31-ე განყოფილების დაღუპვა

31-ე განყოფილების დაღუპვა

Crime novel

  • Title: 31-ე განყოფილების დაღუპვა
  • Author: Per Wahlöö ნოდარ ძოწენიძე
  • ISBN: 9789941422409
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Crime novel

    • [PDF] Download Î 31-ე განყოფილების დაღუპვა | by ☆ Per Wahlöö ნოდარ ძოწენიძე
      267 Per Wahlöö ნოდარ ძოწენიძე
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download Î 31-ე განყოფილების დაღუპვა | by ☆ Per Wahlöö ნოდარ ძოწენიძე
      Posted by:Per Wahlöö ნოდარ ძოწენიძე
      Published :2019-05-06T10:29:35+00:00

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    Book ReviewIn the social production of their existence, men inevitably enter into definite relations, which are independent of their will, namely relations of production appropriate to a given stage in the development of their material forces of production. The totality of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real foundation, on which arises a legal and political superstructure and to which correspond definite forms of consciousness. The mode of produc [...]

    Jensen is a police Inspector in the capital city of plutocratic corporatist state somewhere in the near future investigating a bomb threat against a major magazine and newspaper publisher. As his investigation develops it seems to become more perfunctory, slightly more absurd and all the while more disturbing. In part this is a result of Wahlöö’s fastidious writing; the book is peppered with detailed lists – of what Jensen eats, of the notes he takes, of the contents of his desk, of the co [...]

    Mit Genuss habe ich viele der Krimis , die er zusammen mit seiner Frau geschrieben hat, gelesen. Dieses war wohl sein Erstling. Der Klappentext verspricht "vielleicht sein wichtigstes Buch". Vielleicht . die Begründung für diese Vermutung bleibt offen. Die Sprache wirkt hözern, die Charaktere sind seltsam. Eventuell hängt das damit zusammen, dass die deutsche Übersetzung auf der englischen Ausgabe beruht? Das Ganze ist aus der Zeit gefallen. Geschrieben 1964 in der Vergangenheistsform, spie [...]

    A phlegmatic, digestively-impaired detective in an anti-intellectual socialist dystopia has seven days to figure out who sent a bomb threat to a large magazine publishing company with lots of chromium furniture. Society has been so dumbed-down that although magazines "only dealt with princesses and how to make gingersnaps," they are above the readers' heads. I think the author is in favor of women's pubic hair, but I couldn't tell if the badger that frightened the children was supposed to be all [...]

    Llegué a este libro por la reseña de Julián Díez en C: ccyberdark/2228/asesinMientras que Julián se centra en la componente distópica —uy, perdón, prospectiva—, yo voy a intentar analizar más niveles de la obra para que se entienda mejor la diferencia entre su valoración y la mía.Asesinato en la planta 31 es un crossover entre novela negra y un subgénero de la literatura fantástica, la distopía, por lo que ofrece muchas líneas de análisis. Es muy similar por tanto a la más co [...]

    Here is a police novel set in a near-future world where the police/welfare state is fully established.A powerful combine, called The Concern, has bought up all the magazines and newspapers in this unnamed northern country. The people are fed a constant diet of bland, meaningless nonsense. Anything that could cause people to be concerned or upset is removed. Whether it is a children's comic book or a women's magazine, there are lots of bright colors everywhere. Sometimes, the same pictures of chi [...]

    This novel comes before THE STEEL SPRING which I reviewed recently. Again it is a dystopian novel. In the unnamed country crime rates are falling and so are birth rates, but the government has recently made it illegal to become inebriated not only in public but also at home. Every night the jails are filled with drunks, and the government makes a small fortune by fining the inebriates.Publishing of all sorts has become a monopoly of the group that owns The Skyscraper, the 31 storey building that [...]

    I thought that this book was relevant to today with a few exceptions. There would be no typewriters and there would be i-phones everywhere today. Inspector Jensen was aware that things were not normal at the building and wasn't fooled by the publishers finding a party to the letter themselves. He struggled with the problem for the remaining time allotted him to find the perpetrator. Per Wahlöö was a very intelligent chap to write this story back in 1964. The ending was worth reading the story. [...]

    Un'atmosfera che sembra presa di peso da 1984 permea questo romanzo ambientato in una non meglio identificata e assolutamente distopica nazione nordica, dove, con metodi degni di Huxley, la popolazione è stata ridotta a uno stato di bovina acquiescenza, in nome di una non meglio identificata "concordia sociale".Una lettera anonima mette in moto delle indagini, il cui esito non riuscirà a scuotere il commissario che le porta avanti, vera rotella non pensante dello status quo, nonostante mostri [...]

    Incredible to think how short time span the whole book is happening. One week. Well, it is so engaging it took me only a couple of days to read. The dry humour and ridiculous characters one might meet during an ongoing investigation is incredibly entertaining. The book sucks you into it and when you get to the last two pages you are so lost as to what the hell just happened, you have to read it all over again. And then the after-an-incredible-book-depression hits. Unless you got another great bo [...]

    Scritto nel 1964. Si puó dire che la realtá ha superato la fantasia, o meglio la profezia di Per Wahloo.Purtroppo per noi.

    Adapted into the hallucinatory black comedy "Kamikaze 1989" starring Rainer Werner Fassbender, the original novel is bone dry but creepy all the same. Not quite science fiction, not quite dystopian social commentary, not quite straight up police procedural, but at the nexus of all three.

    This is a strange one, it's cold and clinical language works and it feels completely modern despite being written over 50 years ago. The futuristic setting even works too, although technology is obviously dated, it's almost steampunk seen from todays DNA, touchscreen, mobile phone culture.

    Per Wahlöö is one half of the Swedish mystery writing duo Sjöwall and Wahlöö, who - between 1965 and 1975 - wrote a great series of crime novels featuring inspector Martin Beck and detectives Lennart Kollberg, Gunvald Larsson, Einar Ronn, etc. The series contains some of the best police procedurals I have read in my life; I find "The Laughing Policeman" and "Roseanna" the most outstanding. In addition to highly realistic and captivating plots, the books present quite a critical view of the [...]

    Un romanzo interessante, ma non sviluppato nel modo giusto, a parer mio.Ci troviamo in una cittadina di un non meglio identificato paese in un futuro non troppo lontano, in cui la censura regna sovrana: il potere di informazione è nelle mani della Casa, una casa editrice universale che ha il compito di pubblicare tutte le riviste di cui la popolazione ha bisogno per andare avanti giorno dopo giorno, anche se con la peculiarità che nessuna critica può essere smossa verso nessuno.Esatto, nessun [...]

    Scritto nel 1964, è un romanzo che guarda ad una ipotetica società futura e, come molti hanno già scritto, ricorda senz’altro il romanzo di Orwell, 1984. Qui il potere è quello della stampa, un unico grande editore, la Concordia, che controlla l’informazione e orienta, attraverso le sue numerose riviste, il pensiero della gente, dando una visione distorta della realtà sociale, un’idea di normalità e di tranquillità. In realtà in quel Paese si vive in case tutte uguali, in periferie [...]

    mi sbilancio in numero di stellette forse sull'onda dell'entusiasmo da fine lettura. Ma il libro è davvero notevole.E' un giallo "futurista" scritto nel 1964. Non tutte le previsioni sono azzeccate ma è abbastanza impressionante la corrispondenza tra le situazioni descritte dall'autore e molti aspetti della nostra realtà contemporanea.Un orwell minore ma non troppo.Il poliziotto imperscrutabile e ulceroso che registra per noi un collasso sociale senza speranza mi ricorda un vecchio racconto a [...]

    Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the Martin Beck series of police procedurals which Wahloo wrote with his partner, I was fearful of being disappointed by this solo effort. I thus psychologically prepared myself, repeating over and over, "This is not a Martin Beck book", determined to read this in it's own right.This wasn't as good as the Martin Beck books. Hey, there's just no getting away from it. That said, the comparison is perhaps a little unfair. This does share similarities, certainly. T [...]

    Picked this up completely ignorant of Per Wahloo. It was a newish edition and based on the back summary of a future where all the media is controlled by one person I actually thought it was recently written and going to comment on modern information. It's a rather grey, dreary writing style but it helps emphasize the offensively neutral state of affairs and the city itself. Also one of the few books where we don't really get much of the explanation into the mechanics of the world that wasn't exa [...]

    Небольшая, легко читающаяся антиутопия-детектив (пожалуй, ближе к Замятину, чем к Оруэллу). Иногда ее относят к социальной фантастике. Атмосферная и, главное, очень шведская по духу.Сюжет разворачивается в гомогенном мире "единого общества", где всю прессу поглотил огромный [...]

    Here is a world which has lost its spirit. The detective always solves his case, seemingly by exhaustively following a methodical approach in which no extraneous evidence, speech, emotion or unnecessary discussion with other officers is allowed. All is based on the facts. No wonder he suffers from a digestive disorder which removes any joy in life. He can't eat anything worthwhile and even the rubbish he does eat simply causes more discomfort. Meanwhile we learn more and more about this soulless [...]

    This was not what I was expecting it to be. Almost more science fiction than mystery, this deals with some unnamed society where this is just one publishing corporation responsible for all printed media, dumbing everything down for the masses. Drunkenness, even in the home, is no longer allowed. Soccer, the only sport remaining, is played without an audience in a TV studio. And on the 31st Floor? The few remaining independent thinkers and critics of society. There is a reason that mysteries are [...]

    Marxist SF: "The Murder on the 31st Floor” by Per WahlööPublished for the first time in 1964 (2011 edition read).NB: First read in German a long time ago. This is my first reading in English.“The Murder on the 31st Floor” starts as a spiritual murder of cultural criticism, the freedom of expression and then in the physical liquidation of the last social critics.“The Murder on the 31st Floor” is a novel in several ways that breaks with Wahlöös earlier novels, which mostly take place [...]

    Доволі не звичайна побудова детективу, так наче ти дивишся серіал, а не читаєш книжку. Так все досереджено не на одній події чи вбивстві, а на буденності працівників різних правоохоронних структур, де в процесі розслідуються вбивства і збираються попередити теракт, де бага [...]

    L'inutilità più completa, a meno che non si sia interessati a dialoghi senza mordente e divagazioni (critica? umorismo nero?) sulla società e sulla politica.Primo libro di una duologia, ma letto per secondo.Il secondo capitolo mi aveva fregato con il fantasma di una epidemia mortale, per questo primo capitolo non ho scusanti.Personaggi piatti. Scusa per una trama imbarazzante. La descrizione del futuro distopico, datata primi anni '60, è forse la cosa migliore, ma resta piatta e poco coinvol [...]

    Compared to the Martin Beck series series written with Maj Sjöwall this is a bit disappointing. Although there are interesting social science fiction aspects, for 1964 this is remarkably prescient in its view of the controlling powers of capitalism - censorship without censoring not least among them - it struggles to come alive in the way that the Martin Beck books do. Inspector Jensen is more of a cipher and the most you understand from the book is that he has serious digestive problems. Its v [...]

    To be honest I was expecting a lot more from this novel. The protagonist is given only a few days to investigate a serious crime against a newspaper/magazine agency.The reasoning behind the deadline was a bit out of the blue however, and I personally think it didn't help the story. The detective was weird and had a very unusual way of tracking down the criminal. A few hours before the deadline, he still had not questioned all the suspects, neither did he have their names. So the climax was just [...]

    I had enjoyed the series of books the author co-wrote with his wife but this is the first time I have read a book he wrote on his own. It was written in 1964 and I suppose it could even have been considered science fiction as it is set in the future. It is a grim book and the author makes some interesting political points but the story concerns a policeman investigating a bomb threat. I was not sure I understood all that happened in the final pages but it was a fascinating read and I am just abo [...]

    La serie de Martin Beck, que Wahloo con escribió con Maj Sjöwall, es una de mis favoritas. Asesinato en la planta 31, escrita en solitario, es muy interesante. Publicada en 1966, es increíble lo mucho que la sociedad futurista que retrata se parece a la nuestra. Incluso habla de cadenas de cafeterías y de la televisión basura que ahora nos parecen ta normales. Lo único que no vio venir fue la obsolescencia del papel y las máquinas de escribir. A pesar de todo, el resto parece profético. [...]

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