The Phoenix on the Sword

The Phoenix on the Sword

The Phoenix on the Sword Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy horror historical adventure boxing western and detective fiction He is well known for having created the character Conan the C

  • Title: The Phoenix on the Sword
  • Author: Robert E. Howard
  • ISBN: 9781406572155
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robert Ervin Howard 1906 1936 was an American pulp writer of fantasy, horror, historical adventure, boxing, western, and detective fiction He is well known for having created the character Conan the Cimmerian, a literary icon whose pop culture imprint can be compared to such icons as Tarzan of the Apes, Sherlock Holmes, and James Bond Voracious reading, along with a naRobert Ervin Howard 1906 1936 was an American pulp writer of fantasy, horror, historical adventure, boxing, western, and detective fiction He is well known for having created the character Conan the Cimmerian, a literary icon whose pop culture imprint can be compared to such icons as Tarzan of the Apes, Sherlock Holmes, and James Bond Voracious reading, along with a natural talent for prose writing and the encouragement of teachers, conspired to create in Howard an interest in becoming a professional writer One by one he discovered the authors that would influence his later work Jack London and Rudyard Kipling It s clear from Howard s earliest writings and the recollections of his friends that he suffered from severe depression from an early age Friends recall him defending the act of suicide as a valid alternative as early as eighteen years old, while many of his stories and poems have a suicidal gloom and intensity that seem prescient in hindsight, describing such an end not as a tragedy but as a release from hell on earth.

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    Why 5 stars for a 1932 pulp fantasy fiction short story?Because this was the first appearance of Conan the Cimmerian AKA Conan the Barbarian AKA King Conan etc etc.Why has Chuck Norris never portrayed Conan in film? Because the convergence of two such sources of cosmic awesomeness could result in the creation of a flash of brilliance so intense that its result can only be speculated upon.Robert E. Howard only walked around on this earth a little longer than did Jimi Hendrix or Hank Williams (he [...]

    I bought on a whim, a collection of pulp fantasy short stories that really laid the ground work for the genre of fantasy that we know and love today. This story was included in the collection and was my first experience with Conan the Cimmerian, aka Conan the Barbarian, and I daresay it won't be my last given how much I enjoyed it. The worldbuilding is definitely heavier than I think any short story probably has the right to be, but what was there was pretty awesome. I already love the world, an [...]

    "What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?I, was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;Rush in and die, dogs--I was a man before I was a king.-The Road of KingsSoenty-five against one? Bring it on, and good luck with that. I haven't seen such horrible odds since a corrupt posse had William Tell Sackett surrounded in the hills. So much for that posse and so much for the outlaws who dared to s [...]

    YEAAHHHHHHHH!Oh man, to think you could get so much adrenaline in 27 pages!Pure raging action that doesn't ever stop. This, fellow fantasy writers and fans, is how you write a book.The prose hasn't aged a day, nor has the story: in fact, the opening pages seem eerily Thrones-ey, with a dark and subtle plot wherein political savants attempt to spring an aging king from his throne. But Conan is no Robert Baratheon, and he (view spoiler)[slaughters two dozen assassins and an Egyptian demon-god to b [...]

    Fun pulp, with the introduction of Conan as the King of Cimmeria, fighting off bad guys intent on whacking him through any means necessary. The showdown is pretty gory, more than I was expecting. Brains running out and blood covering the floor and stuff like that. Cool!Conan fanboys scholars have way more to say about this than I do. The Conan movies are a fading memory and I simply picked this one up because I love a good, short pulpy read where action is the name of the game.

    5.0 stars. This story contains the first appearance of Conan in print. It takes place at a time when Conan was King of Aquilonia having secured the throne by strangling the former king, Numedides, on his throne (in true Conan fashion). This story introduces the reader to Conan's world full of barbarians, wizards and monsters including, the evil sorcerer Thoth-Anon. EXCELLENT (5.0 STARS)

    Great short novella and a great introduction to Conan, he's a barbarian, strong and battle driven, yet. He is not stupid at all. He actually seems to be very well educated and cunning. There's also some strange Lovecraftian tone to the whole thing. I'll look into that and keep reading the stories of course.

    I don't think I would have picked up a Conan book if not for the influence of the group Fantasy Aficionados here on . However, I am glad I did. Howard's imagery paints a picture. Even in this first book I can see the strong influence these books have had on the fantasy genre. I was fascinated with how Howard wove ancient cultures into the narrative. I recognized Greek, Jewish, Iranian and Egyptian. My one little quibble is that I didn't feel invested in the characters - not unexpected with a sho [...]

    Eye opening short story--Robert Howard's first story to feature our favorite fantasy barbarian Mullet. A lot of fun, and very very little depth. Be that at is it may the seeds to the some of the darker strain of modern fantasy are found here--in fact, reading this story it's absolutely that Howard is the primary influence on George RR Martin's dark and popular brand of fantasy. Prose-wise, story wise, dialogue-wise and otherwise. When Conan the King ruminates on how hollow his usurper's crown is [...]

    The Phoenix on the Sword by Robert E Howard - 5/5 starsThis was actually one of the original short stories by Robert E Howard -- creator of Conan. I’ve been meaning to read more of his stories for a while. I remember having read Conan: The Conqueror, which was a very good read as well.The story starts off with Conan as King Conan of Aquilonia, a civilized and mighty Kingdom in Robert E Howard’s world. It may appear odd to readers new to Conan stories that he is a King. His barbaric ways tend [...]

    The first of the Conan stories is by no means the best, it is in fact if judged purely on it's own merits simply adequate. However it is unfair to judge this work simply on it's own merits, instead one needs to take into account that this story was very much the birth of something more. The Phoenix On The Sword gives us Conan for the very first time, and unlike many first appearances of iconic characters you can see him here in his entirety. When one accepts this, issues of style and setting bec [...]

    It is interesting that the first introduction to Conan would be when the Cimmerian was king of Aquilonia in the winter of his years with most of his adventures behind him. Whoever ends up sitting on the Iron Throne in George R.R. Martin's saga would do well to heed Conan's lament:"I did not dream far enough, Prospero. When King Numedides lay dead at my feet and I tore the crown from his gory head and set it on my own, I had reached the ultimate border of my dreams. I had prepared myself to take [...]

    I was quite impressed with this story. It tells the tale of a treacherous plot to bring down Conan the King. The story telling is fast paced, and the introduction of characters makes them each unique. Yet, for being a short story, and the first instance of Conan, the world presented appears to be fully envisioned. There are hints of histories not yet presented, but the characters being fully aware of them. REH had some definite craft here I was not expecting.

    By Crom! Conan the Cimmerian is legend! Robert Ervin Howard achieved greatness in creating an enduring character and warrior in Conan in the early 1900's, and thus setting into motion the sword and sorcery genre. Conan is raw! All these tales of the barbarian are well worth a read.

    A short story of sword and sorcery. It didn't disappoint me. Fast, entertaining and you almost can smell and touch what is described there.Definitely a must for anyone really interested in reading Conan's stories.

    Wow, Conan certainly had a mess on his hands! I felt for him when he wished he could go back to the days when things were as simple as just smashing skulls. Entertaining read!

    Fun pulp story that will pull you in and entertain. Not at all what I expected, which made it all the ore fun. Will definitely read another one.

    Although the very first story written by Robert E. Howard to feature his most enduring creation - Conan the Cimmerian - chronologically speaking 'The Phoenix on the Sword' finds the barbarian near the end of his chronicles and at the height of his fortune, having recently taken the crown of Aquilonia, strangling the tyrannical King Numedides on his own thrown.As Conan soon discovers, however, there is no rest for the wicked in the ancient Hyborian Age. Intrigued against by arrogant, aristocratic [...]

    I admit that I fail to see the appeal. Howard's language is at times poetic, and even though they at times scan badly, his poems are the parts which had the most impact on me. His prose is a bit too much: pompously formal, surprisingly old-fashioned and obviously constructed. In addition, he creates a mash-up of pseudo historicism and invented prehistory, sprinkled with a mismatched collection of prominent names from mythology and ancient cultures from different times and regions, and his own ve [...]

    Is this the final Conan story for me to listen to? I hope? And I don't feel like it made any difference that I listened to the first story last, rather than following a publishing or chronological order. They all follow the same basic plot: conflict is set up. Conan appears. Conan gets angry. Kills things, finds some remnant of old civilization, kills more thing, wrap up. If you're a Conan fan, obviously you could describe each story for a potential reader, but for me, I will never be able to di [...]

    Simple story. Very exciting and brutal fight scene. Would make a fine larger novel but fun as a short story. The fight scene is brutal and yet poignant to the character. Conan is a King but still has the heart of a barbarian so bored with domestic affairs and eager to return to the battlefield. Instead a rebellion brings the battle to him. big mistake as he is more than ready to defend his throne. Still a very fun and enjoyable bedtime story.

    I poeti odiano sempre chi sta al potere. Secondo loro la perfezione è dietro l’angolo, l’ultimo o il prossimo. Fuggono il presente vagheggiando il passato e il futuro.Di gran lunga meglio il Conan letterario di quello cinematografico, culturista o modello che sia. Incredibile dictu, ha un cervello e Howard è un'ottima penna.

    If your looking for a quick fantasy fix this story will do. Robert Ervin Howard is more than a exceptional fantasy writer who has a descriptive but yet fast style which has the story move along so the reader does no feel really any lull. This was my first ever Conan story and I can tell you it wont be my last.

    Got an epub collection of Conan stories, in order of publication. Will probably buy a nice hard copy collection later on, but I wanted to read some of these NOW. This is yet another classic pulp-SF-fantasy writer that I've never actually read anything by.until now.Update: First actual Conan story = finished! Absolutely loved this story, and can't wait to read the rest of them.

    My buddy Jack is a staunch advocate of the view that Robert E. Howard is the best (or perhaps only good) weird/sword-and-sorcery/early pulp fiction author. So now I'm going to go through the Conan series. This one was p. cool. There was an evil sorcerer and people getting axed in the head. Can't really go wrong there.

    Again a very enjoyable piece of heroic fantasy. A quick read which proved a welcome distraction during those dull mid afternoon moments.

    Not as good as the rest of the Conan stories I have read so far. I just didn't feel that Conan's personality was the same as in the other storieshe was somehow too much out of character.

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