Highland Hellion

Highland Hellion

Highland Hellion Arya MacEachan s beloved father taught her to hunt ride to handle a sword and shoot an arrow straighter than most men things a proper lady did not usually learn When he is killed at the Battle of

  • Title: Highland Hellion
  • Author: B.J.Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Arya MacEachan s beloved father taught her to hunt, ride, to handle a sword, and shoot an arrow straighter than most men, things a proper lady did not usually learn When he is killed at the Battle of Bannockburn, their holdings taken by Robert the Bruce, the spirited lass is left alone to care for her invalid mother, a task she does not take lightly Garrett MacDougall, lArya MacEachan s beloved father taught her to hunt, ride, to handle a sword, and shoot an arrow straighter than most men, things a proper lady did not usually learn When he is killed at the Battle of Bannockburn, their holdings taken by Robert the Bruce, the spirited lass is left alone to care for her invalid mother, a task she does not take lightly Garrett MacDougall, leader of his displaced clan and their related septs, struggles to provide for his people on barren land where hunting is forbidden, forcing him to steal from the new Lord of Argyll in order to survive When Arya, the woman he loves and wishes to marry, insists on accompanying the men on a raid, he knows better than to forbid her from joining them, so he reluctantly agrees But when a traitor betrays them, and Arya is captured, then sentence to death, Garrett is forced to accept help from his sworn enemy, the Fraser brothers, summoned by Arya s dying mother to rescue her daughter, the sister they did not know they had until now.

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    Highland Hellion is by B.J. Scott latest release in a brand new series and the first book in the Blades of Honor. Series. For fans of the Fraser brother trilogy you will be happy that all the brother Connor, Alastair and Bryce and their families will also have a big part in this book. It is always fun to hear from old friends Scottish Highlands, 1316Allegiance's change after Battle of Bannockburn Robert the Bruce claims the throne and made the Scot's who did not support him and tearing and a civ [...]

    I really liked this story. Arya was too independent by far, but I still liked her character. Garrett was determined to marry her. I liked Garrett, but wish his character would have been less catering. I was excited to read more about the Fraser brothers. Anxiously waiting for the next book in the series.

    ReviewWriting was good, story line's were interesting, the heroin was really unlikable a spoilt Nast little thing kind of ruined the story for me but I read on.

    Oh this was awful. How did it ever get so many good ratings? jeez. Okay maybe it wasn't the most awful of awful but the amount of dumb crap we had to deal with from the heroine Arya layered on top of a predictable storyline really is what cinched it for me.I had such hope when I began this book. It was my first by B.J. and I love me some highlanders but thisI don't know what this was. This book in particular had some serious editor issues. Minor issue in the gran scheme of it all but still irrit [...]

    Arya MacEachan was determined to out shoot, out hunt, out drink and be equal to any man who crossed her path. She was never getting married and let some man control her. Garrett MacDougall knew that Arya was his match in every way and was determined to marry her.Having had their land taken away and given to Lord of Argyll of Clan Campbell had Clan MacEachan starving and barely surviving. When some members of Clan MacEachan try to “steal” some food for the winter they are betrayed and some ar [...]

    OMG…B.J. Scott has done it again!!! In her newest book, Highland Hellion, Arya MacEachean did not grow up learning the things a woman needed to get a man. She grew up with the skills that only a man should possess. She makes a mistake with her love, Garrett and is caught by the enemy. She is then sentenced for execution. Her Mother fearing the worst, calls together the Fraser brothers to help rescue her daughter. Scotia then reveals that Arya is their sister. The rescue is successful, but Arya [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed Highland Hellion! Arya and Garrett were great! Arya, truly was a hellion. I loved how the author had all of the Fraser's included in this story. Arya had lost her father when she was younger, but not before he taught her just about everything you would teach a lad who would be a warrior. She was even better than some of the men. Garrett, has been in love with the hellion since he could remember, but she won't have him. She says she will never marry and he hopes to change her [...]

    Arya is not your typical Highland lass. She grows up learning to shoot, hunt, and drink like any other man. Clan leader Garrett MacDougall has always loved Arya and hopes to make her is wife but being a headstrong woman will that day ever come. Through her misadventure she is captured and a secret is revealed. The Fraser brothers are called upon in the rescue and the story reveals a fascinating tale. I loved this story by B.j. Scott. Reading about the Fraser brothers again was like a family reun [...]

    I hated Arya. HATED her. She's insanely headstrong and determined to prove that she can do anything a man can do--to the point that she has absolutely no common sense, sense of self preservation, or regard for anyone else's safety or well being. None at all. She is her own worst enemy and is too stupid to live. Clan MacDougal is destined for failure because their laird (who happens to be Garrett) has no backbone whatsoever and allows Arya to use his penis as a tow rope. The people of Clan MacDou [...]

    Uncaged Book Reviews:Well hashed out and memorable characters, a great storyline and backdrop to the series, with a romance that Arya shies away from, but Garrett has loved Arya for years, and he won’t give up easily. I really enjoyed Arya’s fighting spirit and Garrett’s loyalty. The Fraser brothers didn’t disappoint and the bits of humor scattered throughout was refreshing.Full review at UncagedBooks

    I can not believe how head strong the heroine in this story is. She is lucky that her man cares as much as he does. The familyI can not believe how head strong the heroine in this story is. She is lucky that Garrett loves her as much as he does. It was intriguing, exciting and so worth the read. The author did a great job with the story. There are a few editorial errors but does not detract from the story.

    What a way to start another series. B. J. Scott has done it again. I loved Arya and thought she was a great heroine and Garrett was not giving up on Arya no matter what happened. All in all once again I had a hard time putting this book down to go to sleep at night

    Good readStory kept moving it maintained your interest from beginning to end liked the characters the end left you wanting to read more

    Loved it! Thought it was pretty go I d because there was equality and she was a strong woman who could take care of herself.

    What a load of tripe!Whoever decided that ROMANCE authors need to hop on the feminist bandwagon and agree it is a great idea to inject a lot of Social Justice Warrior bs into a Historical Romance needs to have their head examined.How is this a Romance?There is nothing Romantic about a shrewish female lead and a bumbling idiot Hero who can't survive without her.There is also nothing historically accurate or contextually significant about the story or the main leads to make me feel good about havi [...]

    Good storyline I love that it is the continuation of the Frazer clan. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

    Arya is a feisty heroine. She drinks, curses, dresses , rides and fights like a man. Garrett has loved her his whole life. This is an interesting, fast paced historical book. I enjoyed Arya and all her bull headed anti feminine antics . I like the history in it and the action. Made me feel as if I was in the book watching. Also makes me want to read the books that are of her brothers.

    Set in a era long ago, the reader got a glimpse of how the people lived then and their determination to survive. It should have been proofread again, but that didn't sidetrack the reader too much.

    Started out with actual historical set-up so was eager to tuck in and enjoy the story, but quickly hated Arya (the feisty "I can do everything a man does" feminist shtick is surprisingly trite these days), don't understand why Garrett wanted anything to do with her, and the whole premise of involving a rival clan in her rescue with the story she was their half-sister was a stretch. Her mom also set the record for longest deathbed scene ever, and that three-day journey (if they pushed it) back an [...]

    I read "Highland Legacy" and really enjoyed it and decided to start this series to see if I liked it as well. I don't know what it is, but I feel like this book was written by an entirely different person than other BJ Scott books. Arya was an unbelievable character, and so was Garrett. (view spoiler)[ And the idea of her mother just calling up the Fraser brothers and spinning this story that Arya was actually their half-sister? (hide spoiler)] I mean, really? All in all, it's just not very well [...]

    Interesting storyGood read about the typical stubborn girl wanting to be equal with the men of her clan. Sometimes I won if that happened in real life during that time as often as the books seem to say. Somehow I don't think so. But an engaging storyline and great characters. Lovely read.

    I chose the book because I like the Highlanders of Scotland the book was very very good keep you on your toes and wanted to read more couldn't put the book down thank youThe characters for very good love the book you need to read it . I hate it when they tell you need to write at 7 more words to this list.

    Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind, but being continuously aggravated by the heroine's antics to the point I wanted to slap the crap out of her just didn't make this an enjoyable read for me. DNF.

    DNF at 26%Not a fan of the writing, the way the heroine just flies off the handle, and the way the hero just keeps stating that he's going to marry her. Not interested in continuing.

    Highland blades of honor Very interesting book from beginning to end. Fast paced and eventful. Although sometimes you woundered if they were thinking. Lol.

    Highland HellionI loved this story. I thought it was well written. I recommend everyone to read this book. 1/13/17. Read this book.

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