Under a Tell-Tale Sky

Under a Tell-Tale Sky

Under a Tell Tale Sky The grid is down the world is in flames and FEMA is demanding his ship and cargo but Captain Jordan Hughes isn t buying it When the lights go out seemingly for good Hughes quickly finds being str

  • Title: Under a Tell-Tale Sky
  • Author: R.E. McDermott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The grid is down, the world is in flames, and FEMA is demanding his ship and cargo, but Captain Jordan Hughes isn t buying it When the lights go out, seemingly for good, Hughes quickly finds being stranded far from home on a ship with working generators and a cargo of ten million gallons of irreplaceable fuel isn t exactly a low profile position Faced with rising crew d The grid is down, the world is in flames, and FEMA is demanding his ship and cargo, but Captain Jordan Hughes isn t buying it.When the lights go out, seemingly for good, Hughes quickly finds being stranded far from home on a ship with working generators and a cargo of ten million gallons of irreplaceable fuel isn t exactly a low profile position Faced with rising crew discontent, and surrounded by worsening violence ashore, things can t get much worse until they do As the remains of the federal government become increasingly corrupt and self serving, Hughes joins a ragtag band of sailors, farmers, preppers ex Coast Guardsmen, and dissident soldiers in an effort to re unite his crew with their families and use remaining resources to rebuild a devastated society Along the way they face a desperate and starving population, rampant violence from street gangs and escaped convicts, and powerful warlords created as an unintended consequence of the federal government s ill advised use of mercenaries.

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    "Believable Action Thriller on both land and sea"I want to start this review by saying it is difficult for me to rate this book as I flipped between three and four stars based on the day I was listening and where I was in the book. The book in its opening pages grabbed me and sucked me into story which I will say I did not regret listening. There were times of high action along with story tension which kept me engaged. With that said, there were also points in the story that I felt were slower o [...]

    Under a Tell-Tale Sky: Disruption Book 1 by R. E. McDermottRedundancy is a fact of my life. I am prefacing this review with a previous preface. I am lucky enough to be an advanced reader for Bob. This simply means I got the book before it was published and devoured it with rapidity. I read the book, I received no compensation for writing it and I am giving it 5 STARS because it deserves it. Feel free to check my other reviews and you will note that I “calls them as I sees them”, which means [...]

    Désolé mais non ! je me suis profondément ennuyé j'ai du sauter des pages entières sans que cela ne perturbe ma lecture Aucun des personnages n'est vraiment différencié ; de ce fait on ne peut s'intéresser ni à leurs actions ni à leurs destinées Pas d'originalité dans le traitement de cette apocalypse électrique sinon toujours la même rivalité entre les gangs mafieux, les politiciens égocentriques, qui s'érigent en dictateurs versus quelques militaires en bon samaritain ou quel [...]

    It is April 1, 2020, and a solar storm has knocked out transformers all over the world. No zombies or space aliens in this post-apocalyptic thriller. This is the first book in the series by this author and it starts out a little slow while he sets it all up and introductions are made. The natural thing to do, when a disaster such as this strikes, is to want to be with your family. You might get a little dizzy keeping track of all the main characters as they try to do this. Problem #1 is a corrup [...]

    "Under a Tell-Tale Sky" is my co-favorite book in the last year or more. McDermott is taking real life thrillers to the next level, and his pacing and characters are sharper than ever. I didn't find the scenario described--an intense solar flare that zaps most of the world's electricity generation and transmission infrastructure--far-fetched. So no prospective reader should fear being dropped into a post-plague, Zombies-on-the-loose setting. Instead, we find many ordinary people coping with extr [...]

    This is a great story set in a world hit by a massive CME (solar flare). It is narrated by my favorite guy Kevin Pierce. I love his work. This is a really engaging story about a Cargo Capt and crew trying to get home with a fuel barge load with now a highly valuable cargo while avoiding the government and other to reunited with the families they normally leave behind for months at a time while at seaeat story by a great a author that really comes alive with one of the best narrators in the busin [...]

    A very good start to another TEOTWAWKI / SHTF seriesUNDER A TELL-TALE SKY: DISRUPTION is one of the many (new) TEOTWAWKI / SHTF books available in ebook format. Unlike some of the ever-increasing crop in this genre, UNDER is well worth a look. While some readers may find the various threads of stories following different protagonists to be hard-to-follow, this reader had little difficulty keeping the various characters grounded in their respective storylines. If SHTF is a genre that you enjoy, I [...]

    Truly enjoyable readThe author says this is his first 'grid down' book and , I must say, he did one hell of a good job. The plot is fast paced and the characters well developed. I did not put it down until the last page and will be immediately picking up the second book. Just keep them coming!

    Took a while to get into this book (as evidenced by the time span over which I read it) but once I got into it, it started grabbing my attention. Some of the plot segments still wallow for me, but those are basically the ones involving the "great perpetrators." I want to know there plans, but other than that, I don't need to be reminded what pond scum they really are - okay, I admit, even those segments are well written and not superfluous to the storyI just cringe when I read the dialogue and w [...]

    As an ex cop, I was very familiar with the mantra that, within a one mile radius of every police station in the western world, you will find literally hundreds of your fellow countrymen and women willing to betray you, torture, and/or run concentration camps etc etc on behalf of any invading force or, sovereign government should there be a cataclysmic event of man made or natural origins. As such I have never been a fan of books/movies of the apocalyptic genre however good they may have beenunti [...]

    I liked this book (enough to finish it), but I don't plan to read more in this series. I didn't find any of the characters and their motivations relatable, so I guess I feel a little apathetic to the story in general. To the people considering picking this one up:I'd recommend it - with the caveat that I read it through kindle unlimited, so the only thing this book cost me was a little time. I think if I cared about any of the characters I would've loved this series, but unfortunately it's not f [...]

    Masterfully doneOkay, let me start by saying I am fairly stingy with 5 star ratings. I reserve them solely for books I find truly interesting and we'll written. This book is both. The authors ability to weave so many well-developed stories together while keeping each one intriguing and complex is astounding. And, even though I have placed myself on a book buying hiatus due to significant vintage issues, I will be purchasing book 2 immediately.

    This is a better than average CME/EMP book with decent writing. Things unravel in a fairly believable way. There is a lot of action but a lot of time also given to character development. The action is spread out to several distant locations but clearly they all intend to converge back to Wilmington. The government has the bad guys who want to take advantage of this disaster. This has become more believable for me lately than I would have thought a few years ago.

    Another venture into apocalyptic fiction, this one was recommended by a friend.Its the story of a catastrophic failure of the power grid (something that I guess is sadly all too plausible - see Ted Koppel's Lights Out), and the good news is that this is a solid entry.It's not to the level of One Second After, but the writing is solid, the characters are mostly plausible and theres an interesting nautical take. Anyways, this one was enough fun that I'm off to read the 2nd in the series

    DNF at 57%. I had sort of liked it up to that point. The problem is that I had not connected with any of the main characters and when a pair of them spent another three pages (like others had several times) looking at a map and plotting a route from A to B I put my kindle down and never started up again.

    Great readEnjoyed this book very much. Will be reading the next one in this series. Would recommend this book to friends.

    344 pagesA decent read and a different look at what might happen in America if the entire grid failed.Likable characters.Remember it's not if it happens, but when it will happen.

    Evil president Seems pretty standard in this genre to have a corrupt Federal government. It works for this series. You will be in for very suspenseful action.

    A very good readI had not read anything by this author but I was immediately drawn in. Very exciting and very well written.

    Sailing through the apocalypseA very large coronal mass ejection disrupts the power grid, throwing the world into chaos. The storyline is familiar, but this one is set mainly on the merchant vessel Pecos Trader. There is a large cast of characters, including evil and corrupt politicians, gangs, convicts, the Coast Guard, and various others just trying to make it through.It seemed that racial tension was mentioned more than is usual in this book compared to others I have read in this genre, but t [...]

    Good readWell written and I did get carried along with their struggles to deal with the emp event. I look forward to reading the next one.

    Outstanding!Great author, scenario, plot, characters and events. I enjoyed the insights offered in a seaport / coastal scenario, which is fairly unusual in the post-apocalyptic genre. More important, this author actually seems to have a pretty solid grasp of ships, port operations, nautical considerations, etc. No one on earth today truly knows the full extent of what a CMP event will be in reality. Yes, scientists theorize, designers estimate and plan, engineers build and prepare, military pers [...]

    "" What do you doif the disaster is everywhere?""Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?I would, indeed have made the recommendation to a friend to listen to this book. Unlike the more frequent zombie apocalyptic stories, this one is predicated on a more likely event, that of long term power loss following solar flares. But it is no less frightening. The actions of various groups are followed, even to the highest government responses, and as a disaster on this scale - coverin [...]

    Well written, intense and engaging story. The action, suspense and drama is nonstop. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Totally realistic and believable scenario of what life could/would be like after electricity is knocked out by a solar flare or TEOTWAWKI. The event happens immediately and the story continues forward following several different characters and how their paths cross and intersect. Before you know it you can't stop listening, you have to know what's going to happen [...]

    This is a simple tale of a disaster and what happens after. What if an EMP knocks out the power grid? What do you think would happen and how would you handle it? This is what the author brings to us in this book, it's his vision of a "what if" scenario. I'm surprised with how much I ended up enjoying this as at the start I found it hard to follow who was taking as there was a lot of different characters, but once I found the rhythm, I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed finding out about each groups st [...]

    This was the first book of R E McDermott's that I've read. Now I just want to devour all his books. Once the characters in each location are straight in your mind, you'll find the ones you want to cheer on and the ones you hope are killed off. I immediately bought book two this morning and look forward to reading it too.

    "This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBoom dot com."What is he thinking. No Mutants, Altered Beings, ZOMBIES. What the hell. I Loved It. What a book. This is possibly one of the most realistic scenarios that could happen to end the world. Humans trying to survive on a planet that is without electricity. I love it.You have a Captain of a vessel that is loaded with fuel and trying to get back home to fi [...]

    Huge solar storm and the grid is down. If you wonder how the government and FEMA might react under such an apocalyptic scenario consider this vision. In reality, government has been militarizing police until they resemble special forces; it has been purchasing ammunition and food stores in unprecedented amounts. It could be coincidence, or it could be hints that authors have been picking up on for several years. Do you remember the science fiction of the 1950's and 60's? Much of that science fic [...]

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