Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate Tempting Fate is a sweet romance that is filled with poignant moments of heartbreak and some really good sexy times Fiction Vixen Rose Murphy is ready to break free from her brother s control She s re

  • Title: Tempting Fate
  • Author: Amber Lin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tempting Fate is a sweet romance that is filled with poignant moments of heartbreak and some really good sexy times Fiction Vixen Rose Murphy is ready to break free from her brother s control She s ready to open her own ballet studio And most of all, she s ready to live without fear So when she sees her brother s lawyer, the man she s lusted after for years, she gi Tempting Fate is a sweet romance that is filled with poignant moments of heartbreak and some really good sexy times Fiction Vixen Rose Murphy is ready to break free from her brother s control She s ready to open her own ballet studio And most of all, she s ready to live without fear So when she sees her brother s lawyer, the man she s lusted after for years, she gives in to her body s desires A sexy show through her bedroom window whets both their appetites On Drew s next visit, he returns the striptease favor Mutual masturbation gives way to a naughty late night phone call She s a breath away from everything she s hoped for, but not everyone wants them to be together When the relationship comes to light, their sensual bliss may be shattered This story was lovely and so engaging, I could read it over and over The flow of it and the prose had the elegance of a ballet performance Ms Romantic Reads THE LOST GIRLS series Book 1 Giving It Up Allie and Colin Book 2 Selling Out Shelly and Luke Book 3 Tempting Fate Rose and Drew Author s Note While TEMPTING FATE can be read as a standalone, you might enjoy the story if you ve read SELLING OUT.

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    4.5 starsRose Murphy has grown up rough in foster care. Eventually rescued by her brother, Philip and taken into his custody, she has preferred to remain detached from men, being safely cocooned at Philip's estate. Drew Laramie is Philip's lawyer. Though he has known Rose for years he remains courteous, professional and considerate towards her. Aware that she has somehow been hurt in the past, he's been waiting for Rose to make the first move, to show him she's interested. But Philip is a danger [...]

    My Thoughts:⌘ Finally! I feel like I've been waiting forever for the story of Rose and Drew. Rose, of course, is Philip's sister and Drew is his lawyer but both of them have wanted each other for years. Drew was just waiting for Rose to grow up.⌘ Rose had to be the one to take the initiative and it is a bit awkward but Drew sure didn't seem to mind, in fact, he enjoyed the show. ⌘ Rose decides to move out and open her own dance studio. Surprisingly, Philip handles this rather well and Rose [...]

    Amber Lin writes the most beautiful stories! Her characters aren’t characters at all, but people we connect with, people we care about, people whose stories we can’t help but get lost in. Rose Murphy has had a rough go of life, but now she's ready to live it on her own terms, out from under her brother’s over protective, stifling care. Philip means well - most of the time - but Rose has dreams she wants to make real and can’t do it while living in his home, under his watchful eye. He’s [...]

    This book was hot, romantic and with very good plot. A very nice read if you want to get lost in a sweet story!There was a slow, sweet seduction that kept me eagerly awaiting the next interlude between the charismatic ballerina Rose and the successful lawyer Drew. Loved how Rose gave him a sexy, seducing show and adored how Drew wanted her just as badly. Her playful tease and flirtatious attitude made her intentions clear and Drew was more than willing to indulge. Drew had been secretly in love [...]

    SO DAMN GOOD.I loved this! I've never read Amber Lin before, but now I'm going to go backwards and read the first book in her Lost Girls series. This was a novella but holy shit did it pack a punch.Rose has had an unfortunate upbringing and an even more unfortunate introduction to sex when she was a teenager. Philip, her brother, has always been there for her, rescuing her from her past and providing a stable home life. But Rose is itching to get out, move on and establish her own ballet studio [...]

    Rather short and, as the title suggests, sweet romance between a ballerina who is damaged in more than physical ways and the silver fox who has wanted her for years, but has stood in the shadow of her overprotective "wise guy" brother.I don't mind novellas but I feel like if you are offering me a short read, you need to increase the heat level, whether the erotic aspect or plot-wise. For me, this did not happen here. It was okay, just not something that blew my mind or that I would want to re-re [...]

    First of all, can we just admire that gorgeous cover for a moment? If you’re not familiar with The Lost Girls series yet, you won’t need to have read them to be able to follow this story, however this novella was definitely a more romantic, gentler version than any of Amber Lin’s other books. The Lost Girls characters have all lived very hard lives – crime, rape, abuse, prostitution, etc. Her writing is raw and gritty, but the author is definitely, in my opinion, a master of her craft.Th [...]

    It's ok.Rose and her brother Phillip had a rough early few years, now he's a success and he feels very protective of her and she lives her life around him but she's about to break free. Rose is a ballet dancer but she's getting older and her body has been put through too much, her knees are shot and she realises she can't continue like this but she has a plan, a dancing school. She's all set, she has the money she's found the place and it even has a living space upstairs for her, she has the exp [...]

    Sweet is a novella released in the Chicago Underground series which tells the story of Rose (Colin and Philip's younger sister) and Drew, the family attorney.From the moment Drew starting working for them, he has been attracted to Rose. They would always watch each other and Drew has been there to help protect her always. Rose is now ready to start living on her own. She wants to start a ballet business and move out and get her own apartment. She's also ready to pursue Drew and see how far he's [...]

    If you've met me, read my blog, bumped into me at a conference, or asked me about romance ever--ever, you're aware Amber Lin hangs the sun, the moon, and the stars (to me) when it comes to writing romance.This book is some of her best writing yet.She's getting better. She's freaking getting better and she had no room for improvement to begin with.Read this book. Somehow, Amber still delivers a disturbed heroine with backstory, an understanding hero who doesn't treat her like a china doll, and di [...]

    3-3.5 starsCan't say there was anything wrong with it. Just wasn't for me. I didn't even realize it was a book 7(??) in a series. I never felt lost. It was, as the title suggests, a very Sweet read. Perhaps too sweet for my particular tastes.

    That was sweet. and sexy with a bit of an edge - like dipping your toe into the waters of Skye Warren

    I read the Kindle version of this story in the Billionaires and Ballerinas three stories. Beware - these short stories have already been released and I have only realized that when I began to read them. Sweet is part of a series already released by Skye Warren Reasonable Doubt Whitney G - have already read.Step Back Katie De Long - new author and a new readDecent Stories and worth a download if not ready but keep in mind they are part of a series already released.

    The Lost Girls series continues its emotional rollercoaster ride with this latest installment featuring the sister of the enigmatic Phillip, Rose. She had a harsh childhood of abuse from her father and later on a boyfriend that Philip saved her from but led to his overprotectiveness. He swore to keep her safe which has led to a nun-like existance for a 26-year-old woman. The only moments of true freedom for her are when she's dancing and the attraction she feels towards Philip's lawyer, Drew. He [...]

    In the third book of the The Lost Girls series, Tempting Fate, author Amber Lin weaves a passionate erotic romance novella written in the first person narrative that follows the forbidden romance between Rose Murphy and Drew Laramie.Rose has lived a sheltered life under the protection of her mobster older brother Philip. As Rose's professional ballet career comes to an end because of her age and injuries to her knees, she dreams of opening up a ballet studio and moving out of her brother's home. [...]

    See this review and more at tattooedbookreview!In the short span of a novella, Lin creates a beautifully haunting romance, a perfect compliment to the other two books in the series.I adore this book. It has a flowing, lyrical quality, slightly different from the grittiness of the other books. The writing in itself has an innate sexiness to it: all smooth lines and muted tones. The poignancy of a forbidden but undeniable attraction is perfectly portrayed. The sexual attraction between Rose and Dr [...]

    This is the seventh book in the Chicago Underground series. The first 3 books are Allie and Colin, books 4-6 are Shelly and Luke. This one is Rose and Drew. While you don't need to read the previous six novellas first, we do meet both of the characters in the first 3 books. This one is different from the previous books. It's more sweet, not too much drama. Besides Phillip, but he's a jerk anyways. Rose is a ballerina that is living under her older brothers thumb, she's always had a crush on Drew [...]

    This is my first Skye Warren book and I didn’t realize it was book 7 of a series or that it originally was written as Tempting Fate by Amber Lin. It was good as a standalone so don’t be afraid to jump in but I will definitely go back and read 1 through 6 because apparently Phillip has his own story which is next and I found him quiet intriguing and mysterious. Sweet is Rose & Drew’s story. Rose, our ballerina comes out the protective, controlling wing of her brother Phillip. Drew, our [...]

    There is always a pointed intensity to Skye Warren's books. Well written and a quick read. I won't use the word easy for these books! They are about people who live hard lives and find love in harsh and brutal places. Sad & uplifting at the same time. They have a soulful lyrical rhythm to them. So hard for a person to explain that doesn't have the gift of writing! So worth reading!!Although I am confused as to who the author of this one really is. On my it is Skye Warren, but here on it sh [...]

    I found Tempting fate to be fun, hot, and beautiful all at the same time. The heroine falls for her brother's lawyer (make that her wildly overprotective brother who has very shady business dealings). I loved how important the brother was to them both, not just a simple obstacle. Drew, the hero, is fabulous. This story felt really unique, and there are some inventively sexy scenes that I really enjoyed.

    I loved Roses and Drews story.Rose lives with her brother Phillip who now protects her a ballerina and itching to get out and start her own studio.Drew Phillips lawyer is attracted to Rose but is waiting on her first move she can sometimes be shy but gives him the hint and a good show.Drew finally makes his move and will deal with Phillip.I loved their story the writing was fantastic and this couple are hot together.

    Exactly how old is Rose and Drew? They seemed very juvenile whenever they tried to get intimate. Drew has had a crush on Rose for a very long time but since he works for her brother he has never made it known. Until Rose takes it upon herself to show him that she returns his feelings. Phillip isn't happy about their sneaking around and causes them problems.This was a nice short story.

    I loved this book it was a short and great read I'm loving this series even though I have read it out order it's still great and easy to follow along with. I'm loving these characters that Skye Warren has brought to life in her books.

    This book was ok. Very short read, typical story line of a forbidden love, not very descriptive characters, details of places and actions.

    A beautiful story. Written in almost a poetic way. Really enjoyed Rose and her discovery of strength, acceptance and love.

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