Hồ sơ số 113

Hồ sơ số 113

H s s H s s hay c n c d ch v i t n g i kh c l a con m o danh th hi n r n t c o c a d ng v n trinh th m c i n Kh ng s d ng n ph p ch ng hay ph p y nh ng suy lu n m t c ch t i t nh t i b t ng cho n khi c

  • Title: Hồ sơ số 113
  • Author: Émile Gaboriau
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • H s s 113 hay c n c d ch v i t n g i kh c l a con m o danh th hi n r n t c o c a d ng v n trinh th m c i n Kh ng s d ng n ph p ch ng hay ph p y, nh ng suy lu n m t c ch t i t nh t i b t ng cho n khi ch n t ng xu t hi n, l m n n m t c u chuy n h p d n.B i c nh c u chuy n l Paris hoa l th k XIX C u chuy n b t u t m t v tr m b n, k tr H s s 113 hay c n c d ch v i t n g i kh c l a con m o danh th hi n r n t c o c a d ng v n trinh th m c i n Kh ng s d ng n ph p ch ng hay ph p y, nh ng suy lu n m t c ch t i t nh t i b t ng cho n khi ch n t ng xu t hi n, l m n n m t c u chuy n h p d n.B i c nh c u chuy n l Paris hoa l th k XIX C u chuy n b t u t m t v tr m b n, k tr m l y i m t kho n ti n l n t k t s t b t kh x m ph m c a nh b ng Andr Fauvel Chi c k t v n c n nguy n v n, kh ng h c d u hi u b k gian t nh p, c y ph , kh ng m t manh m i i u tra ngo i m t v t x c nh M i t nh nghi t p trung v o hai ng i gi ch a kh a c a k t s t ng ch ng n h ng Andr Fauvel v anh ch ng th qu Prosper.Nh ng v vi c li u c th n gi n nh v y Li u c n c ng i th ba Cho n khi v thanh tra thi n t i Lecoq v o cu c B ng t i n ng i u tra v suy lu n si u ph m, thanh tra Lecoq t ng b c v n b c m n b n ng sau v tr m, a ng i c v o nh ng cung b c c m x c kh c nhau l c c ng th ng h i h p qua t ng t nh ti t c h l l c th ng x t, c m th ng, l c l i ph n n , c m gi n tr c s l a d i, b o l c V i H s s 113, t c gi ho n to n th nh c ng khi gieo v o l ng ng i c nh ng ho i nghi, s h i v m t x h i m huynh t ng t n, b o l c v l a d i Nh ng sau t t c , c ng ch nh ng trao g i m t th ng i p y c m th ng v bao dung n k l trong t c ph m c a m nh T nh y u v s bao dung c th v t l n tr n t i c v r o c n c a x h i V i nh ng c gi y u truy n trinh th m th c th , th H s s 113 l m t trong nh ng t c ph m kh ng th b b qua.S ch do C ng ty s ch Ph c Minh Ph c Minh Books, li n k t v i Nh xu t b n V n H c n h nh, th ng 9 2017.M t s nh n x t nh gi c a c c nh nghi n c u ph b nh v n h c v H s s 113 H s s 113 l m t trong nh ng t c ph m xu t s c nh t c a mile Gaboriau C c nh ph b nh v n h c n i ti ng u nh gi cao v t c ph m n y Qu l m t t c ph m xu t s c T i th y t c ph m r t cu n h t v c t truy n c kh c h a b ng m t gi ng v n tuy t v i H s s 113 ng g p kh ng nh cho d ng ti u thuy t trinh th m, i u tra t i ph m v n m ng c s c nh h ng r t l n n nhi u t c gi sau n y, k c ng i Conan Doyle Nh ph b nh v n h c Howard Haycraft Gaboriau l nh v n trinh th m v i nh t n c Ph p The Blackmailers t n ti ng Anh c a H s s 113 l m t trong nh ng t c ph m xu t s c nh t c a ng, v i y nh ng b t ng th v Nh xu t b n Harper Collins mile Gaboriau nh v n trinh th m Ph p, cha c a nh n v t thanh tra Lecoq cu n h t t i b ng nh ng c t truy n r r ng, ng n g n v nh n v t th m t b c th y Auguste Dupin do Edgar Allen Poe t o ra l m t trong nh ng ng i h ng c a t i t khi c n b Nh v n Arthur Conan Doyle.

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      140 Émile Gaboriau
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    Câu chuyện bắt đầu từ vụ trộm bí ẩn, một số tiền cực lớn biến mất trong chiếc két sắt không thể xâm phạm của nhà băng Fauvel. Chỉ 2 người duy nhất có thể mở được là ông chủ Fauvel và chàng thủ quỹ Prosper. Nhưng cả hai đều một mực từ chối việc mình là thủ phạm. Vụ án tưởng như đơn giản lại không hề dễ lý giải. Bằng sự nhạy bén, logic thanh tra Lecoq đã khám phá ra những [...]

    Truyện ly kỳ, hấp dẫn, không lạ khi tác giả là 1 trong 2 nguồn cảm hứng cho Conan Doyle này tạo ra nhân vật Sherlock Holmes.Lecoq so với Holmes thì tương tự như James Bond đời đầu so với mấy phiên bản sau, tuy nhiên tìm đến cha đẻ của tiểu thuyết trinh thám cũng rất thú vị, và phải xét đến thời điểm viết mà đánh giá đúng tài năng của tác giả.Tình yêu, oan nghiệt, quá khứ, âm mưu, tội ác, h [...]

    If you stick with the detective, Lecoq, and the main action of this mystery, then File No. 113 by Émile Gaboriau beats The Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux hands down in the category of French detective novels. Not nearly as well-known as the ground-breaking locked room mystery of Leroux, File No. 113 features a likeable detective, Monsieur Lecoq, who is as adept at the art of disguise as Holmes and more connected with human emotion than his British counterpart. (And I say that as a [...]

    Before Arthur Conan Doyle was Emile Gaboriau. This detective novel is a rollicking good read featuring Inspector Lecoq who out-Sherlocks Sherlock Holmes a couple of decades before A Study in Scarlet debuted in 1887. An ingenious plot centered around a bank robbery and a young couple in love who go too far and suffer lifelong regrets pits some very attractive characters against the evil machinations of the Marquis de Clameran and the handsome but spurious Raoul Lagors. In the end young love trium [...]

    A bank is robbed and only two people have the key and the secret word for the combination. So which one did it? A bank clerk is arrested, but LeCoq, the famous detective, senses that there is more to the story. He and his fellow detectives in different disguises uncover the whole background and story of the crime in order to exonerate the bank clerk.This book has two parts. First is the crime, the case and the investigation. Then the story of the crime and its characters is told of how it happen [...]

    My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    This novel is very fun to read. There is nothing really special, but I think Mr Lecoq has a lot of things in common with Arsene Lupin and Sherlock Holmes. Somehow I felt the story is slightly similar to Lupin and Holmes' stories. Nothing is as it seems, that is what this book is majorly about. However, the author failed to express the intelligence of Lecoq. How could he conduct his investigation so quickly? By just sending letters and asking his guys? Surely there must have been something more t [...]

    VER BLOGAutor influido por Poe y que, parece ser, dejó huella en Conan Doyle. La crítica no le aprecia y, sinceramente, yo tampoco. La historia comienza bien con un robo del que nadie sabe nada y dos sospechosos (el cajero y el dueño del banco) acusándose entre ellos. Poco a poco, sabemos, además, que les unen lazos casi familiares y vamos conociendo a otros implicados también de la familia que les rodea al más puro estilo de las novelas de misterio. Sin embargo, a la hora de contarnos el [...]

    This is the fourth or fifth Gaboriau mystery I've read, and I've noticed a pattern: A crime is committed, the mystery deepens until the middle of the book, when it jumps a few decades into the past to reveal the original crime (invariably committed by a member of the aristocracy still pissed off by the French Revolution that severely reduced the family's fortune and prestige), then the twists and turns which lead to the crime that started the book, and a neat and tidy conclusion that nicely ties [...]

    Surprisingly good for its age (first published in 1867). Monsieur Lecoq is a super-detective with a sense of humor and a lot of style; the plot was complicated enough to keep me engaged without being so byzantine that I drifted off (as sometimes happens) Characters were interesting and well-rounded, more than just props.Start with "The Lerouge Affair" (aka "The Widow Lerouge") to meet Lecoq's mentor Tabaret, then read "Monsieur Lecoq" to introduce our hero. By "File No. 113", Lecoq -- and Gabori [...]

    A Monsieur Lecoq story. All Paris is talking about the daring robbery of three hundred and fifty thousand francs from the safe of eminent banker, Andre Fauvel. Apparently only two persons had means and opportunity, Monsieur Fauvel himself, and his trusted employee Prosper Bertomy. The banker is crushed spiritually to contemplate that Prosper has so betrayed him, but yet he knows that he did not take his own money. Madame Fauvel and their niece, Madeleine, whom it was presumed at one time would m [...]

    picked it up because this seemed to the origin of the detective story genre but found the book painfully slow to my liking i have struggled to go past the first 20-30 pages because it has not captured my interest. the style of writing may suit a lot of people but i had the feeling that it was stretched and the expressions by the characters themselves were too old for me.I hate putting down a book once i start but unfortunately this is one of the ones that i could not finish

    Before Sherlock Holmes, there was M. LeCoq. Gaboriau gives us a master of disguise in a pretty good detective novel. LeCoq seems to be everywhere at once and can be pretty amusing. This particular case bogs down a little bit on the telling of the backstory, but I can see where it was necessary. I will definitely seek out another of his adventures.

    Yes a mystery but reads more like Alexander Dumas than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but that's not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. We start with a sort of locked room mystery then we progress into a wide sweeping generational tale and back to the mystery and then things get nice and tidied up. For me an enjoyable read.

    Detektivka z roku 1867! Román líčí pátrání po pachateli krádeže tří set padesáti tisíc franků v bankovním domě pařížského bankéře. Detektivem je Gaston Lecoq, předchůdce Sherlocka Holmese.

    Ecco un giallo classico, Gaboriau usa la sua arte e il suo stile di flashback per portare a termine il romanzo che nel complesso risulta piuttosto gradevole. Vi è pure la sorpresa finale.

    Nói tóm lại là đã ăn trộm thì nên tiến hành một mình. Từ cổ chí kim đến giờ có bao giờ 2 ông ăn trộm cùng nhau dễ dàng chia chác chiến lợi phẩm đâu.Câu chuyện như lời độc thoại tự diễn lại của các nhân vật, để các nhân vật tự diễn tả lại cảm xúc của mình.Một câu chuyện mang màu sắc rất riêng của thể loại hình nghệ thuật đến từ Pháp so với các loạt tác phẩm khác. Rất [...]

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