Lost Heart

Lost Heart

Lost Heart RITA R Award Winning author Robin D Owens first Celta novella Celta a place of magic telepathic animal companions and romance Lost Heart a story rife with hidden agendas and dangerous secrets Bart

  • Title: Lost Heart
  • Author: Robin D. Owens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • RITA R Award Winning author Robin D Owens first Celta novella Celta, a place of magic, telepathic animal companions, and romance Lost Heart, a story rife with hidden agendas and dangerous secrets Barton Clover, Chief of Security for his large and noble family, is deeply aware of his responsibilities When two young relatives repudiate the family and later disappRITA R Award Winning author Robin D Owens first Celta novella Celta, a place of magic, telepathic animal companions, and romance Lost Heart, a story rife with hidden agendas and dangerous secrets Barton Clover, Chief of Security for his large and noble family, is deeply aware of his responsibilities When two young relatives repudiate the family and later disappear, he s determined to find them and convince them to return He has no time or inclination for love but his family disapproves of his nothing but work life They decree that he must visit a matchmaker or lose his position Enata Licorice, a respected librarian, has been doing research in a mysterious records vault and is finding odd blanks in her memory Lonely, she yearns for a good husband and arranges a matchmaking session of her own It s love at first sight for Barton and Enata, but both are crucial members of their families Clans who practice opposite lifestyles And both families demand the couple s time and attention, causing strife While trying to resolve their issues, Barton discovers Enata s secret and they must work as a couple to resolve the puzzle that includes Barton s missing relatives if they dare And if they fail, than their own lives are lost.

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      113 Robin D. Owens
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    Well, Robin jumped the shark on this one. I wonder if she'll be able to recover from it?I wanted to love this book. I was just unable to do so. In short, while not every Celta Heartmate book is of the same quality and enjoyableness, I have to rank this one at the very bottom of the heap by an extremely wide margin. While I enjoy Robin's writing immensely, the direction she chose to go here completely destroyed any lingering enjoyment I might have had in the story. The three stars are for my init [...]

    While I love Robin Owens' Celta novels, I had some problems with this novella. First of all, I definitely prefer longer books from this author. The character development was weaker than in her longer books. Second, a new character is introduced that left me cold. I can't give a lot of details without spoiling things, but I believe this entry into an already rich mythology was unnecessary and problematic.I gave the book three stars because there were elements I liked, but I really believe Robin s [...]

    This short story was a little different from others in the series, our couple were not heartmates, but matched. I liked seeing this different aspect of life in Celta. It seemed like the matchmaker did a great job. I sort of didn't expect that as Barton was so not in the mood for a mate/wife. I loved that once given the potion that would open Barton's mind his hidden romantic came out and he wooed Enata. There didn't seem to be any sort of conflict for the couple to overcome, just lots of love an [...]

    I have to say this was a really weird addition to the series. No heartmates but still instalove that originally seemed drug induced, lots of smexy times for a novella, and a really strange reveal to a mystery. Not my favorite Celta book.

    This joint review was originally published at The Book PushersReviewed by: E and MarleneE: I was browsing author websites looking for upcoming releases as I tend to do on a monthly basis when I saw Owens talking about a recently released novella. Shocked because I usually keep track of her publication dates I did a bit more research and discovered she had self-published this one. Immediately I had to mention it to a fellow Bookpusher who I can always count on to share my Owens love and we decide [...]

    Robin is an incredible world builder and I always get sweep away when I read one of her books. It’s always a delight to return to Celta rather it is for a short visit or long visit. Robin’s lastly is no different. Barton Clover seems to be under a lot of pressure both from his family to find a wife and from himself to keep the family safe and to be perfect. He puts the family before himself and immerses himself in work. Enata is the Licorice Heir and has many responsibilities as such. Enata [...]

    "Lost Heart" is the newest story in Robin Owens' Celta series. It brings together Enata Licorice of the Public Library family and Barton Clover of the newly ennobled and extremely prolific Clovers. These are characters we've briefly met in earlier novels of the series. Enata has an unnerving experience with a supernatural book deep in the vaults of the Library and it begins to weigh on her emotionally and physically, while Barton is obsessed with finding two missing Clover youngsters.Neither of [...]

    4 starsThis novella didn't have Heart Mates, the fated pairing in the Celta world, but it did add something different that will likely come into play in Vinni T'Vine's book. Lost Heart also added a different perspective about the negatives of having a Heart Mate and that a few feel a relief of not having one. The couple in this book do have their own special twist giving them instant attraction and lusty thoughts. I found their journey unique in comparison to other books in this series. There's [...]

    I am thrilled that Robin Owens is venturing into self publishing and there are lots of things to like about this Celta novella.The couple and their families are great. I like that the romance is a match and not heartmates.I am not thrilled with the mystery of the book and the reveal but I will withhold judgement until it gets more revealed. If you just love this world, you will enjoy this voyage. 3.5

    So, there were twists in there that will definitely impact my reading of the rest of the series. This is not about heart mates, but the two main characters have a lot of chemistry. The beginning kept confusing me and I almost didn't finish the story. This is self published and you could tell because it is not as polished as previous books. However still an ok read.

    Excellent!Ms. Owens is always a fun read. Delta is one of my favorite places to visit. The Clover clan as I call them; is diverse and complicated. She brought together people from her other books to let us know what happened to them. A great way to tie them all together. Thanks Ms. Owens for a fun read. Bel

    So disappointed. Love this series but this novella was just, I don't know, even more insta-love than with heartmates, it almost felt creepy, like these two people were drugged into it. Stopped reading after 2 chapters as it was squicking me out.

    Forgive the pun, but that was an earth-shattering surprise! But I'm not sure keeping such a secret between a married couple wouldn't put a huge strain on the relationship.

    I didn't quite love it as much as I do most other Celta stories—it was a departure from the norm and had me reeling a bit. I have hope that I'll enjoy it more on my next read.

    Another great story! Love seeing the younger ones get their own story! Barton was great! One of my all time favorite series!

    I am not completely sure how I feel about this book. I am vaguely horrified and definitely disturbed. I started off giddy, giggly, and excited as I had read the previous blog posts and deleted scenes on this pairing long before it came out. I thought I knew what I was walking into. Some of the books in this series have taken dark turns and were handled so beautifully that it never bothered me, it in fact often drew me deep into the characters until their pain was mine as well. I did not get that [...]

    Not as enjoyable as the full-length novels in the series.I kind of enjoyed the concept of (view spoiler)[ a sentient planet dealing with alien life forms! However, as presented, Celta became rather cruel and manipulative, so my enjoyment was marred by worry for the direction this novella will force the series to take. (hide spoiler)]I wanted to love the main couple but just couldn't warm up to them. I think I needed more time to get to know them, which wasn't going to happen in the shorter forma [...]

    Not one of the stronger heart books, still enjoyed it. I know it was more of a novella than book, would have enjoyed it more if the characters were more flushed out. Also odd to have the "planet" come alive as a sudo God

    Story: I enjoyed it much more the second time around. It was enhanced immensely by the narration. 4 starsNarration: Rich. Expressive. Pretty wonderful. Great basic narrative, with varied, expressive, rich voices and accents. He even sold me on some of the iffy-feeling female voices. 4.5 stars

    Awesome read! Fab storyline and love her writing. Highly recommend this author. One of my favorite authors

    Really a 3.5I liked elements of the bookally enjoyed others but was left feeling like it was rushed? Or maybe not as detailed especially as this book is going deeper into the mythos of Celta. J do look forward to reading more in this series and hope to get more details on the Lady that is Celtad maybe more latitude on the memory thingt everyone can be trusted but more can then cannot.

    The Celta HeartMate series are love stories. That is, primarily boy meets girl, they may or may not get along at first, but they work out their issues in an honorable fashion, get married, and live happily ever after. I've been pleased that boys & girls matched as couples can appear thereafter in the stories. Sometimes the next book is about the next generation of Celtans. That is, this is an ongoing series and especially the couples most central to Celtan society can appear in the next book [...]

    I have enjoyed the Celta series immensely but I did not like this one as much. this was definitely very different that the other Celta books.

    A delightful morsel.I love the HeartMate stories and eagerly await each new one. This is a delightful morsel to entertain and enjoy while waiting for the next wonderful story.

    First of all, Robin, if you see this review, just wanted to thank you for the book's dedication to all the readers who love Celta. I think you've created a pretty special world and I see that I am not the only one who is fascinated by the magic and romance of the Heartmate series! So many people were excited for your new book, including myself. Thank you for interacting with your fans. Regarding the book itself - what a twist! - this really put a spanner in the works! Never would have guessed th [...]

    I really enjoyed this novella, and enjoyed it even more when I realized it was self published. I've seen that go very wrong with popular writers (Dara Joy for example).This piece was groundbreaking in the series in a couple ways, one Owens seemed to have trouble with the tech that was popping up in the stories unearthing the ship. I was incredibly excited to read more about the technology, but it seemed that when she wrote about it she found it not to her taste. Disappointing, but understandable [...]

    Really, you shouldn't be reading this unless you've read a substantial amount of this series, there are a lot of books and if you haven't read those books, this one will make no sense at all. You'll miss out on the intense world building and the hundreds of layers of characters. That being said, in general, this series follows the same formula. The basic primal story is boy and girl meet and fall instantly in love, resist and then accept BUT have some issues that make relationship difficult, the [...]

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