The Eye of the Painter

The Eye of the Painter

The Eye of the Painter None

  • Title: The Eye of the Painter
  • Author: Andrew Loomis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • [PDF] ì Free Read ☆ The Eye of the Painter : by Andrew Loomis ↠
      451 Andrew Loomis
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ì Free Read ☆ The Eye of the Painter : by Andrew Loomis ↠
      Posted by:Andrew Loomis
      Published :2020-03-20T07:11:18+00:00

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    I thought this book was just alright. While it had some nice ideas, I also thought it to be very outdated. He mixes in practical approaches with abstract ideas, which was alright with me. However, I also took his advice with a grain of salt as he had very specific ideas of what makes an image work. I think this teeters close to a paint-by-numbers territory in which art-making becomes very methodical in nature. He balances this out with vague pronouncements about beauty and art, which becomes sub [...]

    This is one of the best/most inspiring books i have read on painting. Loomis is a master at setting up guidelines and looking at drawing/painting in a very technical way, but he also has an artist's spirit and relay's the fundamentals of layout, design, and color theory in this book.(in accordance with his style)It is a very easy to read, and has some moments that you won't find in other artist's books. I believe also that his books are free to download in pdf form on some sites. Check it out if [...]

    اهم مافيه انه ازاي تاخد الكادرلو قدامك منظر او بترسم في حته landscape ايه اللي ممكن يشكّل لوحة في المكان ده تاخد ايه وماتاخدش ايه زائد المنظور والاسكتش المبدئي

    6 stars. I do not understand why this book is out of print. Maybe his another book "Creative Illustration" covers the same topic, I am not sure. It is a very good book. I would recommend it to any practicing artist but it can be also read even by those who do not draw or paint. It will change the way you look at any painting or drawing. I would not call this book "beginner level" simply because beginners will not get out from this book as much as someone who has been practicing drawing or painti [...]

    This book, along with every other book written by Andrew Loomis is a MUST-READ for ANY artist. The knowledge attained is priceless! Whatever I read after discovering Loomis, I find way too basic and ordinary! Loomis’ books have that ‘magical’ feeling of discovering a treasure through a book after finishing it! I recommend this book above all, but all his other books as well, to all artists.

    Any andrew loomis book is required for the beginner (or seasoned) artist. I haven't been able to put this much into use yet because i am still dabbling, but I found it very informative.

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