The Final Programme

The Final Programme

The Final Programme Jerry Cornelius is a scientist a rock star and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings murder sex and drugs are a daily occur

  • Title: The Final Programme
  • Author: Michael Moorcock
  • ISBN: 9780850310122
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jerry Cornelius is a scientist, a rock star, and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings, murder, sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy and ruthless partner in chaos, Miss Brunner, Cornelius is on a mission to control a revolutionary code for creating the ultimate human being, a mJerry Cornelius is a scientist, a rock star, and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings, murder, sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy and ruthless partner in chaos, Miss Brunner, Cornelius is on a mission to control a revolutionary code for creating the ultimate human being, a modern messiah the final programme.The first book in the Cornelius Quartet is the groundbreaking introduction to the misadventures and vendettas of Jerry Cornelius, one of modern literature s most distinctive characters, the product of a bewildering post modern culture, and an inspiration for generations of characters since Michael Moorcock, rechazando las disputas de l mites que han reducido la novela a una confusi n de subg neros en conflicto, recobra en estos cuatro vol menes una vitalidad y una amplitud proteicas que pudieran llamarse dickensianas si no pertenecieran tan por completo a nustro tiempo vol til En verdad, ninguna obra reciente de ficci n ha manejado mejor las contingencias vertiginosas de la imaginaci n del medio siglo que esta brava arlequinada de juegos de identidad, realidades falsificadas, historia par dica, y un pobre y ordinario apocalipsis W.L Webb, The Guardian Moorcock ha creado una figura capaz de moverse a trav s de las versiones m ticas de los problemas de hoy, sin intentar situarlas o situarse a s mismo en contextos simplificados Una ficci n semejante, en un mundo de imaginaci n escasa, es un don necesario Harpers Bazaar Michael Moorcock naci en Inglaterra, ha publicado m s de 50 libros y fue animador principal de la c lebre revista New Worlds, que introdujo el t rmino ficci n especulativa una literatura moderna, coherente y vital En EL PROGRAMA FINAL, primera de una serie de cuatro novelas independientes, anticipa la herencia decepcionante y ca tica de la d cada del 60, un dorado presente en el que todo parec a instant neamente posible.

    The Final Programme Oct , A trio of scientists plan to create a self replicating, immortal, hermaphrodite using the Final Programme developed by a Nobel Prize winning dead scientist. The Final Programme film The Final Programme The Last Days of Man on Earth Doomsday allegory about a future society awaiting a new messiah Jon Finch, Jenny Runacre, Sterling Hayden, Harry Andrews, Hugh Griffith Also known as The Last Days of Man on Earth. The Final Programme The Final Programme is a novel by British science fiction and fantasy writer Michael Moorcock Written in as the underground culture was beginning to emerge, it was not published for several years Moorcock has stated that publishers at the time considered it was too freaky. The Final Programme Blu ray Jon Finch The Cornelius Chronicles, of which The Final Programme is the first volume, are Moorcock s post modern deconstruction of his own concept In fact, the character was first put out by Moorcock for others to use, with some success Moebius s excellent graphic novel The Airtight Garage was originally titled The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius, for example. The Final Programme The Cornelius Quartet The Eternal Jerry Cornelius is a truly inspired creation and The Final Programme is just the start of a journey that leads to the truly great book, The Condition of Muzak Read people found this helpful The Final Programme directed by Robert Fuest The Final Programme is an entertaining little British science fiction oddity as recommended by Mark C from what I can only assume is his encyclopaedic knowledge of British cinema Nice one.

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    For a 1960’s science fiction novel laced with sex, drugs and rock & roll, I didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as I thought I would. The Final Programme was my introduction to Michael Moorcock and I will probably not be reading the other three books in this quartet. I say ‘probably’ rather than ‘definitely’ because the book wasn’t actually bad. But it was a chore to read to the end. The fact that the story was not compelling had little to do with my boredom. I don’t need a [...]

    I think this book has some hilarious dialogue. In fact, the bossy Miss Brunner is great! But this was a very tedious read. It's like one long, rambling joke. Parts of it are funny, but most of it is pointless. There's no depth to any of the characters. There's no plot. I think Moorcock was trying to shock people with things like incest and fratricide , but since I’m not easily shocked, I almost fell asleep.I love the movie though. I've read Moorcock hated its.

    In the apocalyptic end-point of swinging-60s London, the universe parties and pleasure-seeks itself into oblivion as an eternally bored hipster and amoral vampiric scientist set in motion the renewal and continuance of human existence. With its offhandedly-cursory-yet-pretentious philosophizing, horrendously uneven wobbling between bizarre action set piece and graspings at significance, weird jokiness hiding its overearnestness, and and rather unlikeable super-cool protagonist, this one earns a [...]

    Originally published on my blog here in September 1999.The Final Programme must have seemed, in the mid sixties, to be the epitome of British New Wave chic. Yet, unlike so much of the literature of the period, it and its sequels have not dated. Like the TV series The Avengers, it contains a distinct vein of self parody, paving the way for Moorcock's attacks on the book in the later Jerry Cornelius novels.The best cult sixties TV series - The Saint and The Prisoner are other examples - are in fac [...]

    I was at first very hesitant to pick up a ‘Cornelius’ novel because of all of the bad things I’ve herd about ‘Cornelius’ in general, about how disjointed and confusing he could be. This novel though was amazing. I am very thankful that I have read so much Moorcock lately because it made things so much easier to follow. Everything got so much easier after I noticed it was the last three Elric books condensed and transposed. Phase 1 Part 2 contains a scene for scene transposition of "the [...]

    A Jerry Cornelius novel! The first in the series. Perhaps even a British comic strip as well as a film. No, I never heard of the series, or of Jerry Cornelius, till very recently. Written by the noted science fiction author Michael Moorcock, this novel reminds me very much of the works by Terry Southern. They both share an anti-everything approach to life, as well as being very much part of the 1960s culture. In fact, "The Final Programme" could have 'only' have been written in the 60s. This 196 [...]

    Imagine if you can, that you have lived before. But not just once or twice, but an infinite number of times. You have lived an eternal number of lifetimes. Each life is different, but a lot of the same conflicts and obstacles occur in each lifetime. But these conflicts are not the same, they are variations on a theme, like movement of a symphony - except it's nothing like a symphony. You might be beginning to grasp the insanely chaotic mess of interwoven tangles the tapestry of life that belong [...]

    My wife had never seen Casablanca. This struck me as an injustice and so I dutifully sat her down, put int he dvd and teared up when they sang Le Marseilles to drown out the Nazis singing German drinking songs. before we even got to that iconic scene however, my wife in near exasperation exclaimed that she flt like she had seen this movie before, because so much of the dialogue, staging and characters had been referenced, quoted, and parodied in so many other movies and TV shows since 1941.Readi [...]

    Today, we're concerned with The Final Programme and Moorcock's status as one of speculative fiction's foremost prophets of catastrophe. Like his New Worlds compadre J G Ballard, his work confronts us with apocalypse after apocalypse. Unlike the Sage of Shepperton however, Moorcock gives the impression of revelling in The End; if the world is making its merry way over the final cliff, why not be the Pied Piper?And pied piper, holy fool, party-hardy Prospero - these are all accurate-yet-partial de [...]

    One of my all time favourite reads. Essentially a rewite of an early Elric tale reconvigured as a Pop-Art nightmare explosion. Hugely influential at the time, at least in "underground" circles, it still retains a mythical power. The plot concerns the creation of the new messiah - a pressing question in the sixties, if you consider the rise of alternative political and religious organisations throughout that epoch. While fairly simplistic and straight forward it is carried off with such energy an [...]

    With a name like Moorcock, it would be a shame to find a tame plot between the covers. Thankfully, this famous SciFi author delivers the goods, in a mind and gender-bending vision of the near future (or, more precisely, altered present) 196- London (and well beyond) and the crumbling inhabitants therein. We follow the gallivanting protagonist as he reels confidently from one tight spot to the next, getting deeper and deeper over his head until we the reader can feel the pace, plans and speed as [...]

    I won this from Giveaways because I'm awesome!What a fun strange little book. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I'm not sure I could synopsize what happened, but it was a fun post-apocalyptic (I think) ride. The main character, Jerry Cornelius isn't a very good dude, but for some reason you want to like him. There are some big questions that go unanswered and a few big jumps in time with the missing time left a mystery, but I really didn't mind about those things, so I'm sure it was p [...]

    A work of surreal fiction which only has the thinnest guise of being pulp sf, THE FINAL PROGRAMME is an acquired taste, to put it mildly. Author Michael Moorcock has little interest crafting a coherent narrative in this work; rather, Moorcock is interested in generating a sense of instability,the sense of that ravelling which everyone in the novel seems to be experiencing. As such, the novel bounces from episode to episode, with only the barest of explanations being offered as to why anything is [...]

    After more than 20 Moorcock book this is the first book I really did not like. I Always liked Moorcock's writing style, weird situations and fantastical worlds. I always get right into the story and feel for (and with) the characters. But not this time. I couldn't get into the story, it never started making any sense and it just didn't interest me. Besides that it's advertised as SF, but it wasn't SF enough for me.Luckely there are enough Moorcock books left for me to read. But i'll definitely s [...]

    I was really excited to read the classic series that inspired such excellent works as Casanova and the Invisibles, but the inspiration turned out to be almost nothing like its contemporaries. This Jerry Cornelius novel is the only one with a fairly conventional format and more or less of a story. Despite its superspy backdrop, The Final Programme is a portrait of a desolate consumeristic society on the verge of revolution. This book would be really neat if Moorcock actually knew what he was doin [...]

    I starting this hoping to get something along the lines of William Gibson. Instead, I got Austin Powers without the humor. A series of vaguely related vignettes that are vaguely science fiction-ish. Very, very dated.

    I can't remember if I read this back in the day or not, when I was reading all of Moorcock's books. If so, it's been long enough that this didn't ring much of a bell. In any case, it's definitely an odd bird, sort of a bizarro-world James Bond sci-fi thing, if Bond were a late-60s guitar-playing rich London fashionista who feeds off other people, especially those with whom he's having relations. We get a shaggy tale of Jerry Cornelius as he hooks up with dubious characters to try to rescue his s [...]

    Sort of a precursor to some of the manic, psychadelic storytelling of Grant Morrison comics and similarly hard to follow. I really wanna like a novel when it's written by Michael Moorcock about a rock star secret agent in the swingin' sixties but it just didn't do it for me.

    An interesting psychedelic 1960’s sci fi trip. Hard to describe, it’s very odd, but in a good way.

    Promisingly nasty and transgressive in parts, it ultimately deflates serving an overbaked and underthought plot

    Cool book for anyone who is obsessed with 1960s and 1970s culture. Episodic in structure with a new type of superhero in Jerry Cornelius, personifying all the contradictions of the age.

    Di Moorcock conoscevo solo Elric, il principe albino. L’antieroe per eccellenza, il prode imperatore che provocò la distruzione del suo stesso popolo e dell’intero mondo nel tentativo di non essere come lo avrebbe voluto la sua natura. Il campione eterno.Mi è finito invece tra le mani questo libro. Fantascienza, verrebbe da dire dopo averlo letto.Inghilterra degli anni ’60, un eccentrico e ricchissimo Jerry Cornelius si destreggia tra complotti e omicidi con lo scopo di distruggere il ca [...]

    I feel I am perhaps being a bit judgemental in giving this book such a low rating. The Final Programme is the first of the 'Cornelius' books written by Moorcock, and they are some-what 'essential' in the early 'new wave' of science fiction in the 1960's and 70's. A genre I quite enjoy.This work however, is very disjointed and uneven. It's narrative structure is somewhat simplistic, but burried beneath tortured metaphors and cacophonous pages of text that don't seem to advance anything anywhere. [...]

    Michael Moorcock allegedly wrote this, or at a large chunk of it, in 1965. If that's true, then he had incredible foresight. The descriptions of the London counter-culture of just a few years later seem spot-on. His dandified protagonist, Jerry Cornelius, coulda been part of the Rolling Stones entourage.The story arc moves from Asia to England to France, then onto Sweden and back to England. In turns, it's a spy caper, fantasy quest, sex-n-rock'n'roll party scene (with a bit of drugs thrown in, [...]

    -Producto de su género y su tiempo.-Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Tras una breve introducción en Angkor Hilton, la reunión de un grupo en la Inglaterra de los años sesenta, con Jerry Cornelius a la cabeza, es la revisión final del plan para atacar la espectacular (e inquietante) mansión familiar Cornelius en busca de cierto artículo. Pero Jerry quiere visitar la casa en el acantilado antes, en solitario, y esquivando a los guardias de su hermano Frank poder ver con sus prop [...]

    My ability to recommend 'The Final Programme' is dependent on your familiarity with Michael Moorcock’s work. If you already know Elric of Melniboné or Duke Dorian Hawkmoon, you’ll enjoy analyzing Jerry Cornelius as another aspect of the Eternal Champion. But if this is your first visit to the Multiverse, start with Melniboné first.Read my full review at Pop Mythology.I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher.Matt HlinakAuthor of DoG

    I appreciated and enjoyed the pastiche of the Elric stories - the beginning is a retelling of The Dreaming City with Jerry, Catherine, and Frank as Elric, Cymoril, and Yyrkoon, and guest starring Ms Brunner as Stormbringer. I am guessing that this is one of those stories Moorcock knocked out in a day to pay the rent, or what have you. Short, sharp, with a story structure lifted from a previous story. It really is quite pulpy. That doesn't really make for a novel for the ages though.Perhaps I'm j [...]

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