The Dead American

The Dead American

The Dead American They steer a tight ship in squeaky clean Singapore No dissent no opposition no criticism It s like an entire country run by Walt Disney Disneyland with the death penalty somebody once called it A y

  • Title: The Dead American
  • Author: Jake Needham
  • ISBN: 9786167611266
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • They steer a tight ship in squeaky clean Singapore No dissent, no opposition, no criticism It s like an entire country run by Walt Disney Disneyland with the death penalty, somebody once called it.A young American software engineer hangs himself in his Singapore apartment At least that s what the police say happened Emma Lazar, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, thThey steer a tight ship in squeaky clean Singapore No dissent, no opposition, no criticism It s like an entire country run by Walt Disney Disneyland with the death penalty, somebody once called it.A young American software engineer hangs himself in his Singapore apartment At least that s what the police say happened Emma Lazar, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, thinks otherwise She thinks Tyler Bartlett was murdered to keep him quiet, and the Singapore police are covering it up.Emma Lazar asks Inspector Samuel Tay to help her investigate the young man s death Tay is a senior inspector in the elite Special Investigation Section of Singapore CID He s pretty much the best investigator the Singapore police have, but Tay s father was an American and from him Tay inherited a strong streak of American individualism that has made him an outsider in relentlessly regulated and tightly wound little Singapore That s mostly why Tay has been placed on leave Tay shot a man and everyone knows it was self defense, but Tay s enemies have seized on the incident and are trying to get rid of him once and for all.Tay really doesn t want to get involved in helping Emma Lazar with her story It certainly won t help him get his job back to challenge the government s official narrative about the death of Tyler Bartlett But the writer s determination tickles his curiosity, and well, the truth is he s bored and she s beautiful So he does it anyway.Learning that Tyler Bartlett s death was no suicide is easy enough for Tay What is far difficult is finding out what the young man knew that made him worth killing When Tay realizes both his superiors on the police force and the faceless men of the Internal Security Department are working behind the scenes to keep him from finding out, he becomes determined than ever to discover what, and who, is behind Tyler Bartlett s murder.Of course, there s a problem there If Tay does find out, doesn t that make him worth killing, too

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    Calling Samuel Tay the Harry Bosch of the Singapore police isn't far off the mark. Once he sinks his teeth into a case he is relentless in the pursuit of justice. This third entry in the series doesn't disappoint. Sam is on temporary suspension due to events described in The Umbrella Man. He knows his bosses would prefer to see him off the force permanently. But as he works on some research for a reporter who asks for his assistance, his bosses bribe him to drop that task by offering him reinsta [...]

    I was willing to look past how repetative this book was in its storytelling, however the ending was so lackluster that I just couldn't give it more than 3 stars. It ended so unresolved that I was caught by surprise by the "END"

    This was a lot of fun. A suspended Singapore detective gets involved in a high technology mystery. As usual a woman is the reason for his involvement. Great characters along with a great story line make this book a great read.

    Weakest of the 3 booksI would have enjoyed the book better if whole sections of the previous 2 books hadn't been cut and pasted into this one. Did the author think the reader wouldn't remember? Too bad, it was shaping up to be a good series.

    There REALLY SHOULD. be an option to leave NO starsI picked this book because I lived in Singapore manny years ago and had happy memories of it.The author has some grudge against the Singapore government, which is h is right, but his views have no place in what is supposed to be a mystery / thriller book.I ploughed through this expecting something to happen, it didn't.Life is too short to read this sort of dross.

    The Charming Samuel TayIn the interest of full disclosure, I must confess I received this ebook free from . The first night of reading, I fell in love with Inspector Tay of the Singapore Police. Part of that instant infatuation belongs to the author making Tay prefer "squalling cats" to another sound.Another reason is that about 35 years ago, I had an utterly charming Singaporean boyfriend who told me a great deal of the same picture this author paints of Singapore through his characters words a [...]

    There is nothing I can point at and say is wrong with the book, yet I feel totally blah and indifferent to it. Low 3.

    I thought this was a first book and was really surprised to see it was the third in the series and there is another series completely why? Because I found the writing amateurish. The plot was okay, the mystery held and that is hard to do so credit where credit is due. But Samuel Tay, supposedly an experienced, effective policeman, doesn't come across that way at all. In fact he comes across as a bumbling idiot and everyone does all the work for him. The repetition of his thought processes, cons [...]

    Disneyland with the death penalty, somebody once called it. That’s Singapore, a city-state, sketched for us through the eyes of Inspector Samuel Tay, suspended from duty after a self-defence shooting, with time on his hands, between much coffee and cigarette smoke. An interesting picture indeed; the writing is warm and smooth. However, the story itself, intriguing as it is, is a trifle slow and tedious.A journalist from the Wall Street Journal hunts Tay down to beg his assistance with her inve [...]

    When the penny dropped for me like a flower opening as it did for Tay, I was blown away, Brilliant writing. Bereft now. Jake Needham takes you on a meandering journey with Tay but as you turn each corner there is a new sometimes shocking sometimes not surprise awaiting you. You can never predict which path you will be taken on.His descriptions of Singapore makes me want to go and sit in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Cafe and all the other places he visits to observe the world go by. The books are [...]

    I received this for free through a promo, and though it's the third in the series it stands alone as it begins with plenty of backstory and exposition. This is a detective novel series set in contemporary Singapore, and the depth of sensory detail makes the city come alive. Tay has a dry humor that makes him an engaging narrator, and his discomfort with modern technology (which permeates the storyline) is quite entertaining. (Also, he talks with his mother's ghost, making him sort of an Asian Be [...]

    3.5 starsCall this a perfect beach read. A young American computer geek quits his job at a company in Singapore, telling his parents and girlfriend they he scared. The next day he commits suicide.Enter a writer for the NYT who wants to hire the suspended Police Inspector Sam Tay to investigate what she is sure is a murder.The writing is very good. Characterization is great. The story is wrapped up "satisfactorily" but you never do have a clue who did what or exactly why. But you do learn a whole [...]

    The entertainment factor of this book is decent but almost lost in that the bulk of the novel is criticism of Singapore. The context is very current, which is fun. I didn't love inspector Tay as much as some reviewers did. I would describe him as jack teacher once age and all those knocks in the head caught up with him. While I appreciate the concept of an imperfect hero (in contrast to teacher who can do everything), Tay didn't seem great at anything.

    I waited for this novel for awhile. I've always liked Jake Needham's novels, with the Samuel Tay series near the top of the list. This novel was no disappointment in that regard. Tay.taciturnconic. I can see his eyes squinting from cigarette smoke and cynicism.This novel is a quick readt much more really needed to be said.ough I would have stretched the ending a bit.If you haven't read a Samuel Tay novel, go back to the beginning. Don't start here.Good job Jake!

    I love the authentic settings of Needham's novels. Having lived in Singapore previously for several years I am drawn back to the places and people. I enjoy Inspector Tay's questioning of the status quo of this managed city-state. This book was particularly intriguing as there was a real mysterious/suspicious death that gave Needham the idea for this novel.

    This was definitely a page turner in spite of the fact that it was very repetitive in places. The main character spent a lot of time, smoking, drinking coffee and thinking. Too many chapters ended with "And then he (she) told him." But the plot was interesting and the Singapore setting was excellent.

    I liked the characters, the setting and Mr. Needham's writing style. It started slow and built to a dramatic ending. My only complaint is that it was very passive. I'm sure that was the intention, but it was hard for me to get used to it. I'll probably read another to see if Inspector Tay grows on me.

    Stumbled across this one somewhere on line for a good price, so I bought it. It sounded interesting and it had a strong rating among previous readers. I gave it a 5. I enjoyed every page and couldn't wait to get back to it when forced to put it down. I'm headed back to find #1 and #2 right now!

    Good read, and now I’m hookedAsian, born in the US, lives on Thailand. Quite a mix, possessing a perspective and moral code that separates him from the “friends in high places” guys.This is one of those books I stumbled over that extended my ToDo.List a fact I’m grateful for,

    Really liked the way this started, with the weary police detective and the lovely reporter in an intriguing setting-- Singapore -- but after about a third of the book it began to devolve into a standard thriller with over the top bad guys and I lost interest.

    EnjoyableThis would be a 4 star review were it not for the authors insistence on inserting a cigarette commercial so frequently it was distracting from a good story. Too bad really.

    Interesting plot that made sense to me altho not to all other reviewers.Writing is sometimes very elegant and author has a nice turn of phrase. Then he spoils it with occasional rather asinine observations/scenes that I cannot at this moment recall.

    As I read Needham build his plot, it almost became tedious in spots. This had better be good I told myself. It was. Tay is a great character and I'll hang out with him some more, but the best is Needham's creative ability to take a news event and ask "What if?"

    Great ReadThis was a nice mystery with interesting characters. The story line was both entertaining and kept my attention. I recommend this book. :)HIGHLY RECOMMEND :)

    I loved the setting and thought the main character was interesting. However, I was not overly thrilled with the outcome at the end.

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