The Cursed

The Cursed

The Cursed The Chairman has been slaughtered along with Hell s first almost successful attempt at creating an Anti Christ using Carlos Rivera s body double Dante s son has also been vanquished Now the evil Lil

  • Title: The Cursed
  • Author: L.A. Banks
  • ISBN: 9780312947729
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Chairman has been slaughtered, along with Hell s first almost successful attempt at creating an Anti Christ, using Carlos Rivera s body double Dante s son has also been vanquished Now the evil Lilith sits on Dante s old throne, a prize won in her negotiations with Cain She is The Vampire Council s new Chairwoman and Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.All LilithThe Chairman has been slaughtered, along with Hell s first almost successful attempt at creating an Anti Christ, using Carlos Rivera s body double Dante s son has also been vanquished Now the evil Lilith sits on Dante s old throne, a prize won in her negotiations with Cain She is The Vampire Council s new Chairwoman and Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.All Lilith needs is Damali s newly discovered angelic powers to allow her evil progeny to walk through the veil between worlds and usher in the true Anti Christ Damali and her crew enter a desperate race against time to stop Lilith even if doing so brings the Neteru Councils out of the clouds and into the Biblical Holy Lands and kicks off the Armageddon.

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    The Cursed, ninth in the Vampire Huntress Legend series by L.A. Banks, finds Carlos, Damali, and the Guardian team returning to the battlefield waging war against The Darkness. In this episode, Lillith is elevated to Councilman replacing Cain and enlists the aid of Sebastian, Machiavelli, Medusa, Genghis Khan, Siren, and Jezebel, using their evil prowess to create a spell designed to weaken the Neturu and Guardian's confidence, trust, and libidos to the point of team implosion. She also plots to [...]

    I must say I really enjoyed this book, it was packed with action. I also loved that we finally got to see Yonnie again as well as the introduction of Valkyrie and of course Fallon. This is the book where we really see the team come together and work as a team to fight evil. I love these books, the Good vs Evil, God vs Satan and Love over Hate, it’s a great spin on a classic plight. This Author did a remarkable job at putting a great story together taking that classic formula and made it a hit [...]

    This is the eight or ninth book in the series starting with "Minion". To appreciate this book you must read them in sequence. I like this series because the characters are all different races, cultures and religions and the author has really done her research and gives an interesting perspective on Heaven and Hell and everything in between. There are a lot of historical references as well which is intriguing. With each book the characters grow and evolve and the plot takes twista and turns that [...]

    This series started off as a fun vampire romp. Now we've got Armageddon and the end of the world to deal with. It's kind of like Anita Blake meets Tim LaHaye. I'm not far enough in yet to see if it's going to be good or just heavy. It might be too much for meOk, so I finished reading it and it didn't go where I was afraid it might. It's not overly heavy. It was nice that Carlos and Demali did not fight as much in this volume. I got kind of tired of their bickering in the past couple of volumes. [...]

    You have to give this series a chance.s there is some hip hop language but this saga of books takes you on a journey. It brings in elements of good and evil, heaven and hell, God and the devil There are characters such as cain & abel, adam & eve and so on Give this series a chance before you just say forget it the end it will be worth itk out all 12 or 13 novels!!!!

    The story, her level of detail, the depth of her world and mythology - just amazing. I hope I still have this series somewhere because I am in the mood to reread it! It was that good.

    This is when I greatly enjoyed the series. In this one, I mainly feel connected to Yonnie losing the women he loved. He is next in line for the council seat, after chairman Carlos Rivera has seen the light, and getting back into Tara who now is married to Jack Rider. I personally get lost in translation with the relationships between a number of the characters. I enjoy reading Damali and Carlos, but in this book, I enjoy seeing Yonnie's passion for his friend Carlos and Tara.My only or main comp [...]

    Another great book from L.A. Banks. This time around the apocalypse has started and Damali and Carlos are fighting against the odds to keep the world from going up in flames. So many things happened in this book, it's all kind of blurring together with the rest of the story, but wow! As far as long series go, I'm really enjoying this one. Usually I just wish that they would end already. Five out of five stars to The Cursed!

    New players join the mix in attempt to take out the Neteru's and breed the Anti-Christ, relationship dynamics continue to show deep insight

    This book, although not the first in the series, was the first book I ever read by L.A. Banks, and it hasn't been the last. The series is catchy, fast-paced, and well-formed, but it does certainly have its pitfalls. If you've read any other reviews of the series, you know that one of these pitfalls is the dialogue, which is highly stereo-typed African American slang, though not all the characters are necessarily African-American. I would have liked to have seen the characters display a bit more [...]

    The first seal has been broken and Armageddon has begun. Lilith and her husband,the Unnamed One,are caught unawares while awaiting the birth of their angel-hybrid heir. Installed as Vampire Council chairwoman,Lilith calls on vampires, witches and warlocks (including Machiavelli,Jezebel, Genghis Khan and Medusa) to combat the forces of the Covenant, the Guardians,the Neterus and both Neteru Councils. She attacks her enemies Damali and Carlos Rivera where it hurts the most: their libidos. Soon the [...]

    Remember when you were little and couldn't understand why the cowboys spent all their time kissing & going behind the barns with the women when the rustlers were just over the ridge & they needed to be ready for the gun fight? Parts of this book had the same feel to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a well written sex scene as much as the next person but too much of a good thing is like peeking in on your big brother and his wife.That being said, the battles were epic and would look great [...]

    This book is book 8 of a series that I've only read book 2 of, so it's possible I would have liked it better with all the context provided by the other books. That said, it was too biblical, with too many scenes describing fighting, and the sex was all weird white light and chakras, rather than anything very hot. Vamp porn fail. However, the plot drew me in enough that I was curious as to how it ended and I enjoyed that the characters weren't just middle class white people, which seems the norm [...]

    I could not get into this book. I did not understand what was going on. This was my first book from L.A. Banks but I did not think I had to read them in order to understand the plot. Apparently you do have to read them in order. She does not give any leads as to why these people came to be. Most books that have a series at least explain the premise and most do not have to be read in order. I'm dissapointed in this author and don't think I will be reading any of her books anytime soon unless I fi [...]

    Another book I couldn't get into tho I usually go for the whole vampire deal. In this book Lilith is a demon who reports to her husband with his awful moods and how can she get what she wants without him killing her etcwhich is way off from the books I normally read. Maybe this book is a slow starter but I quit reading it and I am not sure I will finish it.

    I'm having a hard time getting through these books. It started out great but this back and forth between the 2 characters is really annoying. They're supposed to be soul mates for cripes sake, every other scene has one or the other going off with someone else and the scenes between those are all fight scenes. Yeah, that's what the Apocalypse is about but theres too much action and not enough story. I'd like to get through them eventually.

    Lilith is sitting on the vampire throne & all she needs to do is distract Damali from her new angelic powers. That will allow Lilith's evil seed to walk through the veil between worlds & take his throne as the true Anti-Christ. Damali & her squad race to stop Lilith before she can install her offspring in his throne as the true Anti-Christ. An unbalanced world kicks off the Armageddon. Don't ya just hate that??!

    There are 8 books in the series now and more in the works. The Cursed is the latest in that series, and continues Damali and Carlos' fight to save the human world from vampires, demons, and even Satan himself during what looks to be the beginning of the apocolypse. If you like vampire stories, the Vampire Huntress Legends series is a great one to start.

    L.A. Banks is a Masterful storyteller. I loved this book. This was the 9th in the series. There was alot of humor in this book. The Queen's kick some Lilith booty. Its a shame they don't lay her a** down. The team have a united front in this book. It kicks off the Armageddeon for the next 3 books.Looking forward to the next book.

    The Warriors of Light are back and badder than ever. The biggest issue they are dealing with now, is the break of the second seal and the birth of the anti-Christ through the deception of a vile angel hybrid from Nod, and Lilith.

    The series is really growing on me. Not much into religion but I like how she blends them all into her world. I also just love Lillth. of the best villianess to come down the pike in a while! Looking forward to the next one to see what Carlos, Damali and the team will tackle next!

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