It's Not About Me

It's Not About Me

It s Not About Me It s Not About Me is a must read for every young adult in today s world boy or girl Not only does it explore in depth the intense sexual pressures placed upon today s youth but also the serious effe

  • Title: It's Not About Me
  • Author: Michelle Sutton
  • ISBN: 9780979748516
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s Not About Me is a must read for every young adult in today s world, boy or girl Not only does it explore in depth the intense sexual pressures placed upon today s youth, but also the serious effects of alcoholism and rape More importantly, it addresses issues of true faith and Christianity.

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    I made the "mistake" of picking up this book as soon as I finished Michelle Sutton's "Never Without Hope". I figured I'd take a peak and ended up ignoring my family for the entire night so I could finish it! The book caught my attention from the get go and then shocked me and kept me hooked all the way through.Wonderful Christian fiction with a great message!

    Most Christian books dance around the subject of sex and the repercussions, especially at the teen-age level. This one wades right in and lays it on the line. A couple of the scenes get somewhat graphical in nature, making it seem more real. They may make the Puritan types queasy and even cause them to put the book down and maybe send them scurrying to the bookstore to complain that they are offended by the garbage they have purchased This material is not written for them anyway. This work is a [...]

    I picked up IT'S NOT ABOUT ME intending to glance at a page or two, and ended up spending the entire day glued to the story. This book handles some tough issues with sensitivity and grace. Besides that, it's just a GOOD story! The hero is incredibly romantic, and the heroine so realistic she brought tears to my eyes. Parts of this story are hard to read, but that's because the author drew me in so thoroughly I felt like I was experiencing the painful parts with the characters. And because of tha [...]

    I picked this up because it was supposed to be an "edgy" Christian romance and I was interested to see what was meant by that. I suppose "edgy" means total melodramatic trainwreck, because the book certainly was that. But maybe it was the vomiting because there was plenty of that too.Annie is a Nice Christian Girl dating a Tony, a preacher's kid who has started hanging out with a Bad Influence Friend (character not fleshed out) who releases Tony's inner Mr. Hyde. Tony starts looking at porn and [...]

    I told Michelle I wasn't fit to write a review of this book and I still don't believe I am, but I'm going to give it a fair shot! It's good! THERE! That's my review! Naw, not really!Man! Where does one begin?!? Two brothers, a beautiful girl, one using charm and good looks to get her, the other relying on God. Then you have the girl. She's a mess herself. She wants the younger brother, for all the wrong reasons. She gets attacked one night because the younger brother, is in trouble and is late p [...]

    IT’S NOT ABOUT ME, BY MICHELLE SUTTONFinally! In an amoral society that pushes young people to the edge, we have an “edgy” novel that pushes right back! Kudos to Michelle Sutton for her debut novel, It’s Not About Me, which confronts real problems encountered by real youth—sexual pressure, drinking, pornography—and counters them with a message of hope and faith that is so vital for today’s young adults. This compelling story gives a rare and honest glimpse into the “perfect” li [...]

    This is my second Michelle Sutton novel and I so appreciate her heart. The desire she has to portray life and "Christianity" as she sees it is inspiring.I cared about the characters in this novel. Both Dan and Tony are endearing in their own, very different ways. And I was happy to see that Annie--the beautiful church girl who survived a horrific attack--was able to find Christ through the tragedy. On the downside, this novel has a very narrow audience. Unless you've grown up in church, you may [...]

    Oooo la la lagnifique. That's what, It's Not About Me, is. A very emotionally satisfying, romance-filled, edgy story. Michelle is a very gifted writer whose writing style is quite unique. And she's not afraid to touch on, well, touchy subjects, and she handles them extremely well. A must read to be sure. Top of the line YA book.

    Annie has a charmed life: she’s beautiful, graduated from high school with honors, has been accepted at the college of her choice, is surrounded by family and friends who love and support her, and has a handsome steady boyfriend. But one night, her perfect life is shattered and everything changes so quickly she’s not sure which way to turn. Caught between her boyfriend and his brother, both of whom claim to love her, Annie is torn as to who she should choose to be with while trying to heal f [...]

    Having read a bunch of reviews of this book before I was able to get my hands on a copy I had several thoughts about what to expect. In starting the first and second chapter I was extremely hesitant. It was reminiscent to a time that I would gladly leave in my past memories and never go back to reflect. (A time that brought on a great long depression and I did not want to bring it back) But I promised to read the book and the author is a friend, so I prayed about continuing, felt peace and went [...]

    Michelle Sutton is known as the Edgy Inspirational Author and BOY! is that not more true, then in It's Not About Me. Before, I hadn't read anything by Michelle, but now I am a full fledged Sutton fan! It's Not About Me is the story of Annie a teenage girl going through life pleasing everybody and trying not to cause any ripples. On one tragic night, Annie and everything she's ever known, is turned upside down. Now, while trying to piece things back together, Annie makes some life changing decisi [...]

    I’ve always loved the song Beauty from Ashes. To me, there is no better way to describe God’s hand in our lives. He loves us so much, and although we sometimes go through horrible circumstances, if we allow him, God can lift us from that horrible, dark place and set us one a new path, filled with blessings. This is the heart of Michelle Sutton’s debut novel It’s Not About Me. Annie Myers is a prom queen dating the prom king. She has it all. But in the world no one sees, she struggles to [...]

    It's Not About Me is a great book. I couldn't hardly stop reading it till it was finished.Annie thought she had everything going for her, she went to church, she had a loving family, and a boyfriend who lover her. Then something happens and everything changes. Annie starts to learn that it is not always all about me, but that it is really about him.(God)The characters in this book are great, and the story feels very real. It is hard for me to say a whole lot with out giving to much away, but it [...]

    Michelle Sutton, known for her edgy christian romance did an amazing job with "It's Not About Me." She masterfully captured the the angst and confusion people in our society experience today when it comes to affection, love, and sex. While Annie loved both brothers, Michelle helped her find her way to true love. Our innate desire as women is to please the man in our lives, sometimes even if that means compromising ourselves and our conscience. But, is this desire to please truly love? Michelle d [...]

    The author of this book is a very good friend of mine. We go way back-seriously. Still, I am going to give my honest review of this book. I have to admit, I haven't read many YA Christian fiction books. The ones I have were good, but they were a long time ago when I was young, and was nothing like this one! This is a great YA book. I think many people try to make Christians out to be prim and perfect, but this book portrays what it is like to be a Christian in the real world. We've got the main [...]

    Michelle Sutton has brought the events of this short span of Annie’s experience to life and penned a collection of vivid characters that will live on for the reader beyond closing this book. I am amazed at the debut authors I am discovering who have a power with words that I have rarely seen over many years of reading. I suspect that her books along with two of my other favorite new authors Geralyn Beauchamp and Julie Lessman will one day join the ranks of authors such as Karen Kingsbury and F [...]

    I wasn't sure about this story when I started reading it. I downloaded it onto my kindle because I wanted to read more by the author. The main character is a teenager girl dealing with pressure from her boyfriend to have sex before marriage. I thought, well this will be an OK story and I will recommend it to my 17-yr-old niece. I thought it was directed more toward a young adult audience. But, the most horrific thing happens to her and the story takes a turn. She must now deal with the physical [...]

    I had been wanting to read Michelle Sutton's debut novel and had been hearing really good things about it. Well, it did not disappoint. I actually started it at 12:30 am one night as I went to bed - I put it down at 4:01 am when I finished - it just kept me flipping the pages to see what would happen next. It is compelling and very thought provoking with an excellent plot to drive the storyline. The way Michelle works a real attack into the story really made things real to me. My daughter is 12 [...]

    I had a special, close bond with this book. Maybe closer than most as my kids were the cover models. I can't spoil the story for you by telling the real behind-the-scenes but I can tell you Katie, the redhead gal on the cover, is my daughter-in-law now ;) Reading Annie's story while knowing the cover model made it an intense, emotional read for me. Anything happening with Annie had the girl I knew in the real world attached in my head. Talk about seeing a movie as you read! It's Not About Me is [...]

    I loved this book. Michelle has carefully constructed the characters to make them very real. Her descriptions easily allow you to get into the story and develop relationships with the characters. Without giving anything away, her scene descriptions hit all of the senses. The story lines are well woven with no loose ends. Because the story moves so well, you'll find yourself wanting more and becoming emotionally involved. Thank God for the follow up books, "It's Not About Him" and "It's Not About [...]

    It's Not About Me is a terrific book that doesn't tiptoe around real issues. As a former high school teacher and a mother of teenagers, I found this book to be written with an authentic voice. Sutton focuses on issues that face today's youth such as sex, alcoholism, shaky faith and the struggle to do the right thing. Even the most upright Christian characters are flawed in such a way that only God can heal them. I highly recommend this novel for both older teens and adults, and I can't wait to r [...]

    It's Not About MeThis story shows you how awesome and amazing God is. Tony, Dan and Annie had so many obstacles they had to face, but when they learned to surrender them over to the Lord then healing, forgiveness and restoration took place. Michelle Sutton was able to make me feel the emotions of each character and was able to make me love and have compassion for the ones who were unlovable at times. Highly recommend this book.

    This is a must read! Finally an author that is willing to tell it like it is. As someone who has worked with youth that come a variety of backgrounds, I can honestly say that these characters face real challenges that prevalent in today's society. Believe me, you will have a mental list of people you know that need to read this book by the time you're done.

    Loved it !! I started reading it and could not put it down finished it in one night ! As always Michelle takes stories that will touch your heart and tells them with such meaning that its hard to not get drawn deep into the story line,I would highly suggest this book to any one even young adults and teens to read !

    This is a good debut novel from the author. She dives into real life issues and how each of the characters in the book need to rely on Christ instead of on their own strength when one of their friends gets attacked at night. This book does deal with the realistic pressures of sex and alcohol that young people deal with.

    LOVED this book! It so accurately depicts the confusion and trouble both emotions and hormones can get us humans into. I adore Dan, and Annie is such a sweetheart, even as both of them struggle and don't necessarily make the right choices every time (who does?). It's how they come back from those choices that really says a lot about their character. I can highly recommend this book!

    I think this is a very good book for young adults or older teens. It deals with sex before marriage, the temptation, and peer pressure teens face today. So deffinently not for younger kids. Michelle really deals with issues like that instead of just saying, "This is wrong, don't do it". She shows you the consequences, the pain that stuff can cause. I loved it and can't wait for her next book.

    I thought Michelle did a wonderful job with her first book. She did a great job with tackling tough subjects. Subjects that most people try to stray away from. She also does a fantastic job with making her characters come alive. The things that she has them go through is not easy at all, but it's real. And I commend her for it. As so many of us know, life isn't easy. Awesome job, Michelle!

    I could not put it down today because i knew it would change by end of the story. It brought my tears and joy for what great scene of heronic has a good heart to Annie. this is best story I ever read it. It feels it is real life story of teens today . Awesome job Michelle

    "Michelle Sutton's gritty writing style will very likely go straight to the hearts of teens, addressing what they deal with every day in what is all too often grim reality for our youth. Sutton is no doubt a refreshing and much needed voice in today's YA fiction."

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