Code Orange

Code Orange

Code Orange Walking around New York City is what Mitty Blake does best He loves the city and even after he s always felt safe Mitty is a carefree guy he doesn t worry about terrorists or blackouts or grade

  • Title: Code Orange
  • Author: Caroline B. Cooney
  • ISBN: 9780385732604
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Walking around New York City is what Mitty Blake does best He loves the city, and even after 9 11, he s always felt safe Mitty is a carefree guy he doesn t worry about terrorists or blackouts or grades or anything He d much rather watch the game or hang out listening to his iPod than do research on infectious diseases just to get a good grade.Mitty does feel a little prWalking around New York City is what Mitty Blake does best He loves the city, and even after 9 11, he s always felt safe Mitty is a carefree guy he doesn t worry about terrorists or blackouts or grades or anything He d much rather watch the game or hang out listening to his iPod than do research on infectious diseases just to get a good grade.Mitty does feel a little pressure to hand something in if he doesn t, he ll be switched out of Advanced Bio, which would be unfortunate since Olivia s in Advanced Bio So he considers it good luck when he finds some old medical books in his family s weekend house that focus on something he could write about But when he discovers an old envelope containing two scabs in one of the books, the report is no longer about the grade it s about life and death His own.Variola major is a virus It has no personality, no blood for circulating, no brain for thinking It has one task to take over the cells of other creatures and spread And it has the potential to kill everyone in New York City.This edge of your seat thriller will leave you breathless.

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    My students disliked this book, and I thought it was very boring, too. Not terribly immigrant-friendly, either.

    OK, so I had to read this for my Language Arts class and it's probably my least favorite book I've ever to read, so here I am. Writing a review about how much I just dislike this book. Grab some popcorn, because this may take a while.Here's a basic summarization of the plot:Mitty (Mitchell) Blake lives in Manhattan in an apartment with his parents. At first, the story starts outs probably like any ordinary young-adult, sci-fi/virus novel: A lazy teenage boy has a crush on the brainy and beautifu [...]

    This book might have been the most boring thing I have ever read in my life. This book was not for me at all, it might just be me, I might not get it but I honestly think this was the worst thing I've ever read in my life.I rated this book a one, because it dragged on the whole time, I didn't know what was happening, and the author kept switching the story throughout the whole book. At first it wasn't that bad, but then I read the second chapter, and I cant explain the boredom I went through aft [...]

    This should have been the Indiana Young Hoosier winner for 2008. It has everything, mystery, suspense, gore, history.I love the fact that Cooney draws students into to this great story and then shows them the way to do research and the way NOT to do Research. Mitty is a procrastinator and is the epitome of a bright student with a lack of motivation to do his work properly. His girlfriend is the opposite, she is a dedicated, driven student that does above and beyond what is required. She is an ex [...]

    Code Orange was an exciting book. I think this would be novel that would capture the interest of readers from grades sixth through ninth. The main character in Code Orange is Mitty Blake, an affluent New York City teen who cares more about socializing and listening to music than achieving academic success at his private prep school. All this changes when Mitty becomes engrossed in a project on infectious diseases. Mitty decides to do his project on smallpox when he discovers a sampling of smallp [...]

    I expected to like this book a lot more than I did. I greatly enjoyed the Face on the Milk Carton series and I'm something of an infectious disease enthusiast, so Code Orange should have been the perfect book for me. Unfortunately, I was severely unimpressed.Mitty, the book's main character, is an unlikeable slacker. He hates school, doesn't listen to teachers, thinks books are a waste of time, and believes that dropping out of high school and listening to a lot of music will earn him a career a [...]

    Elements and Style: Caroline uses great first perspective but in the book changes who it's coming from for a bit. It fits well with modern day time and creates a thick details to support main events. You have to pay attention to lots of little parts in the story. This story really was a great thriller and I just couldn't stop reading it. Characterization: The starting of this book Caroline creates slacker for her main character and you don't find him interesting. But then later in the story when [...]

    Code Orange is an exciting story filled with adventure, thrill, and horrid desises. It is about a boy named Mitty Blake. A high school student who would rather listen to music opposed to school work. So, one day, Mitty’s biology teacher gives the class a project on infectuis desises. Mitty goes to Conneticut every weekend and so this time he goes to his place and finds these books. He finds a book on viorla majora. He opens it up and finds these scabs. He accidentally crumples them up and pu [...]

    I was looking for a good mystery book for my middle schoolers with lots of forensics. Well, this book had lots of information about diseases, but not the mystery I had hoped it would be. It took a while to get exciting, but when it was all "said and done," it was a pretty good story.

    In Code Orange, the author describes a neighborhood in which is located in a “Rich New York”. The main character, Mitty Blake, tells the story in his point of view, but then the author cuts into third-person, going beyond what Mitty might be going through, while hiding his identity at the same time. I think this is an interesting concept, creating an episodic environment. When I first started to read the book, it felt like climax would never come, some unnecessary details here and there, cre [...]

    PERSONAL RESPONSE:The book Code Orange was very exciting to read. Every chapter was full of adventure and suspense which always kept me wanting to read more. I believe Mitty is a very brave teenager because even with having the mindset that he contracted Variola Major, he never freaks out about it and doesn't tell anyone that he might have been exposed to the virus . He tries to figure out what to do by himself. PLOT:Mitty Blake is a regular teenage boy that goes to a private school in Manhattan [...]

    A few weeks ago, a fellow teacher and I were digging through our book room looking for books to teach to our 7th graders. (Even as teachers, we groaned over a lot of the books that looked dumb.) She pointed this one out to me and said that another teacher had taught this for years and that it might be cool. I read the back: bioterrorism and smallpox? Hmm. Could be on to something.And actually, it's pretty neat. Right from the beginning, I liked Mitty. A total slacker, the boy managed to be charm [...]

    Who knew a required term paper would result in a bioterrorism threat, a possible re-emergence of smallpox and being taken hostage by thugs who want to destroy New York City. Mitty Blake, once again, leaves research for his biology paper until the last minute. He can't get to the library, the bookstores are closed and he can't use the internet as a resource. Surreptitiously, he finds old biology books in his mother's office. Books that were bought as part on an estate sale to be used as decorativ [...]

    Andrew F. Per 3Code Orange is a fictional piece written by Caroline B. Cooney. I think that this book is great for young teens, but is too graphic for anyone younger. For example in the book the main character gruesomely describes what happens when you get smallpox. I also think that the book is too easy for anyone older than 14. I think Cooneyt's inspiration for the book was to show how people act if they think they are seriously ill or dying. For example the first thing the character did was g [...]

    I read this because my step-son (who HAD to read it as part of his pre-ap summer program) said he identified quite a bit with the main character, Mitty.If I were not deeply interested in my step son, I doubt I would have made it past the first 15 pages.The sentence by sentence writing is fair but the story structure and devices are the lamest I have seen in many years. The main character (I hate to call a 16 yr old "protagonist" -- seems rude) is roughtly drawn. His two sidekicks (boy and girl) [...]

    Mitty has only one reason to pay attention to his classwork: Olivia; a classmate who shares a mutual interest in him. Usually, Mitty laughs zones out to teacher lectures (in favor of listening to his i-Pod) and laughs off assignments. Things change when his biology teacher assigns a paper about infectious diseases. Mitty comes across a 100 year-old book containing a mysterious envelope which, it turns out, is holding samples of scabs from the 1902 smallpox epidemic. When Mitty comes to terms wit [...]

    Hello people this book is a no-go. I encourage readers not to read it as there is no point in it. The scenes are just jumbled up with new things coming from each side of the book. Like in the middle of the book he suddenly get another project. There was absolutely no point in doing this. 1.We got that Mitty is an idiot. 2.The plot disgusts me. 3. I hate the book. Our teacher makes us read it but there is no point. Please do not torture yourself with this no-point book. As it escalates really qui [...]

    I have read this book over 9 times and everytime I find a differnet detail I missed the last time. Mitty is just an awesome character who slacks in school and lives in NYC. When his advanced biology assigns a paper about human/plant disease, Mitty chooses Smallpox. A disease that's been extinctuntil Mitty finds an old envolope with 100 year old Smallpox scabs. Later on Mitty thinks he has the Smallpox disease and must be the Hero of NYC. Bio-terrorists mugged Mitty and want the disease for thems [...]

    This book is a good story on why you shouldn't slack off on work for school. Mitty, he's a good kid, but messed up a little bit when he found those scabs. It was a little stupid of him to open the letter with the scabs, especially because the envelope said that they were scabs from smallpox victims. I liked this book because it shows that Mitty was selfless and brave that he would go and die alone, rather than possibly infect New York City. If I was Mitty, all I could think was this is what I ge [...]

    I liked the premise of the story, but I thought it got a little repetitive and predictable. I didn't find the characters believable either kid hates school, but appreciates and adores his parents (who only seem to see him on weekends). Same kid is attracted to class nerd who of course likes him too???? Kid is tracked down in NYC by terrorists, but gets into their car willingly???? meh waste of time

    This book was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It got me into loving viruses! It was only because of this book that I read The Demon in the Freezer, which is even more exciting than this book!Code Orange is a fast-paced page-turner with many twists and turns. The action in this book left me breathless. A few events weren't exactly plausible, but then again it is fiction.I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

    I thought this was a surprisingly good read, especially for a young adult book. I had picked this up to fit a GR group reading challenge and was very much entertained. It's a page-turner and full of interesting facts about small-pox. Is the hero carrying deadly smallpox or not? Read this fun book and find out!

    I did not like this book. I was forced to read this by my English teacher. So, obviously it was horrible. The main character, Mitty, contracts a rare disease and doesn't know what to do about it. The whole book is literally this. It provided a lot of information on the disease, but was very slow at times.

    If you take a look at this book for me please, it's pretty well. This degen named Mitty inhales scabs in chapter one and the book builds on the idea that he has smallpox. As Mrs T said, "Thisbookbuildsoffofchapteronesopleasepleasemakesureyoureadit." He later gets abducted by some straight thugs led by Jihadi John.

    What a kick in the head piece of writing. I was amused, dubious, appalled, horrified, relieved, amazed, shocked, depressed, hysterical, and awed, over and over during the course of the reading of this book!

    This book is about a teen in high school that found smallpox scabs and he is afraid that he is getting smallpox so then he runs away because he is afraid that he will spread the disease

    Read this in middle school and I liked it so much I had to read it again! The beginning is slow, but the end was definitely worth it.

    This was so good! The twists and turns in it with a little romance. It kept me on the edge of my seat, even though I took a break from it for a while.

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