Holding on to Hurt

Holding on to Hurt

Holding on to Hurt Every parent s worst nightmare Irene Hurt s life is perfect and she cherishes every moment with her devoted husband and sweet almost sixteen year old son until the day she gets the call every mother d

  • Title: Holding on to Hurt
  • Author: Charlotte Roth
  • ISBN: 9781546458586
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every parent s worst nightmare Irene Hurt s life is perfect and she cherishes every moment with her devoted husband and sweet almost sixteen year old son until the day she gets the call every mother dreads Your son has been shot and is in a coma.In the blink of an eye, Irene s life is shattered into a million pieces.What follows is a story about a mother and her strugEvery parent s worst nightmare Irene Hurt s life is perfect and she cherishes every moment with her devoted husband and sweet almost sixteen year old son until the day she gets the call every mother dreads Your son has been shot and is in a coma.In the blink of an eye, Irene s life is shattered into a million pieces.What follows is a story about a mother and her struggle to keep, not only her son but eventually also her marriage and herself alive On Irene s journey through grief, denial, and anger, she discovers about the events of that tragic day, the boy who shot her son and then took his own life, and the husband she thought she knew and could trust An emotional and heart gripping story, Holding on to Hurt, is a novel about family, trust, grief, and a mother s unconditional love If you love emotional reads and if you dare to open up your heart, you ve come to the right place.

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    Irene Hurt seems to have the perfect life: a lovely home, a handsome husband (Bruce) and an adorable son (Scottie). It may seem a little cheesy but it certainly provides a telling counterpoint to what’s to come. (As a Brit, the only part of this perfect life I found hard to understand was having a shooting range in a barn in your garden, and a culture where it is acceptable – and commonplace – for private individuals to own handguns.)When Scottie is caught up in a shooting on his school bu [...]

    The synopsis of this novel portrays a gripping story of one mother's fight to keep her son alive, no matter what she has to sacrifice. It is exquisitely composed as a tribute to a school shooting. A poignant page turning novel that is a dynamic tear jerker. A riveting plot with compelling character's that are pragmatic. I volunteerly reviewed an advanced reading copy of this book.

    Amazing read from start to finish. Very emotional but worth the tears.The main protagonist, Irene, has everything in life, the perfect life, the perfect husband, and son. One day, her son gets shot in a school shooting and ends up at the hospital in a coma. The next weeks, we follow Irene as she struggles with her faith, grief and to keep her son alive. As the story unfolds, we also learn that her husband may have had something to do with the son's killer.I really liked how the chapter headings, [...]

    The book is about something so unbearable I wasn't sure I wanted to read it at first, but I'm glad I did. It's thought provoking, tear jerking and a real page turner - though it's mostly taking place in one location over a short period of time, it feels very action packed. A story about forgiveness and understanding, and a tribute to (a mothers) love and to hope.

    This book is a full on tear jerker. I can't tell you how many time I had to put it down, not because it was bad but because I need a break so my eyes wouldn't look like I was up night crying.In this story you see the side of the story that is often left untold by the media. It's more than what meets the eye. You see how people prepare themselves for grief. How families all handle a painful event differently. I realized from reading this that there is no wrong or right wait to deal with pain. Eve [...]

    Love is the one thing that we all try to hold onto, but it’s not always as simple as people like to think it is. There is all kinds of love, some that is straight forward and others that isn’t as easy to see. With this book, it tells us a story of what it’s like when all you have unlimited amount of love for your child, a whole lot of hoping and a lot of strength. Some people take life for granted, others don’t read between the lines and for others the unimaginable. Charlotte Roth writes [...]

    Wow!I read this book a few days after a woman I call my 2nd mama was rushed to the er and then chemically induced into a coma for 3 days. I found the story to be so incredibly accurate on all of the different emotions, technology, and medically terms thrown at us all at once. It was eerily accurate on the journey of keeping hope when it seems you are the only one. I can't rank this book high enough! Thank you for writing this novel

    The realization that things can take a turn in the blink of an eye. For any parent, we picture the worst case scenario as our children go through their days , like they are untouchable. The story is devastating and the aftermath makes it even worse. Trying to pick up the pieces of the life that they are now forced to live. Bruce and Irene are at a crossroads. The only answer I can see as a parent, as a mother, is to keep on fighting. The question is, what will be left when the fight is over? Doe [...]

    This was one of the most compelling dramas I've ever read! The emotion was so thick I could almost hear the pounding of Irene's heart and feel her tears dripping as she cried on my shoulder. It's a story of a mother's unconditional love for her son and the unending bond they share, even in near-death.Each character has his or her own sub story to tell in this book, and I love that. It helped me connect to each one and feel his or her pain as well, which created compassion in my heart for these p [...]

    A very emotional, heart wrenching book that will get to you every time you read it. Irene Hurt is a mother and a wife who loves her family. She is getting ready for Christmas and running her shop with her sister in law when the unthinkable happens. a customer reports that a school bus of boys was shot on the way to school, to her horror she realizes her son Scottie is on that bus. we follow her thru every gut wrenching moment as the hurt family tries to cope with the unimaginable. A definite mus [...]

    Reading this book my emotions were a mess I was crying all through the book!! This mom who worked at a hospital found out their was a shooting on a bus and what killed her she found out it was her son's bus! Her and her husband had to deal with their son being in the hospital in the coma will their marriage survive this tragedy? This incredible story about a mother and her child and the big thing does he survive? Amazing story I shed quite a few tears!!! Wow!!! I recieved this book for my honest [...]

    As a parent this is obviously one of your worst nightmares: Three students and the bus driver are killed in a school shooting by another student, and then the student turns the gun on himself. This is a story that is unfortunately so common in the US anymore, many don’t even look up from their breakfast anymore. But what if it happened at your child's school, on your child's bus. What if you come to find out that your child was involved? How would you be able to handle the next couple weeks? T [...]

    The characters were done amazingly and the storyline was compelling and gripping. This author has clearly done their research as this genre of book has been portrayed perfectly. The chemistry between the two is extremley well done. And I loved the steamy scenes.This book will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. This book was extremely well written and has fast become of my favourite books. I will definitely want to one click future releases from this author. This [...]

    This book was very tough gor me. I have a son Scotts age. It hit me hard right in the heart. Made me think about what would I do and how I would handle the situation. I cried along with Irene and Bruce. And I wanted to jump through the kindle and smack them both at times. But the book has opened a conversation in my home.

    This book made me cry, made me angry and made me happy in a sense of peace. Imagine the feeling when you are going to lose someone important to you, someone you love. The feeling is so hard to explain as it's a mixture of everything. The author explained it quite well. Everyone has different ways in coping. The support and the loyalty in every characters in this story will help you get through it. Read it when I was working and couldn't stop.

    OMG First definitely need large box of tissues very heart retching and very strong emotional feelings from beginning to end. This book is not for the weak heart I cried pretty much to the end. Beautiful well done story!!

    This book is so emotional and heartbreaking. This is every parents worst nightmare. But the way it was written is amazing. Nothing was glossed over. Emotions are right there in your face. It's beautiful and heart wrenching all at the same time.

    I received a free copy of this book for an honest review. I thought this book would be more about the events surrounding the school shooting, however, the main plot really focused on the mother and father coping with the injuries of their child, left in a coma after the shooting. I could definitely relate as I've spent weeks on end on multiple occasions at the bedside of my own daughter in the hospital fighting for her life. The author very accurately portrayed that experience and the emotions t [...]

    First of all, I need to give some cover love to this amazing cover. It is so beautiful and enticing. It totally drew me in.Holding on to Hurt is about a subject that probably a lot of us have been touched by in some way—school shootings. This really has become too common of an occurrence any more. This story takes us into the lives of a family, and a community, that is going through this.Scottie is one of the students who has been shot and the family has to cope with the healing, or potential [...]

    What a heartbreaking yet beautiful story this was. A brand new author me, but an author who has sure made an impact with this book. A gripping story of loss, pain, strength, hope and a mother who would do anything to keep her son alive, no matter the sacrifices. I was completely hooked from the moment I opened the first page right up to the very end. My heart was ripped out of my chest and left to bleed on the floor at my feet. 'Holding On To Hurt' had me in tears throughout its entirety but wow [...]

    Schools are supposed to be a safe place for our children. But what happens when it’s not. What happens when you life…ops? What happens when you get that call. This is Irene’s story. A story in which I hope I and every other parent never has to receive.Irene has it all, the perfect life, perfect home, friends, family and son. Until it happens. When you have a child your whole life prospective changes. It really does. They come before you in every aspect and form.Roth was able to take a subj [...]

    Holding On To HurtCharlotte RothHolding On To Hurt is about Bruce and Irene Hurt. Their son Scottie is shot on his bus by another student. It centers around the aftermath of the shooting and the family trying to hold it together.This book had me in so many tears. Charlotte Roth is an excellent writer who lets you feel the emotions of the characters. Her title is so fitting. They are all hurt by the tragedy and since their last name is Hurt, they are also trying to hold on to each other, The Hurt [...]

    Loved this book from start to finish. The amount of tears I had reading this book was unreal and hit a little close to home. This book demonstrates a mothers love on how far she will go to be determined to have faith and hope no matter what. This story is about how a mother who won't give up on her son and the struggles she goes through with her husband who is not as hopeful but you eventually find out why that is and finally you find out how even though a family can be broken, it can also be me [...]

    Wow! What an emotional story! Tissues required! The sad thing is this actually happens. And it should NEVER!!! I can't even imagine being in Irene's shoes. And I pray to God that I never am! This story is very well written. I felt the emotions and heartbreak that Irene was going through. And her husband, Bruce, my heart just broke for both of them. I didn't always agree with everything they did but unless you're in that position, you don't really know what you'll do! This is my first book by thi [...]

    Wow what an emotional roller coaster. This books looks events from a very internal perspective. From two parents dealing with the same struggle in very different ways. Both out of complete loyalty and undying love. Through grief and pain. Through heartache and tough decisions. A unique take on an unfortunately not so uncommon tragedy in this day and age.

    OMGis book broke my heart and pulled at every Mom heart strings I have. Just the thought of this topic brings chills down my spine. Every parents worst nightmare to say the least. This book is powerful, hard to read at times and just takes your breath away. The strength of a Mother's love knows no bounds/barriers. Great read and so beautifully written.

    Tears shed.Brutally honest account about the victim and family of a mass shooting who has to be placed in an induced coma to allow his body to try and heal. Will he survive? Will he ever be the same again if he does manage to pull through? A very emotional book full of despair, grief,friendship, love and hope.

    Tissues requiredHolding on to Hurt is an emotional story that for too many it will unfortunately hit too close to home. This story is so well written that I truly felt that I was right there.

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