Son of the Great River

Son of the Great River

Son of the Great River Saffu is forced to leave his tribe for the land of cities and kings He befriends an indomitable girl and a boy mercenary serving a cursed emperor in a story of princesses witchcraft war glory and

  • Title: Son of the Great River
  • Author: Elijah Meeks
  • ISBN: 9781601457721
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • Saffu is forced to leave his tribe for the land of cities and kings He befriends an indomitable girl and a boy mercenary serving a cursed emperor in a story of princesses, witchcraft, war, glory, and corruption.

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    Book Review: Son of the Great River written by Elijah MeeksReview by: Bradley Simpson, Author of Dreamsbane of Tamalor This is an enjoyable tale that reminds me of a quaint mixture of Pocahontas, White Fang and the Horseclans Saga. Plenty of primitive splendor comingled with an epic adventure rich in people and interesting places. I cracked open this novelette with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. The story has some excellent illustrations to aid in the spinning of this yarn. In conclu [...]

    Slow to start, and full of mystery but a nice and slow way to pass time, just like the mountains and the river.Not for those who like conflict through and through.But the ending (especially the last twenty pages) really came alive and every new page seemed to offer something different.

    I consider a book a success when it makes me put it aside to look something up. In the case of Son of the Great River by Elijah Meeks I ended up spending a half an hour or so looking up pre bronze age history of the middle east. That is the time and roughly the place where this young adult novel is set.In the opening chapter when the stranger from the south dies before Saffu I first thought the novel was taking place somewhere along the prairies of North America but in ancient times. Clearly tho [...]

    A story of four teens who adventure together during the Bronze Age. Though the context and setting are ancient and the characters familiar, the action is so roisterous and so perfectly choreographed it's impossible to not keep turning the pages. This is a refreshingly plot-driven work in which history and environment are, like the teenagers in it, coming-of-age characters. Even more refreshing is Meeks' refusal to treat his teenagers like fully-formed beings, like people who, on the basis of the [...]

    "Son of the Great River" describes two boys coming of age in the early Bronze Age. This novel begins to intensify the moment a stranger from the south dies in Saffu's arms. He leaves his tribe and travels to the land of cities and kings. I noticed how death awakened something inside these young boys. It motivated them to go on the adventure of a lifetime, and not, let death take this away from them. Each lived their lives authentically and uniquely. They followed the path their heart's craved wi [...]

    Mr. Meeks' tone is steadfast and smooth. Though arguably unassuming, "Son of the Great River" lends credence to an ancient story telling tradition, uncommon to our time. Like his characters, who are loyal to their passion for their ways of life, Meeks cajoles us to turn the next page, not only to discover the story unfurl, but open new facets of life seemingly lost in our increasingly fast paced world. Son of the Great RiverMy other writings

    I won this via giveaways and was sent the review copy by the author. This light novella is a fun escape though I found it ended a bit too quickly for my speedreading taste. As other reviewers have noted it offers hints of tried and true stories and I found that when combined they melded pretty well. However, I felt frustrated and let down by the writing at the end and will hopefully soon reread in an attempt to sort out why. Overall I found this a nice first novel and I look forward to seeing f [...]

    Young adult novel set during the Bronze Age. Two teenage boys leave their homes, and find different adventures; both growing up along the way. There's plenty of action, and a bit of romance thrown in as well. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it considering the YA genre isn't usually my thing. Once I started it though I found it hard to put down and zipped through it in a few hours (it's very short). I would recommend for fans of historical fiction, or readers of YA fiction.

    A Strong First NovelElijah Meeks comes to this well-crafted and unique first novel with the credentials of being both a student of the environmental history of the Bronze Age and a man who has devoted his life to teaching both young students and students of all ages interested in understanding the fascinating world of Natural History. What he has created is a fresh setting of a coming of age story involving credible characters from the Bronze Age, and in doing so he has offered what is termed th [...]

    I won this book through a giveaway a few months ago. Didn't have time to write a proper review the first time I read it ; so I read it again yesterday. This wasn't nearly the chore it might seem to be. For one thing the book is just 135 pages, with pictures. The pictures though infrequent were actually something I looked forward to while reading. They are hand-drawn and are rather simple but still fitting for this book. As is often the case with fantasy novels the setting, sometimes more than t [...]

    This book really makes me want to start researching the bronze age. It has really piqued my interest and made me want to follow up with a more non-fiction type take. The story is pleasant, two boys growing up and finding themselves - to very different ends. I don't read a lot of YA lit, but this was a pleasant foray into the genre. I have to make one comment, though. This is totally a personal preference thing, but I found the writing style a little distracting. The author, as it was my experien [...]

    The names and places in this book were confusing. I wasn't able to follow the story very well and I thought that there were several gaps in the plot. The sentence structure bothered me and I did not like the ending. I was not impressed with this book at all. The characters weren't fleshed out, I didn't see any development in the plot and the book didn't come to a satisfying conclusion. The storyline needed help, it jumped around and didn't make much sense. I wanted to like this book and the char [...]

    This was a first read winner for me. It took me a long time to finish this book, but I really enjoyed it wants i got started. I didn't know much about he bronze era but the characters were well developed and the plot was enjoyable. I would recommend this book to other friends who wanted a fun read.

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