Fakers Aiden and Noah are the stars of the TV show Wolf Season which after two fairly successful seasons is facing cancellation In a desperate attempt to save it their manager comes up with a publicity st

  • Title: Fakers
  • Author: Mark Summers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aiden and Noah are the stars of the TV show Wolf Season, which after two fairly successful seasons, is facing cancellation In a desperate attempt to save it, their manager comes up with a publicity stunt that s bound to bring some much needed attention to the show a real life relationship between the young men Reluctant at first, they soon find that this could be theirAiden and Noah are the stars of the TV show Wolf Season, which after two fairly successful seasons, is facing cancellation In a desperate attempt to save it, their manager comes up with a publicity stunt that s bound to bring some much needed attention to the show a real life relationship between the young men Reluctant at first, they soon find that this could be their only chance to save their careers, so they embark on a journey of lies, secrets, and trouble.How far will they go to deceive their fans How far will they go before they lose track of what s real and what s fake This is a full, standalone novel of 60,000 words, and it does not end on a cliffhanger Warning Mature content not suitable for minors.

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      318 Mark Summers
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    "It's going to be okay, though," Oliver interrupted his internal turmoil. "I know." He didn't know. He didn't know anything. There is a whole genre that I have been oblivious to apparently - and that is "Sterek" fan fic. I didn't know this was a thing but it is. I enjoyed Fakers. It was a light and quick read that kept me captivated. Its GFY, quasi-enemies to lovers story line that had some depth thrown in here and there. It was mostly light reading and light drama as well. Aiden and Noah agree [...]

    3 starsThis was an enjoyable story overall. I have to admit that I bought this story because I'm a Sterek fan. Sterek fanfic is based off 2 male characters, Stiles and Derek, from the TV show Teen Wolf. In the show they're both heterosexual but some viewers have fantasized about them together in a m/m relationship and that is Sterek. This story seemed like it might be about the actors that played Stiles and Derek (Dylan O'Brien & Tyler Hoechlin) getting together to save their show but that i [...]

    A solid three stars. I really did enjoy Fakers. Aiden and Noah star in a werewolf television show together but it may be cancelled after only its second season. Their plan to save it? Date each other! I really like Noah and would have enjoyed getting his point of view throughout the book. Aiden has worked hard to leave his childhood home behind. His father left when he was 6 and his mom was horrible at best. She seriously pissed me off sometimes and I didn't understand how he couldn't tell her t [...]

    This was a YA book. Unbelievable double Gay for You. Was not convinced that Noah was attracted to Aiden. There was emotional chemistry between the two, but no physical chemistry. The only sex scene was at 97% and was rushed and quite a let down considering the long build up.

    3.5 stars. Damn I had written out a review and then was correcting something & lost my entire post. Grrrrr. So let me try this again.This was a cute quick read. We have Aiden & Noah who agree to pretend to be in a relationship so that they can save their TV show and hopefully have it renewed. What starts off as a pretend relationship slowly turns into much more. . I would have liked to have gotten Noah's POV & gotten into his head, especially when Aiden decided to agree to their mana [...]

    The author provided me a free ebook for an honest review!!2.5 starsI think I could have really liked this, but this book needs an Editor and some more Beta readers to help tighten it up. The world of 'Sterek' fan fic is a truly amazing place with some of the most talented writers. The hilarious No Homo is on my GOAT and re-read shelves and the massive popularity and peoples love for it seems to have been the muse for this book. (Even though the traditional 'Sterek' characters do not appear here. [...]

    3.5 rounded up to 4 starsAiden and Noah are both actors on a tv show when their agent suggests that they start a fake relationship with each other to boost ratings so the show can get another season. Neither of them are crazy about the idea at first, but they reluctantly agree. Noah comes from a very supportive family and has recently ended his long term relationship with his high school girlfriend. Aiden's father left when he was very young and his mother was not a great mother to him or his 2 [...]

    I was given this novel in exchange for a honest review so here it is.I thought this was a wonderful and interesting read. The story line was strong and the characters were well developed and believable. The story revolves around two young straight men, Aiden and Noah, who had agreed to participate in a fake gay relationship with each other to boost the ratings of the TV show they were involved in. Both were very uncomfortable with this project, but decided to make the most of it. Aiden's best fr [...]

    Mark Summers had my attention with Fakers. It wasn't only a surprising m/m romance that happened to spring up between two supposedly straight young men, it also dealt with family, and some very serious issues. Trigger warnings for mentions of abusive behaviors toward children and adult characters. Also, there is an unrequited love. Heartbreaking unrequited love. But, I'm hoping the author will take care of that in the near future. Aiden and Noah fell in love with each other after being thrown in [...]

    ****4 Not a Fake Stars****Mark Summers is a new author to me so I went into it with an open mind and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed reading it! It appeared to be a straight-straight to gay-gay story which is a bit unusual but Mr. Summers made it work. I would of liked both MC POV which would have made the story flow better and the reader to understand their feelings. The editor needs a writing refresher as there were times that misspellings and typographical errors made the story h [...]

    I had never read a book from Mark Summers but I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the history. It flowed very well and I could not stop reading it. It was an amusing and sweet story.I loved that the romance between Aiden and Noah wasn’t hurried nor like a porn movie, because that made it more real to me. I could feel the confusion that Aiden felt and that helped me to connect with the character.I give it 4/5 because I would love to read Noah’s POV . I felt bad for Oliver but luckily h [...]

    Who's Pretending To BeWhatThe author gave me a copy for an honest review. This is a very well written debut novel. This is a story about two young straight men who are willing to do anything to save their acting careers, including pretending to be gay. This is a interesting and entertaining story about what they learn about themselves and their sexual preferences. While they are learning about one part of their life other circumstances are causing them to have to deal with other people in their [...]

    A very sweet story of friendship.Live was never easy for Aiden. His mother was never a mother and left home as soon as he could.He started a life in LA with his best friend, seemingly forgotten about the rest of his family.When low ratings on his TV show forces change, a plan is put into place.Plans have a way of changing when feelings become involved.A great book where friendship is the star.

    CaptivatingSummers has mastered the well rounded character. Even what in other books would be 2d secondary characters are three dimensional. The story was a truly immersive experience. I devoured this book in one sitting. I feel as if Liam was set up as a tease to maybe a second Fakers universe novel maybe even with cameos for Aiden and Noah? fingers crossed! Hint hint Mr. Author man some of us are still hungry for more of your words. No worries to you other readers he ties up any loose ends qui [...]

    **Grammar***Received a free copy from the author in exchange of an honest review*I must say that the fake/pretend relationship trope is one of my favourites and I saw a lot of potential in the idea behind this book, but in the end I cant give more than 3.5 stars.Noah and Aiden are both young, barely 20, and actors. They act in the same show and this job was always their dream. The sad thing is that they risk of losing it all, bcs the series rating is going down and maybe there will not be a 3rd [...]

    Wow, I loved this! Oliver (Aiden’s best friend) was definitely my favorite character. He’s so adorable, sweet, caring, and smart. Pretty much an all-round perfect person. Even the few flaws you might be able to pick out only make him more endearing. In fact, I was very glad that even with Aiden’s relationship with Noah, Oliver wasn’t left out or trivialized. So the protagonist’s BFF remained an important character throughout the story, which doesn’t happen that often in romances. I l [...]

    The 2 MCs are in a TV show together about werewolves and the 2 seasons of the show might be it unless Aiden and Noah are willing to pull a publicity stunt in order to up the ratings. The stunt? The actors are supposed to play it up in public that they are in actuality a couple. The catch? The actors are straight. Both of them.After the freakout is over by the actors and everyone else, they both begin to wonder if it would work to bring in much needed attention in order for the show that they lov [...]

    I enjoyed it and would read more from this new author.This is the first book I’ve read by Mark Summers and I enjoyed reading it; it’s a solid 3.5 stars for me. Fakers is one of the few M/M romance stories I’ve read that I’d rate as a spicy read rather than a scorcher. There was sexual tension between the 2 MCs (main characters) who both start out the story as straight, but only one scene that contained any sex at all and that was pretty mild.Aiden and Noah are the stars of a TV show that [...]

    ***3.5 Stars for Fakers***I’m seeing a lot of comparisons to Sterek, something I’ve never followed and to which I cannot comment. However, I enjoyed this book a great deal. Aiden and Noah each play a werewolf on a television show where their characters are on opposite sides. Unfortunately, the show may not get a third season as viewers are fickle and the ratings are down. As a gimmick to garner attention, their manager devises a scheme – put the two together as a ‘couple’ and let the w [...]

    2.5 stars rounded upWhat an interesting premise. In a world where many celeb romances are as fake as a Kardashian's arse, what an interesting twist that two male stars of a waning TV show would drum up interest and boost ratings by appearing to be the next hot couple. Fandoms are packed with passionate shippers fascinated with fanfiction (Johnlock FTW!), eager to go nuts at the mere mention of two male characters getting all hot and steamy.Honestly, I felt like the idea could have been pushed ev [...]

    This is the first book I've read from Mark Summers. I have to say it was an interesting story. How many of us go through our lives faking one thing or another? That's basically what Aiden had to do to keep his TV show for another season. He and Noah had to fake as a gay couple in love. Well Aiden totally had a fit when his manager, Mason, brought this to their attention but his best friend Oliver talked him into it. Oliver has been in love with Aiden since the moment they met basically. However [...]

    This book is not what I expected. The author has so many twists and turns. There were a few things I never anticipated. Mark Summers is a really good storyteller. He knows how to keep the reader anticipating what might happen. It was a lengthy book , but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I received a free copy as an ARC, I purchased the book when it became available on and here is my honest with you.This was a book full of angst, surprises, hurt feelings, unspoken feelings, misinterpretation [...]

    The idea is good but execution needs polishingThis isn't a bad storyline, the basic premise, while an often used trope, actually has decent planning and a nice twist with a scheming gay best friendUnfortunately, the execution of the tale is muddled and there are simply too many voices all trying to be heard at once. On top of that, the secondary story with Adi's family just confuses matters and doesn't really need to be there for me as it simply distracts from the development of the GFY friends [...]

    “It actually felt natural… like I already knew I liked all of you before I saw all of you.”I enjoyed this book, it was easy for me to sink into the not-so-pretend chemistry between Aiden and Noah after they agree to a publicity stunt to garner public favour for the television program they co-star in. Aiden and Noah’s fake relationship gave them an opportunity to reinforce the foundation of a friendship that was fun and entertaining to read long before either begin to question why they’ [...]

    3.5 STARS - GREAT POTENTIALI'm always a bit nervous of reading new authors so it's a great relief to be able to say 'Yeah, good job."I knew within the first couple of pages that Mark Summers is going to make a decent author. I won't say there aren't issues - the book would benefit from a meeting with a good editor - but once I stopped rearranging sentences in my head, I really enjoyed the story. Now, I'm not an editor but a decent one will help with the run on sentences and few niggly (but not t [...]

    Story of an earnest, young LA actorI am going to be careful in how I review this because the plot trajectory isn't totally clear in the beginning & I'm pretty sure it is purposeful. I will say that this is more the story of Aiden stepping into adulthood, figuring out who he is & where his priorities are --than just a straight out romance. What really comes across in the writing is the earnestness & awkwardness of being in your early 20s and really being confronted by how much you don [...]

    Review: **4 stars (not faking it) for Fakers!**This was the first book I’ve read by Mark Summers, and it won’t be my last! Fakers was filled with two interesting and likeable main characters, who “fake” the PR machine that is Hollywood, and try to drum up some interest in their about-to-be-cancelled TV show.At first I was a bit skeptical of how it would all work – neither character was particularly onboard with the idea, but when they gave in, it all came together with a bang. Now if y [...]

    Aiden and Noah are facing the cancelation of their show when their manager comes up with the brilliant idea of a fake relationship (something current fan fiction seems to be going nuts for), only problem… they are both straight. Aiden has no problem with gay men, Aiden’s best friend Oliver is openly gay (and harbored a not so secret crush on Aiden for some time), however, Noah seems a bit homophobic and neither takes to the idea. When push comes to shove though they each agree and as they sp [...]

    Fakers is the first book that I have read by Mark Summers. After reading some other reviews I realized that I have apparently been missing out on "Sterek" fan-fiction. I admit I have no idea what that is, so it has no bearing on my review. I enjoyed this book. It was a little slow to start off but I loved the overall story. Some of the characters were a little under developed, but still enjoyable. M/M romance has become on of my favorite sub-genres, so I am always excited to read a new M/M book. [...]

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