Charlotte Ce roman retrace la vie de Charlotte Salomon artiste peintre morte vingt six ans alors qu elle tait enceinte Apr s une enfance Berlin marqu e par une trag die familiale Charlotte est exclue progress

  • Title: Charlotte
  • Author: David Foenkinos
  • ISBN: 9788416334933
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ce roman retrace la vie de Charlotte Salomon, artiste peintre morte vingt six ans alors qu elle tait enceinte Apr s une enfance Berlin marqu e par une trag die familiale, Charlotte est exclue progressivement par les nazis de toutes les sph res de la soci t allemande Elle vit une passion amoureuse fondatrice, avant de devoir tout quitter pour se r fugier en France.Ce roman retrace la vie de Charlotte Salomon, artiste peintre morte vingt six ans alors qu elle tait enceinte Apr s une enfance Berlin marqu e par une trag die familiale, Charlotte est exclue progressivement par les nazis de toutes les sph res de la soci t allemande Elle vit une passion amoureuse fondatrice, avant de devoir tout quitter pour se r fugier en France Exil e, elle entreprend la composition d une uvre picturale autobiographique d une modernit fascinante Se sachant en danger, elle confie ses dessins son m decin en lui disant C est toute ma vie Portrait saisissant d une femme exceptionnelle, vocation d un destin tragique, Charlotte est aussi le r cit d une qu te Celle d un crivain hant par une artiste, et qui part sa recherche.

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    I had never heard of this German/Jewish artist before picking up this book, but I have since looked her up and find her paintings fascinating. This is written in the prose style, a style I fell in love with after reading Brown Girl Dreaming, and it tells the story of this young woman and her family. She was born in Berlin, but her family thinks they are getting her to safety by sending her to France, which of course was safe only for a while.The author inserts himself in the story, telling the r [...]

    A verse novel of two obsessions. The first, is Foenkinos's subject, Charlotte Salomon, a Jewish painter who died pregnant in Auschwitz, having spent the last couple of years of her life in relative solitude obsessively, maniacally, painting images of her and her family's life. I just reread a collection: Charlotte: A Diary in Pictures, including 80 of such paintings. When I first read it I became obsessed about her obsession, but could not find her other collection (until recently), Life? or The [...]

    I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. Thank you to the author, David Foenkinos, and the publisher, Cannongate Books, for this opportunity.This book is a gripping portrait of an exceptional painter and young woman who suffered an early and tragic demise. Charlotte Salomon was gassed along with six million Jews, who were murdered at the hands of the nazis. She was just twenty-six when her life was tragically ended, and pregnant with her first child. Before this, she was [...]

    Me acerco por primera vez a Foenquinos a través de su visión de Charlotte Salomón. Al abrir el libro primera sorpresa. Está lleno de puntos y aparte. Son micro frases componiendo una narración. Me cuesta empezar a leerlo. Leo despacio, parando en cada momento. Y entiendo que un libro así debe estar escrito así. Pocas veces cierro un libro sabiendo que se queda para siempre, pero Charlotte se queda. Se queda conmigo por un millón de motivos: su estructura, la historia que nos relata, la b [...]

    Leben? oder Theater?Das ist mein ganzes Leben.Aber was ist damit genau gemeint?Ich übergebe Ihnen mein Werk, das mir so viel bedeutet, wie mein Leben.Oder vielleicht: Mein Leben geht zu Ende, hier ist es.Mein GANZES Leben.Man kann diesen Satz auf alle möglichen Arten lesen.Und alle Möglichkeiten scheinen zuzutreffen.Diese Sätze stehen am Ende von Charlottes Leben. Die Nazis rücken näher und sie übergibt ihr Gesamtkunstwerk, das sie "Leben? oder Theater?" nennt, einem Vertrauten.Anfangs ha [...]

    David Foenkinos et moi, on est fâchés depuis ma lecture de La Délicatesse. Certains passages de ce livre m'ont tellement hérissée que je m'en rappelle encore, notamment un paragraphe sur la douceur de la moquette, une sorte d'agglomérat de déclarations à l'eau de rose sur les pieds nus qui foulent la moquette, et de petites phrases interrogatives doucereuses, genre : "Mais qui donc avait inventé la moquette ?" Franchement ça a le don de m'exaspérer. J'imagine encore la voix du narrate [...]

    Foenkinos explore la vie de Charlotte Solomon, en se basant principalement sur une espèce d'autobiographie en textes & images que Solomon elle-même a créée. Alors Foenkinos réécrit essentiellement (ou interprète) l'oeuvre de Solomon.J'ai bien aimé les moments où l'auteur aborde la genèse du livre, ses recherches, son obsession inexplicable (quelles obsessions s'expliquent vraiment?) pour son sujet. J'ai été intriguée, à la fin, quand on apprend que l'autobiographie de Solomon m [...]

    Wahoo.This book totally deserves his price and need to be translate asap!!That's the word to express how I feel about this book. I read it in one sitting basically.This book is about a young woman named Charlotte Salomon who was a German Jewish girl born in the wrong time.This was such a powerful book. Reading about someone's life is absolutely fascinating and even more when this person is part of our History and here it is,a woman who died at the WW2.The author's writing was absolutely wonderfu [...]

    Книгата успя да ме трогне. Стилът на автора е специфичен - кратки изречения, изпълнени с емоции, максимално пълнокръвни и информативни. Художничката Шарлот Соломон много е впечатлила Давид Фоенкинос и той тръгва по нейните стъпки и разкрива краткия й и трагично завършил 26- [...]

    Una experiencia literaria con una historia que merece la pena ser descubiertaMás enentremontonesdelibros/2015/03/charlotte-david-foenkinos-mientrasleoml

    آزار دهنده اس که بخاطر چیزی که خودتون درش نقشی نداشتید مجازات بشید.از نفرت انگیز ترین های این دنیا نژادپرستی است.

    'I am deeply, deeply affected by this sad, beautiful, indignant, wrenching, important book It's stunning' Sarah Perry author of The Essex Serpent. How can I add to that. This story about Charlotte Salomon is heartbreaking - and true. I have read many books about the horrors of Naziism during the 2nd World War and their 'Final Solution'. Charlotte is different. David Foenkinos writes in prose form and it is this simplicity that makes Charlotte's story all the more lucid, inspiring and yet - awful [...]

    David Foenkinos traces the life of Charlotte Salomon, a German Jewish artist from her early childhood until her death pregnant in a concentration camp.Charlotte was a melancholic child, her mother suicided and her father was married to his work, she discovered art and entered an academy (as a jew it was a challenge but her talent was above racism). with the war, Charlotte, a young woman left Berlin, her family and her lover to live in France with her grandparents, there she will create her most [...]

    Долго думала, что меня коробит в этой книге, но наконец прняла. Допустим, вы приехали на экскурсию в Освенцим. Ходите и ходите, но периодически из-за угла выскакивает эксгибиционист, распахивает плащ, трясет невеликим мужским достоинством и кричит:"Меня так потряс Холокост! [...]

    Невероятно въздействаща книга!Написана по специфичен начин-като стихотворение без рима,с кратки,но изненадващо описателни изречения . Мислех,че ще ми е трудно да я чета,а в един момент дори не усещаш как задъхано преминаваш през целия живот на Шарлот.

    What an oddly brilliant novel-biography-memoir is quasi-verse. I'll now have to look up Life? or Theatre?

    some uncertainties end as inevitabilitieslorous and devastating, david foenkinos's charlotte is the novelization of the tragic life of berlin-born jewish artist charlotte salomon. surrounded by suicide, young charlotte turned to art to make sense of her life and the world around her, developing a singular style that would later garner fair acclaim. while her talents drew attention early on, it wasn't until after she was murdered at auschwitz (at the age of 26, while pregnant) that her work rose [...]

    Many years ago I bought a book of reproductions of paintings by the artist Charlotte Salomon. I knew little about her except that she had died in Auschwitz at the age of 26. So my curiosity was piqued when I heard a discussion on the radio of a new novel about her life by the French novelist David Foenkinos, especially since the book was being praised enthusiastically. The paintings reproduced in my book are only a small selection of the 769 paintings that she completed as a visual autobiography [...]

    I was deeply moved by this beautiful and haunting tribute to the life and incandescent talent of young Charlotte Salomon. She was raised in a cultured household in Berlin, survived strange repeated family tragedy, and had the prescience in her mid 20s to preserve her life's story in a unique way (that likely saved her sanity) before perishing naked and five-months-pregnant in a gas chamber in Auschwitz.Foenkinos' choice to use short sentences each on one line, not unlike music lyrics, gives a pr [...]

    Une écriture que j'aime depuis des années, un écrivain que j'estime depuis presque une décennie. Ces romans ont une saveur particulière, que l'on retrouve dans celui-ci. De la simplicité accentuée par ces courtes phrases et ces harmonieux sauts de ligne. On entre sans détour dans la tragédie familiale de Charlotte Salomon, des nombreux suicides au cataclysme de la guerre, en passant par la passion de l'héroïne, la peinture. On s'attache à cette personne, à sa vie, à ses antécéden [...]

    Est-il encore possible aujourd'hui de raconter une histoire liée à la Shoah ? Des milliers de récits, d'essais, de films, de documentaires, dont certains inoubliables, marquants Et, dans l'imaginaire collectif, des images, des scènes, des émotions poignantes Ce problème est au coeur de Charlotte, dernier roman de David Foenkinos, racontant la vie d'une peintre allemande morte à Auschwitz en 1943. Comment rendre justice à ce que fut cette femme, et l'inscrire dans l'Histoire ? Comment év [...]

    Sigo leyendo libros de cinco estrellas, qué feliz me hace eso!No hay que dejar de leer este libro, además de otra historia de una víctima del terror nazi, también una profundísima reflexión sobre el destino, la depresión, el karma, la familia, el amor, el arte y la desazón, o sea, la vida misma.Escrito de una forma totalmente distinta a lo que he leído, parece que me cuentan la historia al oído, haciéndose notar el autor de vez en cuando durante su prosa, pero sobre todo, ayudándome [...]

    Haunting story, beautifully and uniquely told. Classified as a novel, this tells the all-too-true story of Charlotte Salomon, the artist, and her short, trouble-filled life. The author admits to being obsessed with her, and adopts a very creative method for telling about her life and his obsession in a way that dignified both. Well done.

    Charlotte isn't easy to write about. What exactly is it? The story is based on fact: the life of German Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon, who was executed at Auschwitz aged 26. But it's clear that many of the scenes here are embellished, at least mildly fictionalised. At various points throughout the book, without breaking the flow of the narrative, Foenkinos talks about the process of writing Charlotte, his own fascination with Salomon, and the places he visited to get a sense of her life. This [...]

    I’d never even heard of Charlotte Salomon before and how pleased I am to have now discovered her thanks to David Foenkinos’ powerful and moving fictionalised biography of her. He claims it is a novel but this seems disingenuous to me, as it is clearly based almost entirely on fact, not least as he drew on her own art as his principal source. Be that as it may, this exploration of her life and work is beautifully conveyed in very spare and simple language – every sentence is on a new line [...]

    This is one of the most beautiful and best novels I’ve ever read. Vonnegut prized economy of words in his writing, insisting that every sentence should advance the story and give the reader something to grasp. I have never seen that concept executed so strongly and flawlessly and poetically. This is heartbreaking and moving and all that stuff.

    Une rencontre délicate et poignante avec Charlotte Salomon, un destin et une vie bousculée par son époqueJe suis émue, ce bouquin est une pépite !Merci David FoenkinosJe recommande :)

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