Breaking Bailey's Rules / Reclaimed by the Rancher

Breaking Bailey's Rules / Reclaimed by the Rancher

Breaking Bailey s Rules Reclaimed by the Rancher In New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson s novel a Westland learns that rules are meant to be broken Rule number one for Bailey Westland Never fall for a man who would take her away from h

  • Title: Breaking Bailey's Rules / Reclaimed by the Rancher
  • Author: Brenda Jackson Janice Maynard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson s novel, a Westland learns that rules are meant to be broken Rule number one for Bailey Westland Never fall for a man who would take her away from her tight knit family s Colorado home So why is she following rancher Walker Rafferty all the way to Alaska Bailey tells herself she owes the sexy loner an apology,In New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson s novel, a Westland learns that rules are meant to be broken Rule number one for Bailey Westland Never fall for a man who would take her away from her tight knit family s Colorado home So why is she following rancher Walker Rafferty all the way to Alaska Bailey tells herself she owes the sexy loner an apology, and once she gets there, it s only right to stay and help him when he s injured isn t it Before long, Bailey realizes home might be where you make it if Walker is ready to take all she has to offer.

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    Breaking Bailey’s Rules is another excellent addition to the Westmoreland Series. I’ve always wondered what kind of man would win the heart of the youngest female Westmoreland and now I know. I adored both characters, their sizzling attraction to each other, and the feelings I felt while reading. I adored Bailey. She’s sassy, curses like a sailor, and isn’t afraid to step up to the plate when needed. She also loves her family and where she comes from very much. To me, Walker was a perfec [...]

    First let me say Brenda Jackson writes some of the best romances that just warm your heart. Yes, there is always a handsome man and a beautiful woman, but there is so much more going on between the characters. She always finds a way to make each story intriguing and fulfilling and it’s no difference with this one. There are very touching moments that pull at your heart, fun moments between the two characters where you laugh and say “really”, and then there is the HOT stuff that Mrs. Jackso [...]

    3.5 Stars! The youngest Denver Westmoreland female finally gets her chance at love. If you follow the series, there's not much new happening with the exception of the Outlaws discovering that they are in fact Westmoreland's. This is the back story used in getting Bailey and Walker to make a connection. Bailey is her typical opinionated and sometimes filthy mouthed self until she get knocked down by love. Walker is a man filled with past hurts that he hasn't really dealt with, and surprisingly Ba [...]

    Mrs. Jackson knows how to draw you right into a story; have a feisty stubborn spoiled character who will challenge and irritate the male interest until someone submits. Bailey and Walkers story was a good one. I love the Westmoreland clan and all the relatives and friends. It always makes for a warm read. I can't wait for the next Westmoreland or Granger novel.Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.

    THE PERFECT GIFT-THE WESTMORELANDS!!!     READ AND REVIEW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! BREAKING BAILEY'S RULES (THE WESTMORELANDS) BY BRENDA JACKSON Release Date:  November 1, 2015 SYNOPSIS  In New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson's novel, a Westmoreland learns that rules are meant to be broken!  Rule number one for Bailey Westmoreland: Never fall for a man who would take her away from her tight-knit family's Colorado home. So why is she following rancher Walker Rafferty all [...]

    Brenda Jackson's stories are always provocative, noteworthy and uplifting reads. I have been a fan of hers since I was eighteen and know that every word she writes, every story she creates genuinely means something to her and her many fans around the world. Myself included. Family, friendships and love are focal points in every story she writes. That is one of the things I like most about the Westmorelands. Breaking Bailey's Rules was bittersweet to read because getting to know the Westmorelands [...]

    Bailey Westmoreland has grown in to a wonderful and headstrong woman. Being the baby of the family has not always been easy but she has managed to come into her own. She has a set of rules that she is determined to live by!. How do you continue to keep the rules you have had for so many years while at the same time letting someone in? And how does and outgoing say anything she wants to lady deal with a loner who is happy never leaving his land? Only Mrs. Brenda Jackson can take us on a journey i [...]

    Not a single grammatical error is the first thing I noted. A great storyline and a very sentimental love story. I'm so glad Bailey matured and found true love with Walker. I really enjoyed this novel and I still want to know what Bart Outlaw is trying to hide? So glad there are more Westmorelands found, that means more stories yayyyyy! Great job Brenda Jackson read it in one day. Thx for the extra story as well. I can hardly wait for Band's story!!!!!

    I really like the settings of this story: Denver, Colorado and Kodiak, Alaska. These super icy places really contrast with the heat between Bailey and Walker. But Walker's wife betrayed him in the worst possible way and robbed him of his son. So there's no way he's allowing Bailey near his heart. Is Bailey tough enough to persuade Walker to change his mind?

    After getting to know Bailey through all of the Westmoreland stories, her long-awaited story did not disappoint.Bailey was just as sassy and out spoken but Walker could handle her. This was a very sweet story.

    Very good book. Bailey is the youngest of the Denver Westmorelands and deeply attached to her family, to the point where she refuses to consider falling for a man who would take her away from them. That resolve is tested when she meets Walker Rafferty.In previous Westmoreland books, the family discovered that their grandfather had another brother. As family is so important to them, they have been searching for that brother and his family. They discovered that he had been adopted by a family name [...]

    Lord Have Mercy!!!!! What do you say as your coming to the end of the "Westmorelands" era as we all know it!!! I am telling you author Brenda Jackson has been turning the furnace up way high where my Kindle pages have deep singed marks on them LOLL!!!Bailey Westmoreland is a full grown woman now, when we were first introduced to her in the "Denver Westmorelands" stories in Dillon's story, she was young and as with each release she has grown and matured into a great person who is fiercely loyal t [...]

    One of my favorite families, the Westmorelands, are back with Breaking Bailey’s Rules. In the latest story, we witness baby girl Bailey fall in love with an Alaskan rancher.We finally get to briefly meet the Outlaws; the family Rico tracked down that are relatives of the Westmorelands. This Alaskan family is skeptical about meeting the Denver clan and initially respond to an invitation by sending family friend Walker Rafferty to Denver instead. The Outlaws want to make sure the Westmorelands a [...]

    Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherBreaking Bailey’s Rules is the 30th volume in the Westmorland series from Brenda Jackson, author and series I don’t present anymore. Suffice to say it’s the second to last chapter about these Westmorland cousins. The last volume of this chapter, Bane, will be published in December, and I’ll talk more about it in my review which will be consecrated to it.The story features Bailey Westmorland and W [...]

    I received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This review is also posted at my blog The Opinionated Woman's MusingsFirst, I must say that I think Brenda Jackson is one of my favorite romance authors and that is not just because she writes African-American romance novels. Of all of her different series (she has SEVERAL), the Westmoreland series is the best. She had a plan when she developed this family because there are so many siblings and cousins and everyone gets their story. Just [...]

    CONCEPTThe concept of the story the next installment in the Denver Westmoreland series finds a woman willing to break her own rules for loveORYRule number one for Bailey Westmoreland: Never fall for a man who would take her away from her tight-knit family's Colorado home. So why is she following rancher Walker Rafferty all the way to Alaska? Bailey tells herself she owes the sexy loner an apology, and once she gets there, it's only right to stay and help him when he's injured…isn't it? Before [...]

    In this one we get a glimpse into the long-lost cousins the family has been slowly tracking down. Not sure what the deal is with their uncle but it seems something is going to come out in the future with why he’s so against being related to the Westmorelands. The Outlaws are skeptical about why the Westmorelands want to meet them so they send a good friend, Walker, down to check them out. I didn’t see the point in that and was hoping that they all made the trip but they sent him instead. Him [...]

    I saw my sister reading this and fell for the guy on the cover I'd move to Alaska for him! Bailey and Walker are great characters They are great together and their relationship is effortless Bailey comes from a huge family and decided to go forge her own path rather than stay in the family business She's knows what she wants and is going after it Her attraction to Walker was immediate And she fought her feelings But she'd always found a reason to have to speak to him Which I thought was cute The [...]

    Brenda Jackson does it for me every time. She has this uncanny ability to keep on writing about family in a way that keeps the main characters sharp and lean while connecting it all together with the wider context of family. So it has been with her Westmoreland Clan and this book is no exception. Bailey is a woman who has watched relationships come and go, mostly go, and mostly in hurtful and heartbreaking ways. Not going to happen to her. And she is more than willing to have a brief encounter w [...]

    I loved this book!!! Bailey has been one of my favorite Westmoreland's since her character was introduced. Why? Because she reminds me a lot of myself. She's smart, sassy and to the point, but she loves her family more than anything. As you read through the Denver Westmoreland' stories you get glimpses of Bailey and her tough no-nonsense personality which makes you wonder what man has the ability to not only pique her interest but capture her heart.Brenda did good when she choose Walker for Bail [...]

    Wow, this was a tear jerker for me. Bailey who has fought so hard to not get attached met her match in Walker Rafferty. In Rafferty's quest to help his friends the Outlaws, he finds his match. Both main characters have encountered deep loss and hurt. Each has a set of standards they implemented to protect themselves from additional hurt. However, the heat between them is intense. Bailey says whatever she thinks, no matter the consequences. Walker is trying so hard to hold on to his past, he may [...]

    I was going to give 4 stars then thought about it and no I have to give 5 because like all the others in the Westmoreland series I have loved each and every one! Bailey is my kinda girl who used to be a trouble maker with a potty mouth but now is all grown up and Walker even though he chooses to be a loner he knows how to treat a woman's body (fanning myself in the steamy parts!). This story was about two people that of course didn't want to fall in love but couldn't deny their attraction to eac [...]

    Mrs. J does it again!!!  This is an excellent read.  When a book has attraction at first sight, it is always a winner in my book.  Bailey was once known as one of the Denver Westmoreland trouble makers.  Well she's grown up and matured into a lovely person.  Walker Rafferty has endured hurt and unimaginable pain in his life.  These two needed each other to be complete.    Their story is wonderful! There is excellent chemistry, great character in interaction, strong willed personalities [...]

    Some Rules Are Made to Be BrokenBailey Westmorland the wild child of the Westmorland Clan has turned into a beautiful, accomplished, passionate lady who still curses like a sailor. She also loves her family and her home, never intending to leave, but sparks fly and rules are broken when Bailey meets her perfect match, rancher Walker Rafferty."Breaking Bailey's Rules" prove that sometimes you have to take a chance to find true love. Once you find the one person who accepts you for who you really [...]

    Big fan of Brenda Jackson. I've read all of the Westmoreland Series and I can say this one was the most anticipated simply because of how she developed Bailey's character through her other Westmoreland tales. Bailey's story was certainly not a disappointment. Lastly, I have to say that I really can't wait for Bane's story coming soon. The little snapshot of his plans for his one true love, Crystal, created some serious excitement. I was shocked at the one detail Bane mentioned and I won't spoil [...]

    Mind BendingI chose five stars because like always, Mrs. Jackson gives us the mind bending romance and love that so many long for. The fact that a large family can create such a powerful unconditional love for each other is so admirable. The art of forgiveness among couples and the soul bending love they have for each other is the reason I continue to read Mrs. Jackson's work. This book was awesome and I can't wait to read Bane's story.

    OMG it's so sad to see this series coming to an end. But in true Brenda Jackson fashion we are going out with a bang. Walker was definitely the right man for our Bailey. We knew from witnessing her grow through the years that she needed a man who was strong willed and wouldn't take her mess. Although she wrapped walker around her finger, like the rest of the men he balanced it out by making her break her own rules. Excellent job Mrs. Jackson, now bring on BANE.

    I love this story. Brenda Jackson did her thing again. When you find love you just have to go for it. What Bailey found was that home is where your heart is and her heart was with Walker. This is a new start for the both of them. This story had my emotions all over the place. My heart went out to Walker as I know Bailey's did. I can't wait to read more. On the edge of my seat for Bane's story and Bailey's new life in Alaska with her new cousins.

    The wild baby girl of the Denver Westmorelands' has grown up to be a beautiful young lady with a job she loves as much as she loves her family. Given a task she does not want she speaks her mine not caring who her words cut. When she has words with Walker Rafferty of Alaska, sparks fly in more ways than one.Another awesome story by Ms. Jackson, with the last line of the story leaving my mouth hanging open, read it for yourself.

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