Letters From The Heart

Letters From The Heart

Letters From The Heart Maeve is under a lot of pressure her parents are separating she s receiving a big community service award for her blanket project and she gets into a real bind by lying to her parents and friends Bo

  • Title: Letters From The Heart
  • Author: Annie Bryant
  • ISBN: 9780974658780
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maeve is under a lot of pressure her parents are separating, she s receiving a big community service award for her blanket project, and she gets into a real bind by lying to her parents and friends Both Maeve and Avery learn through letters from the heart that being true to your family and friends is the most important thing.

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      141 Annie Bryant
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    I loved this book for two reasons. The first reason is that I love the Beacon Street Girls books, and the way they are written. The other reason is because of all the disastrous situations. Maeve is really in some deep papers. It's fun to read about her situation, and the others situations. I loved reading about Maeve and Dillon. Things are getting pretty romantic in between them Avery really wants a pet The queens of mean are just being what they're best at being- mean. Charlotte is in between [...]

    This book can easily be compared to a marshmellow. Too sweet, and not enough to keep you satisfied when you're really hungry. This book is mindless fluff and shouldn't be read when you're expecting great literature.

    The Beacon Street GirlsAvery, Katani, Maeve, Isabel, and Charlotte are best friends. When a family history project is assigned at school, not all the girls are comfortable about opening up on this personal subject. Avery, with her "3" familiesher dad out in Colorado, her mom and brother in Brookline, MA. and her birth family in Korea, is a little apprehensive about the adoption angle. And, Maeve, poor Maeve, just found out that her parents have decided to separate. How will she explain it all to [...]

    The main characters of this book are Maeve, Katani, Avery, Charlotte and, Isabel.They are the main characters because the book mostly talks about them, their conflicts and, how they solve their conflicts.One possible theme of this book is never keep a pet in your house if a family member is allergic to the pet.Avery's mom was allergic to dogs and Avery brought one in the house without her mother knowing and then her mom had the allergies.I noticed how the author puts lines when one of the charac [...]

    Great BSG book as usual! Not sure why that was the first time I've ever read this one since I've read most of the ones after this, but I'm glad I finally read it.I love the BSG, seriously. I'm 16 and I love these books and wish the girls were all my best friends. Kills me that they stopped publishing them after Sweet Thirteen and I don't get to see them all as 8th graders!This one was mostly about Maeve's parents separating, and as usual I could totally relate because my own parents separated fo [...]

    The Beacon Street Girls think that Maeve has the perfect family, but what they don't know is that her parents have decided to separate. Maeve wants to tell the girls, but she can't seem to get the words out at the right time. When she does finally share her secret, she's immediately dragged into more un-Maeve-like behavior, making her friends and family question whether she is successfully coping with her family's changes. Maeve's struggles are typical of a seventh-grader whose parents are havin [...]

    Abandoned it, because it was boring, and didn't really catch me into turning more of the page. At first, when I didn't start reading it, at the back of the book the summarize was pretty interesting, so I checked it out in our school library but then, when I started reading it, the start was catching me at first, but when I finished chapter one and moved in to chapter 2 it was getting boring, but I continued on more, to see if it's gonna get any better, but it didn't so I ended up till chapter 4 [...]

    This book is just as good as the first two books! This story deals a lot with the girls home lives. One of the characters, Maeve, deals with hard family issues which takes away time spent with the BSG. Then the "Queens of Mean" start getting in the way at school. Read this book to find out how all the girls overcome some difficult situations!

    Not as good as the second book, but it was a great book. This book mainly focuses on Maeve and her family troubles. Even though much of the time I was feeling bad for Maeve, it has funny moments and a great ending! :)

    It was about Maeve telling a lie to her father and Maeve winning an award. R

    I love all the Beacon Street Girl books. Recommended to any girl!! They are just like what my life is like!!

    I really liked this book. I think that it was easy to connect to the ups and downs of the girls' friendships. This was a great book and I can't wait to read the next one!

    I don't remember this one particularly well (maybe it's time for a re-read) but it was pretty much standard BSG.

    I really wanted this author to write a special book in the series all about Maeve, and here it is! I loved the story.

    Well, I never finished this book. It was a bit boring, needs more detail and can get a bit "dull". Good story line but this book was missing a ton of detail.

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