Root of the Tudor Rose

Root of the Tudor Rose

Root of the Tudor Rose Immensely readable and compelling Highly recommended Alison Weir bestselling author of The Six Wives of Henry VIII A stunning first novel this new treatment of Catherine de Valois story will be a del

  • Title: Root of the Tudor Rose
  • Author: MariGriffith
  • ISBN: 9781783753291
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Immensely readable and compelling Highly recommended Alison Weir, bestselling author of The Six Wives of Henry VIII A stunning first novel this new treatment of Catherine de Valois story will be a delight to lovers of historical fiction Bernard Knight CBE author of the Crowner John historical mysteries For fans of Philippa Gregory and Hilary Mantel comes Mari Grif Immensely readable and compelling Highly recommended Alison Weir, bestselling author of The Six Wives of Henry VIII A stunning first novel this new treatment of Catherine de Valois story will be a delight to lovers of historical fiction Bernard Knight CBE author of the Crowner John historical mysteries For fans of Philippa Gregory and Hilary Mantel comes Mari Griffith s debut novel Root of the Tudor Rose This is the story of a passionate romance and a secret marriage which gave its name to the most famous royal dynasty in the history of Great Britain the Tudors When King Henry V and his bride, Catherine de Valois, are blessed with the birth of a son, their happiness is short lived Henry s unexpected death leaves Catherine a widow at the age of twenty one Then her father, King Charles of France, also dies, and her son inherits both crowns Henry VI, King of England and France, is just ten months old and needs all his mother s watchful care to protect him from political intrigue The queen, an attractive young widow, is a foreigner at the English court and now finds herself regarded with suspicion, particularly by the Duke of Gloucester, who will seemingly stop at nothing to protect his own claim to the throne But lonely, vulnerable Catherine has found true friendship with another foreigner at court, a young Welshman named Owen Their friendship deepens, but their liaisons must be kept secret at all costs, because Catherine, Queen of England and forbidden to remarry, is in love with a servant

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    What I particularly liked about the Root of the Tudor Rose was how the story connected dots for me. I have some knowledge of the events at this time and I was familiar with the Catherine de Valois and Owen Tudor story. I knew that the Hundred Years' War between England and France (1337-1453), the subsequent Wars of the Roses and the eventual Tudor dynasty were all connected, but thus far I had somehow always managed to see them as discrete, unconnected bits of history.(view spoiler)[This novel s [...]

    Pleasant. Readable. Rather simplistic or juvenile writing style. Not really history - it's borderline as a biographical novel. For the first half the book couldn't seem to make up it's mind whether it was a spoof or a serious piece of HF: by the end it had decided it was the latter but much of the time I could hear the Monty Python team off to stage left.Characterisation is poor and two dimensional. This author has a real sense of humour and writes very much without being 'forsoothly', which I a [...]

    I could hardly put down Mari Griffith's debut novel Root of the Tudor Rose, which offers us a new slant on the relationship between Queen Catherine of Valois and her love affair with her Welsh servant Owen Tudor.Covering Catherine’s life from her marriage with King Henry V until her untimely death, I found Mari’s writing style very readable and engaging. There are significant gaps in the historical accounts of Owen Tudor’s life – and no record that he even married Catherine, so we have t [...]

    The story of Catherine of Valois and Owain Tudor. After Henry V died, leaving a 20 year old wife and infant son, it was assumed by everyone else that she would never remarry -- or even take notice of another man. Instead, she and Owain fall in love, eventually marry and have several children. One of whom will be the father of Henry VII. It's a bit romanticized, but overall a good story.

    I always enjoy a good delve into the more obscure side of history. We all know who Henry V was, we all know who Henry VI was Do wenda know who Catherine of Valois was? Sure! Owen Tudor? No? Well we do now! Well, I did anyway, cuz I'm a bit nerdy about this stuff and I worked at Pembroke Castle for 7 years so you're DAMN RIGHT I know who Jasper Tudor was, he's my historical homeboy, yo! (he flies a kite in this one, despite the weather being inadequate for kite flyinglol, vintage Jasperrry, I'm o [...]

    REDRESSING THE MYTHSI was grateful that Mari Griffith made a broad sweep of the pre Tudor period we are all familiar with from other historical novelists, but gave us more detail about customs, fashion, culinary and medicinal arts of the era.Redressing the myths of the Tudor dynasty, we come to know Owain Tudur as more than a warrior - courageous and tender in his choice of womana dowager queen. I loved the grace of Catherine de Valois and her attempts to keep her children safe from the politica [...]

    This book was a departure from my usual preferred time period as I tend to be more interested in later time periods. I have to say that it was superb. Catherine Valois is an incredibly interesting woman about whom I knew nothing other than her name. I rarely feel such a connection to books as to weep over them, but I actually shed tears at the awful climax of the story. I loved the author's use of the third person omniscient narration. I have a difficult time dealing with a story that is told en [...]

    I have a weakness for historical novels, so this was right up my alley. There were enough facts to encourage me to go do a little research about Catherine of Valois. However, there was also enough fiction and reasoned imagination to keep me interested. The only thing I did not like was when Ms. Griffith veered a little too close to bodice-ripper territory in the love scenes. I don't read those kind of books for a reason. Is Ms. Griffith had been just a little more explicit, I would not have fini [...]

    The novel is a wonderful interpretation of the life of Catherine de Valois and the founding of the Tudor dynasty. Catherine and Owen’s touching love story is interwoven with the intrigues of the English Royal Court to produce a fascinating historical novel and moving love story. The author presents Catherine as a living, breathing vulnerable yet courageous young woman, making me ache for her as she fights to have a place in her young son’s life even though she is relegated to the fringes of [...]

    This is first time reading Mari Griffith's book and want read more her books I like both Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor in this book.

    Catherine de Valois, the youngest daughter of the King of France, has been raised in a convent, ignorant of the world outside. But that will soon change as she is summoned back to court to marry the English king, Henry, as part of the peace treaty between the two nations. But soon, Catherine is widowed and alone in England, increasingly shut out of the life of her young son – and the new King of England. But Owen Tudor, a Welsh member of her household, may be the answer to her loneliness.At be [...]

    This is a great book for readers who know very little to nothing about Tudor history and Tudor fans alike. It is a little slow, but if you're not in a rush then this is the right book for you. Ms. Griffith's first novel is a smash in my opinion and I highly recommend it.

    The life and times of Henry 8th have been well documented in popular culture over the years - and in more recent times, television, film and literature have all paid homage to his father, Henry 7th, the Wars of the Roses and the emergence of the Tudors into British History.But this book takes a small step back further in time - and sort of picks up where Shakespeare left off when he told us the story of Henry V. In looking back at the annals, we realize that the 15th and 16th centuries were an i [...]

    I was frustrated by this book. It had all the ingredients of a great historical fiction, but the dialogue didn't ring true, the characters were superficial and the action repetitive. Catherine seemed passive and insipid and Owain Tudor was reduced to a love sick puppy. I can't help but feel that Mari Griffith's major flaw was to pick Catherine as her heroine, rather than making Owain her focus. This was clearer than ever after the ending. It's like reading Romeo and Juliet, but with the focus on [...]

    An enjoyable read from a rare perspective, Henry V's brief reign and his wife Catherine whose later relationship and marriage to the commoner Owen Tudor brought about the most famous English dynasty. The story is covered well and personal, but is plagued with colloquial and anachronistic words and phrases, attempting to make the history more "modern". I would not compare it to the quality of Anya Seton's Katherine, but it is a charming read overall.

    I could only give this book 2 stars. I am a huge fan of Tudor historical fiction, but found this book to be shallow with little character development. The book quickly passes through Catherine de Valois life without any depth. The dialogue seemed juvenile and did not portray the time or characters well. That being said, I believe the author did her research as far basic facts. It is a light read for those who would like a brief journey into Tudor history.

    I quite enjoyed this one. It surprised me. Hate the title but really enjoyed the story of Catherine and Henry V and then Catherine and Owen Tudor. I haven't read much about her in the past but have read a lot about the War of the Roses. Was good to take a step back and immerse myself in the times that came before. The writing was good, the story was interesting, and I liked how the main historical characters were portrayed. 4 stars from me. I was entertained.

    Jean Plaidy would be impressedI have read most of the books written about the Queens of England, and this one shines with the best. Truly a love story based on Catherine and Owen, but historically accurate in facts. Anyone interested in the lives of Queens of England will definitely enjoy this book. I knew how Catherine's life would be, but the fresh new voice of Ms. Griffith's writing of it was worth rewriting and retelling. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    This is a cute, quick read, but as another reviewer said, the writing style is quite juvenile. The characters are fairly well-developed and I couldn't help getting attached to them, but the whole thing read like a YA novel. "Tudors for Teens." The dialogue especially. Very contrived and simplistic. Still, I did enjoy it.

    Excellent read!This is the second time I read this book, and I must say what did I miss the first time around? I was thoroughly engrossed and engaged this time around and enjoyed it immensely. Well researched, well written, wonderful mix of love, tragedies, political intrigue in English monarchy. Couldn't put it down. Must read for historical fiction aficionados!

    While the story was well-crafted, the language was awkward and oftentimes felt forced. Once I started it, I felt compelled to finish it. The author makes an interesting and well-supported historically fictional argument. It's on the 'would borrow from the library' list, but I don't know if I'd buy it again.

    I really enjoyed this book. The period in history fascinates me and the author has written a page turner. A hidden love story, a rise of an era and tales of treachery.The reader is not bogged down with being given unnecessary dates and historical fact. The story flows along nicely.A must read for anyone interested in this era.

    "Root of the Tutor Rose" by Mari Griffith is a historical novel of Catherine of Valois. Catherine was mother and grandmother to several kings, so her life is historically important. For me, the novel was a little to much like a romance story. I would have liked a little more history. However, it was a worthwhile read.

    Kniha sledující osudy jedné ženy, matky, královny - Kateřiny z Valois, která je jako mladá provdána do Velké Británie.Příběh by možná měl své kouzlo, kdyby kniha nebyla plná zbytečných chyb. Také chybělo větší členění textu při změně místa/času, celé kapitoly pouze naodstavcovány, dále nečleněny.Recenze: dragell/mari-griffithova-ko

    Really, really enjoyed this book. I am very interested in the Tudor age and this is the story of the start of the dynasty. It may not be entirely historically accurate but extremely enjoyable all the same. I would highly recommend this book.

    Introductory to CatherineGood read. Very general and skims over quite a few years and major episode. Great for getting to known the players of this time period. I will definitely be reading more about Owen and Catherine.

    Review of Root of the Tudor RoseAs exciting and romantic as any frictional story, the idea that this novel is based on fact is incredulous. Catherine was brave and honorable, unlike certain others of her time. Well-written and researched; a good read.

    Needs a better proofreaderOkay story marred by errors in grammar, poor spelling, missing words, and repeated words. Just because a book is free or inexpensive, it doesn't justify horrible grammatical errors.

    Interested in the historical setting and referencing, but too romanticised for my enjoyment. The language spoken did not ring true - it seemed too modern. I wouldn't feel inclined to read another of her novels.

    A previously unknown and fascinating chapterThe story of Catherine is fascinating and for me previously unknown. This well written history of the mother of the Tudors and her connection to the French and English thrones is remarkable.

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