Corduroy In a girl named Lisa fell in love with a little brown bear wearing green overalls with one button missing and thousands of readers followed suit making Corduroy one of the best loved children

  • Title: Corduroy
  • Author: Don Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780670063369
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1968, a girl named Lisa fell in love with a little brown bear wearing green overalls with one button missing, and thousands of readers followed suit, making Corduroy one of the best loved children s books of all time Now, forty years later, Viking proudly celebrates Don Freeman s classic with a very special anniversary edition With an extra large trim size and specialIn 1968, a girl named Lisa fell in love with a little brown bear wearing green overalls with one button missing, and thousands of readers followed suit, making Corduroy one of the best loved children s books of all time Now, forty years later, Viking proudly celebrates Don Freeman s classic with a very special anniversary edition With an extra large trim size and special features including an embossed cover and four bonus spreads of never before seen materials, this handsome volume is a must have for any Corduroy fan.

    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ↠ Corduroy - by Don Freeman ✓
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    Corduory is the tried-and-true story of an outcast toy in search of an owner/happiness. As a sort of allegory for that, he's also missing a button. And at the end he finds them both.It's well written, well illustrated, but the only adventure Corduroy goes on is up an escalator in a mall--not exactly the most exciting thing. On top of that, it doesn't really have any surprises or twists or ups-and-downs. The Velveteen Rabbit just seems like a much better version of the same story.

    I'm not entirely sure why, but when reading this book aloud, I'm always compelled to give Corduroy a (very bad) British accent. I think I mix him up with Paddington in my head. But [SPOILER ALERT], there's no marmalade in this book. Lots of hullabaloo about buttons, though.

    This is my second favorite book ever. It was the first book I ever read that had a lead character that looked like me. (And no, I don't mean the bear.) The little Black girl, (Penny, I think?) was well groomed and cared for, and SO nice.People out there who've always had characters in books and magazines who look like them won't 'get it'. The significance will be lost on them I fear. But it's instances like that that help establish a child's self-esteem and community worth. Besides, it was a swe [...]

    Corduroy was one of my childhood favorites and I still love it! I am struggling to write an adequate review, and since I am pressed for time I will just say for now that I love everything about it! I feel all the emotions are conveyed so well, from Corduroy's loneliness to the girl's sense of finding a "kindred spirit" in the bear, to Corduroy's wish to find the button to make himself more appealing, to his glorious adventure (oh, how I loved that escalator "mountain" and the many fabulous mattr [...]

    Why five stars? Because I can, and if you don't like it, I'll see to it that you have a nipple ripped off, and that there's no little girl around to sew it back on you! This book was awesome when I was a kid, and it still is. However, the escalator scared me because I always thought it was going to eat Corduroy. See, even as a child I was fucked up in the head; a great big ball of fear, ha ha. The security guard was a little scary too. Plus, he's a little bear all alone in the mall after closing [...]

    I think I've found a new favorite book.What is this stuff falling from my eyes? YES, I'M CRYING.My heart breaks and melts for stuffed animals and dolls, "You must be a friend". <3 <3 <3Corduroy, the cutest teddy bear, and a lonely one too, meets a little girl who will be her friend, and it was love at first sight. TEARS <3 pd: My heart can't take this.

    I accidentally ran into this book on the homepage and it brought the tears of joy to my eyes!This was probably my favorite picture book when I was a child! Since it's in English, my mother had to read it to me because I didn't learn English until I was 10. It had the most beautiful pictures ever, and the story was so beautiful.During the recent house cleaning I re-discovered this book again, and I read it on my own, probably for the first time in my whole life! I have put it safe and sound on m [...]

    This was far too simple for me, since 1. I’m a teenager and 2. I never read it as a child, so it doesn’t come with the benefit of nostalgia. But for young ones, this would be an amazing adventure.And it’s 100%, indisputably clean!

    I’ve fallen in love with Corduroy. Just like Lisa, the little girl in Don Freeman’s children’s book, who buys Corduroy from the toy department with her piggy bank savings.Corduroy sadly believes that his missing button is why he’s still on the shelf instead of at home with the little girl so he goes on a search to find his button.Lisa reappears and buys Corduroy anyway, loving him whole, despite his missing button. Once at home with Lisa, she sews a new button for Corduroy but says “I [...]

    I love this cute little book about a bear in green corduroy overalls. It is definitely on my list of books to get for my own child (if I have one). I'd also want to get a Corduroy bear, too.

    Corduroy has an wholesome, old time feel to it. My toddler daughter and I enjoyed reading this together. I liked seeing things happening through Corduroy's eyes. I was rooting for the little guy to find a home and for someone to look past the fact that he wasn't in perfectly new shape. If we owned this one, I could see my daughter requesting it over and over. This was a Children's Picture Book Club read for the month of December:/topic/show/7

    My mother raised me on Corduroy and now I am continuing tradition with my little one. This book will absolutely always have a special place in my heart.

    Another classic children's story that I have never read before. It was originally published in 1968 & to me it has undertones that reflect that time in our history with such great honesty & simplicity. Even though there is a cute little adventure that Corduroy goes on through the dept. store I feel that the main story is Lisa the little girl who sees him & loves him the way he is, so much so that she counts her money to go back and buy him. She takes him home to love & care for b [...]

    Corduroy bear is on the search for a missing button that has come off his clothes. He finds one that he thinks is it, but it is attached to a mattress where he lives in the department store. He has always wanted to live in a home, and in the end gets his wish.

    To check out my reviews: dancinginth3darkI remember seeing the cover of this book and I thought I had read it and seen the movie but I mistaken it for The Tangerine Bear which is practically the same story of a toy bear who was abandoned because no one wanted to buy it. I've been cleaning up my read pile because I have a ton of books that either I read it and don't remember it or I only read 50% of it and DNF the rest because it was school requirement.Reading now the story of Corduroy I realize [...]

    This was my favorite book as a very young child. I bet I carried this book EVERYWHERE!!! Such a classic!

    I dont usually review my son's books but this one in particular really knaws at me for some reason. It has consistently been in the Must Read book list for children since its publication in late 1960s.Although they say the book is about a teddy bear having an adventure and finding a home but when reading the book it seemed to me that the whole theme revolved around consumerism. The little teddy in green overalls lives at a department store waiting for someone to buy him. A little girl once stops [...]

    A memory forgotten is what comes to mind with Corduroy. As a child I read this book and fell in love. "It couldn't be because I had 50 stuffed animals or more."Corduroy was published in 1968 by Viking Press. On October 2, 2008 parents and teachers across the globe read Corduroy in unison as part of the Jumpstart program. Jumpstart is a nonprofit national organization aimed at helping prepare preschool children to succeed in primary education.One busy day at the department store children are play [...]

    Having several Corduroy books, I was curious to read this one, seeing as how it's the one that shows Corduroy's beginnings. Nothing unique or original about this story, it falls between a level 1 and level 2 reading level for children. Nothing about it really held the attention of my kids, and so we weren't impressed. The illustrations were probably its only redeeming quality and even those didn't stand out too much.

    Not convinced that Corduroy really should find his lost button in the first place. Sends message that he is not worth buying unless someone fixes his button problem. Overall, disturbing and unamerican.

    Read In FebruaryI loved reading this to my son. He enjoyed it as well. Such a classic, love it!

    My reading challenge included the category "a book from your past that always makes you smile" and I knew immediately what I was going to read. I read this book to my brothers when they were small and continued the tradition with my children when they came along. It is one of my all time favorite books, and today, on my brother's 40th birthday, it brings a smile to my face (and maybe a tear) and some wonderful memories. Definitely one to share with the little ones in your life, and the Corduroy [...]

    Mom recently got me some new literary onesies and one of them has Corduroy on it. She said we had to read the book so if one of my colleagues at daycare asked me about it I would be prepared to discuss. I thought it was wonderful!

    MY REVIEWCorduroy is a cute book about a bear in a department store. I like this story because it teaches children that you don't have to have everything and that you don't have to be absolutely perfect to be loved. I like that this story is easy to follow and that the message is one that children and adults alike should learn. This story could be a very useful tool when teaching children about self-esteem, and that it is okay to make mistakes. The book has wonderful onomatopoeia including "Pop" [...]

    Don Freeman's Corduroy tells the story of a lonely department store bear who's biggest wish is to be bought and taken home by a loving boy or girl. When Corduroy is passed up by a little girl because he is missing a button on his overalls, he goes on an adventure around the store to find himself a new button. A security guard catches Corduroy before he can get a new button and places him back on the toy shelf. Just when Corduroy has lost hope of ever being chosen by a family, the same little gir [...]

    This is a classic book, that I loved as a child and always read when I went to my grandmother’s house. This is a touching story of a rejected bear, who had always wanted so many things, that is finally picked up off the store shelf and given everything he ever wanted. However, because Corduroy now knows he is missing a button and come night time he sneaks off the shelf and goes searching for his button. He gets noticed by the mall security officer and is placed on his shelf in time for the lit [...]

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