Mother Teresa's Advice for Jilted Lovers

Mother Teresa's Advice for Jilted Lovers

Mother Teresa s Advice for Jilted Lovers Mother Teresa s Advice for Jilted Lovers is a hilarious irreverent take on the darker side of spirituality Every time Tara Holland thinks she s getting close to finally having her white wedding the

  • Title: Mother Teresa's Advice for Jilted Lovers
  • Author: Donna Barker
  • ISBN: 9780973061932
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mother Teresa s Advice for Jilted Lovers is a hilarious, irreverent take on the darker side of spirituality Every time Tara Holland thinks she s getting close to finally having her white wedding, the man who should be on his knee, giving her roses, winds up on his back, pushing up daisies Needless to say, Tara s beginning to think she s cursed when it comes to men Her bMother Teresa s Advice for Jilted Lovers is a hilarious, irreverent take on the darker side of spirituality Every time Tara Holland thinks she s getting close to finally having her white wedding, the man who should be on his knee, giving her roses, winds up on his back, pushing up daisies Needless to say, Tara s beginning to think she s cursed when it comes to men Her best friend, Betsy, who s always there to put the pieces back together, convinces Tara she s the cause of each of her boyfriend s untimely exits to the other side Could it be that Tara has that kind of psychic power And is Betsy right that women all over the world would pay a pretty penny for it What follows is a wild and humorous trek down the path of Tara s spiritual growth and ultimate awakening But the road to enlightenment is no cakewalk It s fraught with stacks of ill gotten cash, death threats, and orange jumpsuits.

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    Best friends Tara and Betsy's journey toward psychic enlightenment is a hilarious, terrifying and heartwarming roller-coaster ride. The power of positive and negative energy becomes crystal clear on the pages of Ms Baker's unique debut novel. The locations of Vancouver and San Diego were painted with talented prose, but it is the landscape of the heart and soul that makes this story truly shine.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    Donna's book was multidimensional, creative, and original. I thought Betsy and Tara's relationship bordered co-dependency but it seemed to work throughout the book. I loved the references from the four agreements.

    What woman doesn’t live for the day she’ll walk down the aisle wearing a gorgeous white wedding gown to begin her happy ever after? And the only nightmare she dreads coming true is being left at the altar alone with her man disappearing to parts unknown; and after which she begins to wonder whether or not she’s been the cause of her situation.Imagine if you will if the reason for your true love’s no show had been his sudden demise? Wouldn’t you feel as if fate didn’t want you to marr [...]

    A surprising tale about the practical and magical powers of love and jinxes, disguised as a chick-lit mystery. How many genres can you pack into one novel? This one melds at least three, starting out as classic chick lit: bold, edgy, funny, modern, urban, all about working women's lives and loves.The narrative has a bright and sassy voice that pulls the reader right in, and before you know it, the story has morphed into a supernatural/spiritual murder mystery overlying a sweet romance.The combo [...]

    Mother Teresa’s Advice For Jilted Lovers is a hilarious, irreverent take on the darker side of spirituality. Tara Holland finds herself broken-hearted from yet another love affair gone wrong. The last guy was merely a jerk, but the other three mysteriously up and died on her. Needless to say, Tara’s beginning to think she’s cursed when it comes to men. Her best friend, Betsy, who’s always there to put the pieces back together with enough herbal remedies to open up a health food store, co [...]

    First of all, I LOVE the title! Right off the bat, you know this book won’t be quite like anything you’ve read before.Second, I love the premise! Singular, kooky, and much too fiendish for Tara Holland, the sweet, self-effacing, romantically bumbling protagonist. I believe in the power of positive (and negative) thinking to influence our individual little worlds. But Ms. Barker has taken the notion to hilarious lengths. It could be a frightening sort of paranormal except that her approach is [...]

    So many books, so little time. This one is worth making time to read! I met author Donna Barker at a Writers Conference and she offered to send me an advance read copy of Mother Teresa's Advice. I loaded it on my iPad and headed off to Paris for my own adventure. By day, I strolled through the streets of Paris and Provence. By night, I curled up with the delightful twists and turns of "Mother Teresa." Donna's creativity and fresh storyline leave me rather wordless and I'm a writer. A few, howeve [...]

    What a fun and quirky book! I really loved the main character. I think many can relate to Tara's struggle with God through organized religion. At risk of spoiling anything, I will just say I love the spiritual journey she took even though discovering her power within through her business was definitely offbeat. Well, I suppose I should say the business was offbeat. Ha. The entire premise of the book engaged me from the beginning and carried me throughout. If you're looking for a creative and ori [...]

    Very interesting read and not at all what expected. Some of the character lines were visible early on in the story but did not detract from the story itself. Well formed plots with some comedic attributes. Very enjoyable.

    Unusual plot, exceptionally well-written. Riches here for all readers. The story has elements that will appeal to everyone who has ever loved, been lost, felt betrayed, or enjoyed hope renewed.

    Advance Reader's Copy was given by the author in exchange for my honest review. The thing that caught my attention and made me curious about this book is the synopsis of the story of Tara and how every boyfriend she've had died without her doing anything. At first I was like, "Is this a paranormal or something?" and "This story is so weird, different and confusing but still, it seems interesting." Also, what caught my attention the most is the "rebel romance" description Donna gave to this book. [...]

    Quirky, original page turner about what could happen if The Secret became true. This was a freebee on when I got this a while back, and it had been calling out to me from my TBR ever since. I'm glad I started this. And I hope more people will too. My rating? I've rounded up because things a well written, daring, original debut that I think deserved it. While thinking about how to rate this, I'm struck again with how much I depend on putting things in neat little boxes and not finding - or knowi [...]

    I received this from Library Thing for an honest review. This is a real quirky book, with an interesting, somewhat creative plot. Tara Holland has a tough time with men. Every time she thinks she is close to commitment, the man in her life ends up dead. Thus, she thinks she is jinxed. However, her best friend Betsy convinces her she has an unusual psychic gift that allows her to cause a man’s untimely demise. Both women team up to start a psychic business to help women everywhere solve their p [...]

    This book definitely crosses several genres but that is one of the things I liked best about it. Some parts made me laugh, some parts kept me guessing, some parts had me wishing I had a guy like Glen or a friend like Tara, and some parts had me not able to put it down. Personally I could relate to Tara's inner struggle with the religion she was brought up in versus the way she sees the world as an adult. Even though she considers herself a not very devoted atheist, she still feels a pull to the [...]

    I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.Wow! I certainly didn't expect that! I read this book in one sitting. I thought I was going to read a 'traditional romance', well I was certainly wrong. Donna has a way of writing that captivates you, and transports you into her story so fully that it is almost impossible to pull your kindle away from your face.Tara Holland has had really bad luck with men. Her past three lovers have all ended up dead. According to her best friend Betsy, Tara [...]

    Thanks goes out to Barker for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This book started off very strong. I was hooked and engaged with the unique storytelling, interesting plot line, and engaging questions that I really wanted to continue to read to learn the answers to. I thought the characters were well-developed, the plot was strong and, for the most part, the book had a steady pace to it.So why the loss of a star? Unfortunately, the best friend really did not sit well with [...]

    I loved this book! It's quirky. It's weird. It's hilarious.Barker creates a world a quarter turn towards magic realism where super powers of the mind are a real possibility and could be responsible for a string of odd ball accidents, coincidences that are stacking up a bit too high for normal mishaps.There's romance, there's murder mystery, there's black humour, there's an irreverent spiritual journey and under it all, there's a subtle exploration of the difference between right and wrong and ho [...]

    I received an ARC for an honest reviewTara Holland does not have the best of luck when it comes to holding onto love. She's even starting to think she might be cursed.Her best friend Betsy thinks she might be the cause of her boyfriends' death, having some sort of power.First of let me clarify it only rates 3 stars in my book, because it wasn't really my sort of thing, so this is entire due to personal preferences and does not reflect on the author's capability.Even considering this it was a fun [...]

    The path to spiritual enlightenment is definitely NOT found in this book, but you will get a few laughs along the way. It has a kind of lopsided approach that is rather different and that is what kept me reading. Not much of what you expect in here and not a book easy to describe. Some things that happen are unfortunate and untimely, but the twist her best friend puts on things will get you thinking. A few parts didn't quite pan out or get explained like I imagined it hoped, but it was cute and [...]

    Not what I expected.funny and twisted! Had me hooked from the start. Even though at times Tara, one of the main characters, could border on pathetic we always knew she was going to brought back to reality- it is chick-lit after all. I really liked the dark humor in this book. Some of us may have known early on what was going on but you were still hooked to see what was coming next. I'm definitely going to pass this one along as thumbs up!

    I loved this book! It starts out fairly light. Two women friends decide to help other women who are in bad relationships. Then it turns a bit scary! This is a really good read, and I loved that my hometown of Sacramento is mentioned. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review - and I'm so glad I did.

    Donna Barker's Mother Teresa's Advice for Jilted Lovers is a smart, funny book that sets up the protagonist with an impossible gift. I'm not going to spoil the fun, but know that I loved it! The writing is exceptional, the story is original, leaving me longing for the next book Ms. Barker publishes. Thank you!

    ** ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. **Witty and quirky in the best possible ways. I laughed out loud numerous times and enjoyed the paranormal touch. The varying depths of true friendship and love and what one would do for, and to, another were wonderfully addressed. Beautiful teaser at the end. Highly recommend.

    Fun! I enjoyed this book. Quirky and thoughtful. The main character is a much better person than I am. An unpredictable read. Recommended!

    This is about Tara Holland, who every time she thinks she is getting closer to finally finding the man who she thinks she will marry, they turn up dead. Tara starts to think she is cursed when it comes to love. Her best friend Betsy who always help Tara pick up the pieces when things fall apart. She also convinces Tara she has that kind of psychic powers to do it. Tara and Betsy start helping women all over the world with their problems with their men but somewhere along the way things start tak [...]

    Mother Teresa's Advice for Jilted Loversby Donna BarkerA clever twist on a paranormal story. I've not read this author before and have not researched her either. Her wrap-up after the end of the novel indicated this might be the first in a series. I will definitely be checking that out.As I'm typing with my onscreen keyboard because the regular on isn't responding, I won't be going as into depth as usual in this review.The proofing/editing was top notch. The main characters were Canadian, as I a [...]

    Easy to read, light and funny, this book takes the reader on a journey through self-knowledge and all sorts of permutations in an effort to help one woman win the man she loves. The book has won the blue ribbon at Chanticleer Awards for Mystery/ Suspense/ Thriller Romance, although I wouldn't have said that about it It is suspenseful but I wouldn't say it's a thriller - it's quirky, fun, and you do want to know what happens. A certain sort of psychic, Tara Holland and her 'best friend' devise a [...]

    I received this book as a giveaway.This is the story of Tara and Betsy. Tara has rotten luck with men, they keep ending up dead. Betsy is always there to pick up the pieces. Betsy convinces Tara that she has some kind of psychic power that is responsible for getting even with these men that have hurt her. Tara doesn't believe it, but Betsy introduces her to tapping into her psychic power. Soon they set up a business over the internet to help other women with the problem relationships in their l [...]

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