Lebron James: The Rise of a Star

Lebron James: The Rise of a Star

Lebron James The Rise of a Star A well rounded personal portrait of the young superstar BooklistAn up close look at young LeBron James when he was basketball s hottest prospect poised at the brink of superstardom Sportswriter Davi

  • Title: Lebron James: The Rise of a Star
  • Author: David Lee Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781886228740
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • A well rounded, personal portrait of the young superstar BooklistAn up close look at young LeBron James when he was basketball s hottest prospect, poised at the brink of superstardom.Sportswriter David Lee Morgan covered the LeBron phenomenon for the Akron Beacon Journal starting with LeBron s freshman year in high school and had unequaled access to LeBron, his family A well rounded, personal portrait of the young superstar BooklistAn up close look at young LeBron James when he was basketball s hottest prospect, poised at the brink of superstardom.Sportswriter David Lee Morgan covered the LeBron phenomenon for the Akron Beacon Journal starting with LeBron s freshman year in high school and had unequaled access to LeBron, his family, and his close friends He saw the exceptional play on the basketball court and the surprising poise with which LeBron has handled the pressure, the scrutiny, the criticism that arrived with the early onset of fame.The odds were against James from the start Born in poverty to a 16 year old single mom, without a stable home for the first decade of his life, LeBron could have become just one scarred product of a rough childhood in the projects Instead, he became the darling of the sports world and he plays the part well.He was called the best high school basketball player ever He made the cover of Sports Illustrated as a junior, was featured on national television, and signed than 100 million in promotional contracts before the end of his senior year It was no surprise when he became the no doubt about it No 1 pick in the NBA draft right after high school graduation.This is a story for any fan who wants to get to know LeBron better, and for anyone curious about how a high school basketball phenom is made.

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    "The Rise of a Star" is a book about a young athlete making it to the NBA. The book is a biography on lebron james. It tells about how rough lebron's life was before he started making money in the pros. It also tells how he kept himself out of trouble and came to love basketball.I was surprised by the book by how little he had he moved around a lot and didnt live in the best places. I am kind of surprised he didnt get in more trouble with the law it would have been easy for him to get into drugs [...]

    Lebron James: The Rise of a Star by David Lee Morgan, Jr. is an sports novel about Lebron James life before the NBA. Lebron James had an amazing childhood. At a young age Lebron James was a basketball phenomenon. The novel talks about Lebron James younger days and high school days. Also, the novel talks about the friendship Lebron had with his teammates Willie, Dru, Sian, and Romeo.I liked a lot of things about this book, but it had a few parts I didn't like. The things I liked the most was when [...]

    The book “The Rise of a Star” by David Lee Morgan Jr. is very good. This book is about LeBron James and his hard life. The book starts talking about his young life and how he never really stayed at a “home” and that he moved a lot. At one point LeBron was staying at his “second home” with the man that taught him the game that he now dominates in. When LeBron was in middle school he and his AAU teammates had to decide what high school to go to. They made a group decision to go to St. [...]

    This book is an excellent book that tells the story of one of the greatest basketball players of not only the modern era, but one of the greatest players of all time. It tells how James grew up in a home with only his mother who had him at the age of 16 due to his father being out of the picture. He started playing basketball at a young age and started becoming very good at it. He played basketball all the time and kept on grinding even though he came from nothing. He then got into high school w [...]

    yes i loved this book because for one lebron is may favorite basketball player ever and this shows how he started his legacy of be coming something amazing in the game of basketball and how he over came not having his dad in his life and how he used his moms strength to fuel him to be better in life.

    Great Book. I watched LeBron play back in high school and have followed him ever since. What an incredible person he has become along with the greatest basketball player of our time. A true African American hero and role model.

    I really liked the book Of The Rise Of A Star Lebron James.I liked it so much because it really told a lot of what happened in his live and how he became so great.

    The book was interesting the book talked about Lebron's child hood and his time in high school. The book talks about Lebron and his mom moving to place to place.

    I think this book is a good way to find out information about one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

    I really liked this book because it was about how LeBron James grew up and how he started with basketball.

    This was a great book. It tells about LeBron James' childhood from when he was born until his senior year in high school and getting drafted into the NBA. LeBron James was born December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. He did not know who his father was. His mom had a low end job that could not produce a lot of money for her family. So LeBron and his mother Gloria moved from house to house when he was younger. Most of the time the houses they moved into were family friends' houses. In his early days in [...]

    Not many people come out of gang related cities successful; here is the story of Lebron James. The story of Lebron James begins with a young boy from Akron, Ohio trying to make a name for him and try to stabilize his life. Lebron James was born to Gloria James when she was just 16. This book goes throughout LeBron’s life and how he went from being on the brink of being homeless to being one of the most household names on the planet. The story of Lebron James begins in Akron. Ohio or better kno [...]

    Book ReviewBy AndrewThe Rise of a Star LeBron James By David Lee Morgan Jr. The Rise of a Star LeBron James is a very interesting book. LeBron life was tough, and by tough I mean extremely tough. He moved around from place to place, neighborhood to neighborhood. His family didn’t have a lot of money and maybe they couldn’t express their love for LeBron, by buying him nice things, but they sure did express it in different ways. Every single basketball game, they were there for him, no matter [...]

    The Rise of a Star: Lebron James LeBron James currently is a basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it wasn’t that easy. In high school LeBron had to work for everything. He won three state championships and went to four. At St. Vincent St. Mary’s Lebron was paired with four of his friends for basketball, making the fab five. The fab five consisted of LeBron James, Dru Joyce III, Romeo Travis, Willie McGee and Sian Cotton. He grew up on Hickory Street where the basketball hoop wa [...]

    Lebron James: The Rise of a Star was a biography about Lebron James before he became a NBA star/legend . In Lebron James : The rise of a star its talk about how Lebron grew up , where he was raised , and what career he took . It talks about his struggles , his blood , sweat and tears to get where he is today . It also talks about his high school career and all the problems he faced because he was who he was . In Lebron James The rise of a star , it tells you everything , if you didnt know who le [...]

    This was the worst edited book I have ever read. Some of the mistakes made were downright laughable. On par with middle school writing.There were a couple sentences that I reread over and over, and I still couldn't make heads or tails of the intention of the sentence. It was as though the author started a sentence, fell asleep, and then upon waking, just through a few words together and finished the line without even realizing what he had started writing in the first place.Honestly, its as thoug [...]

    My resent book was Lebron James by David lee Morgan. This book is about Lebron James from when he was a little boy until he was a pro basketball player, and it starts when he realized that basketball was something that he would wanna do as a long and successful career. This book was recommended by either Dylan or Jordan. They gave me this book because they know that I like basketball Miami heat and LeBron James. The author David Lee Morgan is a sports writer for all national sports players. He h [...]

    LeBron James: The Rise of a Star is a very interesting book. It explains how hard his life was as a child. He only went to fifty-four days of school in first grade. He only had a mom and the were always moving from house to house. LeBron played football, basketball, and baseball. He quit baseball in mthrid grade because his team was bad. Taht was the only time LeBron quit in his life.Then it talks about about high school. He and his four best friends went to high school together. LeBron played v [...]

    LeBron James: The Rise of a Star is the greatest book I ever read. This book is great because of only one reason it tells the life of the greatest athlete of the 20 century. And how he came to be known as King James. This book is great because this book starts off at birth it tells you how LeBron James grand mom died a day before LeBron was born. It Tell how LeBron mom was only 15 years old when she, gave birth and how she’s not sure who LeBron dad is. But, LeBron James was never in a stable h [...]

    This book tells the story of how LeBron James rises to stardom in Ohio.Its an interesting that will inspire other to try to become great. the book started off with a description of his mom and where he came from. Also it tells how sports kept him out of trouble since he lived in a violent neighborhood. LeBron has had a lot of people in his life that has made him to the athlete he is currently. To not having his father in his life and having to act like an adult at a younger age changed him expon [...]

    The Rise of a star, LeBron James, by David Morgan, is a biography about the basketball star's life from the time he was born through being drafted by the NBA. LeBron was was born in poverty to a sixteen year old mother named Gloria. When he was young, he never had a stable home and moved from place to place all the time. In fourth grade he missed eighty four out of one hundred sixty days of school because he didn't care about school and his mom didn't care about what he did. He got involved in s [...]

    I read LeBron James: The Rise of a Star by David Lee Morgan Jr. It was a very good book about LeBron James’ life and how he started from playing in a court in the ghetto of his town and became so good as a basketball player and went to the pros. When you read this biography on his life it tells you all the struggles that he had to go threw to be compared to the great Michael Jordan. When he was a kid his mom went from job to job just so that LeBron could have food on the table and clothing on [...]

    This book is about Lebron James. It starts off with the shot that changed his life his senior year and slowly gets into his life. The struggles that he's faced. For example Lebrons grandmother passed away and now this situation led to Lebron and his mother Gloria to move around. In this book he said in one year they moved 12x. He also missed around 82 days in his 3rd grade year. But thanks to Terry(his extended family and coach) his life amde a big turn in life and basketball his thing.Now what [...]

    Kurtis T.BellLeBron James: The Rise of a Star by David Lee Morgan is a biography on Lebron James and his high school career. Lebron James was a star in high school, he went through rough times a child and beautiful times as a teenager. He manage to become successful in life at an early age. You will see the accomplishments Lebron managed to succeed as a teenager like me.There are a lot of things I like about this book. Lebron was a grown man in a teenager body. I like how he managed to go throug [...]

    The time frame is about kindergarten through high school, with a few events before then. The main characters in this story are LeBron James, and his mother, Gloria. I believe that he wrote this book because he became a very good basketball player, and wanted the world to know his story.Four interesting events that you can read about in this story are:1. You can learn about the kind of competition he had in high school.2. The reason why he couldn't play in a few games his junior year.3. Other spo [...]

    The book is about the life of Lebron James and how he came from rags to riches. From his childhood life until his NBA draft. His childhood life was the roughest period of time for him. Lebron didn't have his biological father around, but Eddie who was a great father figure was around for Lebron throughout his life. Eddie and Gloria his mother was there at every game cheering him on.The thing that I liked about this was it gave his whole life story. It started from when he had nothing at all to b [...]

    the book is about the story of Lebron James who started playing basketball at a young age which later would be the first round draft pick in the 2003 NBA draft. This book really starts from when he is a young age and the struggles that he faced through his life. he had so many struggles in my life that took a great impact on his life. some of his struggles was controversy with the hummer and the gift of jerseys that a old friend gave to him. also the struggles of a single mom trying to give him [...]

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