The Case of the Baker Street Irregular

The Case of the Baker Street Irregular

The Case of the Baker Street Irregular Andrew found London terrifying especially after his guardian sour old Mr Dennison was mysteriously abducted Suddenly Andrew was plunged into a series of bizarre bombings blackmail and murder The

  • Title: The Case of the Baker Street Irregular
  • Author: RobertNewman
  • ISBN: 9780689707667
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Andrew found London terrifying, especially after his guardian, sour old Mr Dennison, was mysteriously abducted Suddenly, Andrew was plunged into a series of bizarre, bombings, blackmail and murder Then, when he met the incomparable detective Sherlock Holmes, Andrew s plight took a thoroughly remarkable turn

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    Sherlock Holmes is basically a literary superhero to me. Sure his weaknesses are a little more interesting than most but he holds the same appeal to me as comic books do to fanboys. (or girls!) I am just one huge grin at all of the quick conversations, random factoids and asides, and during the eventual wrap-up when the billions of threads get sewn up tightly in a way that only Sherlock Holmes would ever be able to figure. A friend sent me a copy of this book because she knows how much I love S [...]

    ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER> read 5 times. . .9.22.17Just finished reading this again. Still one of my fave books of all time. This is probably reaching being read 10 times. Enough Sherlock to have me on the edge of my seat. but satisfied with a quick read.

    A fantastic series that I loved as a kid and still holds up for adults. Well-written, engrossing mysteries with engaging characters and just enough of Sherlock himself to whet the appetite for investigation and adventure.

    Andrew’s always wondered about his parents. They’ve both been a mystery to him – his father dead, his mother absent. And now that Aunt Agnes is dead, it seems that he’ll never discover the secret of his parentage.He’s just arrived in London with Mr. Dennison, his tutor and guardian. The two of them have never been close, but when Andrew sees Mr. Dennison being forced into a cab driven by a mysterious broken-nosed man, he’s alarmed. His alarm turns to fright the next night when that v [...]

    This was a book that I had read when I was much younger and was glad to find that I enjoyed it just as much as an adult. I know I understood it a lot better having recently read the Origanal Holmes stories by Doyle. I think that the adventures of a young man named Andrew Craigie ties in really well with the case that Holmes is working on and those of you who read it solely for the Holmes element won't be disappointed. References to Doyle occur frequently in the conversations between Holmes and W [...]

    Best Sherlock Holmes I have ever read aside from the originals. I loved how amazingly rich the case was , it was a refreshing Delightful Read.

    *Special Content only on my blog, Strange and Random Happenstance, during Sherlocked. (October - December 2015)Andrew arrives in London from Cornwall with his guardian Mr. Dennison. Andrew is overwhelmed by the great metropolis bustling around him. He and his guardian have a small room near Baker Street where they are staying. After they settle in they walk around the neighborhood and Andrew gets a glimpse of the great detective himself, Sherlock Holmes! The next few days Mr. Dennison is busy an [...]

    NOT my first time reading it- found it first in 4th grade and it MAY be part of why I was so willing to go into the Holmes rabbit hole.I recall loving the rest of the series as well (though no more Holmes and a new family situation that was set up in the first book) and I took the chance to reread.One of my faves- Enjoy!

    The Case of the Baker Street Irregular (1978) by Robert Newman is the first in a series of books featuring Andrew Craigie (later Tillet explained by the events in this novel), the Baker Street Irregulars, and, in various amounts, Sherlock Holmes himself. Andrew Craigie's life has been a mysterious one. He has grown up under the care of his Aunt Agnes. He had always been told that his father was dead and his mother was far away--and even though she couldn't be with him that she loved him very muc [...]

    The first of the series of books about young detective Andrew Craigie (although I haven't been reading them in order). I was surprised to see that the book had been written in the eighties, as it has such an old-fashioned feel to it. The story is set in the early 1900s, and is an homage to the great detective stories of that era, albeit in much simpler language. And yet the terms and descriptions are such that the reader is totally immersed in the world. This is also part fan-fiction as it featu [...]

    This book was so slow that I was tempted to put it down. I only kept at it because it was pretty short. I know this is supposed to focus more on the boy, Andrew, but the early on parts where we got glimpses of Sherlock and actual scenes with him were very boring and dull. He lacked the spark that makes him unique.But, about half way through when we were introduced to Ben the blind man, the book picked way up. It's obvious who it is, and I was on alert for any sort of clue as to what he was up to [...]

    I don't know where we picked this book up, but it's a gem. The story follows a boy, Andrew, as he arrives in London with his guardian. They land in a boarding house near Baker Street, soon running into Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Little does Andrew realize that he will soon be embroiled in a mystery of his own when his guardian disappearsThe writing is clear and believable, the characters are interesting, and the plot is fun. If the ending is perhaps a bit too pat, I think the author can be [...]

    Reading the originals I didn't expect this version (from a different author) to be as good as the originals but this story/version was exactly the way I wanted it to be. It tells the story of Andrew, a boy who doesn't know who his parents are and is living with a guardian. They travel to London where his guardian is kidnapped. Andrew finds Sherlock Holmes, who helps him to find not only his guardian but also to find out about his past. The beginning kind of dragged but once you were into the sto [...]

    This was a really interesting book. It's a different author telling a Sherlock Holmes story. I thought he did a really good job of capturing the feel of the original, while telling a new story. I read this aloud to my kids now I hope they'll go off and read more Sherlock Holmes stories themselves. (We did have to discuss some of the words they were unfamiliar with, but a lot of the vocabulary was easily understood from context.)

    This story was exactly what I wanted it to be: a fun mystery for YA. It tells the story of Andrew, a boy who doesn't know who his parents are and is living with a guardian. They travel to London where his guardian is kidnapped. Andrew finds Sherlock Holmes, who helps him to find not only his guardian but also to find out about his past. It was a fun and quick read.

    I remember reading this book when I was about 10 or 11 and was just getting into Sherlock Holmes (by A.C. Doyle). I had read some other authors who had written some Holmes stories and was unimpressed, but this one I really liked. I thought the Holmes in this one was true to form and it was neat to see a story from the point of view of a character other than Watson.

    I read this one to my children. It reminded me of the books that I read as a child. There was enough of a story to keep the younger ones interested, and enough of a mystery to keep the older ones engaged. I think it was best for my 9 year old. Plus, several of my kids are interested in reading Sherlock Holmes now.

    This was a great book! Not great in the sense of a classic, but great in the sense that it kept you wondering: Who is this kid? Why is someone chasing him? Why has his guardian disappeared? Are his new friends really friends? There should be more books like this!

    It's the source of the reference for the army of children in my favorite book. Well, maybe not this book specifically, but the Baker Street Irregulars in general.

    Still a good bookI read this book when I was a kid. I really liked the series. I was glad when I saw it on the kindle. Now I can share it with the young teens of this age.

    My mom read this out loud to me and my brother when we were little. One of the best "thriller/suspense" books for a younger age group.

    This was a book I'd considered great as a kid-- the plot twists were unexpected and genius. Rereading it as an adult was disappointing. (It was contrived/predictable.)

    Read this aloud to my 9yo. Some parts were boring to him and over his head but he enjoyed the chapters featuring Andrew & Screamer.

    This book was one of my favorites way back when. Maybe it's the nostalgia talking, but I still like it now. Thank heavens cynicism hasn't ruined everything for me.

    AWESOMEOne of the best books you will ever read. It will leave you on the edge of your seat with its mysterious crimes

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