The Perfect Princess

The Perfect Princess

The Perfect Princess The kingdom of Coronnan once the serene home of dragons is faced with the greatest challenge in its history The dragons have vanished and the rogue magic is rampant in the land Only Prince Darville

  • Title: The Perfect Princess
  • Author: Irene Radford
  • ISBN: 9780886776787
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • The kingdom of Coronnan, once the serene home of dragons, is faced with the greatest challenge in its history The dragons have vanished and the rogue magic is rampant in the land Only Prince Darville and his betrothed can restore peace and return the dragons to Coronnan First, Darville must free his princess from an enchantment it will soon be too late to break.

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    There doesn't seem to be a very big change between the second book of this series and the first. In some ways, it feels slightly more mature than the first book did, but not by very much. The characters still act like inexperienced, headstrong teenagers. Some of the newly introduced characters are even more annoying than in the first book. Janataea, for example, annoyed the living crap out of me! I can honestly say that she is the most annoying, irritating character I have ever read!Predictabili [...]

    Luckily, this second volume in the Dragon Nimbus series is much stronger than the first one (The Glass Dragon). Though this is actually the second time that I have read this book, I have to admit that nothing about it was even remotely familiar. It has been a very long time since I read it, but nothing about the characters or plot inspired even the slightest bit of deja vu.Unfortunately, while this sequel was stronger than the first book, it still left me wanting. Hopefully, the series will cont [...]

    now that i've read two of the books in this series I can say the following. These books are kinda slow and then everything happens all at once and you don't even notice you are now 3/4 of the way through the book. It is beautifully structured that way. The villains are pretty generic 'viallainy' for no real goal that power but the political explaination and bending is well told. The characters are growing and changing and their connections last. I quite like this series

    Loved this second book in the Dragon Nimbus series. The characters are much more fully developed, the storyline runs much smoother than the first book, and the plot was a great read. I enjoyed getting to know Yaakke as he seems to be the focus of the next book in the series. Looking forward to reading more in this series as well as other series that this author has written.

    Irene Radford indulged in a few more plot lines in this book, while still holding the importance of the first book. The ending of this book was more of an actual ending, and I tended to be more satisfied with the plot resolutions than the first book.

    There were basically no surprises in this book. And I don't think that was by accident. Every "twist" is thoroughly broadcast, and ultimately not that interesting. Kind of let down since I really liked the first book.

    Prince Darville is dealing with rogue magicians, waining dragon magic and Princess Rossemikka and a cat with a mind of it's own. Which makes this adventure entertaining and with many twist and turns and monsters to boot. Great read, on to book 3 of The Dragon Nimbus: The Loneliest Magician.

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