The Discovery

The Discovery

The Discovery The blue box Elfangor used to create the Animorphs has been found by a kid named David David has no idea what he has or what it can do But Marco does And when he sees David with it he knows the Animo

  • Title: The Discovery
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780590496377
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • The blue box Elfangor used to create the Animorphs has been found by a kid named David David has no idea what he has or what it can do But Marco does And when he sees David with it, he knows the Animorphs have to get that box At any cost.

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    First in the "David" trilogy. The characters decide to include a new Animorphs member, but there are a lot of warning signs that this just wasn't the right kid to give morphing powers to. What are they going to do now that this kid could expose them and use his powers for evil?Notable moments and inconsistencies:K.A. Applegate, despite being a female writer, does a pretty good job writing males sometimes. (Not that that should be surprising; it's just notable.) Marco has been pointed out to be s [...]

    Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!A new kid at school has found the blue box, the box that gave the Animorphs their morphing power. Now the Animorphs have to decide whether they are going to turn him over to the Yeerks, or make him the newest Animorph…It’s pretty obvious from the get go that David is not going to fit in. Not only does he not find Marco funny, but every reaction is a disappointment to the other Animorphs. He freaks out when he morphs (it is weird, I’ll grant you that) [...]

    This book brings in a gamechanger and introduces a major plot arc, the first 'trilogy' of the series, as the Animorphs recruit a brand-new member and decide to give him morphing abilities. I didn't realise that David joined the group so early(ish) in the series -- it's a little delightfully unpleasant revisiting this all over again, because my feelings towards him are so freakin' visceral. I hate this arc but also absolutely love it at the same time. The Discovery plants the seeds for a story th [...]

    So in the last book we were down an Animorph, sort of, and in this book we gain an Animorph, sort of. The Discovery is the start of the Third Age of Animorphs: the stakes are higher, the action is more intense, and the consequences are further reaching than we’ve ever seen.(One day I hope to have a successful sideline as a writer of “next week” TV promos.)If memory serves, this is all going to end in tears.But before I talk about David, I need to have a little rant about Andalite arrogance [...]

    In this book the Animorphs become 7! After the new kid at school discovers Elfangor's morphing tech-cube in the construction site near his house, the Animorphs embark on a mission to get it in safe hands. Unfortunately this results in a battle between Visser Three's forces and the Animorphs, which exposes the Yeerk battle and destroys the new kid's house in the process. The Animorphs manage to escape with the cube, but are thrust into an awkward situation as the new kid now knows too much. The A [...]

    Things get more exciting in The Discovery when Marco spots the blue box which gave the Animorphs the power to morph, in the hands of David -a kid at school. Marco with the help of the others attempt to retrieve the blue box to prevent it ending up in the wrong hands. David and his family is caught up in a battle between the Yeerks and the Animorphs which forces the Animorphs to make the tough decision to turn David into one of the Animorphs! The Animorphs are on a mission to stop the Yeerks from [...]

    A Quickie ReviewWith this being the first of a trilogy, it made the story a bit more convoluted; I enjoyed this one, and look forward to reading the further installments.Score: 4/5

         The blue box Elfangor used has been found by a kid named David, and of course Visser Three finds out about it. Now the Animorphs have to intercept it before it can fall into Visser Three’s hands, while at the same time try to prevent the gathering world leaders from becoming Controllers (courtesy of Erek’s information). They have just a few things on their plate, which explains why this is the first book of an internal ‘trilogy’ in the Animorphs saga.     How much can you trus [...]

    ugh, the introduction of David, who has bad idea written all over him practically from page one. If they wanted us to have a visceral this-guy-is-the-worst reaction to David, they nailed it for me. His every response to every element is just super bad news bears across the board.And I appreciate the Marco sees straight through his B.S. but I wish he'd been able to prevent what was coming altogether. And I cannot read this book without sitting here thinking about everything that comes next, eithe [...]

    Marco might be my favorite narrator. The way that David joins the group is pretty disturbing and provides interesting commentary into how war and survival are changing what the kids see as acceptable behaviors. I gotta say I rolled my eyes at some of the Americanism that showed up in this book for some reason, but I loved when 1. Marco realizes in dismay that he forgot to set the VCR to record Buffy and 2. Cassie suggests "MMM Bop" as their ceremonial Animorphs song--thank god for 1998 kid lit.

    Two big things happening here: a Yeerk threat against a meeting of a bunch of presidents/PMs/leaders, and a new Animorph, David, who is definitely trouble. This one ends on a cliffhanger!The grossness/body horror of the morphing seems emphasized in this one, probably because David is new. Still not as bad as the near-death experience Jake had as a fly.

    The Animorphs thought the blue box that gave them their morphing powers was destroyed along with Elfangor's ship, but apparently it hasn't been since Marco sees some kid named David walking around with it at school. David makes a dumb move and advertises the device on the internet to try to sell it, which makes Visser Three very interested. The Animorphs try to get the box, but during their second attempt a battle ensues and the Yeerks get David's parents. David isn't able to go home, and the An [...]

    This book marks the start of the David Trilogy and so readers should be aware that it feels incredibly incomplete. This first instalment is virtually all build up. It introduces David - the sixth Animorph - and describes the events that lead up to his recruitment. While the novel sets the scene for the rest of the trilogy (the G8 summit, Visser Three's plans for the president, the rediscovery of the Escafil Device), it doesn't really explain things that well. We don't even learn how David came b [...]

    "Alright start to the David trilogy"Oh crap, it's time for David. I'm not sure if I read all 3 of them or did so in order, and it's been a long time anyway.At first, he seemed odd or something like that rather than outright bad. Is the evil sense in hindsight?I wonder how the Escafil defice went unfound for so long.As usual, seeing Erek is not good. I'm surprised that the Yeerks infested a world leader anyway. Such a major event happening near the Animorphs is more support of the assumption that [...]

    Started - typically the same as the previous 19 books before it. The typical waste a few pages by describing who we are again and again and again. Didn't like some of the imagery especially when it comes to describing reptiles. Applegate so far has a thing against them described the snake as Evil which I don't agree with because animals are neither good or evil and I disagree with such personifications. Also typical was the plot which in every single book so far as gone as- There's a mission- th [...]

    Plot:I liked that this plot was again very different from some of the previous ones, but I felt it got to be a little too silly. Granted, Marco's books usually are somewhat silly, but still. Overall the plot was okay but I'm sure I like the direction it's headed.Setting:There's a new setting in the form of a house of a new student. I also enjoyed the scene at Burger King.Characters:I didn't care much for Marco in this one--he kind of got on my nerves.Not a huge fan of David so far--he seems very [...]

    I almost stopped reading at this point in the series because of how grating this plot is. A friend of mine mentioned that KA Applegate started getting ghostwriters for the series and I think it sort of shows at this point (or maybe it's just getting harder and harder to keep the series going? I'm super impressed with any author who can write the same series for this long. Even Terry Pratchett does different series in the same universe).So blah blah blah David Blah blah blah OH MY GOD IS HE EVIL [...]

    Thus begins the David trilogy, and I am totally on board the Marco train that this was a terrible idea from the start. David is a jerkface, flat-out, but I do appreciate the way Applegate pushes the Animorphs into a corner such that they can't really do much else with him except let him be killed (which they don't do). However, this was one of those few books in this series that really had the yelling-at-the-TV effect of me being super frustrated that no one does the easy thing. JUST LET TOBIAS [...]

    Apparently this is the first book in a trilogy within the seriesing. But, we're looking at the book itself! The Discovery introduces us to David, whom Marco encounters in the hallway at school with Elfangor's blue box. The kid obviously has no idea what it means and decides to sell it on Ebay. Surprise, Visser 3 wants it so the Animorphs step in. They decide to let David become an Animorph as Erek has revealed that the Yeerks plan on Controlling the leaders of the world.Intriguing plot with the [...]

    This is the start of the David trilogy. This is one of the most unique books in the series because it introduces the potential 7th member of their team. I have to admit, the big fight against Visser Three and the Hork-Bajir in David's bedroom was priceless. There are a lot of interesting moments in this book, and it's a fun read because the Animorphs are recalling what it had been like when they were first given the Andalite technology. David is obviously very troubled over this, since his paren [...]

    20th Story about Animorphs. Well, it's Marco.Animorphs got the morph-power from Elfangor with a help a blue-box. They think that blue box had been destroy. Well, they were wrong. Some kid had found it, pick it up, and trying to sell it. Name's DavidAnd that's not all. Visser three knows about the box and trying to get it. There's a battle, a great one in David's room. Animorphs can save David, but not his parents.Well, that's and a mission to save the leader of 6 big nation. Part 1 of a trilogy. [...]

    I'm not quite sure how I feel about having a new Animorph. The core group is just so tight now. When Ax was added, it was almost natural since it was still in the beginning, but now the bonds between members are so tight that it's hard to see anyone else fitting in. Plus the kid is just a creep. There's something I don't really like about him. I think I remember how everything turns out, but I'm not quite sure. I remember almost every detail about the beginning of this series, but now that I'm i [...]

    This book halted me in the middle of a rereading session of the Animorphs. That's because the story of David is and of terrifying one. Combine a teenager's not great personality, mix in some loss, and give him superpowers and you get.obably a terrifying foe (which is what happens in this case).Though I'm getting ahead of myself. There are, I think, 3 books in the saga of David, which show the Animorphs adding David to their ranks (in a decidedly unwise move, especially in hindsight, but perhaps [...]

    The first in the David trilogy, the failed attempt to bring a sixth Animorph into the original fold after the blue morphing cube resurfaces. Marco is a great voice to kick off this debacle. Despite having the most reason to sympathize with David (losing a parent to the Yeerks and an initial reluctance to join the fight), he's the quickest and most accurate judge of David's character from the get-go. The initial attempt and the subsequent destructive fight to gain control over the cube, along wit [...]

    This is the start of the David Trilogy, which is famous for being awesome. While I agree about the last two books in the trilogy, I'm not too sure about this one. I can't really think of too much to hate about it, but for some reason,the overall reaction is just 'meh'. The plot was mostly setup for the next two books, and while that was totally necessary, I kind of wish Applegate had been a bit more creative about it. Other than that, there's not much to hate, but there's just not much to like, [...]

    This book was pretty intense, I read it in a little under an hour. I really love Marco's characterization here and Rachel seems to be getting more and more of an edge as the series goes on, even if the book didn't feature her. David is an interesting kid himself though I have my doubts about him, we'll see. I also really loved Ax in this book. Ax and Marco play off each other really well and the situations they get into are both hilarious and kind of on the edge of your seat, thing. Tobias was g [...]

    This was the first book i read in Animorphs serious. and trust me i understood the story very well. I really liked it. I'm a Marco fan now!! he IS cute and funny!This is a very unique book. and loved the story line. If u really want some change give this a shot.But now i cant wait to read the next book, to see what happens will they escape viser three?? Ofcorse they would come on they are the Hero'szzz

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