Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman

Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman

Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman From managing a schedule to maintaining a wardrobe and everything in between best selling author Anne Ortlund offers a primer for cultivating beauty on the inside and on the outside She seeks to answ

  • Title: Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman
  • Author: Anne Ortlund
  • ISBN: 9780849929830
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • From managing a schedule to maintaining a wardrobe and everything in between, best selling author Anne Ortlund offers a primer for cultivating beauty on the inside and on the outside She seeks to answer both the hows and the whys of living beautifully.

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    A heartfelt, conversationally written book on a christian woman's responsibilities. A tad outdated but it's purpose spans a lifetime. Instructing you in your walk with God she gives examples of how we can accomplish more quiet time with Him. We are to support and encourage our husbands and lovingly disciple our children. She includes being well-dressed for our Savior, husband and self and keeping a notebook to keep your days from taking over your life. A very thought-provoking book that makes yo [...]

    I picked up this book at a local thrift store. While some of the particular advice in this book made me laugh because they seem like relics from the 70s (example: a list of things to do to be productive included napping on an "incline board" and getting your hair and nails done once a week), it became clear that in many ways Anne Ortlund is a much more godlier woman than I am and that it would behoove me to take her advice in the spirit in which it was intended! Her heart for discipleship is ama [...]

    4.5 star rating. Oh I just ADORED this little book! I loved the author's quirky and charming way of writing. It felt very much like she was chatting with me over a cup of tea - so warm hearted and motherly or older-sisterly :). Her style reminds me somewhat of Elizabeth George (A Woman After God's Own Heart). I would have loved to have discovered this book earlier on in my Christian walk I could have used a Titus 2 type of mentor/sister such as this author. I had never heard of Anne Ortlund unti [...]

    Changed my life 25+ years ago. Esp. the notebook ideas. Pre-Daytimer--Mrs. Ortlund was waaay ahead of her time! I love the beautiful picture of a helper to your husband, as well as personal development.

    A treasure of a book for Christian women. Great biblical perspective. Easy to read and encouraging.

    While the word "discipline" is scary for many, this book reminds us that being disciplined is a good thing. Anne Ortlund gives practical ideas for how to order one's days, the first being to read the Word, pray, and know the Lord more intimately. Others include keeping a notebook and calendar (and I thought the bullet journal idea was new! - granted, her's isn't quite a bullet journal, but it's a similar idea), minimizing your closest so everything can easily mix and match, and ordering your off [...]

    I really loved this book. It discusses beauty both inside and out but its wisdom goes so far beyond that and it's just great and timeless advice for Christian women about how to put God first in their life no matter where they find themselves. The author writes in a funny, down to earth way, but very warm like she is your friend and sitting right there with you. I know I will come back to it for sure!

    I wanted to like this book, I really did.It seemed like the advice given was not really Biblical, and focused on making one's life better, but not to serve God. The author had written this book while recovering from surgery, while on a luxury vacation, etc, so I had a hard time relating to her. She also implied that if you work really hard, God will make your life easier.

    Regardless of when it was written, this book offers timeless wisdom because its simplicity is rooted (and points so faithfully back to) Scripture. I dogeared and highlighted several pages so that I can refer back.

    This was helpful to me when I read it but I think young women today would prefer something more contemporary such as Barbara Hughes book published in 2016 (same or very similar title)

    Another book that I've read several times. This time I am actually creating my own notebook as Anne Ortlund suggests, and I am PUMPED about it! Call me a nerd, but I love organization---and using a notebook to reorganize my life with 2 young children is something that is super appealing to me right now. The book was written quite a while ago, (maybe in the 70s?) so some of it sounds a bit outdated, but the principals, suggestions and the fact that it is based on God's Word makes it timeless.

    I really liekd this book! Not because the author said things I have never heard before, but because she said things I've known I needed to do for so long, and yet for some reason I never actually do them. But while reading this book I had this overwhelming feeling that I need to, I can, and I pray I will! I actually intend to re-read this and take some notes, only after I go shopping for a notebook though! (You'll understand that bit about the notebook if you read the book!)

    Generally old fashioned and I don't agree with many things in it(especially the parts about spiritual growth). In fact, some parts sound like they originated few centuries ago not the 21st. I'm amazed it is written by an American author. However, I do like the parts that discuss appearance, self care and the idea of eliminating and concentrating.

    Great book written in the 70's. May seem outdated but has valuable truths. Enjoyed this book. Lifestyle book for the Christian woman. Valuable truths. The notebook is revolutionary and I believed to have sparked women to create home management notebooks and the like. This is a book to reread over and over again.

    Anne Ortlund's arrogance permeates this book. I couldn't get past her pride and sickening piety. The only takeaways I found were: 1) pray through your planner, 2) be kindest and reflect beautiful to your family first, 3) and spend one day of the month away in prayer. Go read Elisabeth Elliot or Elizabeth George for real wisdom about spiritual growth.

    I have read this book multiple times and I am still gleaning every day wisdom from it. It is a little Brady Bunch, dated, but super encouraging and inspiring. She is an amazing lady. Thank you Anne for pouring into the rest of us ladies.

    I've had this in my library for years and felt inspired to go back and re-read it. I'm needing some inspiration.

    Provides great thoughts on balancing all of the different duties of a woman in a Christian way. Great practical applications.

    Read between July & December 1984.Original notes on book from 1984: Excellent! Notebook great! Good organization!

    An excellent source book that is well written and so easy to follow. The author gives great insights into the walk of the Christian woman.

    I really enjoyed this book. Full of practical helpful tips for every kind of woman of God. Author spoke biblical truths sweetly and simply. Very encouraging.

    Lots of things to think about. Usually use my phone for notes and calendar but started to use a notebook

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