The Unresolved

The Unresolved

The Unresolved Mallory Meer a year old victim of the General Slocum steamship disaster haunts those responsible for the tragedy determined to see that justice is served

  • Title: The Unresolved
  • Author: T.K. Welsh
  • ISBN: 9780525477310
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mallory Meer, a 15 year old victim of the General Slocum steamship disaster, haunts those responsible for the tragedy, determined to see that justice is served.

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    This book challanged my expectations of young adult fiction. I read this book because it was assigned it to youth reading club that I moderate and I must say I was happily surprised at how well written it was. The story was engrossing, the characters well defined and I didn't feel as if I had wandered into a pint sized version of a soap opera.The story revolves around an actual event, the fire and sinking of the General Slocum steamship in 1904 which until 9/11 was the worst loss of life in NYC. [...]

    I picked this one up because I love history and I love ghost stories, and this is both. I admit, I was also curious to see if Welsh could pull off what Katharine Weber couldn’t in Triangle — successfully combining authentic NYC history with a story that appeals to teens. I think Welsh has succeeded admirably here.From the publisher:Mallory Meer has just turned fifteen years old, and within an hour, thanks to the only boy she’s ever loved, she’ll be dead, a victim of the General Slocum st [...]

    The Unresolved by T.K. WelshThe Washington Post rated this as one of the top ten Young Adult books. In addition, many other awards were given, included the Horn Book’s list of recommended American historical fiction. It is also one of the few books selected by the American Library Association as a best book for young adults.Highly recommended, I can certainly understand the accolades.Prior to 9/11/2001, the June 15, 1904 horrific fire aboard the steamship The General Slocum was the worst disas [...]

    You start this book thinking that you know the end before you get there because it's clear the narrator is dead. But then she dies right in the beginning of the book and you spend the rest of your time following her and the other still live characters around as she tries to get justice meted out for the burning of the boat she was on with over a thousand others, many of whom also perished. It is an excellent thing to be able to write a compelling book that holds you until the climax, guides you [...]

    What a great book. This is the same book as "Kiss Me, I'm Dead." The Unresolved is the original, and T. K. Welsh is the author's pen name. This title fits better with the story about the worst disaster is NYC history before 9/11- one that has seemingly been largely ignored and forgotten.

    After visiting New York City's Tenement Museum earlier this summer, I was reminded of the 1904 General Slocum steamship accident, in which more than 1,000 passengers died. Prior to Sept. 11, 2001, the General Slocum incident was the disaster with the largest loss of life in New York City. Unresolved opens with the fire on board the General Slocum and the drowning of 15-year-old Mallory Meer, as described by her ghost, which is unable to rest until the true cause of the accident is uncovered. No [...]

    While it was an interesting piece of historical fiction, I thought it might have been a stronger story written from the perspective of one of the survivors. Although the perspective of one of the victims adds to the mystery angle (it becomes clear that Mallory's ghost cannot rest until her boyfriend is cleared of guilt in the incident), I didn't think Mallory had a very engaging voice. It was a quick read, and it brings to life a historical incident which will be unfamiliar to many readers (it w [...]

    A vivid look at immigrant life in NYC as it is struck with tragedy -- the sinking of the General Slocum steamship in the East River, NYC, in 1904. More than a thousand mostly German immigrants lost their lives. It was the worst disaster in NYC history until 9/11. The heroine dies in the first chapter, and we watch as the ship burns and founders. She comes back as a spirit to ensure that justice is done, and those responsible for the tragedy punished. Beautifully written and haunting. I highly re [...]

    I grabbed this one because I read Edward T. O'Donnell's Ship Ablaze: the Tragedy of the Steamboat General Slocum a few years ago. This novel is told from the point of view of a teenage girl, Mallory, who died aboard the ship and whose ghost is seeking closure (revenge? resolution?). I really liked the author's description of how Mallory can, as a ghost, travel anywhere, be inside people, appear to people, and know the past and future. I wasn't happy with the ending, though. I won't spoil it here [...]

    Great book,I had never even heard about this accident before I read this.I just wish we could have red more about Mallary when she was alive.

    Quick, easy to read historical fiction, but lacks a satisfying resolution. Reminded me of Lovely Bones but with a much simpler story line.

    I don’t like ghost stories in particular, but I did enjoy this one. It was dark in a few places and very sad. My favorite quote, “Not that I was selfish, mind you; just self-preoccupied.”

    I like it. I like its quiet rebellion. I like its direct approach to social and political issues, soft but felt.

    I had not heard of this tragedy prior to picking up this novel. Author does good job of bringing the period in focus -- particularly in portraying social behavior of the period.

    This book takes place in 1904. Mallory Meer and her family board a ship from Germany to America, excited and hopeful. With them is Mallory's boyfriend Dustin, who gets blamed for the sinking of the ship. Within an hour, Mallory and several others drown from the sinking. Mallory comes back as a ghost, because she can't move on. Many people are pulled into court as people try to find out who is responsible for the sinking. Dustin is the top suspect, seen smoking a cigarette and tossing it on the g [...]

    First innocent kiss, first love and a tragic death… Mallory, 15, is the ghost girl making sure that justice and honesty win when her “boyfriend” gets accused of starting the fire on a passenger ship. The book, The Unresolved, is based on true events and this makes it very appealing to the young audience and also to teachers: history, forensics and justice system are only some of the subject headings for this story. The characters of living people are believable and the story has a happy en [...]

    In 1904 steamship General Slocum burned and sank off Manhatten killing over 1,000 people – mostly German immigrants out for a Sunday School outing. (I grew up on L.I. and had never heard of this incident). Narrated by the ghost of Malory – 15 years old when dies on board – Did her young lover set the fire? Will those responsible for the tragedy be punished? Gripping story – read in a single sitting. (Elaine did not like as much)

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