Nothing Short of Dying

Nothing Short of Dying

Nothing Short of Dying Hailed by the bestselling writer William Kent Krueger as the year s best thriller debut this rollercoaster read features a Jack Reacher like drifter protagonist with lethal skills whose mission to re

  • Title: Nothing Short of Dying
  • Author: Erik Storey
  • ISBN: 9781471146831
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hailed by the bestselling writer William Kent Krueger as the year s best thriller debut, this rollercoaster read features a Jack Reacher like drifter protagonist with lethal skills whose mission to rescue his abducted sister pits him against a meth kingpin seeking to control all the trade in the Western United States.Sixteen years That s how long Clyde Barr has been awaHailed by the bestselling writer William Kent Krueger as the year s best thriller debut, this rollercoaster read features a Jack Reacher like drifter protagonist with lethal skills whose mission to rescue his abducted sister pits him against a meth kingpin seeking to control all the trade in the Western United States.Sixteen years That s how long Clyde Barr has been away from Colorado s thick forests, alpine deserts, and craggy peaks, running from a past filled with haunting memories But now he s back, having roamed across three continents as a hunter, adventurer, soldier of fortune, and most recently, unjustly imprisoned convict And once again, his past is reaching out to claim him.By the light of a flickering campfire, Clyde received a frantic phone call for help from Jen, the youngest of his three older sisters Then the line goes dead Clyde doesn t know how much time he has He doesn t know where Jen is located He doesn t even know who has her All he knows is that nothing short of dying will stop him from saving her.Tagging along with Clyde on this strange, desperate, against all odds rescue mission is a young woman named Allie whose motivations for hurtling into harm s way are fascinatingly complex As the duo races against the clock, it is Allie who gets Clyde to see what he has become and what he can be.

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    Nothing Short of Dying by Erik Storey is a 2016 Scribner publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This is an amazing debut novel by Erik Storey! Clyde Barr gets a frantic phone call from his sister, Jen, obviously in distress and in deep trouble. She needs his help and Clyde will do ‘nothing short of dying’ to save her. Clyde is one of the most interesting protagonists to come along in crime fiction in a while. As the story begins, Cl [...]

    The unexpected telephone call from the sister Clyde Barr hadn’t seen or spoken to in years had him making a promise and packing up his camp to head to a civilisation he hadn’t wanted to return to. Jen’s panicked call which had abruptly ended had sent chills down Barr’s spine – he knew she was in trouble; he also knew he had to find her before it was too late.Barr had been out of his family’s lives for sixteen years – travelling across various countries while working as a soldier, a [...]

    I'd rate this 3.5, maybe 3.75 stars.I don't know what it is about drifters, but thriller writers seem to love them as protagonists—Lee Child's Jack Reacher; Peter Ash, the title character in Nicholas Petrie's superb The Drifter (of all things); and now, Clyde Barr, from Erik Storey's debut novel, Nothing Short of Dying—just to name a few. I guess the idea of someone with a shady, perhaps troubled past, yet nothing really to tie them down, provides an appealing canvas from which to create a s [...]

    Although Clyde Barr left his home and family in Colorado sixteen years ago, he can't help coming to his sister Jen's aid when she calls to say she has been kidnapped and is being held by a major drug ring. Clyde has been a soldier of fortune, fought in wars and more recently been incarcerated in Mexico. He knows how to fight and play dirty but underneath he has a basic honorable code of ethics and can recognise evil when he comes across it. This is a high octane adventure of the Jack Reacher typ [...]

    Picture Chuck Norris playing a sort of Macgyver renegade with a dodgy past. Ok so that's the MC sorted.Clyde Barr is a loner. After years as a mercenery and prison time he prefers to keep to himself. In the mountains, camping out and away from everything he receives a distress call from his sister for help. Clyde and his sister have a close bond formed by a pact when they were just kids dodging their step father's flying fists of rage.Clyde knows he WILL help her but he has to find out what is g [...]

    With this exceptional entry, Erik Storey, a natural born storyteller, solidifies his place at the upper end of the literary crime thriller "rural noir" fiction genre,NOTHING SHORT OF DYING —Tenacious Clyde Barrdirt-under-your fingernails, kind of raw, a character you want on your side; rugged, a tough-as-nails hero, we can count on.The gritty novel begins with a phone call in the Utah wilderness about a week after Clyde Barr had been released from prison. He had hoped for a storybook homecomin [...]

    Clyde Barr just wants to disappear into the wilderness. After the last few years, who can blame him - mercenary and hired gun on three different continents, prisoner on one - call him what you want, he's tired and needs to regain some sense of himself. He also doesn't really need the added complications of electronic communication like a mobile phone but, in this day and age, it seems to be a must-have.Only problem is, the next call he receives is going to shatter his much sought-after solitude [...]

    I usually don't like this type of novel very much, but I have to admit this one was very well executed. NOTHING SHORT OF DYING is an action thriller in the vein of Jack Reacher novels. It might not have the intricate mystery aspect of Lee Child's books, but it makes up with meaningful, pertinent action scenes that reveal bits about its character: hillbilly turned mercenary turned professional badass Clyde Barr.I had a love/hate relationship with Barr's exposition scenes, which I thought were ver [...]

    This was absolutely the worst book that I have ever finished. Seemed like a wanna be author penned this one. It was a Jack Reacher/Darrell Dixon (Walking Dead) type guy on a mission of mercy to save his sister from a drug kingpin. Amateurish writing in all regards. Should have put it down early but just didn't. Don't waste your time on this one if it's on your "to read" list.

    Clyde Barr is fresh out of prison and hoping to stay clean for a while. For the last sixteen years, he has tried to bury the demons of an abusive childhood at the hands of his mother's numerous boyfriends. Clyde and his sister Jen were constantly abused till one night they cracked with devastating consequences. For years he has traveled the world as a mercenary and hunter. His hopes of trying to put his past where it belongs go out the window when he gets a phone call from Jen.She is being held [...]

    At one point in time, the world was simply a “wide-open adventure” to Clyde Barr. A stint in the Merchant Marines. Camping across Africa at a time when he was “naïve but lucky.” Then “dreary jobs” like watching cows and building fences and digging wells. Then, hunting poachers in animal reserves and guiding safaris. And “helping the underdogs” in coups and revolutions, “picking the side I approved of.”Not all went well, including a stint in a Mexican prison. Clyde Barr has [...]

    Clyde Barr is a drifter, a mercenary with a heart, a mountain man and a hunter. After sixteen years lending his muscle and expertise in conflicts across Africa and beyond, taking care of the little guy, fighting for the downtrodden and choosing sides in various third world conflicts, Clyde is tired and feeling his age. Having recently been released from a spell in a Mexican prison where he barely made it out alive, he is back in his native Colorado, in the mountains he loves, looking forward to [...]

    Clyde Barr prefers to keep to himself away from everything and everyone when he receives a distress call from his sister for help. Clyde knows he will help her because when they were kids they formed a bond based on their father’s abuse. His other sister will not help him so he starts to try and find her on his own. Along the way he inadvertently becomes involved with a young woman named Allie whom loses her job after her boss suspects her of helping him. As he tries to find his sister he and [...]

    This is an excellent debut novel that I enjoyed from start to finish. It is an action packed page turner that I could not put down and eagerly await the next chapter in Clyde Barr's life - as I am sure there is more to come. He can be likened to Lee Child's Jack Reacher and Noah Boyd's The Bricklayer that I read recently. He's tough, intelligent, scared of no one or anything, he has strong family morals in keeping his family safe and protected and with his awful childhood history it makes you fe [...]

    Nothing Short of Dying – Better Than RamboNothing Short of Dying is the debut thriller from American Erik Storey, who already has a fan in the writer Jeffrey Deaver. Even in the press they say Jack Reacher needs to be worried by the new character Clyde Barr, to me he is more Rambo, but with brains, and more dangerous than Reacher. Jack Reacher may be the king of the thriller in the city, but Clyde Barr would eat him alive out in the wilderness.Jeffrey Deaver and CJ Box both recommend Erik Stor [...]

    I'm not really sure which luck follows this Clyde character the most, good or bad. This was a very entertaining and thrilling read. There was humor, lots of fights, some romance (totally implied), car chases, mountain scenery, horses, and more humor. There was one really bad and perverse dude who gave me cooties just reading about him. I may need to be tested for an STD, his character was written so well. I'm shuddering writing about him. Thankfully he wasn't throughout the whole book. I really [...]

    NOTHING SHORT OF DYING is the debut release from author Erik Storey, which arrived with considerable fanfare. It's flagged as something that will have Lee Child's Reacher watching over his shoulder which clearly flags this is action packed, with a lone hero up against it from all sides central character.Clyde Barr is a mountain man, hunter and a mercenary. After many years fighting conflicts in Africa amongst other places, and a torrid stint in a Mexican jail he's heading back to his native Colo [...]

    I received a review copy of this book from NetGalley.I don’t think I have ever been so excited to try out a book from an author I have never read before, than I was when I first saw Nothing Short of Dying. As I have said many times before, I am a huge Jack Reacher fan and I am always looking for a new series to fill the gaps. Having read the book now, I had every right to be as excited as I was because it was such a great read.Nothing Short of Dying is Erik Storey’s first mystery thriller no [...]

    I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Scribner.I think there is the possibility of a good thriller series buried under the mound of dead bodies in this debut novel introducing Clyde Barr. I didn't connect enough with the lead character to make me anxiously await the second book in the series, though. Clyde doesn't really have much for me to connect with in this first book. Okay, he finds himself coming to the aid of underdogs, people having a hard time, people being mistreated. [...]

    I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book via Giveaways.I've read plenty of books of this genre; although I don't consider myself to be a connoisseur, I've been around the block a few times. The author brought enough new elements to the table to keep me interested and to not leave me feeling like I was reading "just another man against the odds thriller" (which, if I'm honest, I would've been happy enough reading anyway - it's a template I'm okay with - but it's nice when people colour outs [...]

    ARC received from: Rating: 5*One-Sentence Summary: Clyde Barr will stop at nothing to rescue his sisterReview: Very seldom do I come across a book so good that I will clear my entire day just to sit and read it in one go. This debut by Erik Storey was one of those!This book is being sold as the "new Jack Reacher series" and it was very much in that vein, except with even more fights and gun battles (if that's even possible!). It was non-stop action from start to finish with a few brief softer mo [...]

    “Nothing Short of Dying” by Erik Storey, published by Scribner.Category – Mystery/Thriller Publication Date – August 16, 2016.This is a story that will delight those who like, what I would call a modern western. The action, and there is a lot of it, all takes place in Colorado. Clyde Barr has been away for sixteen years but is drawn back by a plea from his sister.Clyde is no stranger to roughing it. He has been employed around the world as a hunter, adventurer, and mercenary. He has also [...]

    I received this book as a giveaway. I was going to give this book 4* but on reflection it is so near to a 5* that I had to go for it. Just a little too much violence for my liking, but I loved Clyde Barr - a man you would want in your corner. He is in the vein of Lee Child's Jack Reacher but with a slightly softer edge. This book had me gripped from the start, it was like watching a great all action film (please don't cast Tom Cruise as Clyde!!!). This is the first in hopefully a long series. E [...]

    GNAB I received a free, electronic copy of this novel from Netgalley, Erik Storey and Scribner in exchange for an honest review. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me.This is an excellent, edge of your seat action novel, with a gritty, gold-hearted hero and strong female characters. Only the bad guys are without a saving grace. I look forward to more from Mr. Storey. He is an author I will follow. Aug 16th, 2016

    Nemojte da se brinete, ako ranije niste čuli za Erika Storija. Većina ljudi, pre nego što je objavio roman Čovek koji je dao reč, nikada i nije.Do sada je objavljivao kratke priče u časopisima. Pre nego što je postao pisac Erik Stori je radio kao ispomoć na farmi, vodič kroz divljinu, gonič pasjih zaprega, lovac, barmen i bravar. Rođen u divljinama Vajominga, a odrastao u pustinjama Kolorada Stori je slobodno vreme provodio gutajući avanturističke romane.Glavni junak romana Čovek [...]

    This was an interesting break out of my normal genre. I was having a craving for a survivalist adventure through the mountains, high stakes and a dash of romance. It was all of that. But it was much grittier than I normally like to read. However, I found it to be refreshing from my usual predictable reads, particularly because there are no sacred cows in this story.The characters are well-created and memorable. I liked Clyde Barr for the most part. I like his soft spot for people in a pinch but [...]

    This is Erik Storey’s debut novel. That in itself is exciting. This novel is what I consider to be a fast paced thriller. By that I mean it is non-stop action. This poor guy, Clyde Barr, can not catch a break. He has good intentions. He has great survival skills and has a big heart. His sister, Jen, calls and tells him she is being held against her will and that the man holding her is going to kill her once she is of no use to him anymore. Then the line goes dead. He has no idea where she is [...]

    Erik Storey's Nothing Short of Dying is a good summer read. Clyde Barr is a drifting man who receives a cryptic call for help from his sister Jen. His sister is being held at an unknown location by a vicious thug planning some sort of unknown heist. Clyde is compelled to help his sister, fueled by a promise once made to her when the two were younger. Storey parses out the backstory of Barr and his sister in sprinkles throughout the book and brings in a wide variety of supporting characters - som [...]

    Nothing Short of Dying is the first book in the Clyde Barr series by debut author Erik Storey.This book has gotten an amazing amount of excellent reviews. Is it as good as a Jack Reacher bookme of them maybe. I think this series is off to a great start.Nothing Short of Dying is a gritty, violence filled novel and is not for the feint of heart. It is fast paced and has your heart racing. I loved the setting. I have been to every small town in Colorado that Storey set Nothing Short of Dying in. I [...]

    I'm so excited about this new author! His writing is certainly not that of a newcomer though, he writes like a seasoned professional. Once I started reading I couldn't stop turning pages, the attention to detail and language was exceptional. He also introduces some humor at the most unusual moments, which serves to lighten the mood during periods of intensity. I loved the characters in this book, they felt real, damaged but not broken, with room for growth and such determination He does remind m [...]

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