Find the Constellations

Find the Constellations

Find the Constellations Containing star charts a guide to the constellations and details about seasons and the movement of the objects we see in the sky this classic book makes H A Rey s passion for astronomy evident on e

  • Title: Find the Constellations
  • Author: H.A. Rey
  • ISBN: 9780544763425
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • Containing star charts, a guide to the constellations, and details about seasons and the movement of the objects we see in the sky, this classic book makes H A Rey s passion for astronomy evident on every page.New updates concentrate on the planetary and solar system information in the latter part of the book Facts and figures for each planet have been revised, and newContaining star charts, a guide to the constellations, and details about seasons and the movement of the objects we see in the sky, this classic book makes H A Rey s passion for astronomy evident on every page.New updates concentrate on the planetary and solar system information in the latter part of the book Facts and figures for each planet have been revised, and new scientific information has been added, such as Pluto s reclassification as a dwarf planet There s also a brand new online resource that allows readers to track the positions of the planets in the night sky till the year 2100

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    I know you can get an app for your mobile phone which, when you point it at the heavens, will tell you what you're looking at. But spotting the constellations should be a learning experience, not just an identifying one, IMHO. This lovely wee book by the author of Curious George is simple enough that kids can use it, and gives just the right amount of information for adults to feel like they're learning something which makes it just the thing for everybody. The drawings are sweet, the prose is l [...]

    This book was exactly what I was looking for: a simple, easy guide to stargazing that boiled down the vast amount of information about the stars to a quantity that I could digest. This book is designed for children, but it's just as helpful for adults. I love the cute illustrations and the comments from the cartoon character on the pages. I also really liked the author's approach to stargazing. You start with the brightest stars in the sky and the constellations they are in because you can find [...]

    This book is wonderful! It's written for children (older children) so it's an easy way to learn the constellations and stars in the sky. After taking a college astronomy class, I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to know the sky this book makes is so EASY! I love it. I read it through, and am now eager to read it a page at a time, going outside in the evening to find the stars of that page. By the time I finish the book, I expect I'll just about be an expert on the various constellations! And I pla [...]

    i love this--j and i had a blast looking at the constellations. Rey's illustrations makes finding the constellations much less complicated. Reading this book solidified J's interest in astronomy and rekindled mine. We will definitely own this one someday. Only complaint: the book doesn't use the latin names at all. i'm okay with it though, since it's an intro for kids and Rey's other book about stars has the names listed.

    The absolute best book available for making sense of the night sky for all ages. This book is best to use if children are involved, but Rey's other science book called The Stars go hand-in-hand for various levels of difficulty. My highest 5-star rating to these books by the author of Curious George.

    Have you ever wished you could find the constellations in the night sky yourself? Well, “Curious George” creator H.A. Rey published a great how-to book in 1954 that has been updated for today’s audience. He shows how to find and identify more than 2 dozen constellations. (There are even places to quiz yourself, can you identify the connected stars to tell which constellation, and can you identify the constellation by just the star pattern?) He shows what the night sky looks like in Winter, [...]

    Who knew? One of the creators of lovable, long-time children's favorite character Curious George, H. A. Rey also had a passion for astronomy. Frustrated with the complexities of the-available texts and star charts, Rey decided to draw his own. They were compiled into a book for adults called THE STARS: A NEW WAY TO SEE THEM, and was published in 1952. A children's version of the text was first published in 1954, updated in 2008, and updated once again for this newest version.This book is filled [...]

    I've used this book since I was a teenager staring up into the New Mexico skies. I think the approach that H.A. Rey has used to allow people to recognize the constellations was novel - I even use his descriptions to inform my children about the "stories in the sky."The best example I have seen is his description of Gemini, the Twins. The goofy picture of two brothers holding hands is memorable, and I'll never look at the Twins the same way.If you're looking for a mathematically detailed astronom [...]

    The actual edition that I have from the Library is copyright 1954 with a revision and update in 1988 so it is still fairly outdated. A 2008 edition is available. I had to laugh at the illustration of the rocket ship right out of Flash Gordon - the really old, campy, TV program!I think I learned a lot and I am looking forward to the next clear night to see if I can actually spot more constellations than I have in the past. I was considering this for my grandson but I have to wonder what the right [...]

    I agree with the other reviewers. This is an awesome book for adults and children and a great way to learn about the stars. My only criticism was that this new edition completely left out Pluto. Personally, to me, Pluto will always be the 9th planet, albeit cold, small and far away. But even if you don't think it is a planet, it should have been in there and not just "deleted." But that's not the fault of the author. I saw this book at my Cousins' house and read part of their copy of the First E [...]

    I used this charming book extensively as a reference when I made a night sky guide for kids through adults at the library where I work, and I highly recommend it. It's informative but accessible and whimsical. Originally written and drawn in the '50s, I believe, it has been revised in the past few years with more current information. Not that most of the content needs modernization. Understanding why Polaris is the North Star and how that helps you find constellations is not dated information, a [...]

    My dad got me this book when I was a kid and was really interested in star for a while. It is very kid friendly and has cute pictures and jokes. The constellation information doesn't change, but I'm sure some of the other info is outdated, at least in my edition. I also own the book by the same author called The Stars, but I did not read it as much as a kid. While looking up this book, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was written by the person who wrote Curious George books, which I h [...]

    "Mr. Rey's [author of Curious George] outlines of the contellations are the best I have ever seen."Sharing a review by Dr. Hayden Rice, NY Planetarium. Some very useful astronomy tools, such as using an umbrella to locate Polaris, the morning star, and the other constelations. Very informative.

    This informational text is filled with great information about constellations and tips on how we can spot them in the night sky. There is A LOT of text in this book, so it would be great for a research assignment. Definitely not one for a read aloud, but could be very useful during a unit on constellations/stars.

    I read this with my 9-year-old son and we both enjoyed it so much. It's written by the same author as the Curious George series and presents the night sky in a way that is compelling to young children. Highly recommend for my friends with kids or those with an affinity for the night sky.

    At last, I can understand everything I struggled to grasp when taking Astronomy in college, Yes, I thought that course would be an easy A. WRONG.Great book for scout leaders, teachers and any adult or child interested in how to recognize the stars and learn the constellations.

    Everyone needs this AND The Stars: A New Way to See Them—they have different information and it's all absolutely essential :)

    That's right, the guy who wrote the Curious George books was also into astronomy. I went through his children's astronomy book pretty quickly, but am also reading The Stars which is for adults and is apparently a very well respected book in the world of astronomy. Go figure.

    The tone of the book itself is friendly and engaging, easily becoming my go-to-book whenever I (or anyone else) want to star glaze. I have the soft cover version of it, so I could go bring it with me to camping / road trips!

    This was one of my favorite books to check out of the school library, which I did quite often as a kid. An excellent educational book for tykes. The language is easily undetstood and the pictures are very acurate. I would highly recommend this for all budding astromoners and stargazers.

    Young readers can use this book as a map of the sky to find the constellations in every season. Great illustrations, as well as both scientific and mythological facts, make this a perfect introduction to the stars. For grades 3-5.

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