Chasing Mr. Wright

Chasing Mr. Wright

Chasing Mr Wright Grayson Wright is a man who knows how to do many things He knows how to follow his dream and create a company Wright Creations alongside his brother He knows how to be a good son brother friend a

  • Title: Chasing Mr. Wright
  • Author: Aimee Nicole Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Grayson Wright is a man who knows how to do many things He knows how to follow his dream and create a company, Wright Creations, alongside his brother He knows how to be a good son, brother, friend, and employer Grayson doesn t know how to fix his toxic relationship with his long time boyfriend.Grayson decides to throw his boyfriend a surprise birthday party as a last dGrayson Wright is a man who knows how to do many things He knows how to follow his dream and create a company, Wright Creations, alongside his brother He knows how to be a good son, brother, friend, and employer Grayson doesn t know how to fix his toxic relationship with his long time boyfriend.Grayson decides to throw his boyfriend a surprise birthday party as a last ditch effort to rekindle the old spark, but it s Gray who gets the surprise of his life when he turns on the lights and learns the ugly truth about his life Now at age 32, he re evaluates who he is, what he wants out of life, and the kind of man he wants to give his heart to Chase Rivers has an MBA from Georgetown with a minor in marketing His life starts looking up when he accepts an entry level position at an ad agency It isn t his dream job, but it s a great start and it just feels right to him He hopes this new beginning in his professional life will spill over into his personal life.Chase is unlucky in love and draws every loser, liar and cheater like a magnet He s an expert at finding the perfect mate for his friends, but strikes out every time for himself He gives up on finding Mr Right and agrees to a date with Mr Right Now out of loneliness and desperation Chase didn t expect Mr Right Now to lead him to the doorstep of his very own Mr Wright If their first meeting was a fluke, then what was the second and third Twisted fate Bad luck Fated hearts Buckle up for a bumpy ride as these two men travel down a broken road of heartache and discovery This book contains heart, humor, heat, and a cast of characters that is sure to keep you smiling It contains adult language, explicit sexual acts between two men, and is intended for people who are 18 and older.

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    DNF at 50% because I just can't go on!I can honestly say that I never thought I'd find a more annoying book than "Mystery Man" but here comes a book to not only prove me wrong but to actually make me wish for my most hated book back. I don't get why this book has almost 4.0 rating, I don't get why this author is bestselling, if this book is any indication of what the rest are like I want absolutely nothing to do with her ever again!I read half the book, and that was out of sheer stubborness but [...]

    Bi-phobia: Bi-phobia is an aversion toward bisexuality and bisexual people as a social group or as and may be based on negative bisexual stereotypes or irrational fearThis book seems ultra bright with almost cartoonish caricatures of gay men waltzing through its pages.Chase was overtly sensitive & cried buckets at the drop of a hat.His love potential Mr Wright had to overcompensate constantly to soothe any feelings he hurt with dramatic displays of atonement.At times I wondered if Chase was [...]

    3.5*This was a good love story. There wasn't much drama and I appreciated that it was a relationship that grew into love and not one that happened instantly or this would have lost major points for me. Some books can work it out and some not so much. This was one that wouldn't have been able to. I liked both guys. They were a good match and had great chemistry. Their smexy times were pretty hot. Gram was my favorite side character. She stole every scene she was in. She definitely brought some hu [...]

    I wanted to like this. It started out with a bang and the first chapter had me hooked. But then it went downhill from there. The story is too long. Probably over 100 pages too long. There is a good place to wrap the book up, but then a completely ridiculous misunderstanding happens and it pushes the MCs apart for a time. The situation where the misunderstanding happens is completely unbelievable and it takes away from the previous "HEA". Either you're in love and you've found your "soulmate" (ye [...]

    There are plenty of reviews that convey my feelings on the major aspects and I am just going to point them out very quickly, so as not to waste your time:- The story takes place in Glitterland, where everything and everyone is gay and beautiful and sparkly, and even the douchest of the douchbags farts glitter and poops cookie-dough. - The sex. It goes on and on and on in small bouts and huge chunks. There is no escape from it, even when the MCs are pouting and trying to avoid each other. It simp [...]

    Kraft claims it's the cheesiest. Wisconsin proclaims itself the cheese state and even has special hats. Chester Cheetah often expounds on the "dangerously cheesy" nature of CheetohsNone of them can compare to the massive overabundance of cheese in this nauseating missive. "My throat squeezed tight, tears formed and fell from my eyes, as my heart broke for someone I didn't even know. I looked at Chase and saw tears rolling down his beautiful face. Every protective instinct I had, even ones I didn [...]

    If you enjoy MCs sleeping with other people, soap-opera like drama and a convoluted plot, this book is for you! After reading first chapter, I had no idea what character was the love interest or even who was doing what to whom as the POV was all confusing. This book needs an editor like now. For me, I'll skip the horrible grammar and Dynasty-like drama. YMMV.

    Sorry. Not working for me. I don't wanna continue this series because I now have a biased opinion. I might wanna try Jack and Liam's book in the future. :)

    My rating for this maudlin piece of garbage is closer to -9000 stars; unfortunately that is not one of our options. It was going along fine, just "meh," until this bullshit happened:"My deal breaker was a bisexual man. Philip didn’t react oddly to my statement, but he did ask why I felt that way. I told him that I did not believe that a bisexual man would ever be completely happy with one sex or the other. As a proud gay man, I only wanted to be with other proud gay men. He accepted my answer [...]

    Talk about heavy-handed. The reader is repeatedly reminded that fate wants the MCs together no matter how awkward their first meeting is. Very basic characters: Mr. Rich and Mr. Nice. Both are the most attractive men ever seen. Also, everything they do together is just the best ever. The best day ever. The best shower ever. And, of course, the best sex ever where they do things they never have done before. All within the one month that we are shown. The miscommunication doesn't seem realistic. S [...]

    Wow! Gray and Chase perfection! ***swoon***I really enjoyed their story and am intrigued to find out what happens with the amazing secondary characters :-)Xavier, JJ, Ben, Jack, Liam, Mitch, Tom And let's not forget Grams :-)Great start to a new series and looking forward to the next one!

    ~ 1* ~Grey came home --> saw his BF blowing Chase --> Grey and BF broke up --> Chase got a new job --> Ahh, new boss is Grey --> Grey shocked , said couldn’t work with Chase --> Sad Chase calling JJ, fuck with JJ, on page --> meanwhile Grey flirting with cutie and got a BJ. Fast forward --> in a perfect world of Grey and Chase, everything easily solved --> everyone’s forgivable and sweet --> 70-ish something Grandma still have a wild sex with her neighbor --> [...]

    DNF at 50%Not only is this grievously under/not edited (swear to GAWD how hard is it to make sure your character names are spelled the same every time), I refuse to continue a book that hates on bisexuals and perpetuates stereotype lies. As a wise friend advised, "Life is too short to read books that attack you."

    Chasing Mr. Wright, by Aimee Nicole Walker, is an emotional, captivating, and exhilarating -- if you are a veteran of m/m reads or new to the genre you can't go wrong with Chasing Mr. Wright. First off, this is a full story -- it is not a cliffhanger. This book is full of feelings including love, betrayal, devotion, lust, and there is quite a bit of angst There are also a couple tearful moments So be ready! In the beginning of the story we are introduced to Chase. Chase is an amazing guy who i [...]

    This started out sooooo good. Then, it bombed. Total flop on the characters. They sound exactly the same so I had a hard time remembering who was talking. This book was more like chick lit with a few penises thrown in. I mean seriously. What self respecting man "frolics" in the ocean and squeals in surprise?

    Well, there's a bit more editing errors in this book than I prefer. This is a pet peeve of mine. However, despite these errors, I really enjoyed this book and Chase and Gray. At times, the author falls into too sappy and sugar sweet events. I like a writer to WEAVE a tale not just TELL a story. This story is more of a telling but I know she is new to writing and as a new author she does have some very positive ideas and I just LOVE the unique way she brings Gray and Chase together initially. Som [...]

    So I was reading and reading and kept thinking this must be a later book in a series because it felt like I was supposed to know the supporting characters and I didn't. So I looked first in the series. So that was a little strange. And other than the first OMG scene it didn't get really good until about 40% in, then things really got rolling. Yes, it was super sweet and a bit sappy but I was hooked. I just loved these guys. This is a new author and self published so there were quite a few editin [...]

    No momento em que os olhos se cruzam (apesar de ser um dos mais embaraçosos momentos possíveis para ambos) Chase e Gray sentem uma atração imensa.Embora lutem contra ela, é demasiado forte para poderem negá-la e o inevitável acontece. Mesmo os obstáculos que surgem são de uma ternura envolvente.Estava mesmo a precisar de ler um livro assim, dado os últimos livros que li.

    This story had so many elements that I look for in a story, yet it fall short for me.Chase who is looking for his forever man keeps stumbling upon a lot of Mr. Wrongs. During one intense moment with a Mr. Wrong he sets his eyes on the most handsome man ever, who happened to be the man who was going down on him, boyfriend. Who was throwing him a surprise party. Humiliated and devastated (that he ruined their relationship) he takes off running.Trying to shake it off, he is excited about starting h [...]

    Very good intro into a series I am now very excited about.The beginning was a bit slow, just as I've read in other reviews, but in the end I disagree with the opinion that the novel might have been better 100 pages shorter. I liked that it's been detailed.There were some parts, though, I didn't really go for, like the pointless one night stands at the beginning. Although to be fair, I myself had that reaction in times of Relationship-Bad. Unsavoury attempts of self-flagellation. Not the proudest [...]

    Amazing M/M romance ! Not a normal way to meet the man who is meant for you, but gosh, it was epic ! Grayson was waiting for the door to open, but didn't expect to see beautiful Chase. Chase had come to his hook-up's home, but immediately knew he should have trusted his instincts about this guy, he is definitely an "idiot". Idiot Devon drops Chase's pants and the lights go on, because it's a surprise party. Surprise is on Chase and everyone there, but Gray only sees Chase's brown eyes, and Chase [...]

    So I'd read some reviews before going into this one because well don't we all love a good office romance? Especially when it's done well!But rest assured, I was not disappointed! Chase and Gray were so frigging cute together, more so after the whole 'you almost fucked my boyfriend' mishap The only complaint I have for this was that there needed to be a lot more of the wooing that went on towards the end, especially when Gray was trying to get Chase back, writing him love notes and things like th [...]

    There was a lot of sloppy errors and the voice was quite frankly not working for me. Too much tug of war between the leads. The Granny with no sense of appropriateness was trying too hard. The whole book sort of felt like it was trying too hard, and it was sometimes over the top. I don't even know what really irritated me about the book, just that I was irritated. And it was long. Long, and rambling in some places. And Chase's Bi-phobia was really off putting. It was irrational and really just s [...]

    I liked this book but I'm finding a pattern with this author. I find the romance in the books are always too sweet. I know I know I sound like an asshole right now but it's almost too perfect. I need more for lack of a better word "Drama". It's like they meet, they get together, and their love grows leaps and bounds instantly. Give me more hurdles, something to fight for you know. But it's a good book and a sweet story.

    Terrible cliché, too long without a need to be this long. Very predictable, lame plot and not enough character development to like them.

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