Booked 4 Murder

Booked 4 Murder

Booked Murder Never judge a book by its cover Sophie Phee Kimball is not a cop She s a divorced middle aged mom who works as an account clerk for the police department in a small city in Minnesota But her retired

  • Title: Booked 4 Murder
  • Author: J.C. Eaton
  • ISBN: 9781496708557
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never judge a book by its cover Sophie Phee Kimball is not a cop She s a divorced, middle aged mom who works as an account clerk for the police department in a small city in Minnesota But her retired mother, Harriet Plunkett, is convinced Phee is the only one who can solve the mystery of a cursed book According to Harriet, four members of her book club have alreadyNever judge a book by its coverSophie Phee Kimball is not a cop She s a divorced, middle aged mom who works as an account clerk for the police department in a small city in Minnesota But her retired mother, Harriet Plunkett, is convinced Phee is the only one who can solve the mystery of a cursed book According to Harriet, four members of her book club have already succumbed to the deadly curse Harriet insists Phee catch the next plane to her retirement community in Sun City West, Arizona, to investigate Is her mother just bored and lonely She does have a new pet a long haired chiweenie half Chihuahua, half Dachshund for company and a host of pals although that number is admittedly dwindling Phee is certain that their book club selection isn t cursed, but is somebody really knocking off the ladies As Phee starts to uncover dark secrets hidden in plain sight under the blazing Arizona sun, she ll need to read between the lines before it s someone else s final chapter You ll chuckle all the way through this delightful romp through Sun City West, as Phee and her mother unravel the mystery behind the sudden deaths of several book club members It s so cleverly written, you won t guess the perpetrators until the very end Mary Marks, award winning author of the Quilting Mystery series

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    Sophie Phee Kimball works in accounting at the police department so of course her retired mother thinks that should make her perfect to investigate a series of deaths in her retirement community. Sophie's mother is sure that her book club has been reading a cursed book when several of the club's members suddenly die. Sophie does her best to explain to her mother there is no such thing as curses but her mother won't let the matter go. After speaking with a detective friend at work Sophie decides [...]

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsOh my word! This is a wonderful debut!Sophie “Phee” Kimball works for the police department in Minnesota in the office. The only detecting she does is hunting down receipts for expense reports but her dear mother assumes that she can kill the curse that is killing members of her book club. She begs her daughter to come to Sun City West, Arizona before another member ends up dead. Phee tries to calm her mother and put her off until the holidays but Harriet demands her pre [...]

    At first, I wondered if I would like this book because the plot seemed really different, however; new author, J.C. Eaton, skillfully maneuvered the plot with a strong, logically thinking protagonist, Sophie 'Phee' Kimball, making the story irresistible for me. The clues are interspersed with humor making this a swiftly moving read.

    BOOKED 4 MURDER is a mystery too good to 4get!Starting a new book can be hard. When that book is the first in a new series? Well, it can be even harder. So, I started reading BOOKED 4 MURDER with high hopes, mixed with a bit of trepidation. My worries were for nothing. Author J. C. Eaton has created a great new mystery series. I was completely hooked from the first chapter. If this first installment in the series is an example of what is to follow, this series is going to run for a long time.I m [...]

    An entertaining mystery the first in the Sophia Kimball series. I had trouble at first getting into the story. Part way into the book I got involved in the story and found myself turning the pages to see the answer. However, I found the characters one-dimensional and not very interesting. This makes the book hard to rate. My rating is 3.5 stars.Phee works for the police department as an accountant in her hometown. Her Mother lives in Sun City West, Arizona and belongs to a book club. The monthly [...]

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Kensington and Netgalley*A winning first book in a series, Booked 4 Murder is the start to a series that i am sure to continue reading!Sophie was an absolutely wonderful character. She wasn't young, there was no love interest at all (which was amazing!), and she blatantly investigated. Three things that are atypical, but that--combined together--worked! Sophie's mother wasn't sassy or crotchety, another deviation from th [...]

    Booked 4 Murder is the first book in a new cozy mystery series! Sophie Kimball, at almost 45, is enjoying her life. She works for the Mankato, MN Police Department in accounts receivable. Her daughter is in college and her mother has moved to Arizona. Her life is pretty well set. Peaceful. Untilmbers of her mother's book club start dropping dead after reading their book selection for the month, a little known self-published tragic romance, The Twelfth Arrondissement. Sophie's mother, Harriet, im [...]

    Booked 4 Murder is the first book in the A Sophie Kimball Mystery series.Booked 4 Murder is a very enjoyable beginning to, what I think, will be an entertaining series. If you like a good helping of humor with your mysteries, this is definitely a book that should go to the top of your to-read list. A fast paced book with a wonderful cast of characters. The book is set in Sun City, AZ, a retirement community with a group of retired seniors, who are set in their ways but still are alert enough to [...]

    The relationship between the main character Sophie and her mum Harriet is so much fun! I found myself chuckling along at their interactions and not wanting the story to end.Any book involving books will always be on my list of books I WILL get to very soon and I thoroughly enjoyed this wander to Arizona, settling in to pretend I'm with them in the warmth but knowing I ain't gonna get murdered and if I am, they can help find the killer.Book 2 is waiting on my kindle, yay!*Huge thanks to J.C. Eato [...]

    Book #79 Read in 2017Booked 4 Murder by J C EatonThis is the first book in a cozy mystery series. Phee does accounts payable for a police department. Her mother calls her from Arizona and tells her that she needs to come out there and look into this book curse--members of her mother's book club have died under suspicious circumstances since beginning their group read. Phee heads out and tries her hand at being Nancy Drew. This was a good mystery which kept me guessing until the end. I will conti [...]

    Fantastic cozy!~An excellent first book in the series. I loved how well written this was. A ton of action and mystery. Loved the characters and the creative title and story. Love that gorgeous cover, I mean its one of the best Ive seen in a while!5 stars from me!

    Bel libro, con uno stile frizzante: più di una volta mi sono ritrovata col sorriso sulle labbra. Non male la storia gialla. Poi, forse per le temperature estreme di questi giorni, mi sono veramente immedesimata nella protagonista che dal fresco del Minnesota si ritrova nell'assolata Arizona: fra l'altro, il libro è ambientato in una cittadina vicino a Phoenix e durante il mio bellissimo viaggio nei parchi americani ho patito veramente il caldo solamente nella mezza giornata che abbiamo passato [...]

    A great kickoff to a new series! This story written by husband and wife, James E. Clapp and Ann I. Goldfarb is set in a senior community in Sun City West, Arizona, and is often laugh out loud funny. The rest of my time was spent [figuratively] shaking my head at the antics of these characters.I can't wait to see what happens next in book #2 in this series, Ditched for Murder!!

    Booked 4 Murder, by J C Eaton has everything I like in a cozy - a mystery that keeps you guessing, humor (Mother and the book club crew were hoots!), a relatable heroine who had life experience and of course, a wonderfully crabby little dog! Phee Kimball is a good daughter. When her mother calls Phee with the news that her book club has started reading a cursed book and the members are dropping like flies, Phee is on the way to sunny Arizona to find out what's happening. The final showdown in th [...]

    I absolutely enjoyed this book. It was a cute, quick read that kept me guessing until the very end. I loved all the twists and turns.

    I've been on a roll with fantastic cozies this year but the last few have been a little flat. However, as soon as I started this one I knew my luck was changing. This mystery was so much fun! Phee is not your typical amateur detective. She's a little bit older than usual and while she does work for the police department her primary investigations involve tracking down receipts and she likes it that way. She has no interest in solving a mystery that she's pretty sure is amazing until a friend (wh [...]

    Loved Sophie Kimball! Great first book in a series. Having to go to Arizona on the crazy whim of her mother is not Sophie's idea of a vacation. Her mother is convinced there is a book curse causing members of her book club to die. Now Sophie has to play sleuth to find out. A wonderful story that mystery readers will want to read. The next one is on my must-read list.

    What a FUN book and I laughed a few times. The ending was a little convoluted to me but it didn't take away from the enjoyment

    I enjoyed Booked 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton. The book was funny and entertaining. I look forward to reading more in this series.

    Booked 4 Murder is the first book of a new cozy mystery series by J.C. Eaton. It follows Sophie Kimball as she travels from Missouri to Arizona to help out the world's most annoying mother. Sophie, or Phee as everyone calls her, works for the police department, but in accounting. Her mother calls her and demands she come to her home to investigate a series of deaths. When Phee's mother tells her in the first few pages: “I’m telling you, Phee, they were all murdered. Murdered by reading that [...]

    Booked 4 Murder is the debut book in J.C. Eaton’s Sophie Kimball Mystery series and is a well-written, steady paced and humorous whodunit, with well-developed and likeable characters. This is a fast and fun read. There are enough suspects, twists and turns, and red herrings to keep the reader engaged. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading fun, well-crafted cozy mysteries. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment, Ditched 4 Murder, in this series.Sophie ‘Phee’ Kimb [...]

    This is a fabulous first in series by a husband and wife team! The setting is Sun City West, Arizona, and I live very close to it. Loved reading street names and restaurants that sound familiar. The plot has an abundance of twists and turns right through the very end, reminding me of a ball of yarn that several kittens have a battle with. The authors, however, have it well under control at all times and execute it with finesse.Phee (Sophie) Kimball is an accountant with the police department in [...]

    An interesting story that featured a set of hipsters at their young age of eighty plus, the characters of this book were a unique and interesting bunch. Harriet Plunkett continuously nagged her daughter Sophia to leave her accounting job at the police station for a while, to come and investigate the curse that was on a book her book club was discussing, which as she puts, it killed three of their members in one month, she didn’t want to be the next on the list to die. To appease her mom Phee t [...]

    What a fun surprise, Booked 4 Murder was! The first book in a new cozy mystery series, this book was entertaining from start to finish. Slightly different than most cozies I've read, Phee Kimball is a divorced middle aged woman who flies from Minnesota to Arizona to help her mother solve a mystery. The members of her mother's, Booked 4 Murder book club, seem to be dropping like flies! Is their monthly book choice cursed? This book was well written and included references to popular television sh [...]

    This book was just ok. After I read the synopsis, I thought I'd really love the book, but I found it very slow-moving at most times. There were a lot of dated references in the book that seemed out of place considering the setting is in the present. And the main character "talked" to herself way too much throughout the book, which was very awkward to read. The mystery itself was very promising in the beginning, but because the story was so slow in pace, I stopped caring about the big reveal long [...]

    Booked 4 Murder, is the first in a new series by J.C. Eaton and Sophie "Phee" Kimball is the main character. From the minute you start reading Booked 4 Murder you are along for the ride with Phee and let me tell you it is a crazy ride !!Phee, like any loving daughter, will do what she can to help her mothereven if the idea presented is absolutely crazy ! Phee's mother, Harriet, is in a book club and the book they are currently reading has a curse on it !! And Harriet wants Phee to drop everythin [...]

    Sophie, a civilian police employee in Mankato, takes some vacation time to visit her mother in Sun City West when members of Mom's book club start dying while reading their current mystery. There are four dead already, and Sophie soon learns that two of them were clearly natural deaths. The other two, howeverOf course, Sophie is sure that the book was not cursed, as local rumor has it. With the help of a policeman-friend back home, Sophie's investigation progresses, until the local, and then nat [...]

    I enjoyed the plot, characters, and location of the story. This is a first in the series of the Sofie Kimball Mystery series. Sofie, a.k.a. Phee is an accountant at a police department in Minnesota that gets roped into investigating recent deaths among her mother's book club in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Even though, Phee didn't get it solved correctly, she did uncover what happened by the end of the story. The authors were able to capture the Arizona retirement community lifestyle and though [...]

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