Satyr and the trials they go through to find their half fairy mates in an effort to protect their secrets and their lives. After a horrific first marriage the last thing Raine wants is another wife. But he must follow the wishes of King Feydon and find his mate. He tr [...]

    I never know how to review these books. They're so cracktastic and bizarre in the fantasy-erotica way, that I'm still surprised I like them so much. Then again, if you "survived" the first book in this series, then you're probably already along for the crazy, crazy ride of crazysauce on the crazytrain. I mean, I've been in a month-long reading slump, and the one book that snaps me out of it is an erotic romance involving a double-cocked half-satyr and a half-fae hermaphrodite*? WHAT DOES THIS SA [...]

    Ok, This was a book that I wasn't sure I would like. Mainly because the fact that the heroine was a hermaphrodite and I was a bit uncomfy about it. I'd read reviews too so everything was pointing to a book I'd miss out.Boy was I wrong. This book surpassed the first one and I really did care about both leads in this book. I really felt for Jordan and the perdiciment she was in. In order to keep the doctor who declared her male at birth and therefore able to keep her fathers inheritance, she had t [...]

    This is the second book in the Lords of Satyr series and it is just as good or better than the first one, Nicholas. As with the first one, this one is definitely not for just anyone. If you don't enjoy the strange and unusual then I suggest you look elsewhere. Personally, I love the strange and unusual and therefore I loved this one.Raine is the second Satyr brother who travels to Venice seeking his Fairieblend wife. He finds Jordan who is an hermaphrodite that has lived most of her life as a ma [...]

    So - book two didn't really make this series any less "icky" with certain elements. I felt the story still felt short of it's potential and Raine was so aloof until the very end that it was hard for me to really like him. Sure, he had sexual magnetism and his lust was constant but why? Are Satyrs just sexual by nature? Jordan on the other hand? I found it interesting that she wanted to live life as a woman but still have sex (on occasion) as a man with her own penis. To me that was just strange. [...]

    Love Jordan! Love her!I actually liked this book better than the first in the series: Nicholas. There were a couple reasons. First, I thought the story was better put together. Everything flowed and it didn't feel like anything was stuck in only for its content - in Nicholas, some of the more unconventional sex scenes felt like they were added just to have the content and not to actually develop the story. This book still had those types of scenes, but they all had their purpose.Second, I really [...]

    Raine redeemed Ms. Amber for me. I didn't like the first book, Nicholas so much. Raine, I enjoyed because he's a better male than his brother. Raine is actually a stoic satyr with scientific leanings. I like him. The fact that he doesn't mind his fated female to have both a dick and pussy, well, that has me happily humming. Yes, I rated this book 3.5 out of 5 because of the sex. So sue me. This time around, Jordan is the one who is a "sexual freak". She has testes in her pussy lips! Yes, you rea [...]

    This series is Paranormal and takes you back to the 1800's and into the world where magical beings and happenings exist, but are hidden from those whom are merely human.Magical gardens, vineyards of life and gateways to otherworlds.In book 2, Raine, the middle Satyr brother must travel to find his predestined bride in Venice. Time is of the essence and a threatening plague upon the family's vineyard weighs heavy on his mind. His journey to Venice is to attend a lecture regarding the disease affe [...]

    The second installment in the series moves along reasonably. The downsides are that Raine's pain and character are not suitably fleshed out (although there is plenty of other sorts of fleshing out). Jordan's big secret is that she is a hermaphrodite, with all that this entails for 'concupiscent relations' and there is also some unpleasant M/M action which took the gloss off things a bit for me.However, the dour nature of this book may also be influenced by the dour nature of Raine himself. We ha [...]

    Oh, this one's a keeper. I enjoyed Raine & Jordan's story so much more than that of his brothers. Would recommend reading this one first, even if it is second in the series. I think the reason I enjoyed this one more was because regardless of what all had been done to Jordan and how different she was, Raine loved her. I guess that's what drew me to them, because isn't that what true love is about? Loving each other regardless of our faults, be they emotional or physical? Recommend this one t [...]

    This book pushes the erotic boundaries in that the heroine is one of the most unusual ones I've read. Once again, this author has surprised me and she continues to write well. The story is about acceptance and has a good plot complete with bad guys from ElseWorld trying to get the heroine, and it continues the storyline about the grapevines being under threat. If you just want a lightly sexy read, look elsewhere. This book is steaming HOT. The main romance and sex scenes are between the heroine [...]

    Raine searches for his bride in Venice and accidentally finds her naked on stage in front of an audience. Jordan is a hermaphrodite who is exploited by a physician who sees her as only a specimen for study. She returns to the Satyr estate with Raine, learns about his past as well as her own, and becomes okay with Raine knowing all of her. Marriage ensues, as half-sisters she and Jane become fast friends and she explores both sides of her sexuality. Great sexy read!!

    #2 Lords of Satyr - Erotica, Not for the Easily OffendedWow, what an amazing imagination the author has! Like #1 Nicholas, I've never read anything like this, erotica-wise or along the lines of mythical gods and creatures.Will absolutely continue with this series!

    I picked up this book and finished it the same night I started it. It is an excellent follow-up to Nicholas - it's probably better, at least IMHO. Thought the ending had some weird elements that could potentially spoil the third book, but I'll just have to read it to see

    My second novel in The Lords of Satyr series. Erotic historical paranormal romance set in 1820s Tuscany.

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