The Brutal Art

The Brutal Art

The Brutal Art Ethan Muller is struggling to establish his reputation as a dealer in the cut throat world of contemporary art when he is alerted to a once in a lifetime opportunity in a decaying New York slum an el

  • Title: The Brutal Art
  • Author: Jesse Kellerman
  • ISBN: 9781847441522
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ethan Muller is struggling to establish his reputation as a dealer in the cut throat world of contemporary art when he is alerted to a once in a lifetime opportunity in a decaying New York slum, an elderly tenant has disappeared, leaving behind a staggeringly large trove of original artwork Ethan takes the challenge and makes a name for the old man and himself But sudEthan Muller is struggling to establish his reputation as a dealer in the cut throat world of contemporary art when he is alerted to a once in a lifetime opportunity in a decaying New York slum, an elderly tenant has disappeared, leaving behind a staggeringly large trove of original artwork Ethan takes the challenge and makes a name for the old man and himself But suddenly the police are interested in talking to him It seems that the missing artist had a nasty past, and the drawings are beginning to look a lot less like art and a lot like evidence

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    It's always fun to read books set in the art world. So much is recognisable, but always in caricature, and this one was a pretty good one.I did think that the main character/narrator was kind of a prick, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment at all.

    Author: Jesse KellermanPublished: 2008Recommended for: fans of crime fictionThis book took me a little while to get into it and understand it, but once I did I was hooked on it! I haven't read a book by Jesse Kellerman before or his parents so I was new to his style of writing but it certainly kept my attention throughout the book and it is one that does stick in your mind.The pace of the book is kept up throughout it doesn't have a lull in it where you think if you should continue with it or no [...]

    This was surprisingly and really good, especially for the randomly picked book that I didn't even intend to read. But I checked first ten pages and I was sucked in. A page turner, it's what it was. It was just so well written.The story includes many seemingly uncombinable subjects, such as art and art selling business, family secrets, madness, a hunt for a pedophile, daddy issues, and some other things, more or less. The intrigue was well twisted. At the same time it managed to be witty and funn [...]

    THIS is a great book. I grabbed it randomly off the shelf at the library, pushing the stroller with my two year old inside, just grabbing stuff so I could get out of there before the baby got cranky and hoping for the best. Which--crazily enough--I got. This book is about the art world, which I know nothing about, so I was concerned, but I had no reason to be. Jesse Kellerman does a beautiful job explaining, but not over explaining. The characters in this book are extremely well drawn, the dialo [...]

    Encore une découverte magnifique ! Le thriller artistique !Le narrateur, marchand d’art qui cherche encore sa voie, s’adresse directement au lecteur et annonce la couleur par un mea culpa. Plus qu’un thriller, il s’agit surtout d’un roman psychologique et social, une quasi-saga sur la filiation, l’héritage, le destin, et l’art. Ethan est un personnage très recherché, et très crédible, on plonge dans son monde du marché de l’art sans être englouti, on reste dans l’intrig [...]

    Look I am a Kellerman fan, loved his mum's writing and his dad's so I knew it would be worth the read and I don't think I was wrong. The plot was great and the ending even better

    Plutôt un intriguant portrait de famille qu'un palpitant polarAvec "Les visages", on débute par un polar et on finit par un roman dramatique. Ethan Muller dirige une galerie d'art et fait partie de ces gens assez suffisant, hautains qu'on a du mal à apprécier. Sans compter que c'est le rejeton rebelle d'une grande dynastie américaine, définitivement fâché avec son père. Jusqu'au jour où on lui demande de venir dans un appartement vide où se trouve d'étranges dessins. Ce sont des diza [...]

    Original, but hardly compellingThis book is very difficult for me to discuss, as I am still not sure whether I like it or not. At times the writing is great, and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. At other times, I found myself saying, "Well, that's totally ridiculous!" and laying the book to one side until I could return with a little more enthusiasm. There are a few intriguing twists and turns along the way, so one would expect an unpredictable ending. Not so. The last few chapters l [...]

    Well i was torn between a 3 and a 4 star for this one. In fact whilst writing this i have changed it to a 4!Very in depth and strange plot but i have to admit that i was gripped by the strangeness. Not so sure about the style of writing but it allow some of the mystery to be slowly released without cluttering up one chapter with different times in the past, which may become confusing.As detective stories go it was entertaining, if a little predictable. I in fact had pre-empted the twist about ha [...]

    I liked the mystery threaded through this story, I also liked the way the author took us back in time and showed us the Muller family history. Showing the reader where Ethan Muller came from allowed us to better understand his relationship with his family, especially his father. I liked that we got to see a little slice of life from each generation and the supporting characters had the spotlight for a brief period of time. All of the characters were really well imagined and the outcome of the st [...]

    My advice to anyone reading this is to concentrate - especially during the interludes.The inerludes kind of ruin the book as a narrative structure but are used in a hamfisted fashion by the author to explain the backstory.Its a shame - as most of the book plays with the form of a detective novel and is told in the first person - with the art dealer Ethan Muller talking directly to the reader and explaining why he isnt exaggerating and why the usual forms of a detective thriller (murders, chases, [...]

    When Ethan Muller, a struggling art dealer, stumbles upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in a slum building vacated abruptly by an elderly tenant, he almost cannot believe his good luck. The treasure trove of stunning art work is sure to put Ethan in the forefront of the art scene.But what does anyone know about Victor Cracke, except that he came and went in solitude for nearly forty years, his genius hidden and unacknowledged.Soon Ethan is caught up in the middle of a mystery, aided by a reti [...]

    You know, it kind of surprises me that this book has such a low average rating. I will admit I haven't read any of Jesse Kellerman's other stuff, and haven't read most of the stuff by the rest of his family either. But I really enjoyed this novel.It wasn't really a thriller, and it was sort of incidentally a murder mystery. But it was a great mystery in general, and the story was enthralling. I thought so anyway. The way it slowly unfolded really had me guessing. I guessed that all sorts of peop [...]

    This was an amazingly intriguing and entertaining novel. Ethan Muller, the main character in this story begins his narrative by introducing this account as a detective story and in a way it is but only in the sense that everyone’s life is a detective story. Admittedly, most lives are not as complex or as privileged as Ethan’s but everyone’s life is just as influenced by fate and chance and we find that his attempts to exercise control are no more successful than anyone else. History and fo [...]

    Ce roman policier a eu l'an passé un énorme succès en France.Je ne suis pas sûr de bien comprendre pourquoi.Son héros est un marchand d'art new-yorkais héritier d'une richissime famille. Il découvre dans un appartement perdu d'une cité HLM une collection exceptionnelle de dessins. Seul problème : sur l'un d'entre eux apparaissent les visages enfantins des victimes de crimes pédophiles irrésolus.L'enquête de notre héros est entrecoupé de flash-back sur l'histoire de sa famille, immi [...]

    I got home with this audiobook and was disappointed: when I picked it up, I thought I was getting a Jonathan Kellerman, not a Jesse Kellerman. I'd read one of Jesse's earlier works and didn't want to try again. However, I stuck a CD in the player and was sucked into a story that held me captive. Part of my fascination was the reader's voice - he does a great job of portraying Ethan Muller and the other characters. But the voice can do no more than deliver the story.Jesse Kellerman does a wonderf [...]

    A man goes missing and the landlord discovers an enormous amount of artwork left behind in his apartment. These drawings are given to our protagonist, an art dealer, who introduces them to the world. But no sooner does the buzz start than he is contacted by a retired police officer who feels the art has a connection to a series of unsolved child murders. He tries to solve the mystery while learning more about his own family history and connection to the drawings.Jesse Kellerman doesn't really wr [...]

    I have liked Jesse Kellerman's work in the past. As a matter of fact, this whole family (the Kellerman's) have put out some very good pieces of fiction. This book was very bleak and drawn out though.The book opens with "In the beginning, I behaved badly." I think I started the book twice becuase I was unsure of how that was going to start the book off. I think that statement sets up the atmosphere for the fact that not all of the characters are very likeable, but I can live with that. Anyway, as [...]

    Very promising for the first two-thirds or so, but then starts to prove the adage that it's much harder to finish writing a book than start one. Kellerman's got some interesting things to say about how modern art is evaluated and sold (and skewers the NYC art scene nicely), but the narrative push behind his work peters out at the end. His protagonist even acknowledges as such in what has to be one of the most terribly meta moments I've read in a while, but even that's not enough to save it. A de [...]

    I really enjoyed the writing throughout this book. The story was interesting and concluded nicely, but it was just too long and wordy. I was torn between giving it 3 or 4 stars but I liked the writing enough to go with 4. I also enjoyed the chapters that went back in time and how it all tied up in the end. I did, however, find the first half of the chapters from the past slightly pointless. I think they could have started a lot later in time. But the story was good and not as predictable as I wa [...]

    Sometimes I find the star-rating difficult. I give this book 4 stars because it was very good rather than "I really liked it". The content was quite stomach-turning so 'liking' it isn't an appropriate word for me in this instance. I enjoyed the way it was written following two periods of history concurrently and found the story-line very engaging.

    L'auteur écrit très bien, et c'est globalement un bon thriller, mais malheureusement les commentaires de 4ème de couv du style "meilleur thriller de l'année" etc m'en ont fait espérer plus Au final je m'attendais à un dénouement un peu plus dingue et je suis restée sur ma faim Dommage !

    I can't remember what bothered me about this one. I do recall that I was disappointed. Jesse Kellerman's first novel, Sunstroke, was so good. Then he came out with Trouble, which was just icky. The Genius disappointed me. I don't think he's writing to his full potential.

    Well written, good plot, a likeable narrator and gave me a good insight into the art world/New York/Germany. I did find the flashbacks a bit confusing at times and would've liked the novel to tie up a few more loose ends but overall, I really enjoyed the book.

    Started off promising but there were a few too many stretches in the plot for it to be even remotely believable.

    It's Child 44 in the modern art Soho world. Just another "popular library" book that was interesting enough to be read through, but not compelling enough to be worth an afterthought.

    More a novel than a mystery - I was very much engaged. The family flash backs were, at first, annoying but came to fruition at the end of the book.

    Si nous écoutons le 4ème de couverture, nous devrions être face au thriller de l'année !Donc, qui dit thriller, dit sueurs froides, ou du moins, une tension à son comble, un suspense à couper au couteau et des mains moites serrant le roman.Hem, les 4ème ne sont pas toujours vrais et racontent souvent des "Cracke" (jeu de mots pour les lecteurs du roman).Attention, je ne dis pas que ce "thriller" est mauvais, loin de là… Il est plaisant, mais on est tout de même loin d'une lecture avec [...]

    Je ne sais plus comment je me suis procuré ce livre. Je marche beaucoup aux recommandations à droite ou à gauche, gens, magazines, internet et j'en passe. C'est comme ça que l'on peut tomber sur des petites pépites, découvrir de nouveaux auteurs etc Parfois c'est même en circulant dans les rayons d'un magasin qu'un livre peut m'attirer par son nom, sa couverture, cela me donnant envie de lire la 4ème de couv et ensuite si l'histoire me titille un minimum je peux me le procurer sans avoir [...]

    This book is based on an intriguing premise and the interludes link in a thread to the past. The first half of the book was interesting and throughout the book themes such as the impact of parenting, discrimination and vulnerability are explored. The twist is revealed early on and this does have a negative impact. There are also aspects when it feels Kellerman just wants to tie up so he quickly completes it, which means it loses a sense of reality.

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