The Cockroaches of Stay More

The Cockroaches of Stay More

The Cockroaches of Stay More In this witty and wildly irreverent novel Harington presents the cockroach population of Stay More their sexual intrigues political machinations and philosophical debates in a world that is the unde

  • Title: The Cockroaches of Stay More
  • Author: Donald Harington
  • ISBN: 9780679728085
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this witty and wildly irreverent novel, Harington presents the cockroach population of Stay More their sexual intrigues, political machinations and philosophical debates in a world that is the underside of our own.

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    Cockroaches of Staymore: A Place in the ChoirCockroaches of Staymore by Donald Harington was chosen as a group read by On the Southern Literary Trail for December, 2014. Special thanks to Trail Member William who nominated this novel.The Cockroaches of Staymore, First Ed Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, New York, 1989Donald Harington, December 22, 1935-November 7, 2009All God's critters got a place in the choirSome sing low and some sing higher,Some sing out loud on a telephone wire,Some jus [...]

    Hah!The cockroaches of Stay More are the main characters, taking on the names of the humans. Set later on in the timeline of Stay More, Latha's granddaughter, Sharon, is present.Religion, social and economic status, family, and my favorite line involved a jab at racism ('she'll see him because he's white!'). All performed by cockroaches! There's play with language and tenses.Lord, again with the incest.The very last word spun me about from smilingly coasting to the completion of a story into sad [...]

    This is the way things ought to be, he reflects. This is how Stay More should be all the time: no excitement,nothing happening, a full belly, and the cool of theevening (but it's a mite too dry and don't look like it aims to rain again for quite a while), and the old familiar sounds out there in the yard and the road and the grass a-stirrin themselves up into the Purple Symphony. Doc Swain could just sit here forever, and hardly evenbreathe. Maybe spit now and again, not to mark his space, nor b [...]

    Donald Harington has created a complex society of cockroaches in the town of Stay More. I never would have guessed I would grow so fond of this group of little critters in the Ozarks, but the story won me over after a few chapters. The writing is humorous and satirical with a bit of philosophy thrown in. Heartwarming and fun!This was a December group read for the "On the Southern Literary Trail" group.

    What a find. Donald Harington has managed to write a book about a universally hated creature, the Cockroach, (let me amend that to Roosterroaches, since cock has a bad connotation and is not used in polite society), and has made this reader reconsider my opinion of them. He has created a world, a philosophy, and given them a voice. Within the story, you get more facts about roaches, their bodies, their sex lives, and their eating habits than you ever thought to ask. Also embedded in this novel a [...]

    Oh wow: a love story, class struggle, religious parable and retelling of Tess of the D'Ubervilles set in the American south with a cast of cockroaches. This one's really something.Centering around a couple of houses in the town of Stay More, The Cockroaches follows a bustling community of cockroaches (or, as they say, rooster-roaches; cock is a dirty word, after all) who pray to man, swim in cans of beer and have a rigid class structure. The town squires live in the nicer house, the middle-class [...]

    It may not be necessary for all, but I suggest if you're going to read Mr. Harington, you start with Lighting Bug as a few things will make more sense.You might also find it beneficial to NOT read all the wonderful 5-star GR reviews of this beforehand - just let it unfold into your life.Told from the viewpoint of the cockroach inhabitants of the remaining bits of Stay More, AR, you begin to think of them as people. Wait, I need to think about that.You grin, you giggle, you cheer, you begin to lo [...]

    This is a beautiful, funny, quirky, eccentric, imaginative novel. Harington has reimagined the village of Stay More through the perspective of the cockroaches who live there. The cockroaches take on the names and identities of the people who once lived in Stay More, and Latha's granddaughter, Sharon and her estranged lover, Larry Brace, are Man and Woman, who the cockroaches worship.The intricate cosmology Harington creates is worth a dissertation study, from his trademark clever wordplay to the [...]

    This is one of my favorite books. I can read over and over.It is the most delightfully, irreverent piece of literature ever, in my humble and limited opinion.The Cockroaches of StayMore follow the example of a long dead cockroach named Joshua Crust and worship Man. OK! So maybe part of the reason I love it so much is that I live in StayMore! Seriously!Donald Harington, RIP, the creator of StayMore is unbelievably funny. Everything he has written is on my to read list!

    It's a retelling of Tess of the d'Urbervilles, except with roaches. It took me a little while to remember where I had read that plot line before, but once I did it made it more amusing.

    This is an epic tale of cockroach civilization in Harington’s hillbilly hamlet of Stay More, way back in the Arkansas Ozarks. The town is dying, with only two humans in residence, Larry and Sharon, each living in separate houses. From Roosterroaches, to Mockroaches, to Crustians, these intelligent insects worship, read, write, marry, and raise families. Some worship Man (Larry) while others rethink their concept of God – should he/she look more like them? Others reject religion entirely. The [...]

    Started this installment in Donald Harington's cycle of Stay More books on my last climbing trip to Newton county Arkansas two weeks ago and finished it a couple of days before my next weekend climbing trip again in Newton county.Cockroaches, religion, drinking, adventure, love, comedy, tragedy This one has it all packed into 300 pages.Intrigued? Then read it, though before reading The Cockroaches of Stay More you should read The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks first and if you are really am [...]

    Erotic cockroach fictionOk that is mostly a lie. Read this book if you want to get lost in a world where cockroaches have their own society, religion, and dialect/vocabulary. The are brave roaches and cowardly ones, back-stabbers and dum-dums. At the very least, all the cockroach vocabulary was super interesting/entertaining to wade through and eventually discern the meanings of.But don't read this if your stomach is a little off, or if you already feel ill. These are characters, but they're sti [...]

    Ok, so I read this in high school and I really liked it a lot back then. It's possible I might think differently now but I still have the book and maybe I should read it. I have always liked books that were kind of like twisted folk tales, which this is like. My neighborhood nickname when I was young was also cockroach or bug, so I guess I identified with it.

    This one was funny, and I give him credit for creating a whole "roosterroach" world and language, but I didn't think it quite went as far as it could have gone. The plot was both fragmented and rushed, and most of the time he sounds like a white guy trying to be Marquez. There are worse role models one could have, though

    Very well written, but quite an odd story. If you every find yourself pining for a novel about the religious, sexual and socials workings of a colony of cockroaches, this is your book. Otherwise, I don't quite know what to say about it.

    I loved reading this book. I'd recommend it for all. The author did a great job with the dialogue. I may not be a fan of roaches--or any insect, for that matter--but I like that the main characters are roaches. After reading this story, you'll never look at insects the same way.

    I hesitated starting this one because it seemed a bit out there and bugs aren't really my thing. Somewhere along the way I found myself really caring about these roaches(!) and looking forward to my nightly visit to Staymore. I should never have doubted Donald Harington!

    I read this quirky novel while working for a major Pest Control Firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. I never imagined it possible that I'd have sympathy for a cockroach. Fun Read.

    One of my all time favorite books and authors. Have read nearly all of Harington's work and have never been disappointed. This was the first and remains my personal favorite.

    Told from the point of view of the cockroaches! Cockroach culture as imagined by Harington is fantastic and hilarious. Excellent read.

    The funniest book ever written about insects. (WAY funnier than "Metamorphosis".) And one of the funniest books of any kind.

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