What Was Asked of Us: An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It

What Was Asked of Us: An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It

What Was Asked of Us An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It In this modern day successor to the Vietnam classic Everything We Had award winning investigative reporter Trish Wood offers a gritty authentic and uncensored history of the war in Iraq as told by

  • Title: What Was Asked of Us: An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It
  • Author: Trish Wood Bobby Muller
  • ISBN: 9780316016704
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this modern day successor to the Vietnam classic Everything We Had, award winning investigative reporter Trish Wood offers a gritty, authentic, and uncensored history of the war in Iraq, as told by the American soldiers who are fighting it Includes 8 pages of photographs and 1 map.

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    Roughly divided into four chapters (Winners and Losers, Bringing them America, Don't Look Away and Nor Fear the Dangers of the Day), this story lets the soldiers who fought in Iraq tell their story in their own words.The interviewees are very expertly, led by questions, but the questions themselves aren't documented. This makes it all the more valuable, in my opinion, because it emphasis that these tales aren't just some stories, but memories, life-shaping impressions, that these soldiers were k [...]

    This book is a compelling, vivid and somber account by 29 soldiers and marines who served our nation by fighting in Iraq. Some of the words and descriptions given by these men and women are shockingly inconceivable and unthinkable. Other stories are simply too sad for any reader not to become emotionally stirred. The following are vivid excerpts that should cause serious contemplation of the end results by national leadership before committing human beings, especially the young, to partake in su [...]

    Anyone with a "Support Our Troops" ribbon on their vehicle should read this book. It's neither anti-war nor pro-war, and while readers may well find their own opinions about the Iraq war unchallenged, it will surely deepen their understanding of what that war means for those who have been fighting it. Here in the words of about 35 soldiers, mostly men and mostly marines, are accounts of being under fire, taking casualties, witnessing bombings, dealing with loss, anxiety, and grief, while maintai [...]

    Oral histories of people recently returned from serving in iraqThe media does a great disservice to the stories of actual servicepersons, mitigating their lives to managable narratives that don't really share the scope of what is going on, not even closeI'd check out the book.I think the last quote for the book is a good summary for why state-siders should bother with the book:"They [Americans] don't invest themselves in the real issues of the war. Why did we get over there? When are we going to [...]

    Neither pro- or anti-war, this book is an incredible collection of narratives from soldiers who served in Iraq. Some are gung-ho about the experience; others wonder what we're doing over there and are filled with anger over what they see as the Bush administration's ignorance of what is actually happening on the ground and their failure to provide adequate protection for the troops--so many stories of soldiers holding a weapon in one hand and a makeshift steel plate in another trying to provide [...]

    This book is a real eye-opener!Everyone should read it! I think it would teach the kids in High School a lot more than some of the required reading they have now. Everyone should know what these guys went through and the sacrifices they made for this country. (Not trying to get political) And especially those who think they get paid too much

    Real understanding of what's going on with the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom. Scary the crap these men are subject to. I am very proud of our troupes, and even more so after this book.

    I will have to read this again, because there is a lot to take in. It is a remarkable work, and I appreciated that the chapters were not prefaced by any form of summary or description from the author. The words of each individual were left to stand on their own.

    The Iraq War is a very controversial and very misunderstood conflict. If you ask servicemen and civilians, the answer to the cause of sending in the troops to Iraq vary. Answers differ from the al-Qaeda link, the elimination of an oppressive regime to the protection of oil interests. This is a compilation of stories of what the Iraq War was really like in a soldier's point of view. They tell their stories of why the joined the military to dealing with a developing situation on the ground. Iraq i [...]

    Unlike Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War or Redeployment this book reads more like a series of brief reports on the missions these men and women served. It gives an entirely different perspective on life at war: how our soldiers are trained to process the things they go through, and how they are trained to communicate, and how that holds up when they are released back home.If you read this one (and I recommend that you do), I also suggest picking up the more poetic essay collectio [...]

    This book was an autobiography of solders in the Iraq war. As such it doesn’t really have a story line, unless you count history as the plot. Trish Wood is in reality only the compiler of many oral histories. The vast majority of the book is what appear to be transcribed interviews with veterans of the Iraq war. The conflict in this book is obviously based on the war, with American troops fighting against insurgents in Iraq, and there is plenty of conflict. To be honest that made the book in t [...]

    My guess is that most Americans don't understand what troops really go through during war times. This book is a gritty history of the Iraq war written by men and women who have bravely served there. I had to read it in doses, as I found myself wondering if my own son will experience some of these things when he is deployed soon, and that was a little bit hard to take. This book is not for the faint-hearted, but it is for anyone wanting to know what American have and are experiencing in Iraq. Gra [...]

    This book is a compilation of stories told by various servicemen and servicewomen who served in Iraq. If you want some idea what this war was really about, how unprepared we were to fight it, how terribly and thoughtlessly our government treated our troops, how many lives were destroyed, broken or damaged to no good end, read this book. It's an oral compilation, not a dissertation, but it is all from the gut and from the heart. The writing is often raw and graphic. It's short glimpses into event [...]

    This book is a collection of personal accounts from young soldiers in Iraq. It truly depicts the horrors of war from a first person perspective. One of the people described their experience and talked about how one of the captains got shot in the face. When they arrived to him, his entire face was bloody, and soldiers tryed asking him where he got hit. But he couldn't respond. Soldiers described their experiences as very confusing and overwhelming, yet it was very energetic and full of adrenalin [...]

    Wow. Such an impactful read. I appreciated reading the firsthand accounts of some who had been on the frontlines in Iraq from 2003-2006. It is so heartbreaking learning some of the things many have been through - what they've seen and experienced there, some tough decisions that were made, the loss and grief, and psychological effects they deal withI could go on. Quite a thought-provoking read.Cautionary note that due to the subject matter the language is graphic - may not be suitable for some r [...]

    This is an important compilation of firsthand war accounts. Unfortunately, after reading "Generation Kill" and "Horse Soldiers," these raw interviews made for rough reading. They come across as unedited transcripts--not necessarily bad in itself--but many of the interviewees aren't exactly good storytellers or quick wits. God bless these men and women for their military service, but I think, to do them proper service, good storytelling and literary mastery are more in order. Sometimes hyper-real [...]

    This is a good book. It's a series of oral reports from 28 people from the American armed forces who went to Iraq, plus one surgeon with the army operating in Germany on soldiers coming in injured from Iraq. A few of the people have two chapters and there's a glossary in the back for the military terminology. I saw this in the library a while ago and felt like, I should read this book, but I don't want to. But I checked it out last week and even though it's emotionally difficult and had my eyes [...]

    Found this book profound and moving - the fact that these are brief oral histories of soldiers who returned gave me some comfort, but their inside view of the Iraq war should be required reading for all citizens who pay taxes and vote. And it made me even more touched by these young soldiers lives.

    This is a powerful, sobering look at the reality of what it's like to be a soldier on the ground in Iraq. Each brief chapter is essentially a monologue by a veteran about his or her experiences. There is a brief introduction to the different sections, but no editorializing about the individual accounts. The good, the bad, the ugly. . . It's all here.

    a gruesome and hard-hitting look at the Iraq War, written by the veterans in short essay format. not all of them are anti-war, in fact many are pro-war and some are overtly racist. but regardless the book provides a pretty thoroughly convincing argument for why the war is far more horrific than most of us know or are willing to know.

    Possibly the only thing I've read about Iraq that isn't done from a political perspective - ie: no one has an agenda; they're there to tell honest stories. People interviewed include mid-level agents involved in reconstruction, mortuary affairs officers, doctors, marines, chaplains, and soldiers stationed at Abu Graib. The stories read very quickly, and are very worthwhile.

    I read a lot of WWII history but this is new. The book was written in 2006, so it is obviously a bit dated, but really absorbing. The author transcribed interviews with soldiers and Marines who served a variety of roles - from a sniper to the director of Mortuary Affairs at one of the bases. It was a really good look inside what happened.

    This book is told from the soldier's point of view. They described their experiences in Iraq which at times was very difficult to read. It does show what these young men and women went through and how very couragous they are.

    It was refreshing to read something about Iraq that wasn't all about the politics. The soldiers' stories were sometimes very raw, other times bordering on sentimental. An amazing mix of perspectives and experiences. Couldn't put it down until the last word was read.

    A really powerful oral history told by the soldiers themselves of the war in Iraq. Tough stuff in places, as it should be. No agenda of its own, just to let these guys speak for themselves. Very well done.

    This is an amazing collection of stories from the men and women who have served and are still serving our country. The author personally interviewed each of the service men and coaxed from them both heart-wrenching and heart-warming tales from the front lines in Iraq.

    the interviews are very raw; it's amazing that these people could be so open and honest about what they felt and saw and did. some parts were challenging just to read, so I can't imagine what it was like to have actually experienced.

    Amazing book, heartbreaking. Everyone should read this book if they care at all about what's going on for the soldiers in Iraq. If they don't care what's going on, they should still read it. I read this for my thesis and became really attached to it.

    This book is really interesting. It tells you what is happening in Iraq. This book has a lot of information and it gives details about how are soldiers living in Iraq. If you want to know how the soldiers from America are living and how they feel over in Iraq this is the good book to read.

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