Slow Man

Slow Man

Slow Man Paul Rayment is on the threshold of a comfortable old age when a calamitous cycling accident results in the amputation of a leg Humiliated his body truncated his life circumscribed he turns away fr

  • Title: Slow Man
  • Author: J.M. Coetzee
  • ISBN: 9780099490623
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paul Rayment is on the threshold of a comfortable old age when a calamitous cycling accident results in the amputation of a leg Humiliated, his body truncated, his life circumscribed, he turns away from his friends.He hires a nurse named Marijana, with whom he has a European childhood in common hers in Croatia, his in France Tactfully and efficiently she ministers to hiPaul Rayment is on the threshold of a comfortable old age when a calamitous cycling accident results in the amputation of a leg Humiliated, his body truncated, his life circumscribed, he turns away from his friends.He hires a nurse named Marijana, with whom he has a European childhood in common hers in Croatia, his in France Tactfully and efficiently she ministers to his needs But his feelings for her, and for her handsome teenage son, are complicated by the sudden arrival on his doorstep of the celebrated Australian novelist Elizabeth Costello, who threatens to take over the direction of his life and the affairs of his heart.

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    4. Slow man, J.M. Coetzee, c2005‭Slow Man is a 2005 novel by South African-born Nobel laureate J. M. Coetzee, and concerns a man who must learn to adapt after losing a leg in a road accident. The novel has many varied themes, including the nature of care, the relationship between an author and his characters, and man's drive to leave a legacy.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: هشتم ماه جولای سال 2014 میلادیعنوان: مرد آهسته؛ اثر: جان مکسول کوتس [...]

    I can't deny that JM Coetzee is indeed a talented writer. Clear, concise, exacting prose. And duh, he did win the Nobel Prize after all. But I don't think this one is the one read. ("Disgrace" probably is.) What starts out as a quite conventional story soon morphs into something bordering on ludicrous. Is it magical realism? A darkly comedic satire on death vs. consciousness? Or just a novelist indulging in not having to adhere to any chosen path or structure? And not bothering to answer some ke [...]

    This is my first Coetzee, and for the first sixty pages, it seemed to be an interesting but not arresting book about an older man coping with losing a leg, and his mobility and freedom, and the after effects of such a loss, including falling in love with his nurse. Nothing earthshattering.And then the author showed up. Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the ent [...]

    Fourth Coetzee book: what makes this possible, not getting bored by the same author's voice while reading Coetzee all summer long, is his outstanding talent for making the novel readable. All four novels I've read ("Disgrace," "Elizabeth Costello," "Life and Times of Michael K" this, & currently a fifth classic: "Waiting for the Barbarians") are distinctly different from each other, and this being his most current (perhaps there is a newer?) it has the figure of the lonely fallen man ("Disgr [...]

    Kuci još jednom zakucava, držeći se svojih teritorija (on je pasionirani biciklista koji bicikl koristi kao glavno prevozno sredstvo) te svi oni koji sate provode na dvotočkašu znaju da čoveku svakakve budalaštine padnu na pamet pa otud i ideje za ovaj roman, pretpostavljam. Kuci istražuje misterioznu, urođenu potrebu čoveka za porodicom, protekcijom iste, držeći se koloseka koji su njemu kao piscu svojstveni, usamljenost, požuda, istraživanje granica sramote i poniženja, sukob ra [...]

    What I love about Coetzee is that he isn’t afraid of fitting a tire over the goat’s torso. As I’m reading the reviews of this book from my other buddies, many seem disturbed by the character Elizabeth Costello, who truly breaks with logic and knows impossible details of characters. In other words she is a meta-character who speechifies some of the arguments and questions I’m sure Coetzee had in writing this book, and in the hands of a post-modernist dilettante, this character would have [...]

    Bisiklet kazası sonucu bakıma muhtaç kalan bir adamın dönüşümünü çarpıcı şekilde anlatmış Coetzee. Zorunluluklar, körelen duyguların yerini alan başka duygular, göçmen olmak, adandığımız şeyler, sahip olduklarımız, yitirdiklerimiz, hiç sahip olamadıklarımız ve hatta olamayacaklarımız, dil meselesi ve daha bir çok konuyu katmanlı bir roman. Bunlar da kitapta beğenip altını çizdiğim birkaç yer:"Çocuklar bizler sevmeyi ve hizmet etmeyi öğrenelim diye var [...]

    One of my pet annoyances is writers who say: "oh, I just start writing and my characters get up to the most unexpected things all on their own, I just let it happen!"What that translates as is: "I don't have a plot to speak of or any structure but I have such faith in my own vast (albeit undiscovered talent) that I don't feel I need one, so I simply write pages and pages of free-flowing pure invention [tedious drivel] instead."Slow Man is what happens when you let your characters write the book [...]

    I read far more than was necessary to finally determine this book was not worth reading. Upon the entrance of Elizabeth Costello I knew pretty much that I was in for a weighty disappointment. The main character and his stubborn life-style refusals and insistence on furthering an ill-fated and inappropriate love affair left me feeling basically disgusted with the pitiful old gent. I was embarrassed for all aging men and what they might become if served heaped on a plate filled with leftover medio [...]

    This review originally appeared in the San Jose Mercury News: When you've won every possible literary award, including the Nobel Prize, you're entitled to indulge yourself a little. That, at least, is my explanation for how J.M. Coetzee came up with this fascinating flop of a novel. ''Slow Man'' begins with Paul Rayment, a photographer who lives in Australia, losing a leg in a bicycle accident. The 60-year-old Rayment, who lives alone and has no close family, descends into bitterness. He refuses [...]

    "The blow catches him from the right, sharp and surprising and painful, like a bolt of electricity, lifting him up off the bicycle." Paul Rayment, a photographer in Adelaide, finds himself in a hospital recovering from a bicycle accident, with one leg amputated above the knee. He refuses a prosthesis and opts for nursing care. After going through a succession of nurses, he develops feelings for a Croatian nurse, Marijana, a married woman with three children. In addition to his loss of independen [...]

    لحد آخر 30 صفحة أنا كنت هديها الخمس درجات كاملة لكن النهاية كانت في ظني باهتة فأنقصت درجة عمل رائع وعميق للغاية استمتعت بيه جدا في أوقات السفر كان رفيق جيد ولكن طالما سأتحدث عن الرواية فلا يمكن أن أغفل ترجمة عبد المقصود عبدالكريم ترجمة راقية وعذبة للغاية جعلتني أشعر أن وج [...]

    Có thể nói mối quan hệ giữa tôi với cuốn sách này là một mối quan hệ yêu-ghét. Tôi thích một vài phần, ghét một vài phần, và rốt cuộc thì không rõ mình yêu hay ghét cuốn sách. Văn của Coetzee vẫn thế, tinh, gọn, sắc sảo; tuy nhiên, sự xuất hiện của nhân vật nhà văn Elizabeth Costello có vẻ làm cho cuốn tiểu thuyết kém thành thực. Vẫn biết nhân vật này là một trò chơi tiểu thuyết của n [...]

    الرجل البطئ ج.م.كوتسىعندما تنقذ القراءة حياة إنسان من الضياع وتنسج له حياة يقبلها ويعيشها،ويرتبط بشخصياتها لتعوضه تلك الشخصيات عن الوحدة الحقيقية التي يعيشها،وتمثل له حبل الإنقاذ من الدمار.عجوز يتعرض لحادث مرير يفقد على إثره ساقه،فيكره جسده وحياته ويفقد مع ما فقد شغفه بأي [...]

    This is a complicated book to write about in a few words. On one level it is a story of a sad, isolated man who suffers the loss of a leg in an accident and who becomes hopelessly and inappropriately infatuated with the woman taking care of him. On another level it is the a mediation about the craft of fiction writing and the mysterious relationship between the writer (Coetzee aka Elizabeth Costello) and the character he/she is creating. At the half-way point of the story, the protagonist says s [...]

    I hate books that make me feel dumb. In some cases I assume it's the author's fault, bad writer trying to be clever, failing. In this case, the guy has won every writing award possible, so he MUST be brilliant and I MUST be missing something. It starts off well: aging single man has a bike accident and loses his leg, pities himself and ruminates on his life. Clear, concise. Then it takes a jaunt into Twilight Zone territory. An annoying woman, an author, that he doesn't know, moves in and takes [...]

    At the outset, I thought I was going to love this book, as I liked the author's writing style. Being 61 myself however, I got a little tired of his emphasis on how old a man he was. Please, 60 is not that old. Likely though, with the character being suddenly disabled, he likely felt that way, and that was probably the point. I found that as the book went on(and on and on) I got a bit tired of his whining and self absorption, and was just wanting the book to be finished. Elizabeth was an odd addi [...]

    I found Paul's character quite well developed, particularly his self-absorption (e.g others seem to exist only his limited perception of them). I found myself thinking about the psychological theory of the tasks of middle-to-advanced age. Namely, a sense of accomplishment is key to navigating the final stages of life. This seems to be Paul's problem; when he reflects on his life, he feels he has accomplished little and is particularly bothered by the fact that he is childless. Despite my appreci [...]

    So many have already pointed out the contradictions in this novel that I won't repeat them. Only note that in its metafictional references, it recalled Unamuno's "Niebla" .but without the heavy-handed determinism. Almost as though Coetzee just couldn't bring himself to do it, to dive in head-first. While not as moving (in an ugly way) as "Disgrace", it does present musings on a variety of topics: photography, authorship and ownership, aging alone, love, beauty and attraction. In two of the three [...]

    Đọc nó mệt mỏi gì đâu á :( Đã vậy lại còn đọc cuốn sách này chung đợt với mấy cuốn của Erich Maria Remarque và cuốn Người phàm của Philip Roth nên cái sự chán của nó lại càng thêm nổi bật :|

    This is what the classics teach us. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for ?I will not write review. Because you don't write review for God. And all those who know me, they all know that I preach Sir J.M.Coetzee. He is my God, my inspiration. How you can extract myriad meanings of life, desire, suffering, from very ordinary stories. Only Sir Coetzee knows this art.

    "You asked me for a story, I gave you a story. I am sorry you don't like it. You say you want to hear stories, I offer you stories, and I get back nothing except ridicule and scorn. Whay kind of exchange is that?"Good point. I picked up Slow Man hoping to find some consolation or life lesson apt to my needs. I didn't find it here.

    I SURRENDER. A friend recommended this book and I took it out of the library about 2300 times, meaning to read it, never getting around to it because ones I was more excited about always took precedence. Finally this last time I resolved I would read the damn thing before I turned it in again. And at first I was into it. Interesting. Story about an older dude who loses a leg in a bicycle accident and let's just say he doesn't have the best attitude about it. Then he falls for his home care nurse [...]

    This is the first novel of J. M. Coetzee after he won the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature. This 264-page novel is another proof that he deserved all the praises bestowed to him including the only novelist who won Booker Prize twice.Up to around 240+ pages the novel was so strong that I would not mind giving it a 5-star rating. It has unbelievable characters for a very simple plot: a 60-year old guy divorcee who lost his right leg and thought of having an instant family via his caretaker. Coetzee [...]

    I love this account of Coetzee by the writer Rian Malan: "Coetzee is a man of almost monkish self-discipline and dedication. He does not drink, smoke or eat meat. He cycles vast distances to keep fit and spends at least an hour at his writing-desk each morning, seven days a week. A colleague who has worked with him for more than a decade claims to have seen him laugh just once. An acquaintance has attended several dinner parties where Coetzee has uttered not a single word."Of course Coetzee's wo [...]

    I fel this was far from Coetzee's best work, but its problems are inextricably bound to one of the novel’s goals, as I read it: lampooning fiction’s insistence on action. The result of this is, in the novel's second half, an appropriate dullness, but dullness all the same.My principal interest was in watching Coetzee do what he felt he needed to do, despite the effect it may have on the reader. It’s great that he has the self-control to keep the novel from falling into broad humor, which w [...]

    4* Disgrace4* Waiting for the Barbarians4* Foe4* The Master of Petersburg3* Slow ManTR Elizabeth CostelloTR YouthTR DusklandsTR BoyhoodTR SummertimeTR Life and Times of Michael K

    Prieš beveik tris su puse metų, kai pradėjau dirbti knygyne, ši knyga ne kartą man buvo "pakišus" koją. Kodėl būtent taip? Atrodo, kad ji ilgai glūdėjusi tarp kitų gausybės knygų, būdavo pamiršta, o jei kas ir pirkdavo, tai to autoriaus gerbėjai arba tiesiog skaitytojai, kurie nori rimtos literatūros: kažko sukrečiančio, tikroviško ir nesuvaidinto gyvenimo. Todėl, keletą kartų ji būdavo ištraukiama į dienos šviesą smalsių skaitytojų su klausimu: apie ką ši knyga [...]

    This book lingered on my TBR shelves for far too long. I know Coetzee has won many awards. This is one of the two books by him on my shelves and the one that has been there the longest and as I surveyed the shelf for the next book to crack, I decided its time had come. The beginning, with an older man - Paul - being hit by a bicycle, made me think of How It All Began where the book starts with an older woman being mugged. But not much was similar after the opening. Paul is badly mangled and he l [...]

    Paul, riding his bike is hit by a car, and his leg takes the brunt of the crash. The doctors have to amputate, and Paul refuses to have a prosthesis. I had tried to read this book years ago, but I wasn't able to get through it. Even this time, I felt I had to force myself to finish it. One of the reviewers thought that this book was magical realism, and I see the point. While Paul is recovering he requires a lot of in home care. Paul falls in love with his nurse, and a woman named Elizabeth Cost [...]

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