Freshwater Boys

Freshwater Boys

Freshwater Boys Freshwater Boys is a collection of eleven short stories set in and around the Great Lakes of Michigan describing boys and men in struggles with both nature and themselves The opening narratives featu

  • Title: Freshwater Boys
  • Author: Adam Schuitema
  • ISBN: 9781883285401
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Freshwater Boys is a collection of eleven short stories set in and around the Great Lakes of Michigan, describing boys and men in struggles with both nature and themselves The opening narratives feature adolescent or pre adolescent boys struggling with their conceptions of manhood making sense of an old hermit whose life seems to have left no mark, or coexisting with a rFreshwater Boys is a collection of eleven short stories set in and around the Great Lakes of Michigan, describing boys and men in struggles with both nature and themselves The opening narratives feature adolescent or pre adolescent boys struggling with their conceptions of manhood making sense of an old hermit whose life seems to have left no mark, or coexisting with a repulsive great uncle in a world with no other male role model Later, the stories depict grown men who find that these same struggles of manhood never go away a man out of place among hunters and fathers in search of a missing child, or a man fighting through a blizzard to prove his worth to his own wife The landscapes and lakescapes serve as recurring characters in the book The boys and men wander forests sometimes finding tranquility, sometimes finding tragedy They climb and descend dunes And often, they encounter the Big Lake Lake Michigan The idea of a Third Coast figures prominently in the book, the lake and its horizon serving as a kind of world s end, where things pass away or come to life.

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    This collection is uneven. Some of the stories are good but others just seem to meander around the same themes, boys becoming and learning to become men. I wanted to like it. I wanted to cheer for a Michigan writer but while there's a lot of promise here--Schuitema communicates these characters very well--the stories themselves just don't connect. I was looking for that moment when I stop reading and have to take a breath, either because the story is so good or the writing itself, but it never h [...]

    An interesting collection of short stories set in Western Michigan about boys coming of age and men trying to find their way in life. I thought it was interesting how nature played a much bigger role in these stories than women, who were kept mostly at the periphery. The stories about fathers and their sons were the most powerful to me. My favorite was the first, New Era, Michigan - about how a local hermit's death affects a young boy and whose central character shows up later in another story.

    Not a book I would typically have read, but I am so glad I did. I was drawn in by the allure of Lake Michigan and stories that would occur in a setting so familiar to me. I also don't read many short stories because I am always left feeling like there should have been more. Not so this time. I highly recommend this to my fellow Michiganders, who will likely find a tale that they also can feel "at home" with.

    I remember being pretty excited when I was reading slush for the BWR and a story of Adam's would come over the transom; he and Traci O Connor where two writers who seemed to submit pretty regularly, and whose work I came to hope I'd find in my batch of stories to read. So, I was pretty excited to see that Adam had a book out, and was excited to read it.I think it's a good book, in a solid and dependable kind of way; I'm less interested in realist fiction that I used to be, and I think maybe Adam [...]

    I love the opportunity to read books by Michigan authors. To that end, Schuitema's book Freshwater Boys delivers. The settings of this collection of short stories are local west Michigan towns, and the characters remind me of the men, women, and children I meet every time I leave my front door. The first story, “New Era,” opens with his characters having breakfast at the Trailside Restaurant in New Era, a place I’ve gone for breakfast many times. As I read “Deer Run,” I found myself th [...]

    The best stories in this collection were the ones that focused on something unique - like "Deer Run," "Sand Thieves," and "Debts and Debtors." Most of the stories are pretty standard - they feature boys coming to terms with growing up and men dealing with divorce/not seeing eye to eye with their wives. The writing quality is good, not great. There are occasional things that didn't work, like a young boy describing the sky as looking like an infant's skin, and the author pointing out the obvious [...]

    The first story didn't draw me in too much, and I might not have read on if it hadn't been so highly recommended to me. If you feel this, I urge you to carry on - I'm glad I did. By the end, I wished there were more. This collection is full of fantastic stories that follow a number of characters at different points of crisis catharsis all set in and around the lakes bordering Michigan.My favorite , "Deer Run", charters what happens when a group of deer inexplicably decide to escape from the some [...]

    Adam Schuitema, a Michigan author based in Grand Rapids, has written a series of eleven short stories which comprise “Freshwater Boys,” (HarperCollins, 240 pages). These narratives are centered around the Great Lakes region and focus on adolescent boys and their struggles with growing up. “Sand Thieves,“ a story about three cousins and a beautiful beach was hilarious. Great Uncle Lucien has shown up at the family cottage for a visit, though, no one in the family seems to want him around. [...]

    I really enjoyed this book. There are so many elements to Schuitema's writing that are enviable - his ability to render children in a completely believable manner, his mastery of the physical world. These pieces weigh heavily in Freshwater Boys. Someone is always going for a run, or swimming in a lake, or punching a heavy bag while drunk. Uncertainty about growing up, being a man, living in a world where bad things happen with a Stephen Crane like inevitability, influences every single story in [...]

    A respectable collection of short stories, all based in western Michigan, all with some kind of boyhood/manhood theme. The appeal of the stories was somewhat hit-and-miss. The stories about boyhood I found more compelling than the stories about older men. Perhaps I have greater sympathy for the struggles youth due to my remove from it. In particular, I thought the first two stories in the collection -- "New Era, Michigan" and "Sand Thieves" -- to be the best of the lot. In general, though, the b [...]

    I loved this collection of stories because it was written by a Michigan author and set on the west side of the state near where I grew up. What bothers me about short stories is that I never have enough time to really become engaged with the characters and am almost always disappointed in the endings. It's like they leave me hanging or I'm supposed to figure out for myself what has just happened. I'd rather have it spelled out for me. I'm dumb like that. Anyhoo, I enjoyed the writing and the lan [...]

    Had trouble getting through this one. I'm not a huge fan of short stories, but as far as they go, these are very well written. However, the complete lack of ANY female characters other than background made this less interesting to me than it otherwise might have been to me. I have heard that the author has a daughter and is considering writing a Freshwater Girls collection which I would certainly give a try.

    Schuitema has true knowledge, adeptly written, of the motivations, inspirations and instincts of men. His stories of adolescent boys are particularly insightful and revealing. Every woman should read these stories to get a better understanding of her sons, brothers, husbands and significant others of the male species. He also captures the essence of rural and small town life in the Upper Midwest.

    I bought this book at a local independent bookstore during a "buy local" event. Sadly, the bookstore is now out of business. I bought this book because it was by a local (West Michigan) author. I wasn't really excited to read it, but once I started I really, really enjoyed the short stories. Any time you add some places I am familiar with in a story I really relate to it, especially if some are Grand Rapids. I would recommend this book, if even to support a local author.

    Schuitema has totally nailed the Western Michigan experience - everything from running down sand dunes to the Dutch surnames to the white birches, deer, and MC Sporting Goods. A thread of violence runs through these finely wrought tales about boys and men, but Schuitema also delivers hope of redemption.

    *** Signed by author! I met him today when he did a book singing at the book store I work at! :D *** (4.5) AMAZING! Beautiful, heartbreaking stories. The first story really didn't pull me in, but the rest were awesome! I love "Restraint:A Confession", "Camouflage Fall", and "Freshwater Boys." I also really enjoyed "Curbside" and "The Feel Of Meridians"!

    This collection of short stories was an especially fun read because the setting is right here in West Michigan, so so many of the places featured were familiar to me. Many of the stories were quite poignant and well-told as well. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I might not have as much if I weren't from around here.

    Great summertime read. I really enjoyed this book. I grew up in the 70's, in rural Michigan so the time/place setting was very enjoyable to me. Brought back memories of my childhood summers. The endless days of sunshine, baseball and riding my bike all over town. Perfect book to read while enjoying

    The short story "Freshwater Boys" for which this collection is named is by far the best. The others are solid, straightforward Midwestern stories (with really good last sentences--this guy has a knack for endings. Maybe he writes that first and works backward) but that last story is compelling and hits me in my great lakes dutch heart in a way I've never read in fiction.

    It was hard at first to get into this book, but once I got the momentum I couldn't put it down. There are several short stories that really get you involved with the characters and helps you take a new perspective on your own life.

    Thanks to GoodReads, HarperCollins and Adam for this GiveAway edition.Wonderfully written tales capturing both the physicality and personality of a beautiful part of the country. Highly recommended.

    This book was a boring disappointment. I could not get into it- I felt bogged down with pointless description and lack of character development.

    A friend gave me this book. Having grown up in W. Michigan, and actually knowing where New Era is, I was hooked. Regardless, the stories are well written and feel "authentic".

    Enjoyed this 'book set in my own state' which happens to be Michigan. Several short stories set nearby Pentwater. Five stars

    fun stories from around michigan, its nice to be able to support a michigan author as well as know the places or instances described in most of the short stories

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