Tantalize This is a terrific teenage gothic novel vampires and werewolves abound Orphaned and in her uncle s care fiercely independent Quincie may be the most over achieving high school student around but eve

  • Title: Tantalize
  • Author: Cynthia Leitich Smith
  • ISBN: 9781406315608
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a terrific teenage gothic novel vampires and werewolves abound Orphaned and in her uncle s care, fiercely independent Quincie may be the most over achieving high school student around, but even she has her hands full with a hybrid werewolf best friend and the opening of Sanguini s, her hip vampire themed restaurant, which turns out to have way bite than sheThis is a terrific teenage gothic novel vampires and werewolves abound Orphaned and in her uncle s care, fiercely independent Quincie may be the most over achieving high school student around, but even she has her hands full with a hybrid werewolf best friend and the opening of Sanguini s, her hip vampire themed restaurant, which turns out to have way bite than she d intended.

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    This turned out to be an original concept that was executed poorly. The story quickly spirals into an insufferable teen drama filled with clichéd characters and terrible choices.Quincie, the main character, is trying to reopen her family's restaurant after a recent murder on the premises. She has to come up with the menu, hire the staff, and organize just about everything. She tries to act like an adult, but she isn't really one, and so she misses all of the signs an actual adult would have see [...]

    This book annoys me. Not the subject matter, that's ok. I mean, it IS teen-fic. What bugs me is the writing. The author lives in Austin, Texas which is where the book takes place, and so do I, which is part of the reason it interested me. But she really wants to make sure you know the story takes place in Texas, yall! Seriously, every few paragraphs she's name dropping some local landmark or phenomena. Done correctly and respectfully this can add flavor to a story, but it's done so poorly in thi [...]

    Vampire/Werewolf fiction is always a hot seller. CLS has done some research using B. Stoker's Dracula and has made a main character (Quincie Morris) based on some information found within. Our Quincie is from Austin and she is struggling with running a family restaurant. They've decided to close down, re-model, and open a vampire diner. Recently I heard one book reviewer say "You know how you always see those 'KeepAustinWeird' shirts? Wellis certainly fits". There are some recognizable figures a [...]

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!Oh my gosh, what the crap was that? Did that just happen??? Friends, this book makes Twilight look PLAUSIBLE. It makes it look like ART.I considered for a while giving this only one star, using, of course, The Amber Room as my ruler, and decided this is just as bad - but in a different way. It is certainly full of cliches (the author certainly loves an angsty sentence fragment!), but it is also just plain crazy. She assumes tha [...]

    Again, it could have been a whole heck of a lot better. I found it chaotic for the most part, not that well written, with more of an "ick" factor than anything else. It was unclear at first if the existence of vampires and werepeople was common knowledge, though it appears that it is in Smith's world. It is simply that they still aren't very well liked, for the obvious reasons, so no one exactly advertises if they happen to be one. My biggest problems with this book, apart from the vulgarity, as [...]

    Tantalize itself means to torment or tease with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable or withheld. I personally cannot think of a better word to describe this dark fantasy!Quince Morris lives in world that is a little different from our own. Not much different really, just this small thing about werewolves and vampires being real! But Quince isn’t worried about that, her best friend Kieren happens to be a hybrid-werewolf. Not only is he her best friend she wishes they were mor [...]

    This book is for the non-discriminating teen who needs a vampire fix. Were-creatures are mentioned but they don't do anything cool. I thought it was a poorly constructed plot and had weak characterization. Very disappointed.

    Didn't like it at all. Didn't pull me in. It was too much the old vampire/werewolf story again. The climax was anti-climatic. I didn't identify with any of the characters. It left too many questions w/o answers. What happened at 2 a.m. or where the werewolf was at that time? Why did "Brad" give up so easily? Let down. There really wasn't much of a resolution either. Climax, then nothing. I mean, does the werewolf turn into a vampire, too? Does his blood do anything to her? Does he decide to stic [...]

    I was so tempted to give this book one star, but I only reserve that honor for ones I simply can't finish. If you're in the mood for one of the worst vamp/were tales, Tantalize is the book for you. Tantalize, by Cynthia Leitich Smith, ranks up there with one of the most disappointing stories I've come across. There was nothing tantalizing about this story, the characters or the plot. The only thing the book has going for it is good art cover. The basic premise of the story is that Quincie Morris [...]

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesd preternatural forces clash, a deadly love triangle forms, and the line between predator and prey begins to blur. Who’s playing whom? And how long can Quincie play along before she loses everything? TANTALIZE marks Cynthia Leitich Smith’s delicious debut as a preeminent author of dark fantasy.Quick & Dirty: Tantalize had great potential, but with the frustrating characters and over exaggerated moments it ended up just being an okay read for me.Opening [...]

    Reviewed by Karin Perry for TeensReadTooQuincie Morris leads a stressful life; playing the part of a responsible adult since the death of her parents has left her the owner of the family restaurant. Fat Lorenzo's was a successful family business until a large Italian restaurant chain moved in down the street. The small business couldn't compete, so in order to keep the doors open, her Uncle Davidson, now her guardian and manager of the restaurant, decided to change Fat Lorenzo's into a vampire-t [...]

    I read Eternal which I found lacking and went back to read this one to see if I’d enjoy it any better. I should have known better.The writing is still very off putting and the world building just as lame and inconsistent as book #2 in the series. I can’t quite put into words what is wrong but I feel a disconnect between myself and the characters which is annoying and frustrating.This story is set in a world inhabited by humans, vampires and werewolves but the whole dynamic between the three [...]

    This story is about an orphaned girl -- Quincie -- who is crushing on her werewolf best friend and trying to re-vamp (literally) her family's restaurant when the head chef and family friend is brutally murdered. The problem? The murder looks like it was done by a shifter -- possibly her best friend? AND the restaurant is opening soon and now there's no chef! Luckily, Bradly show up out of nowhere, ready to fill Quincie full of cheesy lines, heady wine, and promises of a flowering future for her [...]

    I'm not really sure what to say about this book. It's . . . strange. And not strange in the good, wow-that-was-crazy-scary-and-I-would-totally-see-that-movie! strange. Not the creepy, sexy thing I thought it was. Think about it: Girl has best friend/werewolf/potential lover. Girl runs wierd restaurant that needs a new theme -- and it's a vampiric one!Sounds crazy right? In the crazy-look-'em-up way. And I'm just so confused by the whole book that I have no idea what to write.Confession: The only [...]

    This was somewhat unique. I found the "restaurant" to be an interesting bendIt had humor, but I felt that the author could have done more with this book!

    I am so, so confused. I feel like I've just been on an LSD trip filled with strange puns, werewolves, werepossums (?????), and vampires living in Austin, Texas.Admittedly, I don't know very much about Austin, except that it's a) in Texas, and b) the capitol of Texas. Evidently it's a strange place? Smith sets her story here, with the central character being Quincie (Smith's bizarre homage to a character in Stoker's Dracula). Poor, poor Quincie. Her best friend is a Werewolf-hybrid who can't ful [...]

    Could have been tantalizing but wasn't, 1.5 starsCynthia Leitich Smith's Tantalize begins as Quincie Morris, placed into her uncle's care after her parents' death, is helping prepare the family's restaurant for its grand re-opening. Quincie helps runs the restaurant, which is undergoing a renovation to become Sanguini's, a vampire-themed dining experience. When the head chef is murdered, Quincie must decide whether to trust her best friend and crush, Kieran, a half-werewolf hybrid, to not be the [...]

    Bleh. Horrible ending, okay plot, shallow characters, and just a whole lot of weirdness. Like, the entire story is about their stupid vampire restaurant. And then at the end (view spoiler)[she (Quincie) gets converted into a vampire, and then "poof!" the book concludes. (hide spoiler)] You never find out what happens to her, only that her half-werewolf boyfriend (yes, I did say HALF werewolf.) will be with her forever. This is the same friend who stabbed through her hand with his half-werewolf c [...]

    I accidentally read the second in the series first. Since it's actually a companion novel, it turned out it didn't matter. I wanted to read this one because the 3rd in the series comes out soon and it's suppose to contain characters from both books. It wasn't as good as I had hoped, but wasn't a complete disappointment either.For half of the book, I wasn't even sure the direction it was going to take. It seemed to be more about werewolves than vampires. And neither seems to be very well explaine [...]

    This book was slow pretty much up until the end. I am not sure why I kept reading on, but I did, and the end made me glad I did. Okay So I was glad that I stuck through it because I had the next book "Eternal," or what I thought was the next book. Turns out, "Eternal" has all different characters and I am not going to find out what happens with Kieran and Quince until the third book "Blessed". I am actually annoyed with myself that I made myself finish Tantalize now That being said, this book wa [...]

    I try to let every book settle on my brain a good 24hrs before doing a review, especially if I feel it might be unfavorable. I'm a longtime fan of Paranormal YA literature. I've seen it evolve. I've read the good and the bad. You say it, I've probably read it. When I read the back of this book, I immediately thought it was going to be good. I liked the idea of it revolving around a restuarant. My own father has been a chef all my life, so I know kitchen life like the back of my hand (even though [...]

    I hate it when you are halfway through a book and finally realize that the story isn't going to get any better, but you can't put the book down because in the back of your mind you are hoping that there will be some redeeming quality that justifies the time you have spent reading the book. I am so sorry that that didn't happen with this train wreck of a book. The story is so all over the place and disjointed that it was very difficult to follow the plot let alone care at all about the characters [...]

    The beginning of the book gives you an edge and its action. What i like about books, because your intrigued and have your face buried in the book. Tantalize was thrilling and mysterious because you don't know who the killer is, she gives clues about certain people and your guess gets thrown off. So you keep going into the book and its amazing how the turn out is because you never suspected it coming. The bad guy is actually the guy that is with her 24/7 and she doesn't even realize it. I didn't [...]

    When Quincie Morris’s parents died, they left her their family legacy, the Italian restaurant Fat Lorenzo’s. Since Quincie was only fourteen, her Uncle Davidson was put in charge of caring for her and the restaurant until she turns 21. Unfortunately she’s still only 17 and a senior in high school but she’s been taking a more active role in the restaurant which has been completely remodeled and redesigned. When it reopens, it will be Sanguini’s: A Very Rare Restaurant, the first vampire [...]

    Ugh. Just, ugh. Ok, I'll try to be coherentI can't tell you how many times throughout this book that I said "waitwhat??" I literally had no idea how we just got to the point of action we were in!! The transitions and scene building, not to mention character and plot building, were practically non-exixtent! I honestly couldn't wait to finish this book. This author is better suited to children's horror ala Goosebumps.The story is basically a vampire/werewolf rivalry story with the ever- present vu [...]

    This book was terrible. I should have known, and I was clued in by even just the description on the back cover, that this was going to be a "teen vampire novel." But, I was a big fan of Buffy when I was a teen, and I thought I'd give it a chance. From the start, this book annoyed me. I listened to the audio book while working, and the narrator's voice was so irritating I had to shut it off a few times. She also attempted to do accents and voices, which was equally terrible. Plot-wise, the main c [...]

    Cute and mostly entertaining.That's how I'd describe this book. Which, seeing as how it was reviewed as a 'deliciously dark fanasty', I'm only sightly disappointed. The concept is a good one and it's very well written although I personally felt it was written for a bit of a younger audience even with its 'dark' elements.The characters are developed nicely and you can really get behind them in this story and root them on throughout the book.All in all, I hold firm with my initial assessment of cu [...]

    I adore a good vampire novel and I enjoy young adult novels, and this book combines some of the best of both. If you have read Twilight, you will definitely enjoy this book. In some ways it feels like Twilight meets Like Water for Chocolate. There are menus and a fun sub-plot involving opening a vampire-themed restaurant. However, the vampires really weren't compelling to me and the "head" vampire, if you will, did not give off that sexy vibe. I thought that the main character was unfortunately [...]

    There is one word to describe this book: BORING.I disliked all of the characters, and grew tired of hearing the name of the main character, Quincie, as well as the name of the restaraunt, Sanguinis. Everything about this book annoyed me and seemed frankly ridiculous. I mean, werearmadillos and werepossums? This book was a mess. There was no character development at all, the ending was poor, and the writing style was quirky and overdone. Random, unimportant sidestories were thrown in, and nothing [...]

    "Hocus-pocus," Mitch added. "Spooky me, spooky you."Meh. This one just didn't hold me like I'd hoped. There isn't a lot of explanation to the world that includes shape-shifters and vampires. Everyone doesn't seem to know but, then again, they do. And they have to hide information but then they talk about it really freely.I found the romance and love story pretty weak and I didn't really like anyone - Kieren, Quincie, Bradley, Uncle and Ruby. I didn't like a single one.It was an interesting idea, [...]

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