Impasse When second chances lead to new secretsAfter a long dry spell and a messy divorce Holly Prentice is ready to get back out in the dating world She s looking for a man with some stability and the will

  • Title: Impasse
  • Author: Sylvie Fox
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  • When second chances lead to new secretsAfter a long dry spell and a messy divorce, Holly Prentice is ready to get back out in the dating world She s looking for a man with some stability and the will to commit, but what she gets is far from what she wants Sexy, younger Nick Andreis is not in her plans However, she can t resist their undeniable attraction After all,When second chances lead to new secretsAfter a long dry spell and a messy divorce, Holly Prentice is ready to get back out in the dating world She s looking for a man with some stability and the will to commit, but what she gets is far from what she wants Sexy, younger Nick Andreis is not in her plans However, she can t resist their undeniable attraction After all, what s wrong with a little fun before she finds Mr Right But Nick has other plansNow that Holly s single and back on the market, Nick vows to finally get the woman he s wanted all along But she seems to be holding back Will Holly s secret put an end to everything before they even get started

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    ****This book was part of a blog tour I received a copy for my honest review**** Holly is coming out of her self imposed hibernation after her divorce. She is 32 and ready to settle down, she wants the man, the stability, the kids.Nick has wanted Holly for years, he was friends with her and her husband when they were together and has wanted her to turn to him. He feels ready for a solid relationship with her.Problem is, he is 26 and Holly thinks he is too young to be tied down.This was a quick r [...]

    Just reading the description is enough said!. What is there not to love? Just what the Doctor would order: cold night, steamy book, and a cup of cocoa. Holly Prentice is ready to date. Nick is what you can classify as typical male. Well I take it back he changes when he hooks up with Holly. Nicks game of convincing Holly he is her "one" is great! The way his mind works and his delivery is fun and fabulous! Sometimes the friends with benefits things work out for the best. Maybe they can just be t [...]

    Overall Rating: 2.75 out of 5 starsSummaryDivorced and tired of the self-imposed celibate life, Holly Prentice is ready to continue the search for Mr. Right, and she’s got a few requirements for the contenders out there. Namely, he can’t be married to his job, and must have a comfy couch in addition to the bed. When Nick Andreis, an old friend from her past walks into her life looking good enough to devour, Holly decides that maybe a Mr. Right Now might not be such a bad arrangement.Nick has [...]

    So. When I read the blurb on this book, my first thought wasJackpot! Just the type of setup I like. Low on angst, high on hero in pursuit. Perfect! Until I got to about halfway through the book (which is where I am currently) and just had to share some thoughts. The hero: young, successful, gorgeous and sickeningly in love. Just the type of guy I love. I would give my pinky to get a guy like this. Sure, we didn't get to see him cross from the friendship with the married woman to the infatuation [...]

    My Review:Reading the synopsis told me that In the Nick of Time was highly likely to be just the kind of book I like - long on a smart woman, a hot guy, steam and a HEA while short on bad stuff (fighting, problems, tragedy or drama). Well, I was right on most of it. But which parts?Holly was a pretty smart woman (most of the time, at least) who was divorced, mature and ready for a house, family and getting on with her Happily Ever After. Nick was most certainly a hot guy. Put the two of them tog [...]

    My Review:I try not to give spoilers in my reviews and I am not going to spell anything out in this review, but it might be a little spoiler-ish, so this is your warning.I liked the basic premise of thisa 26 yo guy, Nick, who's been drawn to the 32 yo heroine, Holly, for yearseven when she was married to his mentor in the film business.But now Holly is divorced and Nick wants to date her, but she thinks he's too young for her. She's at the point where she wants to settle down, get married, and s [...]

    O.K I thought this book was pretty good but there were some frustrating parts in it for me.First I got frustrated with Holly being so stubborn and saying that she wants to commit and the whole she bang but then when Nick offers her that she chooses not to see it and keep sugar coating it with the whole age debacle. I wanted to tear my head out when he kept offering and then she kept spewing about these stupid rules.Once Holly actually believes Nick and lets him in and loves him then BAM Nick ste [...]

    When I read the blurb I was very intrigued. In the beginning I found nick to be a really sweet and romantic. He was such a cute romantic, he was very patient with holly. When holly was still married to his mentor, drew, he developed a crush holly. Of course she was married, and he didn't want to become a home wrecker.It's been a year since holly divorced her now ex husband, drew. She's currently 32 years old and she really wants to settle down and have kids of her own. Ok good storyline, but the [...]

    Why, oh, why, oh, why….I loved the beginning of this book, but then I was just so mad at her and then at him, I found myself powering through till 3am to make sure their happily ever after came to fruitionI love a second chances love story. So think of a marriage gone south and the younger (much hotter) friend of the ex-husband stepping in and making all your wild fantasies come true. Then just when he has you believing in all his candyland stories, he pulls the rug out from under you and leav [...]

    2.5 StarsI loved the first 50% of this book, and then hated almost all of its second half. Initially, Nick was a great character. He'd carried a torch for Holly for a couple of years, and was excited about getting back in touch with her after she'd distanced herself from everybody during her divorce. He made a serious play for her, then recalibrated his strategy once he recognized how hesitant she was to enter into a relationship with a guy six years her junior. I'm Holly's age, and while I felt [...]

    Holly has been divorced for two years now and thinks she is finally ready to seriously date again. She is looking for a man to settle down with, raise a family with, grow old with. She is looking for a man who is permanent. Enter Nick. A close friend of hers through her ex-husband, he has been in love with Holly for years now. Nick wants a relationship with Holly, but Holly isn't sure- Nick doesn't even own a couch-which is a standard measure of being settled, at least, according to Holly. Anoth [...]

    "In the Nick of Time" is a sensual contemporary romance that I won from Giveaways. The story centers around the love between a divorcee, Holly Prentice and a young filmmaker, Nick Andreis. Afraid of the six year age gap between the two and rebounding into a romantic one night stand, Holly tries to thwart Nick's loving overtures, but one night sparks fly and in the heat of passion a new life is born. Nick must decide whether or not he wants the responsibility of fatherhood, while Holly has to de [...]

    This book was different in a way. It’s still a great concept for a book.Holly is a divorced 30 something. She is shy, and unsure of herself, but she does know what she wants. Her friend says she needs to get back out there, and she feels shes ready too. She agrees to attend a party with all the friends her and her ex husband had together. She knows she can’t avoid them forever. Holly is the type of character that I don’t really like too much. She knows what she wants, but she is also stuck [...]

    Holly has had a rough year or two. Her marriage, never the most fabulous, ended, and she withdrew to the comforts of her best friend and some ice cream. But enough is enough, and Holly is ready to get back into the dating swing of things.There are two Must-Haves on her list are a man who wants marriage and children, and he has to own a couch. (Yeah, I know. But that’s the least of the problems here.)Nick Andreis has loved Holly for years, and he can’t believe her idiot ex-husband divorced he [...]

    Well, I have to admit this book was a bit more emotional than I was expecting. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to finish it, to be honest. I’ll try not to give too much away as I explain.Holly is sure of one thing – she wants commitment. She was marriage, a baby, a house, the whole shebang. Then Nick waltzes into her life and everything goes out the window. They are drawn to each other immediately. At least, until Holly gets pregnant. Nick, only 26, isn’t sure he’s ready to b [...]

    Kat's ReviewI haven't read the first book in this series, but this book read like a stand alone, so I don't think it's necessary to read them in order. Holly is a divorced woman who reconnects with a younger man who once worked for her ex-husband. Nick makes it clear that he's interested in taking their friendship to the next level, but Holly thinks that Nick isn't ready for a serious relationship, and she doesn't want to get her heart broken. When she ends up pregnant, they have to figure out e [...]

    I really wanted to love this book, i really did. But I will say I liked it. This is a book about a divorcee, Holly, and her second shot at love. Holly has went through a divorce recently and is not looking to get hurt again. Bring in Nick (ha! Get it? in the NICK of time), a younger guy, who worked with Holly’s ex and has the whole package; good looks, an awesome job in LA and has crazy about Holly for several years. Will she take the leap with Nick or will someones heart be broken?If you are [...]

    IN THE NICK OF TIME was such a fun, flirty, sexy, and all around Fantastic Romance! Sylvie Fox gives us a heroine who could be our best friend, a hero who needs some serious redemption, and a secondary cast full of great characters that I'd love to see again and again. This was my first read from Sylvie Fox, but it will NOT be my last, I actually just bought PUPPY LOVE and I plan to read Sophie and Ryan's romance, which you get bits and pieces of while reading IN THE NICK OF TIME. A "Secret Preg [...]

    ImpasseSylvie FoxThis ARC was given by L.A. Nights Book Two via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I give this book 3 starsHolly is a getting over her divorce and is ready to find Mr. Right Now so she can marry again and start a family. She is 32 and finally decides it is time to get back into the game. She runs into a good friend, Nick, who is five years younger and is a close friend to her and her ex-husband. The minute she sees him, her body responds to him instantly and she never rem [...]

    Another great read by Sylvie Fox. There’s so much I loved about this story, that I don’t know where to start. I think the best part was the emotion. So much emotion behind the characters’ motivation and drive – it almost scared me (in a good way). This makes the story and characters REAL and a reader couldn’t ask for anything better. Holly and Nick are real characters – to the bone. Holly is an older woman (but I daresay 31 isn’t too old!) and Nick is the younger man. This is a hug [...]

    Book Review: In the Nick of Time by Sylvie FoxThis story left me a bit battered. It is an emotional ride. In the beginning Holly is newly divorced and picking up the pieces of her life. She, then, meets an old friend while attending a house warming party for friends she had when married. She is emotional just being there, but she completely panics when she feels an attraction to Nick. He is younger by six years and she freaks out. He has had feelings for her for a long time and literally tries t [...]

    See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:I requested this one before even reading Unlikely, which was kind of a risky move on my part, not knowing if I'd even enjoy the author yet. Fortunately, it was a good move because I did enjoy this, and the first book.Impasse takes place pretty much parallel to Unlikely, so there's a lot of tie-ins on each story. In this one, we're hearing Holly and Nick's story. Holly is highly reluctant to get involved with Nick becaus [...]

    ***ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review***Personally I think a relationship kindled from a platonic friendship usually is the best recipe for a lasting romantic entanglement. But when it is a younger man, there is a difference in maturity levels and things kinda get sketchy. I think Holly apprehensions about Nick’s readiness for a grown-up, wholly committed relationship was on the money. Though they had the luxury of starting the relationship with a firm base of friendship, the [...]

    I enjoyed this book- read it in one sitting.I was really rooting for Nick, he is a sexy and very likable hero. Enter Holly's unplanned pregnancy, and now the guy who was so sure of everything, is running scared and Holly's greatest fear in opening herself to Nick becomes reality. I was so frustrated with him at this point in the book I wanted to thump him on the forehead and tell him to wake up. Nick eventually gets to where he needs to be, will it be too late for Holly to trust him? I loved the [...]

    I haven't read the first book in the series, but I did not feel deprived or lost. Sylvie Fox has given readers a lead couple that certainly carries a lot of old baggage in this romance. I found it refreshing that they had real life problems to work through and that the storyline was believable. The primary and secondary characters were well drawn and engaging, the pacing quite even, the settings detailed, the dialogue appropriate to the characters and situations, and the ending quite satisfying. [...]

    It started out so well. I love age gap romance between Holly and Nick. I also liked the May December angle of our main characters.My issue with the book is that Nick was pining for Holly for years. He finally captures her attention despite her best efforts to keep him at arms length. The have a brief love affair in which she becomes pregnant. Then Nick decided that it was "to real" and dump her. It took great lengths on my part to finish reading this. I wanted to toss my kindle at Nick. Despite [...]

    In the Nick of Time by Sylvie Fox is a sweet and emotional read that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the very awaited HEA.Holly Prentice is tired of her dry spell, it has been two years since her divorce and she still has not gone out on a date. Now thirty-two, she feels that she has to make a move if she is to have her long awaited dream of having a family and babies.Nick Andreis has been in love with Holly for years. But first he wouldn’t act on it because she was the wife [...]

    This book is ok, but not really more than that.The characters are frustrating: Holly whines about how much she wants a relationship and tells the guy who wants to have one with her that she's not looking for anything serious.That doesn't stop the 2 from jumping into bed every 10 minutes. They sure get along well in the sack, but that doesn't do much to develop the story.Holly makes such a big deal about Nick being younger than her. Who cares? It's only a few years.Nick pursues her with all he ha [...]

    Fox created sharply focused primary characters in this book.  Nick & Holly have past history they must conquer: Nick was mentored by Holly's ex-husband while Holly's divorce and her being older are concerns. Both attend a house warming party with him seeking to reconnect with her and her desire to get back out there and resume her life. Nick convinces Holly to go out with him but an unexpected pregnancy causes problems for the couple. Their love made it possible for Nick to step up to becom [...]

    In The Nick of Time was a genuinly sweet rollar-coaster of a ride story. At times I found myself wanting to yell at the charactors like a sideline football coach."Holly, open your eyes to the game and you'll have yourself a great catch!" "Nick, you've finally got the ball in your hands, now run with it!" These are the things running through my mind as I read the book. You know it's a great story when you spend time yelling at the main charactors in your head or slapping your forehead when they h [...]

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