The Decision

The Decision

The Decision Ax and the Animorphs are about to have a huge problem It starts when they decide to morph mosquitoes in order to slip by some unsuspecting Yeerks It ends with them stuck in Zero space with no idea how

  • Title: The Decision
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780590494410
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ax and the Animorphs are about to have a huge problem It starts when they decide to morph mosquitoes in order to slip by some unsuspecting Yeerks It ends with them stuck in Zero space with no idea how they got there, no way to get back to Earthd no oxygen.Luckily, an Andalite scout ship finds them before it s too late But now Ax is finally with his own people AndAx and the Animorphs are about to have a huge problem It starts when they decide to morph mosquitoes in order to slip by some unsuspecting Yeerks It ends with them stuck in Zero space with no idea how they got there, no way to get back to Earthd no oxygen.Luckily, an Andalite scout ship finds them before it s too late But now Ax is finally with his own people And he doesn t know if he ever wants to go back to Earth

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    Ax being all like "My human disguise is perfect, I can effortlessly pass as one of them!" is so hilarious to me. You'd think his fish-out-of-water adventures would get dull after a time, but I really don't get tired of them.Where this book goes, however, is so balls-to-the-walls crazy and awesome. KAA pulls more crazy weird metaphysical stuff -- harking back to a throwaway line a few books back about the science of morphing -- in order to bring the Animorphs to the frontlines of war-torn Leera, [...]

    Remember back when Ax warned the other Animorphs that when they morphed smaller animals than their own body mass, all that extra mass was extruded into z-space and just sort of chilled out there until they resumed their human forms? And remember how he also said that spaceships also roam z-space? And that there was an infinitesimally small chance that said spaceships might hit their extruded mass? And that no one knew what would happen if they did? Well. Turns out what happens is a great story t [...]

    I have a real soft spot for The Decision, because it is so awesome.I remember the “Animorphs get pulled into Z-space” book from my childhood reading of the series—but I didn’t remember it coming so early. I loved the whole concept. Indeed, while not quite as long as the Megamorphs books, I’d argue that the plot of The Decision is just as cinematic and huge as any of those books—and maybe superior to some of them.We finally get Ax’s second turn at narrating. Applegate spaces out his [...]

    (Originally reviewed at thelibraryladies.)Narrator: AxPlot: And we’re back with another Ax book! And surprising no one, we open with a scene of humor and horror as it appears that Ax has now become confident enough to morph human and wander around the mall all on his own! Seriously, it’s like the Animorphs are his parents and he’s now this toddler who’s been set loose on his own. It’s just irresponsible! Of course, Ax is found in one place and one place only: the food court where he at [...]

    One of the more surreal Animorphs books. All kinds of weird stuff happens when the characters accidentally go to Z-space while sucking blood (as mosquitoes, not vampires!), and they meet Andalites and psychic frog people.Notable moments and inconsistencies: In a previous book, the planet of the Leerans was mistakenly referred to as "Leeran" (repeatedly). Now in this book (and from then on) it's referred to as "Leera."It seems odd that Ax is so perplexed at one point that Visser Three has a kafit [...]

    Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!Ax and the Animorphs morph mosquitoes in an attempt to steal an important guy’s blood and morph him while he’s in a coma arranged by the Yeerks. While in mosquito morph, their excess mass in Zero-Space falls into the wake of a passing Andalite ship on its way to participate in the war on Leera. You remembers the Leerans from Book #15, where the Yeerks attempted to infest hammerhead sharks so they could take on the Leeran underwater world. They’re psy [...]

    The Decision is another Animorphs book that I'm really torn over.On the one hand, it's another great story for Ax development. I really love the Ax-narrated stories. Beneath his unintended wit, he's a lost soul. Thousands of light years from his homeworld, he's forever torn between obeying his people's laws and acclimatising to life on Earth. In this book, he finally had a chance to return to his people and discovered that his Andalite "superiors" weren't necessarily the honourable warriors he'd [...]

    It's back in Ax's POV and the Animorphs and they have been informed by Erek that the Yeerks plan to control the second highest person in the Secret Service who's currently in coma and work their way up. The Animorphs come up with a plan but all goes haywire when they are pulled through Zero Space and cross the path of an Andalite ship. I enjoyed this installment a lot because we finally get a glimpse of the universe beyond Earth. These books always have brief descriptions of the characters and t [...]

    The 18th stories about Animorphs. Aximili hereAnimorphs on a mission to prevent Yeerk controling a top goverment secret agent. When they turn into mosquito, plop they find themselves in Planet Leeran.There's a battle between Yeerk against Leeran-Andalite, where Yeerk's troops outnumbered the Andalite's n Leeran's.So, how they help to win the battle?I like these sentences :Leeran- Where sky meets sea, Leeran, Andalite and human stand united. Each with our weaknesses. Each with our strengths.Ax- M [...]

    You remember how Ax mentioned the very small, tiny, infinitesimal chance of something running into their extra mass bodies in Zero-Space when they morph a small creature? Well, it seems the Animorphs had to have some bad luck somewhere, and here it is. All it took was for them to morph into mosquitoes for it to happen. (They are quickly running through bug morphs which they will never want to do again)This means that they find themselves onboard an Andalite ship bound for the planet Leera, where [...]

    The lovely ladies of Morph Club are doing a book-by-book review of this series. So good.^ click to listen to episode 21-book 18 :)From the site:"Megan & Carey read Animorphs book 18, The Decision! Beg, borrow, or steal a couple bun-zuh and settle in for our talks about stomach capacity, emotional struggles, an anticlimactic rooftop battle, product placement, Space Wars, lonely psychic teens, Z-space nightmares, wartime authorities, and families lost and found.Maybe the REAL buns were the fri [...]

    4 stars & an A for all the feels.Idk whether I started reading them again at such a precipice but this book is where it all starts getting darker. Poor Ax realizes that not all Andalites are trust-worthy, the others realize how grim their prospects are, they're fighting a losing battle, a war that seems impossible to win against the Yeeks. There's so many layers to these books when you read them as an adult.

    A game changer. I love Ax's perspective and this was a welcome glimpse into an alien world (finally, we get to leave California). The Z-space aspect was well done--Applegate does such a phenomenal job of describing the body-horror related to both morphing and, now, the fragmentation of the body in zero-space. Ax's ambivalence makes so much sense and I can't wait for his POV to come around again.

    Erek the Chee warns the Animorphs that a very important Secret Service guy has been deliberately injured by the Yeerks and is now in a coma in a hospital they control. After investigating, they find out that Visser Three intends to have one of his people infest this guy if they can get him to come out of his coma, but in the absence of that possibility, Visser Three will just morph him to use his connections to higher-up Secret Service members and hidden secrets. The Animorphs decide they should [...]

    Pretty average for your Animorphs series. This one does do a good job at showing how lonely Ax is being stranded on earth.

    A against time that involves z-space, a battle on another planet, and mosquitoes. Ax-narrated books are always fun to read.

    Ax is now at a crisis. When he meets up with his fellow Andalites, what will he chose? And how will his friends handle it?The twist with the captain of the ship was interesting, and now adds even more danger."And for humans and Andalites, secrets and lies and the loneliness of privacy are natural."I love how Ax decides at the end that one's people are not just those that look like them, they are those who help themA great Marco quote from this one."Free people who get together to defend freedom [...]

    In this book, the Animorphs take a little day trip off planet Earth. The Animorphs are in mosquito-morph, ready to acquire the blood/DNA of a senior Secret Service agent, when they're suddenly transported into Zero Space! An Andalite ship picks them up as it passes by, and they learn that the Andalites are on the way to stop the Yeerk invasion of Leeran. Turns out that the destruction of the shark facility didn't put the Yeerks off - instead of taking the stealth approach, they've decided to inv [...]

    One of the best Animorph books yet! A gripping page turner! Anything I say will spoil the story, so I will leave it at that.

    This was probably one of my favorite books of the series when I was little and still is as it turns out. Ax and company morph mosquitoes which because of it's low mass, causes their consciousness to get pulled into z-space with the rest of their mass. It was nice to have a change of environment. So far, all the battles have been fought on Earth or in Earth's space. For a story that has tons of aliens, none of the characters see anything much of anything besides Earth until now. Though it was int [...]

    Poor Ax gets to see his own people only to realize they may not really be his anymore--Applegate does a wonderful job of breaking the Animorphs out of their usual pattern by somewhat literally throwing them into space. Yes, the passing Andalite cruiser is more than a little convenient, and I am frustrated that how the Animorphs got into Z-space in the first place is never explained beyond, "Well, that was weird." It makes it feel too plot-device-y.But, happily, we get to wander around with Andal [...]

    Plot:This book started off like it was going to be a plot really similar to ones done before, but it actually took an unexpected turn that kept me on my toes. It also shows just how dire the Yeerk invasion is becoming not only on Earth but in the entire universe as well.Setting:It was nice to see a setting outside of Earth though it was a little hard to picture. Though thinking back on it, it reminds me of the city from the Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier game I recall playing when I was younger. [...]

    Literal poor Ax as an explanation for why he was begging for food was a great in-character excuse for comic relief.Ax is offended by Visser Three morphing a kafit bird, and I don't get why. As with other creatures from the Andalite world, it's likely something Alloran acquired before being infested. #6 The Capture shows this is possible, when Temrash 114 tries to use some of Jake's morphs.The stories are framed as a diary written by the POV character. With Ax, that's amusing rather than tiresome [...]

    This is another one where the first scene is hilarious and then the rest kind of skids off into YIKES. This is also one of the stranger ones, with wonky metaphysics and complete with a deus ex machina escape from danger. Not my favourite plot device, but I enjoy how an aside in book 10 suddenly became a major plot item 8 books later. Continuity!The tide of the greater war turns ugly -- there are traitors amongst the Andalites! -- but leaves a major question open: why?! There are Andalite traitor [...]

    This book is another "out there" one. Unfortunately we don't get to see much of Ax's humorous side (except for the first scene), but we do get to experience a lot of action! While going on another one of their missions that directly affects Visser Three, they wind up in Z-Space with a traitor Andalite captain on the way to the Leeran home world. This is a great book because it delves further into the idea of Zero Space, and we get to learn more about the Leeran race (I didn't mean for that to rh [...]

    No siempre estar en un bando a lado de los seres que se parecen a tí puede ser la solución cuando uno se siente triste, extraño o solo.En este libro pude ver que la historia tenía más desarrollo hacía el habito de desear estar con los de tu clase pero recibir la sorpresa que las personas que se encuentran a tú lado pueden ayudarte a sentirte acompañado y por eso digo que de todos los libros de esta saga, que he leído hasta ahorita, prefiero los que narrados por Aximillian porque me ayud [...]

    Once again Ax narrates. This time, the Animorphs face real trouble when they morph into mosquitos. They are transported into Zero Space and face an Andalite ship heading into battle to save the Leeran planet. Ax is faced with a personal dilemma as his loyalties are pulled between his friends and his people. Once again, I'm shocked at how easily the Animorphs turn on Ax. I get that their feelings are hurt, but instead of understanding where he's coming from they just get mad and basically tell hi [...]

    Several weird logic flaws in this. For one thing, Visser Three is in posession of a morphing capable Andalite. That Andalite body had morphing power before becoming a controller, so it'd make sense to have had some Andalite homeworld morphs before too. I know it's supposed to build suspicion for later, but it's inaccurate. Also, a thoughtspeak from non-morphed character error again. I do like the little tidbit of what's going on elsewhere than Earth. Very useful to get some more information of t [...]

    Ax, Ax y más Ax. Junto a Marco son mis personajes favoritos.Prefiero más el primer libro que es narrado por el ya que todavía no entendía a los humanos y no cazaba el sarcasmo o la ironía, en este ya las entiende e ¡incluso cuenta chistes!Lo que pasa en esta ocasión es que hay un tipo cuyo nombre no recuerdo que esta en coma porque lo atropellaron y Visser Tres lo necesita como controlador porque es como el mano derecha del jefe ser servicio secreto de EEUU, cuando los Animorphs están a [...]

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