Murder is a Monkey's Game

Murder is a Monkey's Game

Murder is a Monkey s Game Falling from the sky is not a pleasant way to die Madi is horrified when she witnesses a strange fatal paragliding incident But when her private detective boyfriend Lowell arrives on the scene he

  • Title: Murder is a Monkey's Game
  • Author: Ruby Loren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Falling from the sky is not a pleasant way to die Madi is horrified when she witnesses a strange, fatal paragliding incident But when her private detective boyfriend, Lowell, arrives on the scene, he recognises the dead man right away Does someone know about Lowell s dark past that he shared with the victim Who are the man and woman who turn up in the village wearingFalling from the sky is not a pleasant way to die Madi is horrified when she witnesses a strange, fatal paragliding incident But when her private detective boyfriend, Lowell, arrives on the scene, he recognises the dead man right away Does someone know about Lowell s dark past that he shared with the victim Who are the man and woman who turn up in the village wearing suits and asking questions really working for All of a sudden, Lowell is on the list of suspects for a crime where the only witness to murder is a monkey Pick up your copy of this mystery novel today, and see if you can crack the case before Madi does

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    “Murder is a Monkey's Game” earns 5+/5 Mischievous Monkey Mayhem! Ruby Loren’s Madigan Amos Zoo Mystery series is everything I enjoy in a ‘cozy’ mystery: murder, yes, but cleverly treated with a distant view, placing more of an emphasis on character development, realistic dialogue, delightful descriptions, reasonable investigation styles, interesting setting or thematic focus, and maybe even a hint of romance and a few giggles. In this third book Ruby has it all. She sends Madison “M [...]

    Madigan Amos, a former zookeeper isnow wildlife habitat consultant. She iscurrently on site at the L’airelle Zoological Park near a tiny French village. The villageis tucked away in a mountain valley withdetailed description of both the village, it’ssurroundings, visitors and colorful, quirkyvillage inhabitants. Madi’s detective friend, Lowell Adagio has taken holiday time to join her while she is on location here.A pair of paragliders swoop out of the sky heading toward the zoo. A man fal [...]

    Review: MURDER IS A MONKEY'S GAME by Ruby Loren(A Madigan Amos, Zookeeper Mystery) I reiterate again how much I enjoy this series of cozy mysteries set in different zoos in varying locales! Ruby Loren is a talented writer, readily creating characters with whom I empathize, demonstrating that we all have many aspects; no one is either all good nor all bad, but a combination of traits and motivations.In this installment, traveling zoo consultant Madigan Madi Amos is studying the animal welfare a [...]

    This book keeps you guessing until the very end and then you thinkI Never would have guessed that one!Madi is commissioned to review and report on a zoological park so they could improve the animal's habitat. She brings her boyfriend, Lowell along while she works and he vacations. As she is reviewing the big cat's enclosure with her new friends, cat keepers and that zoo, Adele and Luna, they glance up at the sky and see a tandum sky diving which looked strange until one of the tandum is cut loos [...]

    In this third book of the series, Madi and Lowell are in a small village in France where Madi is reviewing the L'airell Zoological Park animals and their habitats. While checking on the big cats with their zookeepers Adele and Luna, they observe a paraglider coming over the zoo. A little too close for comfort to the tigers, a man is shoved overboard and lands in their enclosure. Frantically the zookeeper entices them with raw meat and gets them away from the body before too much damage is done. [...]

    The four star rating is solely for the mystery part of the book. I seriously debated on a three star one.Madigan Amos in now at the L'airelle Zoological Park in the south of France, She is making suggestions for improving the tiger habitat, when they notice a Para-glider seemingly out of control. When they got closer, the observers noticed there were two skydivers, and as the first one pulled off, the second one crashed into the tiger den. Did they just witness a murder?I generally enjoy the boo [...]

    If you have read the other books in the series, you will have some idea of what to expect. If you haven't read them, shame on you! You MUST read them ASAP, and you should start with book one. You can read this one alone, but you will love it so much more if you have read the others.I read this book in one sitting! It was a wonderfully written, fast-paced mystery. Madi and Lowell are back, but this time they are at an animal park in France. Trouble seems to follow Madi, though, and a murder victi [...]

    I am really enjoying this series featuring Madigan a zoo keeper turned animal welfare consultant, I think that setting the series in zoos is an inspired decision, and gives lots of plot opportunities.In this book Madi is working in a French zoo, and the author manages to give an authentically French feel to the zoo itself, the village it is in and also the characters, which really makes the book very readable. The plot is extremely clever and hides the guilty party right up to the end, although [...]

    The heroine is at a new zoo with new problems with animals and co-workers relationships in a small town. Her beau has history with a murdered man and the high placed investigators. Lots of heroine and animals interaction which keep fun going along side the suspense and a going nowhere investigation. With 78% of the book read no one seems to be able to put the happenstances together to figure out the reason for the attacks, murders and other questionable behavior. Oh, MY, Gosh even the heroine wa [...]

    Murder is a Monkey's Game is book three in the über awesome Madigan Amos series. Even though they're standaloneable, you won't want to miss out reading the rest of the books. I had a great time reading this mystery. It was so crazy, though! I couldn't think of any motive for the murders or who committed them. It's still feeling a little crazy to me! At one point, I was convinced it couldn't be any human and it had to be the monkeys.Speaking of monkeys, I was a little disappointed that I didn't [...]

    In this third book about Matigan Amos, zoo consultant extraordinaire, we find her working in France at L'airelle Zoological Park. Looking over the big cat enclosure with her new coworkers and friends, Adele and Luna, a pair of paragliders come into view. To their horror they see one of the gliders unhook themselves while the other is left hopelessly falling from the sky right into the big cat enclosure. As with her first two books Ruby Loren gets right down to the murder business. Unlike the oth [...]

    Madi Amos has done it again, this time she is an eye witness to a suspected murder. Her enquiries lead her on a twised path with many suspicious individuals, including some of her new friends. Ruby Loren is a master at crafting a cosy-mystery. This book had me suspecting every single person but the actual murderer. I would have never in a million years guessed the culprit. This series just keeps on getting better and better and I am looking forward to reding the next book in the series.Thank you [...]

    Madigan Amos is consulting with a zoo in the south of France. Lowell, her boyfriend is along for a vacation. Madi, Luna, & Adele, fellow zoo employess witness a paragliding incident that ends tragically in the tigers’ compound. Is it an accident or was it murder? If it is murder, why?The series gets better & better. Ruby Loren delivers another great cozy mystery with vivid characters and a well thought out plot. The relationship between Lowell and Madi develops. Madi seems to have a si [...]

    Once again, we find the intrepid zoo consultant, Madi, caught in a murder investigation. She's in France, this time her sweetie, Lowell is with her (he's on holiday while she's consulting). An old joke about the TV series, Murder She Wrote (which had the main character stumbling over bodies everywhere she went), was that Jessica was a serial killer - people died, no matter where she went. I'm beginning to look askance at Madison (just joking). Likable characters, great story lines. I want more M [...]

    I love this series!Madi and Lowell are in the South of France, she's working at the local zoo, he's on holiday, but of course, murder and mayhem ensue!The setting has a real French feel, it is that well described.The cast of characters are as quirky, and yet believable, as ever, including the animals at the zooe spider monkeys are my favourites!And the mystery? It is intriguing, and despite a plethora of suspects, it keeps you guessing to the end.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    Another Great Cozy Zoo MysteryThis is such a wonderfully fun series. All of the stories are great stand-alone reads, too. As in the other books, this is a nice insight into the inner workings of a zoo. The mystery is a nice plot that is impossible to guess until the end. There are some fun twists to the story and a slew of quirky characters. This author’s writing is right up my alley and I try to read all of her books. I received a free (ARC) copy of this book and voluntarily chose to share my [...]

    And here is the third instalment in this wonderful series. And the third instalment is as good as the two previous ones.This one is set in France, where Madi is checking a Zoo Park when things get interesting: a murder! And so the adventure begins. And it is funny and interesting and, as always, very well written.The characters keep growing on me, and with every book, I feel more and more that I really know them.The plot is well done and with a surprising twist at the end. As always with Ruby Lo [...]

    another awesome read. In this book Madi goes to France to a zoo and her boyfriend Lowell goes for a holiday, only when a pariglider drop fatally into the zoo witnessed by Madi it happens to be someone that Lowell recognised from his past.I love these books full of adventure very well written and keep you guessing right till the end and I love that they have humour in their as well. 5 🌟 read . awesome.

    Well, Ruby Loren's done it again. Another five star adventure with Madigan (Madi) Amos and Lowell Adagio (her detective boyfriend). This time they're at the L'airelle Zoological Park in the south of France. Madi (of course) is working and Lowell's on vacation. Madi witnesses what might be an accident or maybe a murder. But you really need to read it for yourselves. Oh so much fun.I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest review.

    Murder Is A Monkey's Game, the third book in Ruby Loren's Madigan Amos Mystery series, was a bit of let down. The book lacks a strong storyline. I found myself easily distracted and willing to take frequent breaks unlike while reading the first two books in the series which were difficult to put down.Works as a standalone book - a general back story is supplied by the author - but I would recommend reading books 1 and 2 first.

    Another great Madi story. While Madi is at a zoo in France making recommendations about the animals habitats, the monkeys have escaped from their habitat and are running around loose in the zoo. And there is another murder with a slightly different murderer. I always enjoy the Madi stories.I was given an Advanced copy of this book and am freely and voluntarily writing this review.

    I read this book in a matter of hours (work got in the way or I'd have taken less time)! Yeah, it is that good! My fifth read from author Ruby Loren, is an enjoyable, well-written mystery and since the primary characters are already familiar if you read Penguins and Mortal Peril The Silence of the Snakes this is like a visit with an old friend.

    Madigan is off on another consulting job, this time in the south of France. While working with some other zookeepers, a paraglider falls dead into the enclosure. Can Madi find the killer before one of her friends and associates are killed? Ms. Loren combines enough romance and zoo protocol to provide a great read. I can't wait until the next book is published.

    What a great mystery to keep you up all night finishing it. Madi witnesses a body falling from the sky. Her boyfriend, detective seems to know the man. What’s going on. Fantastic story. Received an ARC.

    Another great book in a fabulous seriesI love this series, to the point that when I got my free copy a couple of days ago I read the book within 24 hours. I have now bought the book, even though I have already it, because I lovew the book that much. I love Madi and can't wait until the next book

    Haha aside from murders, and other mystery and intrigue, this book is fairly humorous thanks to some pretty intelligent monkeys. Madi is back to work solving mysteries and murder, as well as working on helping out in a new zoo. I'm hooked on this series.

    Great readI'm so glad I found Ruby Lorens books if you like a great cozy with stories and characters you will love then this series is for you getting the next one now

    Another wonderful read in this intriguing series! Despite the murders, there is still time for love, friendship and, of course, animal welfare! With a new zoo and a bunch of new characters and set in a different country. This series never gets boring! I can't wait to read the next one!I received a copy and chose to review it.

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