Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story

Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story

Jerry Lee Lewis His Own Story Jerry Lee Lewis has lived an extraordinary life He gave rock and roll its devil s edge with hit records like Great Balls of Fire His incendiary shows caused riots and boycotts He ran a decade long mar

  • Title: Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story
  • Author: Rick Bragg Jerry Lee Lewis
  • ISBN: 0857861581
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jerry Lee Lewis has lived an extraordinary life He gave rock and roll its devil s edge with hit records like Great Balls of Fire His incendiary shows caused riots and boycotts He ran a decade long marathon of drugs, drinking, and women, and married his thirteen year old second cousin, the third of seven wives He also nearly met his maker, at least twice He survivedJerry Lee Lewis has lived an extraordinary life He gave rock and roll its devil s edge with hit records like Great Balls of Fire His incendiary shows caused riots and boycotts He ran a decade long marathon of drugs, drinking, and women, and married his thirteen year old second cousin, the third of seven wives He also nearly met his maker, at least twice He survived it all to be hailed as one of the greatest music icons For the very first time, he reveals the truth behind the Last Man Standing of the rock and roll era.

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    Rick Bragg's writing is about the only thing I really liked in this book. You have Jerry Lee Lewis's story, but now he is a recluse waiting to die? (Or that's what I got) He is scared of going to hell because of the years he was bad and was playing the devil's music. He does so much more crap than that. Then the egod more ego.d so on.This might have worked more if I had been more of a Lewis fan.

    I don't know how it would be possible to love this book more. Rick Bragg has always been one of my favorite authors, and this book exceeded all my expectations. It's superbly written and beautifully balanced. I didn't know much about Jerry Lee Lewis before reading this book, but now I'm ready to go out and buy his music, and I hope it lives up to this writing about it.

    When I had read somewhere that Rick Bragg was writing a book on Jerry Lee Lewis I got very excited that I would be able to once again read a Rick Bragg book. I of course knew of Jerry Lee Lewis but not all that much as he was a bit before my time when he was a huge star. Sometimes when you anticipate something for a long while and you finally get to it there is a disappointment of not living up to the hype. Well I just finished the book and it delivers on all levels. Not only did I get to go bac [...]

    The highly acclaimed Pulitzer Prize winning author, journalist, and notable southern storyteller Rick Bragg presents this superb captivating biography of the wild man of rock n roll, "the Killer", who clearly lived life very large and on his own terms: Jerry Lee Lewis (1935-).From Ferriday Louisiana, raised by poor, hardworking, believing Pentecostal parents, young JLL show-cased his God given musical talents playing the piano and singing in church. His famous cousins Jimmy Swaggart and Mickey G [...]

    At 80 years old, Jerry Lee is the last man standing of the "Million Dollar Quartet" (Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins). However, it's not due to healthy living. I knew he was a wild man, but did not realize he probably outdid Keith Moon. In fact he seemed to have no internal filter. And despite the fact that he partook of alcohol, pills and made a living playing the "Devil's music," he seems genuinely religious and fearful he may go to Hell because of it.The author is a fellow Southerner whic [...]

    I have very mixed feelings about this book. In full disclosure, I received this book in advance for free in a Gooodreads giveaway. I understand that Rick Bragg is telling Jerry Lee's story as Jerry Lee Lewis believes and remembers it, but I wish Rick Bragg would have pressed him harder on some of the controversial aspects of Jerry Lee Lewis' life and career. It is most definitely a sympathetic (and egotistical) telling of a life filled with questionable actions and choices. Perhaps the most diff [...]

    An interesting, if sometimes long-winded in descriptions/scene setting, portrait of a man who has led a wild life (on and off stage). He is a rock 'n roll legend and although Bragg does seem to go soft on some of the harsher periods of Lewis' life (the drugs, drinking, cheating, multiple marriages, and the deaths of family members), he is honest about everything that happened. However, we are only getting Jerry's side of the story, as this is the first biography he's given interviews for and end [...]

    Rick Bragg's perseverance with his subject pays off handsomely in this rollicking, funny and touching tribute to one of rock and roll's founding fathers, Jerry Lee Lewis. That Jerry Lee is still alive and able to recall so many incidents from so long ago is miraculous enough, but Bragg really captures his essence along with the family and culture that made him.I'll only add that if you only know a dozen or less songs by Jerry Lee (I'll include myself in that group) you'll want to hear every song [...]

    Excellent book on a complicated subject. Hate Jerry Lee or love himl one thing is for sure. He is a larger than life figure in southern history and definitely in the history of Rock n roll! Bragg explores the complicated man Whether it's the conflicted Jerry Lee. The convicted Jerry Lee The jealous Jerry Lee or the megalomaniac Jerry Lee. Interesting portrait of a Mississippi legend.

    Jerry Lee Lewis : His Own Story by Rick Bragg is a 2014 Harper publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the most colorful characters is musical history and perhaps also one of the most misunderstood as well. This book is written by Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Bragg and he does an excellent job of telling Jerry Lee's story. It's Jerry's life, his memories, his voice that literally jumped off the pages [...]

    I’ve read a lot of books recently about Johnny Cash, including Robert Hilburn’s excellent “Johnny Cash: The Life”. When I saw that one of my favorite authors, Rick Bragg, was writing the life story of Jerry Lee Lewis, one of Cash’s “bandmates” in the Million Dollar Quartet and fellow Sun recording star, it was only a matter of time before I read his book. In reading “Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story” I was certainly comparing to Hilburn’s Cash book as well as Bragg’s downhome [...]

    Jerry Lee Lewis is not a likeable guy. His entire life has been spent acting the spoiled brat; throwing tantrums, slapping convention in the face, and being totally self-immersed. Rick Bragg, the author of “Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story,” to his credit, doesn’t try to hide this unfortunate quirk. He simply reports it.Lewis has to be considered a prodigy. He can’t read music but can replicate any song after hearing it a couple of times. His piano playing is masterful and he can do it wit [...]

    Jerry Lee Lewis, the aging rock legend, sits up in his bed in a darkened room with a loaded pistol on the nightstand and tells his life story to Rick Bragg, our finest chronicler of Southern lives. The result, Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story, is mesmerizing. Jerry Lee Lewis isn’t the most linear communicator, but Rick Bragg listened to Jerry Lee’s version of things and captured the closest version to the truth that we’re ever likely to get. Bragg tells not only the story of Jerry Lee’s en [...]

    It feels like I ought to give this book more stars but I can't. The book is interesting and JLL himself even more interesting but this is not great literature. I can imagine someone who did not live through the bulk of the years that this book spans awarding it even fewer stars.Mr. Bragg does a workmanlike job putting it all together but the editing quality is spotty. There is a real benefit in having the internet handy during the reading of His Own Story to listen to the songs, even the familia [...]

    No Truth in Labeling issues here. The title says it all. Jerry Lee telling his "own" story. “Who's barn? What barn? My barn” would have also made an excellent title for the book. Of course, others may well have seen some of these events differently, but that will not matter to you during the hours you are lost in this story. What’s different about this book is that it’s written by one of the best southern novelists out there right now, Rick Bragg.  So we get The Killer’s wonderful bay [...]

    This is a "must-read" for fans of blues, jazz, gospel, and early rock 'n' roll. The title, Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story, does not do this book justice, as it is really two books in one. Author Rick Bragg did not just talk to Jerry Lee Lewis: he did a great deal of research, speaking to those still remaining who were part of the revolution in music that was early rock 'n' roll, as well as to historians of the creation and production of the new sound. The result is both a memoir and a compelling [...]

    Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story by Rick Bragg (Harper Collins 2014) (780.92). Jerry Lee Lewis is The Killer. Always has been, always will be. A crony of Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins in the Million Dollar Quartet, he may not have invented rock and roll, but it wouldn't be what it is today had he not come along and beaten the hell out of a piano. "He crashed a dozen Cadillacs in one year and played the Apollo. With racial hatred burning in the headlines, the audience danced in the seats to [...]

    Did a drunken Jerry Lee Lewis drive his Lincoln Continental into the gates of Graceland? Did he sprinkle gasoline on a piano and set it afire? Was his lust for being on top so great that when he learned of Elvis Presley’s death, he said, “Glad another one out of the way.”The man who emerges from the pages of this book is like no other. A tortured soul, he worried that his music would send him to hell, yet he was driven to pursue it. Rules did not apply to him. Married seven times, he ratio [...]

    Jerry Lee Lewis was the bad boy of rock and roll before destroying hotel rooms became en vogue. His legend is either made or tainted, depending on your view, by the books written by his ex-wives (primarily the one written by Myra the 13 year old cousin and wife #3 or #1 if you count legal technicalities)and the cheesy movie from the 1990's starring Dennis Quaid and Winona Ryder. In this biography, Bragg allows Lewis to tell his own story. It is one with plenty of ego and glosses over some of the [...]

    Despite Stephen King's review of this book in the NYT Book Review, I really enjoyed this one. King's complaint was the Rick Bragg "overwrites" in some places, but I think Bragg is just attempting to explain how Lewis came to be. Of course, there are some people that there are just NO explanations for and Lewis heads that list. I came along about 10 years to late to really get the full impact of Jerry Lee but do remember seeing him on several variety TV programs when I was a child. For you youngs [...]

    Never have I taken so long to finish a book. While Bragg's style is entertaining, too much of a good thing can detract from content. This was a little like Jerry Lee himself: a whole lot is over the top. To read this in bits and pieces is to be thoroughly entertained. Bragg definitely captures the essence of Lewis and convinces the reader of Lewis's uniqueness, even in the world of rock stars. To read the book for history of the man, however, means wading though a lot of Bragg's southern verbage [...]

    It goes without saying that Killer is unique. While Rick Bragg may overwhelm the reader with too much information, the candid photographs make this volume worth the price of admission.

    This was one of the most entertaining biographies I've ever read, proving once again that even scholarly work like Bragg's need not be dull.Rick Bragg not only consults newspaper archives and other documents; he interviews Jerry Lee Lewis and various other individuals in order to create a portrait of a complex man who grew up poor in Ferriday, Louisiana, and rose to the top of the early rock industry. He also covers Lewis' fall from grace that resulted from marrying his 13-year-old cousin and h [...]

    A pretty good book about a pretty horrible manThis book was written pretty well. The author tried to cover as much of Jerry Lee Lewis' personal life and career in equal balance as he could. I cannot say I felt sorry for a lot of the bad things that happened in his life. He was a woman beater, a proud cheater, a deadbeat dad a criminal and despite his vehement denials an incestuous pedophile. What's even worse is that he was all these things proudly. Happily retelling a story of going upside a wo [...]

    Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story Rick Bragg 512 Pages ISBN: # 978-0062078223 Harper 2014 Where Robert Hilburn's portrait of Johnny Cash carefully dispelled the mini-myths surrounding Cash while leaving the over-arching myth intact, Rick Bragg needed only to tell the story of Jerry Lee Lewis in chronological order to achieve the same. You see, there is no myth to Lewis, only a well-documented history of a man who for his entire life has been larger than life and whose stature never waxed and waned, [...]

    An excellent although very friendly take on the life of one of the most genuine contributors and lovers of the American music scene for the ages. It is hard not to believe he isn’t really a cat as this cat must have already went through 8 lives with his wild and hard living. He truly did live his music and is one of the greatest song stylists molded from a collection of experiences and characters as uniquely designed as the man himself. A book immersed within a collection of life lessons and a [...]

    Rick Bragg can do no wrong, but this just didn't gel for me. All the elements are there: internal tension for primary subject, crazy wild memories, dirt-poor-boy-makes-good, etc but something just couldn't pull me along. To make this situation more perplexing, my uncle played saxophone with Jerry Lee for a while, so I was personally invested to learn more about this larger-than-life character, yet I quit with 100 pages to go.

    Decided to read this for my 100-book reading challenge, and also because Rick Bragg is one of my all-time favorite authors. While as usual I loved the words of Bragg, I didn't particularly care for the narrator's voice in this audio book, and about halfway in to the story found I wasn't that invested in hearing more about JL Lewis's life. Not a bad read, just not my cup of tea.

    √ "My Talent Comes from God"JERRY LEE LEWIS: HIS OWN STORY is a wild, colorful tale of of one of the greatest musicians in America. In the opening chapters, we learn of Jerry Lee's first touch of a piano key when he was only 4 years old. Jerry Lee was at a relative's house, saw the piano, and reached out to press a key: “I don't know what happened. Something strange. I felt it in my whole body. I felt it."Jerry Lee’s family was big time into making whiskey: “There was whiskey running in [...]

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