Angel's Choice

Angel's Choice

Angel s Choice All I remember is the sensation of things slipping away from me In one night Angel Hansen s life changes forever She has sex for the first time Not that she remembers the act itself not the pain or th

  • Title: Angel's Choice
  • Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
  • ISBN: 9781416925248
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • All I remember is the sensation of things slipping away from me In one night Angel Hansen s life changes forever She has sex for the first time Not that she remembers the act itself not the pain or the pleasure But she is left with something that will never let her forget it an unplanned pregnancy Angel must make a choice Abortion Adoption Keep it None oAll I remember is the sensation of things slipping away from me In one night Angel Hansen s life changes forever She has sex for the first time Not that she remembers the act itself not the pain or the pleasure But she is left with something that will never let her forget it an unplanned pregnancy Angel must make a choice Abortion Adoption Keep it None of these choices are easy and none of them are perfect But there is one thing Angel is sure of Whatever choice she makes, it must be the right one for her Braced with that knowledge, Angel faces the toughest decision of her life.

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    I'm sick of the teen pregnancy stories, yet I can't seem to get away from them. When I read them now, I'm looking for something different, something provocative, something thought-provoking, but then again, if I was looking for that, I shouldn't be reading YA novels about teen pregnancy!Angel has a one-night stand she really doesn't remember because she was drinking and feeling despondent about an ex (who she's never had sex with). So, you guessed it, she loses her virginity near her old middle [...]

    Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooTeenage pregnancy can't realistically be lived in only 250 pages, but Lauren Baratz-Logsted handles this controversial topic more successfully than most. ANGEL'S CHOICE begins like many other teen pregnancy stories with one bad decision; however, Angel's voice narrates a little something extra into the story that's really hard to explain. There is the upset family, the lost friendships, the ostracism in the school classroom, plus the r [...]

    A very predictable, mediocre, though pleasantly surprisingly not preachy book about teen pregnancy, the story of Angel Hansen is not bad, but reads as forgettable as any generic Degrassi plotline or afterschool special. Girl gets pregnant after dumbly drunken first sexual encounter, and though its not all sunshine and roses, nothing terrible happens. The only lesson she seems to glean from the entire pregnancy is that people have to make conscious choices rather than simply react to their lives, [...]

    In Angel's Choice you read about a teenage girl who becomes pregnant and all the decisions she must make. While I did enjoy the book I felt that some of it was pretty obvious that it could not, or would not happen in real life. When I was a teenager my teen best friend did become pregnant and then married and became pregnant again. She was not treated badly by the other students in the school becuase of it, if anything she was treated much better than she was before she became a pregnant teen.I [...]

    Angel, 17-year old girl has choices to make. Should i end get an abortion? Should I have it and put it up for adoption? Should I keep it? Should i go to Yale? At first when reading Angel's Choice I was surprised on how much I can relate Angel to some of the teenagers nowadays. Teenage pregnancy, young love, and the wrong decisions made my Angel affected the rest of her life. In one moment to another she had lost her virginity for a wild night that could've been prevented if she hadn't had any al [...]

    Angel’s choice, by Lauren Baratz Logsted, is a novel that caught my attention and became one of my favorite books. This book is about a young teenage girl who has many conflicts in her life. This book talks about her main conflict, teen pregnancy. Angel had sex for the first time, but that is not the problem. The problem is that she was drunk! She doesn’t remember how it happened, the pain or the pleasure. Most importantly, she doesn’t remember if they used protection! A few months later, [...]

    Author Lauren Baratz-Logsted has a writing voice that captures young adult angst with ease. I am a huge fan of her writing and she always amazes me with her stories. With Angel's Choice, I again fell into the trap of reading straight through the book with no breaks. I was hooked from the first page and couldn't put it down.This book touches on the subject of teen pregnancy and the decisions teens face when presented with it. Do they tell anyone? Do they keep the baby or not? Do they get picked o [...]

    Angel Hansen, a young 17 year old high school student who had her heart set on going to Yale, ends up pregnant after having sex for the first time. She was drunk at the time so she did not remember what it was like while having sex, all she remembered was the night sky. For a while she did not know she was pregnant although all the signs were there. When she finally takes the test and finds out she was pregnant, she calls the boy who did that to her, Tim O'Mara, to find out what she should do. H [...]

    Angel"s Choice is about this teenage girl, Angel. Angel has a pretty good life. Until one night: when she has sex for the first time. Not only does she not like this guy,Tim, that much, but not long after their 'engagement', Angel gets a surprise she wasn't expecting. She finds out she is pregnant. When she decided to get an abortion, Tim has to pay for it because Angel's parents don't know. So Tim gets the money from his dad, but his dad asks for a receipt from the abortion clinic. Angel has to [...]

    Angel Hansen is in love with Danny Stanton, but he's dating Ricky D'Amico, so Angel leaves the end-of-summer blowout with Tim O'Mara, and one thing leads to another. Angel doesn't remember the act that left her with an unplanned pregnancy. And she didn't seem to be totally aware of the decision that followed, but then suddenly all was clear and she made a different decision; a deliberate choice instead of reacting to the words and actions of others. She made the choice she felt was right for her [...]

    This was a good book. A quick read, entertaining, easy to understand, and eye-opening. Sometimes I feel like the media glamorizes teen pregnancy, but I don't feel like this book does (which is a good thing). The last chapter was good, how it said Don't Try This At Home and it talked about how her life was going to be different with her baby around and how she might not be able to accomplish all her dreams because of the choice that she made. but it's not like a sob story. She takes responsibilit [...]

    this book is a good readwell written and with essence. issues of teen pregnancy and dealing with the ups and downs of being humiliated choosing to keep baby was discussed excellently in this book. this book is a must read for all teenagers out there dealing with the stress of having sex at an early age and the danger of having a baby and making the right choice during this early stage of life.

    Angel Goes to a party, and has a really bad night. The guy that she likes leaves into the house with someone else. So angel starts to drink a lot and she starts to talk to this guy that she knows for a very long. But angel leaves with him and she has sex for the first time and she does not even remember anything about it. But things start to change and then she realizes that shes pregnentWhat is she to do? Her life Changes for the better not the worse.

    Angel had one bad night, She made a choice, not a right or bad one. Angel just wanted someone to tell her she's pretty she wanted what every girl wants. Girls who make the choice aren't automatticalty called "BAD" They made a choice it's their life not their moms,dads,brothers,it's You'res. Personaly I think Angel made an mature adult desion on keeping the baby. and this book shows you eveyrthing you need to know before you make the desion. Read before you do!

    Deals with teen pregnancy without getting into too much detail about the sex part (she has it, but it's a drunken haze) which I think makes it more appealing to use this book to show teens the consequences of having sex just once. I'm still not sure how much I enjoyed the "prince charming, it all works out in the end" side of it though.

    Angel's Choice was a really good book. Angel ends up have a one night stand with a guy and ends up getting pregnant. I liked the writing and Angel was a likeable character. As a fan of shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom I decided to give Angel's Choice a try, and I was satisfied with the outcome and the book itself.

    Teenage pregnancy Still being a teenager myself, I'm not sure what I'd have done in Angel's place. I believe I'd do what she decides in the end but the whole thing would be a hard decision! I like Angel's character and I like the development of the different characters - she loses some friendships, gains others, etc. It's a good story and I liked it.

    Okay. Yet another pregnant teen YA novel. Not really much new here, but decently told. Worth a read, if you haven't read too many of this sort of thing already. Or just go see JUNO, but I prefer that movie over this simply because it portrays an adoption.

    this book was really good i read it like u year agoand taylor still hasnt given me the book back lolbut its good and it is about a girl who has to choose what to do with the baby that she is pregnant withi love it =]

    I think the book was really good cause i would start reading it then i wouldn't want to stop reading it. and one of things i liked about this book was that I Angel had to take responsibility to keep her kid even though her mom wanted her to have an aborition.

    Teen pregnancy stories are so much harder to enjoy when the girl is an moron about it. She got a 2200 on her SAT and applied to Yale, but I couldn't stop picturing her as a C student in non-advanced classes.

    I genuinely liked this story and the characters but, it had a very cliche ending. I expected it from so far away.

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