Quando l'amore nasce in libreria

Quando l'amore nasce in libreria

Quando l amore nasce in libreria In un paesino vicino a Oxford si nasconde un posto speciale una piccola libreria dove gli scaffali arrivano fino al soffitto e pile di libri occupano ogni angolo disponibile Emilia cresciuta qui e tr

  • Title: Quando l'amore nasce in libreria
  • Author: Veronica Henry Roberta Scarabelli
  • ISBN: 9788811672548
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In un paesino vicino a Oxford si nasconde un posto speciale una piccola libreria dove gli scaffali arrivano fino al soffitto e pile di libri occupano ogni angolo disponibile Emilia cresciuta qui, e tra le pagine di Madame Bovarye una prima edizione di Emma ha imparato che i libri possono anche curare l anima proprio questo che suo padre ha fatto per tutta la sua vIn un paesino vicino a Oxford si nasconde un posto speciale una piccola libreria dove gli scaffali arrivano fino al soffitto e pile di libri occupano ogni angolo disponibile Emilia cresciuta qui, e tra le pagine di Madame Bovarye una prima edizione di Emma ha imparato che i libri possono anche curare l anima proprio questo che suo padre ha fatto per tutta la sua vita, e ora compito di Emilia aiutare i suoi clienti grazie ai libri Ma adesso la libreria in pericolo I conti non tornano, e un uomo d affari senza scrupoli vorrebbe costruire qui degli appartamenti di lusso La tentazione di vendere enorme, ma Emilia deve tenere fede alla promessa che ha fatto al padre Grazie alle parole di Camus, Salinger, Burgess e Kerouac, forse riuscir a trovare la chiave per risolvere i suoi problemi Manca solo quella per aprire il suo cuore

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    This is a warm hearted gem of a book! Emilia Nightingale owns Nightingale Books in Peasebrook, a Cotswold town. However, she finds herself in desperate straits trying to keep the book shop open and the property developers are already circling. It would be easier if Emilia sold up, but there is the promise that she made to her dad, Julius. The book shop has a star line up of customers, a colourful and vibrant mix of people. They have their own stories to tell of love, hope, loss and secrets. In t [...]

    5☆ Beautifully writtenBefore Emillia's father passes away, he makes Emillia promise to keep the Nightingale book store open.Julius opened the book store to help support Emillia and himself. As he was a single parent.The story of Julius and the Nightingale book store was beautiful and compelling.So you can understand why he so desperately want Emillia to keep the book store open.Nightingale book shop reminds me of those gorgeous quaint book shops you find, where the owner knows every single boo [...]

    4/4.5 stars"Books told you things, everything you needed to know, but you didn't talk back to them."When I started reading this book, I felt a little disappointed because I couldn't connect to the story or the characters. But as I read on, it turned out to be much more than I expected. I devoured the story and I loved it! I was feeling quite low and was going into a teeny tiny reading slump - every reader's nightmare of course, but this was just so uplifting! It made me smile and gave me some go [...]

    Four and a half stars.Who could resist a book with a title like this? Certainly not me. I fell in love with this book from the first page of the prologue set in 1983. And when Emilia is sitting at her father’s bedside while he is dying 32 years later, I was right there with tears in my eyes too. The description of a daughter’s grief upon the death of a much loved parent was one I could all too readily associate with. Julius Nightingale had owned and run Nightingale Books in the Cotswold town [...]

    "The whole point of life was you couldn't ever be sure what would happen next. Sometimes what happened was good, sometimes not, but there were always surprises."This was a delightful, confectionary read! Such an immense joy to read. I don't generally pick up romancey novels, but I love a good romantic angle in my literary and classic fiction. This had all the feels, and I do mean all, because it centered around a bookshop at the center of a small village in the Cotswolds. Literary references and [...]

    In the idyllic town of Peasebrook in the Cotswolds is thee Nightingayle Book Shop. Owner Emillia Nightingayle is struggling to keep the shop open. Her father Julius bought the shop and the flat above when Emillia was just a baby.With her father on his deathbed, Emillia comes home from abroad then took the shop over when he died. The temptation to sell the shop is overwhelming but she had made a promise to keep the shop open.This is a lighthearted tale of the love the customers have for the shop. [...]

    This is the perfect book for all the booklovers in the world.In this book, a small bookshop place the main role. Every character in this book has some connection with the little shop, that sounds like heaven on earth.This book puts into words why I love my new job in a bookstore SO MUCH. This is one of my favorite books now. This book is full of booklove and it just fills my heart with warmth and love.Just read this, if you love books. Trust me.

    Everyone has a story . . . but will they get the happy ending they deserve?Nightingale Books loses it's beloved owner and gains his daughter. The books store is in debt and needs an uplift. A sleazy wealthy contractor wants to buy the store to make it a parking lot for his apartment building that he is building. Emilia has a decision to make, keep the store and honor her father or sell and not burden herself.Several clients of Nightingale Books have their own problems to deal with, and the book [...]

    What an absolutely delightful read this was! Emilia Nightingale has returned to Peasebrook to take over the helm of Nightingale Books following the death of her father in this story stuffed with romance, friendships and books, books, books. The shop itself is everyone’s idea of the perfect bookshop; old fashioned with shelves crammed with every book imaginable where people go because they are assured of a warm welcome and a listening ear. There are some very sad and moving times ahead as we fo [...]

    *Thank you to First to Read for an ARC*I have to be absolutely honest. I don't read cozy fiction very often, so "How to Find Love in a Book Shop" is a bit of an outlier for me. But I found it quite charming and easy to read. When her father passes away, Emilia finds herself the new owner of Nightingale Books, the only bookstore in small town Peasebrook. The bookstore is more than just a commodity, it's a place full of secrets, dreams, and love. The patrons are wistful and pleasant, and their sto [...]

    Não foi uma desilusão mas esperava bem mais. Fez-me lembrar muito o livro ''A livraria dos finais felizes''. Gostei de praticamente todas as personagens mas achei que a autora demorou muito tempo para desenvolver as várias tramas para depois atar todas as pontas soltas nas últimas 50 páginas. Foi uma boa leitura sem dúvida, mas não me conquistou de todo.---Não foi um livro mau mas já não sei se sou eu que estou a ficar sem paciência para estes romances ou se vou sempre com expectativa [...]

    Anestesiada com a morte do pai, Emilia não sabe o que fazer com a livraria que recebe de herança, a Nightingale Books. A livraria fica numa pequena localidade e é o ponto de encontro dos seus habitantes, pessoas que por vários motivos frequentam aquele local há várias anos. Inicialmente Emilia pondera vender a livraria, mas com o passar dos dias começa a verificar que os livros vendidos mudam as vidas de quem os compra e quiça talvez a sua Um livro maravilhoso, ideal para quem gosta de l [...]

    Sometimes you just need a feel good book where you are guaranteed that everyone will get a happy ending and the jerks get their comeuppance. You will find it in this book! A cast of unique characters round out a light but poignant tale of a young woman that inherits her father's bookshop located in the peaceful town of Peasebrook, in the middle of the Cotswolds. Emilia Nightingale returns home to run her father's bookshop. The "someday" knowledge that she would do so became "today" knowledge and [...]

    Wat een heerlijk boek! Zo veel verschillende personen en toch zijn hun verhalen allemaal verweven met elkaar. Erg knap gedaan! Aan het begin was het een beetje moeilijk om in het verhaal te komen. Je hebt het verhaal van Julius, maar ook van zn dochter Emilia. Daarnaast ook nog het verhaal van June, Jackson, Marlowe, Sarah, Thomasina, Alice en Dillon. Zoals je ziet zijn er genoeg personages en ik wist niet meer precies wie nou wie was. Maar na de eerste helft werd het beter. Ik herkende de namen [...]

    Muito fácil gostar das personagens deste livro e das suas histórias. Um romance muito bem construído em volta de uma livraria.

    How to Find Love in a Bookshopisn´t the most shocking book I´ve ever read, it doesn´t have any plot twist, not one I can remember at least. But its such a lovely, lovely book I could not put it down. Even though you know how its going to end from the start its really nice. You get to know a lot of characters, they all have different life stories, and different problems. The only thing that connects them is a lovely bookshop in a small town they all live in. I know I say "lovely" a lot right n [...]

    Very good chick lit. The bookstore setting is delightful. The characters are all Central Casting stereotypes and that's just fine because not having to work out what each one of the six PoV characters was which was part of what made this a Sunday read.It's possible to score the movie that this book will engender just from the mentions of music in the text. Joni Mitchell all the way to dreary, stolid Elgar by way of the inimitable, ineffable Saint-Saëns "The Swan" on cello.A happy means to wile [...]

    4.5/5 sterren. Dit boek is echt een mooie mix tussen een dochter die haar overleden vader trots wil maken, klanten die allemaal een eigen verhaal hebben met de boekwinkel en de centraal staande liefde voor boeken.

    2.5 I'll read anything about a bookstore and with modest expectations this wasn't bad - a cozy, simplistic and predictable novel in the bookstore chick-lit genre.

    This is a hard review to write because it took me several days to figure out why I didn't dislike it but struggled to give it more than 2 stars (I rounded up for my book club because I think they tire of me being the outlier, you're welcome!)Spoiler alert, although with such a quaint cover I don't think this is much of a spoiler, this book has multiple happy endings. Yet, the melancholy is overpowering. If the author's intent is to illustrate how life is the balance of love and death and the rel [...]

    Eigenlijk was het helemaal niet zo'n heel goed boek. Het verhaal op zich is nu niet echt verrassend, er zaten voor mij teveel personages in en het einde is gewoon blegh. Desondanks las het wel erg vlot weg. Ik zou het eigenlijk 2,5 ster willen geven, maar afgerond wordt dat dus 3 sterren.

    Books about cupcakes, cafes, tearooms seem to be very popular, which is not a wonder, as they usually really live up to the readers' expectations, but lately I am observing a tendency to put the title or the plot in a book shop - I personally have read two or three book with this subject matter in the last times. And it delights me massively, as could there be a better place in the world than a cosy, friendly book shop? So bring them on, lovely authors. And to be honest, when I first heard about [...]

    I don't know if there's a bookworm who would be able to resist such a heartwarming cover and title because I certainly couldn't. This book is a light and enjoyable read, devoid of any unnecessary drama, that is very relatable to those who would love to work and/or own a bookshop. As it is shown here, that kind of business provides you more with friendship and emotional contentment than profit. But I guess that's the point, right? Instead of only being surrounded with books, you also get to talk [...]

    I’m a sucker for books about books so I couldn’t resist How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry. This is my first book by the author and it won’t be my last! I loved this charming tale of a family owned bookshop set in a Cotswold town.Julius Nightingale lives and breathes books, after the death of his young wife he’s a single father bringing up their baby daughter Emilia alone. He opens a bookshop ‘Nightingale Books’ and creates a happy home full of stories for his daughter. [...]

    I truly fell in love with the book once I got to know all the characters and their stories. The book really gripped me after 70% and that's when I started to rush through. I started caring for the characters and their lives and this made me give the book 5 stars.This review was first posted on BiteIntoBooks BlogProsFeel good book: I cannot describe this book as anything but a feel-good-book. Don't read too fast; This book also has gripping emotions and made me cry a little, but overall it really [...]

    Wat een heerlijk boek is dit, want geef toe: een boekhandel als hoofdonderwerp van een boek is toch geweldig?! Het leuke aan het boek is dat je het boek leest vanuit meerdere personen die op elk een andere manier verbonden zijn met de boekwinkel en weer met elkaar. Het stoorde mij totaal niet dat je af en toe snel wisselt van perspectief, de overgangen zijn goed. Af en toe kan ik mij storen aan veel verschillende personen in een verhaal, maar bij dit boek had ik dat helemaal niet.De schrijfstijl [...]

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