Boots FROM POPULAR GAY ROMANCE AUTHOR ANGEL MARTINEZ Newly expanded version Willem s lost his job and his boyfriend and now possibly his mind when his cat calls him a nitwit Willem s father never approved

  • Title: Boots
  • Author: AngelMartinez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FROM POPULAR GAY ROMANCE AUTHOR, ANGEL MARTINEZ Newly expanded version Willem s lost his job and his boyfriend, and now possibly his mind when his cat calls him a nitwit Willem s father never approved of his artistic talents, his choices in life, or the fact that he s gay When the only thing Horst leaves to Willem is the family cat, he thinks it s his father s last insFROM POPULAR GAY ROMANCE AUTHOR, ANGEL MARTINEZNewly expanded version Willem s lost his job and his boyfriend, and now possibly his mind when his cat calls him a nitwit.Willem s father never approved of his artistic talents, his choices in life, or the fact that he s gay When the only thing Horst leaves to Willem is the family cat, he thinks it s his father s last insult from the grave That is, until the cat starts talking to him.Though Willem s lost his boyfriend, his home, and his job, Kasha, who claims to be a magic cat, reassures him that all will be well All he needs is Willem s trust and a good pair of boots But giving boots to a talking cat has unexpected consequences when odd events ambush Willem at every turn, such as the appearance of a handsome stranger in his arms at night While he begins to suspect Kasha s plans might be dangerous for all involved, how can he distrust such a charming kitty in cowboy boots

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    Reimagined telling of my favorite childhood fairy tale. I loved Puss N' Boots. I wanted to be him so bad with the boots, the feathered hat, and the sword. I really wanted a sword. Looked so cool. Machetes are cool, but not as elegant as a sword. Plus I had a machete, I didn't have a sword. Anyway, I digress. Rating might be closer to 3 if I wasn't reminiscing, but it is charmingly funny and romantic with true love triumphing over Yeah, if I tell you I'd spoil it. Cute.

    Angel Martinez writes retellings of fairy tales exactly how I like them. They lean a little toward the dark side and the romance is hard fought for the MC’s. The author does more than just retell a tale too. She gives the characters some real depth so the story stands on its own while respectfully paying homage to a classic. While Boots was set in a contemporary timeframe it read timelessly giving it a fantastical quality that is an absolute necessity for a fairy tale. I like to get a little l [...]

    3.5 StarsI’ll be honest. The most I ever knew about Puss n' Boots was the cute Antonio Banderas portrayal in the Shrek movies, so I looked it up and got the gist of the fairytale. This was quite the charming m/m reimagining. Sweet, down on his luck Willem finds that he’s inherited the family cat from his late father and is quite baffled and a bit miffed that he didn’t get more. Not that much gets him down with his ever optimism and kind heart, but he’s taken aback when said cat starts ta [...]

    Willem is at a crossroads. He has lost his job, his cheating lover, his home, and his father. He was left $300 and the family cat, Puss. Refusing to stay with his older brother, he is unsure what to do next.Puss is really Yorukaze, a kasha, a cat demon. Banished by one of the gods, he is sent from master to master to guide and assist. Unable to return home, he is at the mercy of those who choose to take his service. And he has been led to Willem and his family.Pasha's job, it seems, it to find W [...]

    This is really a 4.5 and that's saying something because I generally do not like fairytales. This had it all; humor, sex, plot, more humor, more sex and a walking, talking cat that wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hathot damn.It was short but had no added filler so the story flowed quite smoothly. It held my attention, it was funny in many parts, it was goofy in others with a little angst to break up all the giggling.Really, if you want a cute read about a magical cat who shifts into a small but [...]

    I think having one of my cats suddenly begin speaking to me might be either the most terrifying thing in the world or the most fantastic. In my house it would depend on which cat did the talking. *grins* Regardless, I think I could understand Willem's denial when the family cat, Puss, suddenly spoke to him.Willem is currently homeless and jobless and found his boyfriend in bed with another man, so he is also loveless. His father has just passed away and he left Willem $300 and the family cat. Pu [...]

    I LOVED this book!!! Boots is a fantastic mixture of the Grimm brothers fairytale, Japanese folklore and a very, very sweet m/m romance. And it was very funny to boot!

    My first ever shapeshifter story and it's Puss 'n Boots!!Very sweet, fairly short fantasy. Just what I was looking for.

    ***4.13 stars***Now, that is how you do a fairytale adaptation! Out of the two I have had the pleasure of reviewing by Angel Martinez, I have to say that this is my favorite one by far. Oh, and before you jump to conclusions, it is not because cats are awesome, even though they are…duh. No, it is because the author not only modernizes this fairytale for us, but he puts his own twist to it and adds a bit of Japanese folklore to it as well.If you are looking for a story that has the following:1. [...]

    I don’t have anything bad to say about this book. It just didn’t have a very strong impact on me.It’s an inventive re-telling of the fairy tale “Puss in Boots” with an interesting mythical twist to it which was intriguing. Willem’s character was very likable and the perfect match for endearing Puss whose attitude, secrets and struggles added greatly to the story. My not so enthusiastic rating might stem from the fact that since I’ve first heard the tale I’ve never been partial to [...]

    A wonderful and sexy reimagining of the Puss in Boots fairytale - complete with a sassy cat, witches and ogres! Oh my! :)

    Excellent m/m fairy tale, based on Puss in Boots, about an estranged youngest son (going through some rough times) who inherits only $300 and the family cat when his father dies

    Willem is gifted a cat after his father dies. Considering Willem is homeless, jobless, and recently found his boyfriend in bed with someone else, he's having a bad time of it! How can having the family cat, Puss, help in any way?! But Puss is so much more! He is a demon cat banished from his home for multiple wrong-doings. When Puss first talks to Willem, he thinks he's delusional! I think I would too!! But he explains how he is there simply to help him, but he also prefers the name Kasha. Where [...]

    THE GAY EROTIC RETELLING OF Puss in Boots!!! Do I have to say more to convince you???The plot is so good this book had my attention all the time. Nothing could distract me, from the dearest Willem and his demon kasha fairytale. I love everything, from the kasha smartass comments, to all the magic creatures around them.So yes, read it if you want a magic story, with an amazing world.The main characters couldn't be more precious. I can't find words to describe how much I love Willem. The human, fr [...]

    Just when life had already bought Willem low - betrayed by his lover, unemployed and homeless - Willem's father dies, leaving him $300 and a cat. Reeling from the blows that life has dealt him, Willem is sitting on a park bench, all his wordly possessions in a pack by his feet (well the cat is not in the pack, but it is sitting by his feet), when a voice startles him from his introspection. When he realizes that the voice is actually his cat talking, the story reveals itself to be a modern versi [...]

    3.5 starsA modern retelling of "Puss in Boots": Willem is a very kind-hearted man, who just down on his luck after discovering his boyfriend cheated on him, losing his apartment, and having no job. When his father died, all Willem gets is the cat. Lucky for him, Kasha, the cat is not just a cat. He's actually a demon that has been punished and with his power, he will help Willem.I find this story as cute and endearing. Who knows, Kasha who seems to be so confident in his cat form, is actually a [...]

    3.5 stars.Boots is a very endearing, imaginative take on the "Puss in Boots" story. I loved how the author worked elements of Japanese mythology into this classic western tale. The characters were great, and their love felt real even with limitied space to develop their romance. I do wish it had been longer, because I wanted to get to know Kasha a bit better and learn more about his history.

    This was aunique read. That sounds bitchy, doesn't it? Well, that's just about all I can come up with.This story starts at a quick pace and never lets up, which hurts it in the storytelling department. I can barely tell you the actual plot of the story because it ended up getting swallowed by the fact that this is a romance novel about puss in boots turning into a sexy dude and boning a homeless guy. We are half a step away from Chuck Tingle-level meta here.There were a lot of little things that [...]

    Willem loses his job, lover and apartment in quick succession, so imagine his disappointment when the only thing his father leaves him in his will is the old brewery cat. But this particular cat can talk, and soon Willem finds that his fortunes will change forever.Boots is a retelling of the old puss in boots fairytale, and, let me just say, it is one of the most adorable books I've ever read! <3It is a very character driven story, as Willem and Puss/Kasha tread along the well-known plot of t [...]

    The author took the familiar European literary fairytale and gave it an interesting exotic twist by adding in elements of Japanese mythology. This was brilliantly done; the different lores fit seamlessly together, making a fresh and original fantasy tale. Puss, the cat, is really a kasha, a Japanese cat demon, banished from the realms of the Gods by Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, for defying her. Now Kasha has to live among humans, only getting to use his magic when someone claims him by giving him [...]

    A Joyfully Jay review. 3 starsLet me start of with how I loved the concept of Boots. I’ve never read the original story. My only knowledge of Puss in Boots comes from Shrek. I’m a huge fan of cats, having five of my own. However, I didn’t feel a true connection to Boots. It had its moments, but there weren’t enough to make me love this book.Willem and Kasha, as characters, were ok. Of course, I had an affinity with Kasha. He IS a kitty, after all. I enjoyed his excitement over his new bo [...]

    Willem has lost everything: his job, his cheating lover, his home and his father all in a short period of time. All that he has left is $300, a backpack of clothes, a storage room of his stuff and the family cat, Puss. Puss's real name is Yorukaza he is a kasha or cat demon, who was banished by the sun god. He has been sent from master to master as a guide and to assist. 20 years ago he was sent to assist Willem and his family.Kasha's has bought it upon himself to find Willem and job, a home and [...]

    ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****I loved this reimagining of an old fairy-tale! Boots was charming and sweet with just the hint of angst. I loved the humour and silliness of a cat in boots along with the sexiness of his other form. Kasha and Willem were well matched.I really liked the twist of making this old European tale into a Japanese mythology with Japanese demon cat. It added some exoticism to the story. I loved Kasha and his tale, even though it was a little sad. I am partial to [...]

    I had the privilege of hearing the author read an excerpt from the book at GayRomLit 2012, and from that time struggled to find time to read, finally downloading the story to my phone and reading whenever I could. What a lovely retelling of Puss in Boots! Kasha so fit how I believe felines think and act, and Ms. Martinez's portrayal of him during her reading pulled me right in. I knew then and there I'd be buying this story. Willem is delightful as the slightly clueless young man in distress, an [...]

    3ybe 4 starsI was kinda like "whaaaaat?" a few times, but overall, it was fine, I guess. It's not my particular kind of story and that's basically what I took off the stars for. It wasn't poorly written or anything, though if it had been a little longer, I think that would have been good. My issues were mostly with the whole "shifting" thing. He didn't "shift" enough for mee whole "penile spines" and kitty tongue thing kind of ecks me out, but as far as a fairy tale, sweet little story, its fine [...]

    A modern fairytale about a demon cat named Puss, Boots by Angel Martinez is anything but a children’s bedtime story. This male/male fantasy romance spins and old story with fresh fantasy, magic, witches, love, and one lawyer who happens to be an ogre. Don’t think the lawyer/ogre got past this reader. The love story between Willem and Kasha, the demon cat formerly known as Puss, is sculptured into an unforgettable read. Ms. Martinez draws in the reader on page one and never lets them go. This [...]

    Дотянула до четверки. Позабавила меня эта интерпретация "Кота в сапогах". Точное изложение сказочного сюжета в современной интерпретации(ну только короля с принцессой не было), постоянные отсылки на кота из "Шрэка", смешные (для меня) японские корни котофейской магичности - [...]

    A very cute and clever retelling of Puss in Boots. It was sexy, funny, and all around enjoyable. And you can't go wrong with a cute, cowboy boots wearing kitty! The writing was very well done and I thought it was a unique telling of a classic story. Will check out more work by Ms. Martinez for sure!

    The story is cute and cuddly, just like The Puss :)Unexpected twists and turns kept me reading through the night and into the wee hours. Nice and easy, sticking to the original story in all the important places, but with several surprises of its own, a dash of yaoi - a few very sexy scenes - and the books is a 5 star read :)

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